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I Tested And Ranked The Best Safes For Long Guns In 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best safe for your rifles and shotguns? I tested the most popular options on Amazon, and ranked my top picks. Here are some helpful reviews.

best safes for long guns

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. VAULTEK RS800i - Most Advanced Heavy-Duty Biometric Safe

Top-rated: 548 ratings | 93 answered questions

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Comes equipped with a full deck of additional accessories.

Helpful review: "I want to start off by pointing out how heavy-duty this Vaultek is. This is NOT some flimsy lockbox. It’s an actual SAFE. And before I go into detail, let me just say that the moment I got it out of its shipping box, just by touching the coating on the exterior and padding on the inside, I knew I got a really high quality product.
Installation all around was a very simple process. I secured this safe to an interior wall in the front room of my workshop, which is also where customers and guests sort of hang out and around. (This gives me a great place to store some of my latest tactical projects without having to bring folks into my back room or to where my main firearm storage is located.) I used 3 of the holes and manufacturer-provided 1.5” screws to secure the safe directly into a stud. I like how on the inside the holes are covered up with a little plate, so it just gives a neat and clean appearance by not seeing the screwheads from the inside.
The first thing I was very pleased to discover is that you can set up and use BOTH a custom code AND your fingerprint. I have a different gun safe that offers both unlocking functions, but I discovered that after I set the code, when I set my fingerprint it voids out the code function. With this Vaultek, that is not the case. You can always open the safe with either function.
You can add up to twenty unique fingerprints to allow access to this gun safe by multiple users, if you wanted to, without compromising your master code. You can then go online and delete individual fingerprints, thereby restricting access.
The instructions are very simple and easy to understand when setting up any part of this gun safe, from battery installation to the code and fingerprints. It was in all honesty the easiest electronic device I have ever set up. No kidding!
One of the features I like most about it is how there’s no opening lever. Once you input your code or fingerprint the door will pop open while simultaneously activating an interior light. Likewise, when the door is pushed closed it automatically locks the door. Another cool feature is the LCD display. It illuminates when it detects your motion – making it easy to input your code or get your finger on the biometric reader.
This gun safe comes with what is called a “Nano Key,” which, once paired with the safe, lets you open the safe remotely. This could be highly important if you find yourself needing to retrieve an item quickly when seconds may matter. Personally, I set this Nano key up in the opposite corner of the room from where I installed the safe, not for any particular tactical advantage, but simply for a little WOW factor when I want to access the safe to show off a firearm.
Setting this baby up with the App on your smartphone or website allows you to monitor functions and features with ease. Through the App you can get info and alerts to such things as: when the safe has been opened, if the keypad or fingerprint reader have been tampered with, battery power level, etc. Moreover, living in Georgia, I appreciate the fact that I can also monitor the temperature and humidity of this safe from my smartphone. I can even remove certain users' fingerprints from the access roster without removing all authorized users. The App even notifies you if you have left your safe open.
This Vaultek operates off one rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The display has a meter showing the battery life, which isn’t common with other battery-operated gun safes. To recharge the battery there is a port at the bottom of the safe on the right side so you can just plug it in, and you are done.
As far as capacity goes, I have two of the twin handgun racks in this safe. These racks comfortably hold handguns ranging from a small Walther .22 semi-automatic all the way up to an H&K USP.45 Tactical with an attached flashlight. Comfortably I have 4 long guns in this safe, two of them being bolt-actions, so they take up a little more width than say what an AR platform may utilize. If you’re thinking about storing only AR-style rifles, you could probably fit 6 comfortably: 5 inside and another on the door. Keep in mind that with a shelf in this safe, it does limit the height of the firearm you can keep inside. For example, with the shelf I cannot put a full length Remington 700 bolt action.
Customization is the big winner for this Vaultek! The back wall and the inside of the door are designed with perforated mounting boards. This design would allow you to adjust the configuration and achieve any personalized setup you may want.
Options include accessories such as a: full or half width (of the safe) shelf, twin handgun racks, 8-slot handgun magazine rack, 4-slot AR magazine rack, single magazine rack, barrel mounts and adapters, spring-loaded AR mount that secures around the rear stock. There are also 2 and 3 handgun holsters and other configurations of handgun and magazine racks and holsters.
Again, this is a heavy-duty safe. It's incredibly tough and rugged, and has Vaultek's most advanced anti-theft protection. So to sum things up, is it worth the money? Hell, yeah!" — David P. McGillivray

Get it from Amazon now: $2,149.99 & FREE Returns


2. TOLEBLID - Upgraded Fingerprint Reader

Top-rated: 237 ratings 

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Features an upgraded fingerprint reader.

