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I Tested And Ranked The Best Rain Boots For Women In 2023

Ladies need solid rain boots to keep their feet dry through showers and puddles, but most options aren't exactly à la mode. I picked out the ones that are actually fashionable, as well as affordable and durable.

best rain boots for women

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Western Chief - Waterproof Rain Boots

Top-rated: 10,037 ratings | 86 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Western Chief lines their women's boots with soft, polyester/cotton blend lining that absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry, cozy and warm.

Helpful review: "I normally wear a size 8 medium shoe, but I ordered a 9 in these because I wanted to wear heavy socks with them. They fit a bit large, but I expected that and I had rather them be a little large rather than too small. Rather than buying them to use in the rain I really purchased them so that I can go out in my back yard AFTER a rain. I had bad drainage and paid quite a bit to have shallow drainage ditches put in at the edges of my yard and lined with large rocks. I have to go check occasionally to be sure leaves haven't piled up in my drainage and stopped proper water flow. Anyway, I've only used them once so far but they were just great. The soles a nice and heavy and the tops are large and loose enough that I can easily tuck my pant legs into the top of the boot. I'm very pleased with this purchase." — W. Wright
Trending review: "I wear between a size 8 1/2 - 9. I ordered these in a 9 and they were roomy enough to wear thick wooly socks with, which is exactly what I wanted because otherwise rubber boots won’t keep your feet warm. I wore them for a long festival weekend and they were comfortable for all the walking and dancing I did. It poured rain for two days and these boots worked out great! I like that you can replace the insert, although I haven’t done that yet. And I got so many compliments, love these!" — thosewhoknow
Reassuring review: "I love these boots- the design is so me!! I love flowers and I had to get this pair of boots. They are very comfortable to wear and they keep my feet dry through the heaviest rain storms. I like to take walks during my lunch hour at work and sometimes it's raining but that doesn't stop me. I use to walk in just my sneakers and I would get back to the office with soaking wet shoes and socks. But now with these boots, I can walk for an hour and come back with dry feet! I would definitely recommend buying these boots - you won't be disappointed." — SunnyN75

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2. Asgard - Mid-Calf Boots

Top-rated: 7,508 ratings | 70 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Heavy duty lug tread provides excellent grip for every environment.

Helpful review: "Absolutely love these! Thick rugged soles provide great traction. Molded forms an airtight seal. Poly material is thick enough to insulate well in cold weather. My kid was wearing thick tube socks out playing in icy snow at about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Stated her feet were not cold. The top is quite wide to accommodate thick calves. My child is rather thin so will need to wear slacks over top of the boots if it rains. Note: We originally bought her regular shoe size but it left no wiggle room at all in the toes so we sent it back and got the next size up. Perfect fit now. Very sturdy and the color is great. The photos don't do it justice. . Very happy with this purchase. Well worth the money." — Otter
Trending review: "The boot looks very good, I especially like blue of course. I had to use them the first day I got them. I live on a small ranch and with all the rain our chicken pen was extremely muddy, can't get in with regular tennis shoes. Still had to maneuver slowly because of the mud, but the boots gripped the mud well and did not have to worry about sliding. I ordered them according to my shoe size 8.5. Fits very snug and tight, I expect they will stretch a little. After walking with them awhile they seemed to be a better fit. I even had to use the hose to clean the boots so I wouldn't track mud. No water came through my boots. If you do not like tight fitting, order them a half size larger. Hope this helps anyone reading it." — Cynthia Gonzales

Get it from Amazon now: $45.99 & FREE Returns


3. Petrass - Mid-Calf Rain Boots for Women

Top-rated: 6,818 ratings | 65 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Seamless, waterproof and formed in one piece to keep your feet dry and clean all day.

Helpful review: "I am having a trip to the Philippines and it's typhoon season there so I decided to buy a pair of boots. My husband and I are very frugal so I spent hours looking for a good pair of boots that is higher than a Chelsea cut, comfortable, not ugly yet cheap. I almost gave up reading, 1st day I didn't have luck. 2nd day, I tried to look again, and Viola, I found these! They are so good for many reasons! It's lined, the size is what I expected (I've got narrow feet and calves, might not work if you have wide, idk), it has thick insoles and outer soles, they're pretty, very sturdy, and most of all comfortable. Now, I haven't used it yet for long walks so might have an update. So far so good though! Look no further! Definitely buy this one!" — Crisine
Trending review: "These boots are very cute, light weight and comfortable for rain boots. I give the boots them selves an overall 5 star rating because they were exactly what i was expecting. The shipment of them however was less then steller. From what i can only assume is that someone else had tried them on left their dirty boot socks in them and shoved them back in the box and returned them and then they were sent to me without being inspected. They are not messed up or even dirty from being worn so i am keeping them, because i hate the hassle of taking things back. But come on Amazon get it together, that is so tacky. The seller for this item went above and beyond for something that wasn't their fault! Kudos Nice Day Store!" — Tracey Hodge

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


4. HISEA - Women's Rubber Boots

Top-rated: 4,862 ratings | 62 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: These durable rubber boots will keep your feet dry and warm, whether you are fishing, working, hunting, camping, dog-walking or just playing outside.

