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  • Noah O. Thompson

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review: Why It's Leading The Red Dot Sight Pack

If you’re looking for a reliable red dot sight that is both durable and affordable, let me introduce the Sig Sauer Romeo 5. I tested it rigorously, and can vouch for its first-rate performance.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 1x20mm Compact 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

Top-rated: 11,109 ratings | 699 answered questions

Highlight: Dependable waterproof and fog-proof performance.

Helpful review: "I received this in the factory sealed box, and with the factory tamper-proof seal in-tact! The sight came boxed with: Mounting Key, Lens Cloth, Battery, 2 Mounts, Lens Cap, and Instruction Sheet. Very nice sight; easy to mount; clear optics. Now, a few things that's important to know about the optic:
(1) Read over the instruction sheet. Don't just think you've had these types of sights before, and you know how this one would work.
(2) Yes! the sight has an auto-off after 120 seconds of "No Motion" with auto-motion ON. So, yes if it's stored in a vehicle, the motion will keep the red dot illuminated and cause an unnecessary battery drain. Read the instruction sheet. It informs you that the sight also has an actual Power Off and Power On option. To use this option, you only have to hold down on either the + or - button longer than one second (the same to power it back on).
(3) Reports of the "sight not working" are in most cases caused by one of couple of things. When you first install the battery, you will not be able to see the red dot until you turn up the brightness, so click the + button (Don't Hold It Down At First, Just Click It) 3 or 4 times. If you still don't see the dot, assume the sight is in its Powered Off Mode and push and hold either the + or the - button for one second to actually turn the sight on. Then click the + (plus) button a few times until the dot becomes bright enough to see.
(4) Another possible problem that could happen is with installing the battery. Mine had a safety peel off sticker that HAS to be removed. Well, due to certain conditions, when you peel this off it would leaves adhesive (glue) on the battery. It's theoretically possible that it would cause a loss of battery contact. Make sure when you peel the sticker off from the battery that all the adhesive is cleaned off of the battery itself.
Caution! the brightness adjustments in either direction ISN'T A PUSH & HOLD operation. It's momentary clicks! That means that the brightness setting isn't a constant veritable. It works in CLICKED STEPS! Furthermore, holding down for more than one second on either the Plus or the Minus button actually turns the optic sight OFF (totally powering it down), meaning that just clicking the brightness buttons (Plus or Minus) will not do anything until the optic sight is "Turned Back On." This sight has some higher level electronics then the standard red dots, but it's not rocket science to understand. It's a known cause for a lot of these being returned, and the reason for some low rated reviews. It's NOT only Auto-Powered Controlled. It can be Turned Off, and it can be done so by accident. PLEASE read over the instruction sheet FIRST before you box this sight up and return it. So, bottom line on the optic sight itself... let me make this clear! This review is from a 64 year old AR-15 (5.56 NATO) gun owner! The sight responded well to adjustments! Seems to be holding ZERO very well with what ammo I've fired so far! It has very clear optics! Having the turret adjusting bits built onto the turret caps works very well! There's no issue with the quality or function of this sight that I can find, but I'm thinking that the same sight upgraded to the larger tube and lenses might be NICE! BUT it would be larger and would cost more! So this one is perfect for the money. I highly recommend!" — Mark W.

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Trending review: "So first, I purchased this red dot because it was cheap. I have an AK that I've shot maybe twice for a total of 20-30 rounds. My plan was to put an optic on it so I could run for a while since I got a ton of 762x39. I have a number of Holosuns and wanted something different and didn’t feel like breaking the bank on an Aimpoint. So the Romeo 5 fit the bill. I took it to the range and was having issues matching up the sights with the red dot and still hitting zero when I noticed the sights on my AK are slightly canted making my groups hit about 8 inches to the left of the point of aim at 100 yards. Of course Arsenal doesn’t want to own up to it without me paying to ship it and fix it. I told them no thanks. Since then, I’ve run maybe 1200 rounds through it and bypass the iron sights. No POI shift, flickering or anything. Last weekend I put it on a Stribog and once again it worked fine. I’ve hd it a few months now and have not turned it off. I keep it set around the mid brightness level. What I really like about this optic is that it comes with two mounts. So far I’ve been running the low mount exclusively but it’s nice to know I have the tall one as well in case I run it on something else. As for the negatives… I don’t find it particularly attractive as the logo is a little on the large size. In addition the front lense is very reflective which gives the optic just a little bit of tint. It’s not a huge issue but at dusk it is a bit darker than a Holosun or T1. Otherwise, I think think this optic is a great value for what it is. I don’t anticipate taking this thing into battle anywhere so I don’t need something crazy durable as it’s durable enough with me bumping it around when I run drills. If I need a battle ready optic I’ll run an Aimpoint or EOTECH but for range trips and drills and normal stuff it’s just fine." — W. Cruz

Get it from Amazon now: $121.97 & FREE Returns