Helpful review: "I read a lot of reviews on this and decided to pull the trigger. I am no stranger to gun safes/lockers. I was looking for something that would be strong/solid, but easy to move because I will be moving in the future to another state. I really love this safe and I think it's a great purchase. But I'm a very critical person and no product is perfect.
The box arrived and my first impression was that it was pretty small. I had no problem getting it into the house, down the basement stairs and un-boxed by myself. It is fairly heavy but I can definitely move it.
It comes with large bolts to use to attach to wall if desired, which is exactly what I will be doing. The locker is pretty small, states that it holds up 8 rifles? That depends on how they are stored.
I have always stored mine barrel down which has always allowed me to get a lot more rifles in a safe than if they were stored stock down....which you're not suppose to do anyway. I am waiting to retrieve my many rifles from another location before I test this out but am confident that I will be able to get more in there, maybe up to 10 with the barrels down.
(Update: barrel down I can get 9-10 in, but that's really squeezing them in. If you stock them right, depending on what you have, it'll fit 7 or 8 max.)
There are pockets on the inside door for storage which is nice and will be used. There is a single shelf that I may need to remove because some of my rifles are on the long side, no big deal.
And, there is a separate locking box at the top which takes a different key than the safe door (2 keys included for each lock, total 4 keys). That inner lock box is a bit of a joke with the lock use on it, it is extremely flimsy and any flat head screwdriver can EASILY pry it open!! I already did.... too easy.
The lock is definitely strong (for a locker) and a good deterrent! I have been in law Enforcement for well over 30 years and am content with it. Of course, this can be defeated but will take a little work and make a lot of noise.
I made a very secure "gun room" with a metal, reinforced door and frame and reinforced walls. Also have video camera system with motion text alerts so all of these combined will certainly protect my investments quite sufficiently.
Anything can be defeated, the key is to make it as difficult as possible for the bad guy because more times than not, they will give up and move on to someone else when they get panicked/ frustrated trying to get into something.....especially when they have to make a ton of noise and or spend more time and effort getting in.
Special note, this DOES take batteries (AA ), but it is listed as: "Batteries Required? ‎No." There is a battery compartment that slides out from top part of inside door which supplies power to the electronic fingerprint lock and digital combination. I don't know why the seller lists this as batteries not required, unless you plan on only using the key which is silly.
Now that I have stored everything and lockers are bolted into place, I paid a little more attention to the sturdiness. When I pull on the front handle, I can see the door bend a bit. It is thinner metal. It stays put bolted into the 2X6's I have behind them so they won't be moved. I know that with the tools I own, I could fairly easily get into these. Thin metal is easy to cut.
Also, when I set the combination for them, it does not allow you to also use the fingerprint feature, it appears that you have to use one or the other but can't use both... I've tried.... But that's not a deal breaker.
If you buy this locker and just place it in your home/garage without doing anything else, it's fairly decent. But the entire thing can easily be moved with 2 people or 1 person and a dolly, or just 1 stronger person.
So be very smart with where and how you place it. If you don't have a very secure room like I do, then invest more money into a much more worthy gun safe! This alone is vulnerable to being defeated with the right tools. I know I could get in with the tools I currently possess which are fairly common tools. Don't let your guns get into the wrong hands!!
This is not really a gun safe! It is more of a gun locker. The metal is too thin and the safe is too lightweight. But it's perfect for my needs, and it costs merely $400 and not $2,500 like the heavy-duty ones. So you get what you pay for. Just make sure that this is what you want." — Troy Russell

Get it from Amazon now: $379.00 & FREE Returns


3. Steelwater - Heavy-Duty Fireproof Safe for 22 Guns

Top-rated: 235 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: 12 gauge solid steel body with 12 gauge composite style door.