Helpful review: "Muck boots around my place aren't something you typically skimp out on. I've had several pairs of bogs, as well as Mucks and a few other brand names to compare these to. These boots are just as good as the Bogs that I have had in the past. They keep your feet dry and warm. Between cleaning stalls, feeding animals in the cold, wet, wintery weather, or walking through creeks and irrigating, mine definitely see their fair share of opportunity to fail on a daily basis, but have not. The only thing I cannot speak on is longevity, as I've not owned them through all seasons yet. But they get put to work, and worn daily. So far I'm EXTREMELY happy with this purchase that was a 1/3 of the cost of what is usually paid for name brands." — CayDay
Trending review: "I have owned a LOT of cheaper water boots because I hate to spend money on boots like this but I will tell you that these boots are well worth every penny. They are very comfortable to walk in, even on rocky terrain and they kept my feet very warm when I was in the water this weekend on a UTV ride. The best thing about them is that they fit tightly around the upper part at the lower knee area. Even if you step into water that goes slightly over the boot, it does not go all the way down the inside of the boot and get your socks wet. It stops at the pants leg and although your pants leg gets wet, your feet do NOT! That is the most awesome thing ever. I have never owned a pair of boots that did not allow your feet to get soaked if you stepped or sunk in mud over the top of the boot! Highly recommend these boots, y'all." — Kezbeth

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5. Planone - Anti-Slipping Rainboots

Top-rated: 4,232 ratings | 43 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Features anti-slip grooves.

Helpful review: "I volunteer weeding open space areas for my town and needed some waterproof high boots to protect me. Finding ones that were waterproof, resilient and that none of the weeds would stick to were my priorities. These fit the bill. I was concerned about some other reviewers comments about them being a tight fit on the upper calves. I have had issues with lower boots (those going up maybe a third of the way up my calves) being too tight. However, these boots are ok for me. I can slip them on and walk in them comfortably. I did go a half size up, however that is because I wear orthotics now and my podiatrist always recommends doing that. I did experience some tightness in my foot that is slightly longer but after using them 3 times a week for 3-5 hours each time for a few weeks they feel great and work wonderfully. If there was one thing I could change it would be to have them be cooler, but that would probably be at the expense of their waterproofing or resilience which, for me, would not be a fair trade off." — Betty Celm
Trending review: "These boots are amazing!!! I was born and raised in Seattle, WA where it rains a lot. I grew up with rubber boots and a yellow raincoat with wide brimmed yellow hat. Every pair of rubber boots I have ever owned, up to now, never fit right. The fit of these boots is perfect! The comfort is just awesome! Like my Nike tennis shoes for comfort - only much better working in my yard, in the rain. Planone knows how to build the perfect rubber boot!!! Love Them!! (PS: I have thrown out my horrible old rubber boots - thank goodness!) Love Planone Boots!!!" — JS in Seattle
Reassuring review: "I own two pairs. One for the garden, one for rainy days where I have to be out and about. I line them with a Dr. Scholl's insole for even more comfort, and ordered them a half size larger than my normal size so that I can wear wool socks. There is no strange rubber smell and they come up high on the calf but below the knee. There is a nice tread on the bottom. Definitely my go-to rain boots that everyone complements me on." — Laura Hernandez

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6. Sloggers - Waterproof Rain and Garden Boots

Top-rated: 2,633 ratings

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Includes Sloggers' exclusive All-Day-Comfort insole for maximum comfort.

