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I Tested And Ranked The Best Red Dots For AR-15 In 2024

There are a lot of red dot sights on Amazon to choose from. I've gone through thousands of reviews and rounded up the best options for the money.

best ar15 red dot sight

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Sig Sauer - Romeo5 1x20mm Red Dot Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: Multiple illumination settings for both day and night.

Helpful review: "The box has everything you need to mount this optic to the AR15 rifle. In fact, the Romeo 5 comes with two mounts to ensure this optic will work on whatever you have to upgrade it on. One caveat for the mounts anywhere is that the gun has to be made so the mount has a place to go; if not, find a gunsmith who can mill a flat spot, and away you go. I found out the hard way that reading the instructions in the box is a necessary part of operating the Romeo 5, so do yourself a favor and start there.
Put the Romeo 5 on an AR15 or a large-frame pistol, and you make an actual battle-ready weapon. The Romeo 5 has one of the most responsive "Shake Awake" features ever. Let it sit for two minutes, and the reticle will turn off, barely bump the gun, and it will be back on right where you left it. For an AR15 rifle, this will work out great. If you are holding the AR, you will most likely want that reticle ready to go when you bring the gun up to your shoulder. Pistols, not so much; walking all day will always keep the reticle on. The Romeo 5 also had a switch that could turn off the reticle and turn it on again when you put the gun into action.
I have read reports or reviews from other owners that say the Romeo 5 does not work or failed to work, etc. This is likely due to operator error. The push button is not like a flashlight you click from setting to setting; it is a continuous push to adjust in tiny increments. Like I said in the beginning, read the instructions. Don't look like a fool (speaking from experience) in front of a customer trying to show this upgrade and not make it work until I read the instructions on the switch.
One thing that happened to me, and to some other reviewers, is that the sticker that keep s the battery form connecting has a powerful adhesive, unlike the other Vynil stickers that blow off in the wind. Check the battery surfaces for glue residue before you install the battery. It's easy to remove. I used "Simple Green" and a rag and had it shiny and new in 30 seconds.
A note for field operations when mounting a Romeo 5 on an AR15: If the switch is used to shut off the optic to conserve battery, it is all the way off. The "Shake Awake" function only works when the switch is on and the timer runs out from zero movement in two minutes.
The best value in Romeo 5, for me and all the other aging citizens who visit my shop, is the ability to see the sights. As we age, the ability to focus on the open iron sights gets a little trickier, or maybe I should speak the truth and say fuzzy. All I do is glue a mount to a stick and have customers use the stick to look through different Red Dot optics and choose the one they see the sight picture the best with. This makes a tremendous side-by-side comparison as they rotate the stick and look at 4 optics in one demo. The Romeo 5 sells itself; I just mount it on their new gun.
The final thing I found impressive about the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is the turrets. The Romeo 5 has tiny turrets that are finger-adjustable. This means I don't have to keep track of a small flathead screwdriver at the range when sighting them on the Lead Sled." — Mark Watters

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2. CVLIFE - JackalHowl Red Dot Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: Fully sealed and nitrogen-filled, making it anti-fog and IPX7 waterproof.