Helpful review: "Wow! I am impressed. This is the best kept gun safe secret ever. I've been looking to buy a gun safe for 3-4 months now. I live in Southern Utah where everyone has a lot of firearms and everyone needs a safe and there are many for sale. I looked through all the sporting goods stores including national chain stores, as well as a stand alone safe store here in town, and was just not happy with the choices or the costs.
I couldn't convince myself to “pull the trigger." Without spending a fortune for a safe in town, the most I could get for that was a 16 gauge steel, which is nowhere near the feature set of this safe. All those safes are fine to keep children from guns, but they are little more than storage cabinets, and one could easily cut through or pry the door off in minutes. Just one of my rifles is 2.5+ the cost of those thousand dollar budget safes, that had no features to it. Well, this bad boy is 12 gauge "hardened" steel.
The ten 1.5-inch bolts on the door make it look like a Fort Knox. No one is prying this door off, not in any amount of time. The other safes had about three 1-inch bars and a rotten slide mechanism to engage/disengage them which means easy pickens.
- The installed lights, access holes and pre-drilled mounting holes do not exist in all those cheap bargain safes. Even the outside painting and logo are really nice looking, and far better than the standard junk block lettering on the bargain safes. It gives an authentic Western feel to the safe.
- But by far, the best and most outrageous feature is the fireproof protection: 60 mins at 1875 F. Those bargain safes give you 20-30 mins at 1000-1200 degrees. Steelwater’s design leaves nearly everyone else eating their dust in this (and every other) department.
- The inside is really nice, the shelves are pretty sturdy. I have 2800 rounds of ammo sitting on them now.
- The tri-spoke handle on the door is yet another great feature. All those bargain safes have at best only 2 spokes.
- The pocket carriers on the door are another great feature of this safe. Most other safes do not have it in this capacity.
- Oh, and the key pad had a nice touch to it, the numbers light up real nice.
Steelwater is an easy contact if you need them for any reason. They sent a great email to me several days before the safe came, telling me what to look out for upon delivery and red flags to watch for.
The safe came 3 or 4 days earlier than the latest date, and the Estes guys who trucked it here were both very polite, friendly and great company all the way around. They gave me a heads-up about the delivery. AND they gladly took it into my garage for me. I was very impressed with them professionally and personally.
Like with most rifle and shotgun safes, the claim of the maximum number of rifles it can hold is greatly overstated. That depends, of course, on your type of rifles and how crowded you want them. But this will handle 7 or 8 rifles easily on one side with a lot of spacing and accessibility.
Instructions for opening/operating the safe were in a bag hanging on the front door but also taped inside the safe. They are pretty clear, telling you how to punch-in the default code.
The only slight issue I’ve had was with the spokes that were inside the safe. Find a metal rod to stick into the center hub on the door so you can turn it after you punch in the code. You must turn it clockwise, which wasn't stated in instructions for your reference and I used a foot long simplest speed bore bit. Even though it could only grab about an inch into the hub, it turned rather easily and opened just fine.
Beware of tipping it over when you open the door. I was lucky as, in my case, the steel shipping-feet kept the safe from tipping over when the door was in the worst case position, 90-degrees open.
I got the extra backup key. If you are spending this much money on a heavy-duty safe, get an extra key. The cost is negligible, and the peace of mind will last for 50 years to come. Yes, this will be the last safe you’ll ever need to buy.
My one suggestion of the safe would be to use battery powered leds for the lighting inside. They are actually powered by 120 VAC, and you plug in the barrel connector on the right side rear corner (when facing the safe). It's a logical place as the door opens in that direction.
But I was going to have it against a wall on the right side and it's really the 120 VAC that bugs me. It's going into a closet that doesn't have a 120 outlet, nor would I think it's easy or convenient to run a card behind it. Given the ultra low current LED lights use, and the amount of time you are actually going to have the door open, battery powered lights would last for a very very long time and you wouldn't need an AC outlet or have routing issues.
I was worried about getting a safe online from Amazon, but everything turned out great, And, when you think about it, just the FREE delivery to your doorstep is a $300 saver. So take my word for it. This is one purchase you’ll never regret. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. So if you’re thinking about it but a bit afraid like I was, I promise you, you won't be disappointed as you won't find a deal that’s even close to this one." — Don Richards

Get it from Amazon now: $2,695.00 & FREE Returns


4. Atripark - Fireproof Fingerprint Gun Safe for 10 Rifles

Top-rated: 571 ratings

best ar15 gun safes


Highlight: Comes with 3 removable shelves.