Helpful review: "I have narrow feet but I do irrigating all summer and these fit my feet! Most irrigating boots are huge and uncomfortable. I bought some Sloggers 4 years ago while they were on sale and I used them hard. I walk miles every day through wet pastures down gravel roads etc. To this day four years later my original sloggers don't leak and are still useable. I even ran into the same person several times while wearing my "zebra boots" and he would always tease me about them giving me some good memories. They do stink after all that time though so when I decided to replace them I looked here and found my next pair! Buying the first pair was one of the best things I ever did. Now I'm gonna go irrigate, move siderolls, and walk through shallow ditches without getting wet socks all summer long. They aren't as tall as normal irrigating boots being meant for rain boots I believe but they work great for me!!" — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "This review is for the Sloggers rain boots in shiny black that I purchased off Amazon Warehouse Deals. I ordered a pair for $23 total because it was marked "used" with minor cosmetic damage. Since I was on a tight budget and I figured I'll be walking through the snow and getting them scuffed up anyway after the first use, I decided to go for the deal, anyway it was covered by Amazon returns. The boots arrived after 3 days and they are perfect! They look brand new and while they didn't come in a box, they came with tags and repackaged in plastic. I don't think they were ever used, maybe tried on but there is no indication that they were ever worn outdoors. My shoe size is normally 6.5 to 7 so I ordered a size 7. They fit very comfortably with socks and while they're shorter than other rain boots, the height is good for me as I'm only 5'1" tall. They seem very well-made and durable, and I love that there are little tabs on the sides of the boots to pull them on easily and also at the back of the boots to kick them off easily. I will probably leave another review after a few uses to see how they hold up. I am very pleased!" — Nicole

Get it from Amazon now: $32.99 & FREE Returns


7. K KomForme - Most Comfortable Insoles

Top-rated: 4,522 ratings | 70 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Crafted with high quality rubber that is durable, yet flexible and comfortable.

Helpful review: "Wow! I have been looking for years for some rain boots for not only the garden but for dog shows. Finally I have found my boot. These Boots are definitely not a fashion statement but they are perfect for my foot. I am a true size 8 in these boots are a true size 8. I'm not young so my calf is a little wide these are loose on my calf. I have difficulty getting boots on and off due to an ankle injury these boots are super wide at the ankle and slide on and off very easily. I see myself wearing these to and from Dog shows during the rain. I may even see myself in the ring with them. I absolutely love the paw prints pattern." — Lisa Vizcarra
Trending review: "This waterproof boot is excellent. The fit is perfect, is totally waterproof as I have stood in the baby's washing pool with them to test them out and my feet were completely dry. The support is great. As a person who has heel spurs and ankle spurs, the comfort level is just fine for me. I feel I can wear them all day as I go about my chores and muck cleaning in the pen and working the compost. I wouldn't waste tons of money on any other similar boot made for the purpose. This boot performs very well and even looks nice." — Lisa Higgins
Reassuring review: "I ordered 2 pairs of these cute stylish rain boots. One for myself ( with the heart design) and another for my daughter (with the dot design). I love the fact that the designs just glistens and stands out when you are walking in them. We love the way they are so heavy duty and keep your feet looking cute and dry while it's raining. We have gotten multiple compliments and questions of where we got them from. This is one product that I can speak highly of and the price is so reasonable. I am a kindergarten teacher and I am looking forward to walking my students to their bus with these stylish, cute and comfortable rain boots to keep my feet dry when it rains. Lately we have been having a lot of rainy weather. This is the main reason of why I bought them. If you buy these boots in my opinion you will be absolutely glad that you did. They are absolutely worth it." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon now: $33.99 & FREE Returns


8. Hunter - Short Rain Boots

Top-rated: 2,537 ratings | 132 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Shaft measures approximately 10.5" from arch; heel measures approximately 1.18".

Helpful review: "I'm a very true size 7.5 and after reading all the reviews, which stated that these boots run big, I went with the size 7 and I'm so glad I did !!! They fit me PERFECTLY! With these size 7 boots, I CANNOT feel the end of the boot with my big toe. In other words, my big toe is not touching the front tip/edge of the boot at all. I can criss-cross my toes and still have plenty of wiggle room. I HATE it if my toes feel constricted and mashed together (weird, I know). I wear my regular Adidas socks with them and if I had sized up to a size 8, I would have had WAY too much room at the toe. That being said, when I wear these with my thick boot socks for cold weather, they are much more snug and my toes aren't really comfortable. I can honestly tell you that if I needed these for super cold weather, and mostly intended to wear super thick socks with these, I would have gone up to an 8.
My intent is to have these for Spring and Fall rainy seasons and also during Summer when I'm working in the garden. So if you're like me and your foot is half sized, and you plan to wear your regular everyday socks with these, the same ones you would normally wear with your tennis shoes, then make sure you size DOWN to the next whole size.
Side note** I am also about 80 lbs. overweight right now and had previously purchased the higher riding boot style from Hunter which proceeded to STRANGLE my calves. I had to return them. So I purchased these and they in no way constrict my calves AT ALL. Lots of room at the top! They are suuuuper cute too!" — Rita Harris

Get it from Amazon now: $160.00 & FREE Returns


9. WTW - Waterproof and Insulated Boots

Top-rated: 3,954 ratings | 69 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Heat-resistant insulation prevents radiated body heat from escaping.