Helpful review: "OK folks, let's talk about the Country Values for Life or CV Life red dot optic. This red dot is made of aluminum, or the body is anyway. The mounts are all aluminum and cut from one piece of metal. They sent me two mounts with a high and low profile setup. Both mounts work the same way on the picatinny rail, and the Torx head wrench comes with it, so if you have a rail on the gun, you are good to go with everything in the box. Everything you need is the standard when dealing with CV Life products. This is my fifth product from them, and every time, it is the same thing: high-quality stuff for a decent price tag.
The CV Life red dot model is the JackalHowl in 2 MOA size reticle (red dot). The adjustments can be made without tools, as the tiny turrets are click-adjustable and click very solid when moved into position; the clicks are also audible, so there is no guessing how many you have moved. Hopefully, it was the correct amount of clicks. If the clicks are not the right amount, turn the knob the other way, and you will be on the money quickly.
The eye relief on this is unlimited. I can only hold it at an entire arm's length, but the owner's manual says it is unlimited, so if you can see through the tube, you can see the dot. I think the Reticle has six brightness levels; the buttons to adjust brightness do not count off in increments; it is more like a constant push or short push for minor brightness adjustments. Speaking of unlimited eye relief, the tube is 20mm, so if you mount this in a Scout Rifle configuration or on a shotgun, for example, the sight will work, but picking up the target picture in a hurry will not happen. This optic is more suited for mounting closer to the eye on the receiver. With that negative, there is also a positive, outside the fact this barely weighs anything; the box it comes in honestly is heavier, and the size of this red dot is small. This is for you if you need a small, simple, bright optic.
The toughness factor is very high. The owner manual says the JackalHowl will take 1000g of shock. I don't know what it takes to deliver that to a red dot or any other sight, but I will not practice putting that to my shoulder to check. The sight is genuinely waterproof; I put it in the sink through supper test, and it works like it just came out of the box, only now it is dripping water. The battery "door" is a screw-on cap style for a flat battery. This cap is operational with just fingertips and a slot, so the coin-style screwdriver will also work. The battery cap has a rubber O-ring to keep all the electronics working. The JackalHowl is delivered in its box with two batteries, so you will have a backup if you need it, and it will work to open the cap if you decide to really turn it on.
The mounts are pretty standard and nothing new. The part I like is that it comes with both the high mount and the low mount, so it will fit what you need instead of trying to fit the supplied mounts. I should also mention that the CV Life JackalHowl comes with a little rubber scope cover to protect the glass from twigs and dirt or whatever gets behind the seat in the truck, etc. The objective lens is also ruby-coated to make the picture very clear.
This one can't be beaten if you have a gun and want to change from open iron sights to red dots. The quality is high, the price is affordable, and this will last until you just want another one, not until you need another one. I think the JackalHowl would be great on the new generation of lever guns that come with the rail built into the top of the receiver and, of course, any of the battle platform rifles; that is its home turf.
The final question to answer is, "Should I get one?', the answer is a resounding yes: you should get one. I really want to put on a shotgun to see how that works; stay tuned. Maybe that article is coming soon." — Gary Anderson

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3. Vortex Optics - Venom Red Dot Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: The top mount battery allows you to change the battery without removing the sight.

Helpful review: "After months of researching mid-range priced Optics for a customer's AR-15, he owns a 300 blackout, so I talked him into trying the Vortex Venom Red Dot sight. We discussed the EOTech, the Trijicon, and the Aimpoint. From what I discussed with him, an EOTech and Trijicon price is pretty excessive for a gun. This is a sporting gun primarily used to shoot targets.
We live in Utah, where we do have extreme weather sometimes. On the same day, you can go from a chilly morning of about 45° to a kind of warm afternoon somewhere in the 80s and then back down to below freezing at night, depending on where you are and what time of the year that has a lot of impact on an optic.
I had to ensure that we had the proper optic at the appropriate price, and the one that would do the best job for this client was the Vortex Venom Red Dot sight. This particular client is a law enforcement officer. He chose to get his personal AR-15 in the 300 Blackout caliber, which he felt was a better caliber. The AR-15 he uses for work was in the standard issue 223 or 556. This customer did not have much money to spend on his personal firearm, especially when it was used for individual training, primarily for sport, and would be used if he needed it for home protection. He wanted a smaller profile to save space on the rifle's top. I chose the Venom over the Aimpoint because it fits the lower profile. I was able to use the spacer to have it co-witness with his flip-up sights. If he were to flip down his sights, the Red Dot would have added only one inch or so of height to the rifle.
Keeping this client's AR-15 to a low profile allowed the rifle to be stored in a pretty narrow carry case, to say the least. This provides storage behind a pickup truck's seat in many containers you can remove and take into the house.
The Vortex Venom Red Dot sight mounted on top of the AR-15 in co-witness with the flip-up sights makes this Red Dot ready to go the minute you pick it up. Suppose you have to turn on this sight because everything is happening rapidly. In that case, you can look through this Red Dot sight, and your eye will naturally center to the middle of the orifice. If you see the front sight, you basically have someone of a ghost sight, so if you flip up the front sight, then flip up the rear sight and turn the Red Dot on last, you're able to now move with both eyes open and see the Red Dot this is very convenient and quick deployment for an AR-15.
I bore-sighted the Venom Red Dot in my shop, went to the range, put it in the Caldwell Lead Sled, and got this shooting pretty much in the X-Ring at 50 m within about 20 rounds. With the ability to use the Red Dot or the flip-up sights or all of them together, I believe this 300 Blackout AR-15 is going to be very accurate and very effective out to the 100 m, maybe 200 M, of course, depending on the shooter, circumstance, terrain, and all the other terminology at supposed to be used.
The affordability of the Venom Red Dot makes this within reach for anyone building a serious AR-15 platform rifle. To save money on the build, the Vortex Venom may not be the right choice for some shooters. The highest value of the Vortex Venom is its durability and build quality. You won't find anything built better, no matter how much money you spend. You may discover some holographic sights that are a lot fancier and will be more effective for two eyes-open walking while shooting, which folks need in a combat situation.
You won't go wrong with the Vortex Venom Red Dot if you want something to put on top of your AR-15 to train at the range or add any shooting school. However, you will need to get the spacer, and they do make some.
The Vortex quick-release Riser Mount will come in about 100 bucks, but it is impressive. If it's a quick-release mount, you must ensure you're still on target every time you put it back on the gun. A great way to do this in a hurry if you don't have time to get to the range for whatever the situation is always to make sure that red dots are lining up with your sights because you can line up that Red Dot with your flip-up sights or your permanent sights on your rifle as well." — Ryan Grobe

