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  • Christie Bolster

The Best Hunting Boots For Women Are Actually Cheap (And Very Durable)

If you're a hunter, you need a pair of boots that are comfortable, lightweight and durable. I've sifted through thousands of reviews to bring you these 10 top-rated pairs. I guarantee they'll keep your feet dry and comfy so you stay focused while stalking your game.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Women's Rubber Boots by HISEA

Top-rated: 4,576 ratings | 58 answered questions

Women's Rubber Boots by HISEA

Highlight: Completely sealed; rubber shell extends up above ankle.

Helpful review: "I am in love with these boots. I do DIRTY work cleaning spaces that have years of grossness, and my boots go through hell. Not to mention cleaning chemicals and floor sealant/stripper. I've been way too sweaty in full leather boots and wanted something better suited to my work, so took a chance on these. I'm between sizes, so I sized up) usually 8.5w, got 9s). I will update my review if they fall apart too quickly, but for now, they're flexible enough for me to navigate my property, waterproof where it counts, easy to take on and off, and at the end of the day I can just hose them off!!
If I could, I would rate 4.5/5 or 9/10, because I did wear them in slippery conditions today for the first time and could feel myself slipping more than expected. However, my company provides ice grippers to slip over shoes, so that wasn't a main priority when purchasing. Just hadn't put them onto the shoes yet today. Would buy again in a heartbeat--will update in a month and answer any questions." — Melissa Z

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2. Waterproof and Durable TIDEWE Boots

Top-rated: 3,603 ratings | 103 answered questions

Waterproof and Durable TIDEWE Boots

Highlight: Made with 100% waterproof CR Flex-Foam; absorbs impacts and retains heat; flexes with your feet as you walk.

Helpful review: "I bought these to wear for the winter while at the horse barn. I originally wanted the insulated “Muck Boot”, but was shocked when I saw their crazy high price! I saw these, ordered them and hoped for the best. Well, these boots SURPASSED all my expectations!! They kept my feet warm all through this SNOWY NJ winter. Just wearing a medium thick wool sock and I was able to be outside mucking stalls and walking through the slushy paddocks & manure piles for 8+ hours.
The sole design has EXCELLENT traction to carry you over deep snow and slippery mud. It’s SUBSTANTIAL & sturdy enough to walk through frozen chopped up bumpy dirt terrain (think frozen mud paddocks!) without feeling the ground poke into the bottom of your foot. They are totally waterproof. I’ve waded through ankle deep water & sank into calf deep mud and my feet & legs remained dry. The seams have stayed tight & dry.
The neoprene fits snugly around your calf and yet is stretchy enough to accommodate a thicker calf without pinching or cutting off your circulation (and I wore jeans & sweats tucked into them). I’m not receiving any compensation for this review. I just wanted to provide an honest review for anyone taking a chance w/ this boot & brand. They are of excellent quality and price!!! I wore these (and am still wearing these) 4-5 days a week for 8-10hr a day-on my feet all day-trudging through snow, mud, manure, and everything else. They have held up wonderfully! And my toes were not frozen!
Important to note: everyday before leaving the barn I hosed my boots off and gave them a quick once over w/ a brush to knock off manure and mud. I did this bc in the past I’ve had boots that cracked and seams that have separated. When I got home they went right onto the boot dryer, which I bought for like $30 (seriously, if u don’t have one of these, get one!).
I’ve taken care of these boots bc I want them to last. I’m so HAPPY w/ their level of quality! I wear a woman’s 7.5-8 size. I bought men’s size 6. My foot is on the wider side. I wore a medium thick wool (hiking) sock and the boots fit perfectly. A few times on the colder down in the teens days, I added a second sock and there was enough room w/o being too tight. Bottom line: Great boot. Great price. Get them. Don’t pay twice the price for the popular brand name boot. I’m looking for their non-insulated boot for the spring & summer now. Thumbs up!" — Beth

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3. Waterproof and Insulated WTW Boots - Top-Rated by Duck Hunters

Top-rated: 3,649 ratings | 69 answered questions

aterproof and Insulated WTW Boots

Highlight: Made of high quality neoprene and rubber that is also used for making high-end diving suits.

Helpful review: "Wanted a pair of Muck brand boots for doing barn chores & gardening etc. for a long time but couldn't afford them... SO glad I got these instead! They slide right on so easily (unlike Mucks), have plenty of room & are super comfy (also unlike Mucks), and so far seem to be completely waterproof. Don't know how great they'd be to wear all day long for hunting or whatever but I've been trudging around in the mud and slop taking care of 14 horses all winter and they've been holding up nicely. Great boots to have around. (They're not terribly thick/protective though, so obviously be careful around horses or anything that might fall on your feet!)" — Kate

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4. TIDEWE Hunting Boots

Top-rated: 2,426 ratings | 78 answered questions

TIDEWE Hunting Boots

Highlight: Insulated, waterproof, affordable, comfortable and highly recommended by hunters.