Helpful review: "Item arrived early. VERY well packaged with 3/4 inch thick cardboard full side wrap, top and bottom cardboard box caps, metal and cardboard corner guards, heavy duty stapled outer box, heavy duty plastic straps, and foam spacer blocks. Very little damage to cardboard. NO damage to item. Relatively easy to open.
Not really a thick "safe" or a thin metal "cabinet" but in between. Like a solid heavy-duty locker with a safe-like door.
Good overall weight but not "heavy". Solid walls with little, if any, flex. Hinge is smooth.
Smooth handle and lock mechanism. 5 bolts engage smoothly. 3 bolts on the side, 1 on top and 1 on bottom of door. A little play in handle but seems normal, solid and consistent action for open and close.
Door opens about 125 degrees. Thickness of door limits opening to maybe 8 inches.
Nice look and proportions. Totally accurate dimensions. Pictures on page are not consistent...third one is most accurate.
Electronic keypad is good. 4 AA batteries not included. Buttons are easy to press and responsive. Beeps when pressed. Setting code is simple. Lights indicate batteries need changing. External battery pack to access safe if batteries die.
Alarm sounds if code is failed 3 times, or if handle is shaken/jiggled, can be disarmed with code.
Comes with good barrel style auxiliary keys that open lock easily, a velcro orange pouch that holds keys, 4 bolts and washers and nuts for secure installation, and hex key for removing the plate that hides the keyhole/and i suppose install the support bolts.
Does not tip when door opens but bolts are clearly a good idea. Does not wobble.
The shelf hooks and rests on metal cleats, and stays put so it doesn't "need screws" but there are holes for them. The shelf has plenty of room for some ammo and/or a pistol or other small accessories. If you only have 8 guns you can store stuff on the side in the main compartment also.
Nothing is carpeted but the bottom and it's very thin. I used a foam block from packaging to rest stocks on temporarily so the shotgun recoil pads don't deform. It also leans the guns back into the foam barrel rests better and provides a more balanced support for the stocks so they don't pivot. Another reason a smaller locker would fail - the 11-inch depth is needed for that balance. Barrel rest foam is well adhered to wall and a metal cleat and perfectly suitable for the job. I will likely pad other parts, like the edge of the door frame to prevent knocking guns during access and storage.
Exactly what I wanted/expected. For the money, this is excellent quality, will last years, protect guns, and deter all humans not carrying sledgehammers or power tools intent on getting in. Price is really unbeatable for what you get. I looked at TONS of safes and cabinets...very glad this came though." — Brian Zaccardi

Get it from Amazon now: $239.99 & FREE Returns


5. Barska - Biometric Safe for Rifles and Shotguns

Top-rated: 2,395 ratings

best ar15 gun safes


Highlight: Biometric fingerprint feature.

Helpful review: "I always have bad luck with combination safes, so I was looking for one with a digital combination when I ran across this one. Having the biometrics makes sense to me... Why spend the time fiddling with the combo when your finger can do the job? Likewise, I wanted one my wife could open, should she ever need to get a gun, and she can't remember combos worth anything.
So this one looked absolutely perfect. I read the reviews and some were pretty negative. However, I still jumped in, headfirst, and figured I'd give it a shot.
With Prime shipping, it showed up in two days, delivered by a UPS driver who wasn't exactly thrilled with heaving the heavy box around (sorry bud!) The box itself was a bit beat up. After all, this is a pretty heavy safe, and it was moved by countless people from place to place.
I was worried about the condition of the safe, as the reviews here note that's one of the major issues. Luckily, it's protected by two inches of foam on all sides and after unboxing, and I found the safe to be in perfect shape.
The only issue was that the Barska emblem had fallen off, but was easy enough to replace. It has two Barska emblems, and this was one that's above the fingerprint reader, not seen in the Amazon photos, and could be left off if the owner wanted to do so.
I registered all of my fingerprints and my wife's as well, so both of us can access the safe. I also turned off the loud beeps that the biometric lock makes as well.
I went and used a couple four inch lag screws to secure it to the stud in the wall behind it and it seems just fine. Without the screws, not only is it pilferable, but it could easily fall on a kid if they were trying to open it. Even though it's not super heavy, that would be bad, so you have to bolt it to the wall or floor.
Inside, if you you wish to store an entire gun collection, you may be disappointed. I have a couple of rifles and pistols, and a good bit of ammo, and the shelves worked out for me. There's a pistol holder mounted to the door. Ammo stores nicely on the second shelf, and on the third, lower shelf, even more ammo fits.
There are cut outs for rifles all around the inside of the safe, but unless they're really short (we're talking assault shotgun short) nothing will fit in there without removing the lower shelf. I only have a couple rifles/shotguns so they fit fine in the couple of cutouts that don't have a shelf blocking them.
Remember - you can move the shelves around! I also noted that my one rifle with a scope doesn't fit anywhere in the safe, and to actually secure it in place, I'd have to remove the scope. Since I don't plan on moving the safe, I just put that rifle in at an angle and considered it good at that. But to do it properly, I would need to remove the scope and I don't particularly wish to do that.
Overall, though, I wasn't really surprised about anything after reading the reviews before buying it, thus my five stars. I LOVE the biometric lock on it, and I knew it was going to be a lightweight safe (I don't think it has a fire rating at all, so don't store your family heirlooms in it...).
Since I only have a handful of firearms, they fit fine in here and provide a place to store my ammo securely as well. My primary reason for buying it was to prevent my kids from getting into my guns, and it works perfectly for that. It would also give most thieves a run for their money trying to remove it as well.
It's not a fire safe, but I didn't buy it for that. I give it five stars because it fits what I need it for, and I'm very happy with it. As long as you're not expecting to store a large collection of firearms or expect it to protect your guns for hours of fire or flooding, I really think you'll be happy with it." — David Schwind