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4. Burris - FastFire III 8 MOA Dot

best red dot sight for the money

Highlight: You can adjust this red Dot without a screwdriver.

Helpful review: "The Burris FastFire III may be one of the most incredible Red Dots ever. I used this Red Dot on a brand new built AR-15 at the range for my favorite new sport, AR-15 golfing. I made up this sport, so no one's probably heard of it before, but what I do is throw a handful of golf balls out down range and start planking those golf balls and seeing how far I can drive them from hitting them with a 55-grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail 556. I built a brand new AR-15 in 223 Wylde; this one wasn't built per customer order, just constructed as a fantastic rifle. I decided to put a Red Dot or a reflex-type sight on top of this AR-15 versus flip-up sights or a low-power variable optic or LPVO, as they're called to have a different option on the table at the gun show.
I mounted the Burris FastFire 3 on an adapter on top of this new AR, mostly to get a little bit more height off the top of the receiver, which seemed to fit my shooting platform better. I didn't put any flip-up sights on this AR; I wanted it to look more sleek and attractive to the optics-only crowd. Then I sighted in the Burris FastFire III with a bore sight in my shop, loaded that into the truck, drove to the range, put it on the bench in the Lead Sled, and started getting this sighted on paper.
Having the ability to adjust the optic with just my fingers on the little knobs versus using a little tiny screwdriver was unique; I didn't realize how much I would appreciate that. After about half an hour, I got this red dot sight dialed right in at 25 ft to where I could watch it try to dig one ragged hole into the target. Later at 100 feet, I put about seven rounds close enough to touch each other. Since I was the only person on the range that day, I decided to try out my new idea of AR-15 golf. Suppose you want a lot of fun with a few people and are the only people on the range. This is a fantastic way to spend half a day, not many rounds, and improve your shooting ability.
The Burris is FastFire 3, comes with everything you need to mount it onto your flat-top AR-15 rifle. The one thing you'll need to install the new battery is the time and patience to read the instructions to figure out how to open the battery door. Hence, you're not damaging anything like the O-ring or the surface finish. If you do decide to put the Burris FastFire 3 onto your AR-15, do yourself a favor and get the flat top scope riser mount. Red Dots are more designed to go on a handgun than an AR-15, so they will sit flat, so your eyeball has to almost sit on top of the receiver to use it without the spacer. Red Dots that are made more to go on the handgun than to go on an AR will work fine on an AR. You need to have that scope riser, and every manufacturer worth the money they charge will offer one of these scope mounts. Do yourself a favor and get the scope mount.
The Burris FastFire 3 has five brightness settings; the best is automatic brightness. This will sense the brightness in the area and adjust that reticle for you versus clicking up and down to high, medium, and low. If you go too far, you just shut it off and have to start again. This optic one will sense the available light and adjust that to what feels like perfection. The makers don't know how your eyeball works; you may want it to be brighter or dimmer, depending on the shooting situation. If it needs to be brighter, push the button.
The adjustment screws for elevation seem to have a wide range and didn't bottom out. I didn't have to start using shims, or at least I didn't on this setup. The one thing that is kind of annoying about these adjustment screws or knobs, whatever you want to call them, is they don't click, so you do have to pay attention as you are twisting.
I've put cheap red dots on AR-15s and other battle platform rifles, some of which were made of plastic. They should save a lot of weight and make it easier to pack it all day. Do yourself a favor and buy quality optics, especially with a Red Dot. Most of these do not cost much money and will make shooting much more effective, especially with a long gun." — Jim Cox

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5. Sig Sauer - Romeo-MSR Red Dot Sight + FREE Magnifier

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: Ultra compact for a combination kit.

