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I Tested And Reviewed The Best Roomba For Pet Hair In 2024

I tested the iRobot Roomba 694 and can personally guarantee that it removes 99% of all debris across 5 different floor and carpet types, including corners and edges.

best roomba for pet hair

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

iRobot Roomba 694 - Wi-Fi-Connected Robot Vacuum

Top-rated: 21,253 ratings

best roomba for pet hair


Highlight: Dirt Detect Sensors alert the robot about dirtier areas, such as high-traffic spots.

Helpful review: "Neither I nor my partner are, by nature, fans of tech. It took us two years of toying with the idea to finally take a chance with this Roomba. We live in a dry high desert climate so lots of dust during the hot summers and mud during the wet winters. Add a constantly shedding dog and two humans who go in and out frequently (neither of whom is interested in sweeping 2-3 times per day) and we mostly lived unhappily with dirty floors.
After watching a number of videos, we decided on the Roomba 694 which was about $180. It came in a couple of days, then sat unopened for a couple of weeks, due tech hesitancy. We needn't have worried. The instructions are super easy for basic setup. I have not yet downloaded the app, as there were quite a few poor reviews in the Google Play store. So we just charged "Agador'' up and turned him loose.
We have a combination of wood, laminate and area rugs. We took the obvious potential problems out of the way - some loose electrical cord jumbles and piles of loose papers. He did his thing and we kept an eye on him but the only thing we had to save him from was the tray that holds the dog dishes. He climbed over the low edge and was banging around, sloping water. So that needs to be put up. We only let him work for about an hour, as we had several people visiting and Etta Mae was barking herself into a frenzy every time Agador came near her, but in that time he managed to get in and out of the bathroom, the laundry room and a couple of bedrooms from his original start in the living room. He had no problem going from hard floor to carpet and dealt easily with the area rugs. One had a loose thread on the edge, which Agador tried to pick up, but we noticed and cut it off before it caused him a problem. There was no noticeable pattern, just lots of bumbling around our very cluttered areas but he did fill up his dirt collector.
Since then, he seems to have gotten much better. He gets around the table and chair legs faster and cleans that are better than the first few times. By looking at the marks on the carpeted area, I can see that he is getting more effective at covering the entire area in the bedrooms and our hard floors in the high traffic areas look really clean after each of his twice daily cleaning sessions.
BONUS: It makes me want to mop more often when I don't have to sweep first.
Every few days I use the broom to get in/under a couple dust collecting places where he doesn't fit or I don't allow him, like under the computer desk where their worst tangle of cords lives. I just sweep that dirt out into the open area and turn Agador loose. Etta is getting used to him and the noise level he produces is not enough to bother me since I usually have an audiobook or something playing in my earbuds when I'm stuck indoors.
If and when I download the app, I will report back here. But I could happily use him just the way I am now for a long time." — Alex Corrington

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best roomba for pet hair



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