Helpful review: "I was debating for over 2 weeks between these boots and the Muck Boots Woody version. I decided to give these ones a try because they were cheaper and in stock. I'm so happy I did! I normally wear an 8 and after reading reviews, ordered an 8. They are a little wide, but I like wearing thick socks so that's perfect. I have been wearing them all day in WA raining freezing weather and just took them off. My feet are actually a little warm, which is amazing because no matter what they are always cold. When I first got them I felt the insole. They have cushion instead of the cheap stuff most companies use and they are so comfortable! I will definitely be recommending these boots!!" — Nicole

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5. Hisea Mid-Calf Rubber Boots - Top-Rated by Turkey Hunters

Top-rated: 2,800 ratings | 33 answered questions

Hisea Mid-Calf Rubber Boots

Highlight: The anti-slip & self-clean rubber outsole gives you confidence to step in mud and muck. With its unique lug design, it will prevent debris from getting stuck in the bottom, and release your foot from the mud. Traction is never jeopardized.

Helpful review: "I'm a standard size 8 medium in every kind of shoe, and the size 7 in this boot is a perfect fit. I measured my foot to compare sizing with Hisea's chart and went with 7 to allow room for athletic-to-medium-weight socks. I got these for walking the dog on cold, rainy days; but they're so warm and comfortable, I'm also wearing them on cold, sunny days. With a 110-pound dog who lunges at everything - cats, cars, people, plastic bags flying around in the wind - traction was a critical feature; and so far, I've remained upright on slick sidewalks. I looked at hundreds of rain boots before selecting these, and I'm glad I did. The three deciding factors were: excellent price (compared to similar brands in the hundreds), no raised heel and a reviewer in Minnesota describing them as "very warm." Highly recommend. I came back for a second pair." — Amazon Customer

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6. BOGS Sauvie Slip-On Boots

Top-rated: 973 ratings | 27 answered questions

BOGS Sauvie Slip-On Boots

Highlight: Rebound cushioning provides wonderful comfort.

Helpful review: "I have been looking for rain boots that gave the support needed for long walks with my dog. I normally wear a size 8 and they were too small. I ordered a size 9 and they meet my needs. I wear them with thick Smartwool socks and they are very comfortable, I'm able to walk long distances without any problem." — H. Cowart

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7. The Original Muck Boot - Unisex Woody Max

Top-rated: 497 ratings | 27 answered questions

The Original Muck Boot - Unisex Woody Max

Highlight: Adjusts to the shape of your feet to resist blisters and chafing.

Helpful review: "Awesome boots! We live on a farm and my wife has had a pair of these for the past several years and loves them! I bought this pair for myself and they fit true to size. I ordered the 10-10.5 and I usually wear a size 10 and they fit perfectly. I can even get away with using an insulated sock and still have room. They are tall and will go up to the bottom part of your knee but you can tuck your pants into them or pull your pants over them. They are 100% water proof and I love being able to slip them on and off at the door which is 100% of the reason behind buying a pair of these. You won't be disappointed and recommend buying a pair of these man or woman!!!" — Phillip

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8. Rongee Women's Rubber Boots with an Adjustable Buckle

Top-rated: 954 ratings | 38 answered questions

Rongee Women's Rubber Boots with an Adjustable Buckle

Highlight: Easy to clean; provides arch support; perfect for hunters.

Helpful review: "I truly love these rain boots! They're so unique and very cute. In my opinion they are exactly as advertised and look just like the pictures. Very waterproof (I've worn them at the beach) so your feet will be nice and dry, flexible enough to be comfortable while walking, but sturdy enough to not flop over. I wear shoes from size 7.5-8.5 so I got a size 8 and it fits great. I would like to mention that if I wore really heavy, winter socks, then they'd be too tight so I think they run narrow.
But with normal socks, they fit perfectly for me. They grip cement, asphalt, docks, and boat decks well in the rain and seem to have a good, non-slip sole. I have slimmer calves (13" around at the widest part) and again, the boots fit perfectly there. I can adjust the tabs at the back to their tightest setting or let them be loose and the boots still fits well. I do have to mention that, like a few other reviewers have pointed out, the tabs on the back will NOT stay on a tighter setting, however that doesn't bother me or change the fit all that much. I might just use a bit of super glue to hold them in place for aesthetics. Overall, 12/10 would buy again!" — Christa

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9. Muck Boot Rubber Women's Hunting Boot - The Arctic Hunter Line

Top-rated: 50 ratings | 3 answered questions