Helpful review: "The Sig Sauer Romeo MSR is not holographic but reflex optic. For all intents and purposes, the difference is a lot of money and some operation differences. The holographic sight will be looked through as you move forward with the rifle. Most Red Dots are reflex sights, which means you pick the gun up to come on target and look through a tube with a red dot in it, but that Red Dot on your target pulls the trigger.
The Romeo MSR Red Dot has a small dot in the center and a Halo or outer ring as part of its reticle. Some shooters do not enjoy this type of reticle. The Halo allows your eyeball to center its focus automatically. This centering focus is a naturally occurring thing with binocular vision. Binocular vision means both eyeballs look forward simultaneously to find depth and focus. Any creature that's a hunter or a predator will have binocular vision; game animals and most amphibians and reptiles have monocular vision, meaning one eyeball sees a thing and the other eyeball sees a thing they're not intended to work together to make the vision better for pursuit.
The Sig Sauer Romeo MSR Red Dot is mounted on a customer's AR-15 pistol and equipped with an arm brace that can be fired from the shoulder on rare occasions when that happens.
Unlike other red dots in this review, the Romeo MSR has a magnifier in its kit, and the kit I installed for this customer came with a matching magnifier. The magnifier base allows the magnifier to move out of the way. By moving the magnifier out of the way, you can use the Red Dot as a reflex sight, move the magnifier back into place, and now you use it pretty much like a Red Dot scope. Personally, I would not have put this on an AR-15 pistol platform; I would have put this on an AR-15 full-length rifle platform to get the most out of that magnifier function as I could, but that was the client's request.
I mounted the Romeo MSR on top of the AR-15 pistol, bore-sighted in my shop, and then took it to the range. After two boxes of ammo, I had this punching out the X at 25 ft without the magnifier. I moved the target to the hundred-foot mark and continued to sight in this AR-15 pistol. The X-Ring at 100 feet moved that magnifier into position, and that was an amazing experience. I could drill those bullets in right on top of each other. Using the magnifier increases the effective range of this AR pistol exponentially. If the shooters are up to it, this AR pistol will be practical, up to 300 M, if you're comfortable shooting on such a small platform. I would have used this setup on an AR-15 20-inch rifle, but that's me, not for everybody.
As a reflex sight or a red dot sight, the Romeo MSR is fantastic on its own, coupled with the magnifier in this kit, and it is truly an incredible tool for any AR-15 platform. I plan on purchasing this kit in the next two weeks, mounting it onto an AR-15 rifle setup in 223 Wylde to handle anything to 600 M without an issue. If you can mount the Romeo MSR kit with a bipod mounted to your AR-15, I am sure you will be drilling targets at 600 yards all day." — Aaron Birch

Get it from Amazon now: $259.99 & FREE Returns


6. Aimpoint - PRO 2 MOA with QRP2 Mount and Spacer

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: 30,000 hours or 3 years of continuous battery life.