Helpful review: "I am a backyard farmer in New England. I need a "good" pair of waterproof/mudproof boots for barn chores, but don't have a ton of money to spend. I have tried Bogg and Muck boots, and they last up to two years, but the price point is a bit steep. I wanted to find a comparable pair of barn boots, so thought I'd give these a try.... TOTALLY worth the purchase! Even if they don't last the full two years, they are so much less in cost, it works.
I bought these in the color which was cheaper, as the plants and animals don't care what I wear. They were not meant to be a fashion statement, but they are not atrocious, so that was a pleasant plus. They were comfortable right out of the box. The sole is supportive and flexible. I have not used them in the winter yet, but the bottoms seem like there is enough traction that I will have some grip on the snow and ice. Also, from past experience, they feel as though they compare insulated-wise well enough that I will wear my usual winter socks and be fine. FIT. I was worried about the fit, as I tend to need wide shoes, but do not do well with long toes. I usually prefer 6.5 Wide US, but since there is no wide option, I sized up a half size to a 7. It was a good choice, as I have room in the toe box, yet the length isn't overwhelming. Again, the boots are very flexile, while providing support, so they are great walking on pavement or on soft muddy ground. I have done some puddle walking, and no issues with water getting in the boots. it looks like they are constructed pretty well.
These boots do have a con. The insert for the sole is not well secured to the boot, and becomes dislodged easily (especially if I choose bare feet to put in the boots for early chores.) I believe you could probably just take them out completely and the boots would be fine, but I choose to put them back in place every time I take them off if they move because, well, no reason, I just do. That is the only downside I have found yet. Not bad of the price, and I will be getting them again, hopefully not for a couple years!" — Kayline

Get it from Amazon now: $47.99 & FREE Returns


10. Asgard - Ultra Lightweight Flat Wellies (NOT for Wide Calf!)

Top-rated: 2,158 ratings | 74 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Made of highly flexible rubber material, which is easily folded and packed in small bags.

Helpful review: "OK, first let me explain that my go-to shoes for the past decade have been Vibram Five Fingers. My feet are wide, and they have come to expect and require freedom. I am accustomed to what I call “groundfeel”, and feel clumsy and nervous without knowing what’s underfoot. Finding suitable rainboots has been a years-long pursuit. The usual ones with heels and stiff lugged soles hurt my knees and hips. And feet. These boots garner the distinction of becoming my Grail Galoshes!!! Hallelujah, praise Mother Nature! I can muck out my barn in comfort!
When I gave 5 stars for the “support” criterion in this rating, please understand that in my world, “NO support” receives a full rating. “Support” equals “crutch” in my shoe lexicon. I can actually FEEL the world beneath my feet in these boots, and that is a miracle. The material is sticky enough to give traction and help avoid slippage without relying on heavy lugs for grip.
In the Winter the thin soles will be cold, so I might add some insoles for a bit of insulation. And/or order a size up to give me room for socks AND insoles. Now, if they’d add some fun colors to the lineup...I might just weep with glee." — MsMidwifery

Get it from Amazon now: $58.99 & FREE Return


11. HUNTER - Tall Rubber Boots

Top-rated: 2,488 ratings | 140 answered questions

best rain boots for women


Highlight: Boot opening measures approximately 15" around.

Helpful review: "I’m 5 foot 8 inches and these sit right below the bend in my knee. Im 130 pounds and there is plenty of extra room in the calf area for skinny jeans with socks or leggings with socks. I’m usually an 8 and a half shoe size so I bought an 8 and they have room to spare. Very happy with these overall. I’ve been considering a pair for ten years! When I saw the incredible price I had to go for it. The Navy is a very nice color. I will definitely be ordering the Hunter socks for the colder weather. I highly recommend these. They really are iconic and come complete with Royal Warrant." — Silver Shoes
Trending review: "I typically wear a 7.5 and I went with a 8 which fit perfectly. I'm 5'2.75 and 110 lbs and the calf opening is perfect. The height of the boots is tall, hit right below my knees. I've had no problems wearing these with jeans, dress pants, no pants etc... All the seams are really well constructed. The packaging came in the original hunter box and was wrapped very well. Some folks received defective products with odd films on it. I definitely did not have this problem. Brand new, no defects! I've used the rain boots several times in heavy rain and had no issues with leaks or wet socks. Keeps my feet nice and warm and I could care less if I step into a huge puddle! I will say these boots are slightly heavy. I don't think I would walk all day in them. Moreover, The navy is matte and is a true navy... not too dark... pairs really well with pretty much any color rain jacket." — Simplylovelyhome

Get it from Amazon now: $99.99 - $166.60 & FREE Returns

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