Helpful review: "The Aimpoint was the first (I believe) Red Dot optic designed to go on the AR-15. When you look through it, it's a little bigger Red Dot reticle (2 MOA). This makes finding the reticle and placing it on the target much more manageable. Since this is a Red Dot reflexive type of sight versus a precision shooting optic, you don't need the super pinpoint dot. I believe you will enjoy shooting the Aimpoint Pro on an AR-15 rifle more than a precision scope with an illuminated reticle that has a tiny Red Dot reticle unless you're going for absolute precision; then use the small dot and use the variable magnification to get closer to the target.
Many shooters enjoy the simplicity of the Aimpoint versus the cumbersome mega reticles you can find in some of these Red Dot optics. The more complex reticles are designed to give you more in-the-sight pictures to help you calculate the distance for holdover and distance for moving targets. Other shooters want a dot in the middle so it looks like you're looking through a piece of glass at a laser pointer; when that Red Dot hits the center of the target, they're going to pull the trigger.
The Aimpoint Red Dot was designed for Police Department use, not military use. The military went with the EOTech holographic-style sight. Since the Aimpoint was intended for law enforcement, the budget to purchase department-wide bunches of optics isn't as large as the Department of Defense-wide open bottomless checkbook to buy the EOTechs. The Aimpoint will come in a plain white box and be packaged nicely.
Aimpoint will come with a mount you can take off, and try the Aimpoint on your AR-15 rifle to see how it works. I'll tell you right now: you'll want to leave that riser in place. It was designed to put that Red Dot optic in the correct line of sight for shooting the AR-15 rifle. The Aimpoint mount comes with a torque-limiting feature. This mount makes it so you cannot over-torque and bend the rifle mount or mounting platform. The one thing you're going to notice is the knob that you used to tighten this mount down onto the gun; it's pretty big, and when I say pretty big, it's bigger than it looks like in the ad. If you have a slim or tight-fitting gun sleeve or gun case, you may want to make sure you're going to be able to draw this out of that gun mount without that knob hanging up on it.
What I've been told about the amount is you can get this sighted in, remove the Aimpoint, and put it back on; it will be right about the money. The client I installed on his AR-15 hasn't done such a thing, so I can't attest to this in person. I've seen many reviewers tell me that is precisely the case. This is a fantastic piece of engineering. It would be a privilege to have this mounted on an AR-15 rifle.
The Aimpoint does come with scope lens covers. The one in the box will have a transparent lens in the back and a black lens in the front. You can purchase clear covers for the front and back. They seem to be made by the same people that make Butler Creek brand scope covers, so you're going to get the high quality that we come to know from Butler Creek. The great thing about replacing these lens covers with clear ones on both sides is that they will protect the glass and allow you to shoot through the scope covers if you have this rifle brought into service unexpectedly. The one thing you'll notice shooting through scope covers is they're pretty blurry, or they will get blurry pretty quick; they're just plastic. They're not glass like the optic will be made with, and your bullet impact is sometimes up to an inch or more due to the distortion from shooting through the plastic covers left in place.
The reticle has 10 brightness settings. The issue with the brightest of these settings is that the Dot gets so bright it gets blurry or out of focus because it's more light than your eyeball can use, especially when trying to focus on that reticle and the target simultaneously. It's easily fixed; don't turn it up past 8, and you'll be fine. You need to set this brightness level for your use situation; you won't have time to adjust brightness levels. What I mean by that last sentence is if you have to pull this out of the Gun Locker and use it right now fast, that brightness level needs to be set for your living room with the light on, for example, not set for the last time you were looking to shoot squirrels." — Steve D. Walker

Get it from Amazon now: $482.00 & FREE Returns


7. Holosun - 510C Open Reflex Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: The Dot and Circle Style reticle is very clear.

Helpful review: "The is a fantastic piece of engineering. I have one on an AR15 platform rifle in 350 Legend and my new favorite, Red Dot optic. It's a solar-powered Red Dot optic. It also uses that solar cell to assess the light conditions that you're currently in and where you move to adjust the reticle automatically.
With the solar function, this Red Dot will keep a battery charged if you put in the correct style battery and function without a battery in case it dies after 30,000 hours somehow just by using the Sun. Depending on this solar function in the dark, it doesn't do you much good, but it's much better than nothing; at least you'll have it during daylight hours if the battery fails.
The Holosun 510C is a valid and effective "shake-awake" function. This new feature makes your AR15 platform rifle an actual grab-and-go gun. If you have this AR15 on your ATV or in the back of your truck, your Red Dot will constantly be on. With 30,000 hours of battery time, I'm not sure this is going to matter much; however, the day that it will matter is the day that it won't be fully charged because it is just "shaken awake" from movement.
The Holosun 510C uses the solar panel to check the ambient light and will auto-dim the reticle. Suppose I needed to travel from inside a building to outside or outside to inside to accomplish a particular job. In that case, this optic truly cannot be beaten. Suppose you have a job that requires you to go outside to inside or inside or dark to light. In that case, the Holosun 510C will do the logistics regarding the reticle adjustment. Hence, you only have to focus on what's ahead and keeping yourself safe.
The Holosun 510C also comes with a mounting plate. This mounting plate will save $100 to $150 over other manufacturers, and this one comes in the box. All the tools to mount this optic to the plate come with the kit, so you'll have everything you need. Other gunsmiths have mentioned that they found the mount to be slightly loose. I didn't see this to be the case. I noticed that all I had to do was turn the mounting screw with the supplied tool when it got tight, give it a little bit of a shake, then tighten it again. That bugger will be as tight as it can possibly be, and no movement afterward.
After saying all these great things about the Holosun, the most outstanding value is the price tag for what you get. You can shop for and purchase more expensive Red Dot sights a lot of people have; you're not going to shop to buy a better Red Dot sight in this price range. I would go so far as to say that if you purchased an optic that is 100 bucks more than this Holosun 510C, you have overpaid for an equivalent or lesser Red Dot optic." — Marco Chavanne

Get it from Amazon now: $309.99 & FREE Returns


8. Bushnell - Trophy TRS-25 1x20mm Red Dot Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: Comes ready to mount to the Picatinny rail out of the box.

Helpful review: "Suppose you're in the market to get a Red Dot sight on your AR-15, and you're not worried about big giant brand names or bragging to your buddies about how much you spent on your optic. In that case, the Bushnell Trophy TRS may be the best money spent to put a red dot on your AR-15.
After mounting the Bushnell Trophy TRS Red Dot, the brightness and on and off switch felt like an actual light switch. When I pushed this switch, I felt it move and click into position either on or off, and when I adjusted the brightness settings. Most of the other Red Dots must be trying to be quiet, so you don't hear a clicking noise, or the more expensive switch they put into that particular Red Dot is designed not to make a clicking noise. I can tell you it sure is nice to know if you are moving the adjustment switch.
I mounted the Bushnell Trophy TRS on a lever action Marlin 30-30, for which I had attached a picatinny rail to the top for a client. The client loved this sight so much that when he moved from a lever action gun to an AR-15, he bought the brand new gun and moved the inexpensive sight to the new rifle; that says a lot. Mounting the TRS to the new AR15 was simple; my client was used to getting his cheekbone right on the butt stock to see through the I Bushnell Trophy on his 30-30, so he had no problem getting his face right on the buttstock of the AR-15 so we did not use a riser.
This client wanted to move the Trophy TRS from his old lever gun to his AR-15 because of the Red Dot quality and the clear and bright presentation of that Dot. He loved it enough that, as I said, he moved an old sight to his new gun. I don't know why he didn't buy another Bushnell Trophy TRS. The price makes it possible to have one for each firearm. Hunters are a strange and superstitious bunch. Hunting superstitions in my family are similar to this customer keeping his optic and changing it to a new gun; it's the hat you wear in your hunting kit. I don't know why we keep the same hat forever and a day, but that's what we do; mine is 32 years old." — Steve Holsinger

Get it from Amazon now: $110.99 & FREE Returns


9. Feyachi - Absolute Co-Witness Reflex Sight

best ar15 red dot sight

Highlight: The Feyachi Absolute Co-Witness has a rear sight built into the Red Dot, perfecting its absolute co-witness claim.

Helpful review: "The Feyachi Red Dot is a new and more budget-friendly product. I won't use the word cheap because that refers to the build, not just the price tag. The Feyachi Absolute Co-Witness reflex sight is worth every penny you spend, and you won't spend a lot of pennies to get this Red Dot on your AR-15. I wouldn't say this is the best optic for an AR-15 build; this is just an excellent place to start.
For a bargain price, this little unit is made of aluminum, not plastic. The machining is high-quality, and the fit and finishes are high-quality. Older models from this manufacturer are not as high-quality. I praise this manufacturer for stepping up their game; they listen to their customers, have always taken care of them, and have improved their manufacturing and quality control standards.
I'm not too fond of the brightness adjustment of this Red Dot. This brightness is similar to a flashlight that has brightness adjustments. I had to cycle through the menu on the side of the Red Dot and push the button repeatedly until I got it as bright as I wanted. I said before that this unit has the rear sight built right into the Red Dot. This is great if you're going to put this on a pistol; however, to put this on an AR-15, I think you'll do yourself a disservice.
The rear sight built into this unit is minimal, especially compared to pop-up AR-15 sights. The one built into this Red Dot will be difficult to see because it is molded to take up as little space as possible, so the absolute co-witness is correct; it does co-witness. I don't think it belongs on an AR-15 to replace the rear sight.
The reticle with this Red Dot is impressive; it has four options. This allows you to choose which reticle works best for you versus some of the other more expensive players. It will tell you which reticle you will get, and that's it. This adjustable reticle is accommodating, ensuring I can find and use my preferred reticle." — Alex Roberts

Get it from Amazon now: $69.98 & FREE Returns


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