Get it from Amazon now: $370.70 & FREE Returns


6. Langger V - Upgraded Electronic Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 892 ratings | 90 answered questions

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.

Helpful review: "When I received my safe I noticed I didn't get the shelf, so I sent an email to the customer service department at 6:45pm at night and got a reply back... 1 1/2 hours later... Honestly that's amazing. I was expecting an answer within 24 hours, but 1 1/2 hours later shows real dedication. And I commend Adam for all his help and patience in rectifying the inconvenience.
This is not a heavy duty safe that can survive an actual attempt of a break in. This is NOT that type of safe. This is a regular at-home safe to hold multiple weapons and some valuables.
It has a digital lock, which is easy to setup and is more than efficient at keeping unwanted and hands out of it. It comes with two keys for the main door, and a set of smaller keys for the smaller lockbox inside the safe. Moreover, it comes with a backup battery pack in case the batteries for the lock die.
I think this is a great idea! In the case your batteries die you don't have to get the key. You can simply use the battery pack and enter the code for your safe instead, while still keeping the safe key hidden.
This safe can comfortably hold 5 long weapons that are at least 33 inches tall, depending on their attachments. It uses a simple foam insert. Yeah, it's cheap, but it works and is a more affordable solution than buying something super expensive.
As said before this a simple gun safe, not meant to keep out criminals with tools and time to work, but to keep out kids and unauthorized people in general. So needless to say it comes with mounting screws to secure it to the wall. Pro tip, find a support beam in the wall and secure it to that.
The safe itself came with little rubber dots to keep the metal door from banging against the frame. But the little rubber dots weren't enough. So I had to add a few rubber dots for a more secure door with no metal clanging together.
Also, the bottom of the safe is bare metal so make sure to have a surface ready for it to stand on. I have rubber adhesive feet that I bought on amazon and stuck it to the bottom of the safe.
And... this is a small pet peeve, but I wish the smaller door would have a little handle to open it with. Using the key to unlock it and open isn't a big deal, but I'm very particular. So I bought a magnetic handle for it.
If you don't have many weapons and need a simple safe with a quality digital lock, a shelf, and a little built in lockbox... do yourself a favor and pick this one up.
The price point is just right, especially since most rifle safes don't have a shelf but THIS ONE DOES. But if you're the kind of guy who has an arsenal large enough to arm a small militia, you would need a safe that could stand up to safe cracking criminals and house fires. And this one's just NOT that kind of safe." — Augustus Lawrence

Get it from Amazon now: $359.99 & FREE Returns


7. KAER - Long Gun Safe with 180-Degree Full Access Door

Top-rated: 382 ratings | 33 answered questions

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Stores long guns up to 51 inches.

Helpful review: "I needed a safe I could put in my closet, get into quickly, while locking to ensure my weapons are accessed by me only. If someone has time to bust this open, they will. This is not a heavy-duty safe by any stretch of the imagination.
The only way my AR or Henry Model X fits in it is if I turn them sideways. That’s not a problem for me because I only need this for one rifle, one home-defense pistol, and my EDC pistol (Hellcat micro).
This safe is not deep enough to store scoped rifles (red dot or other). You're getting one in there sideways. You could get two in there sideways but they’ll be stacked on each other. If you need the rifle in the front of the stack, fine. If you need the one it’s leaning on, you’ll have to take the front one out to get to it. Again, not my intention to store two or more, so I’m good.
It’s true anything other than a compact-sized pistol will prevent the door from closing because the handle on the pistol is too long and gets caught between the door. For example, a Glock 19 and a Sig P320 will prevent the door from closing. The Hellcat is fine. You won’t get much ammo storage in the door either. Again, I just need some spare mags, so I’m good!
I did need to bolt the safe to the wall because when it sits on carpet and you open the door, the weight will make the safe tip forward. Not sure if this will happen on different flooring. If your purpose is similar to what I describe, you’re fine. If not or you don’t feel like bolting this to your wall, pass on it.
For how cheap it is, it does everything it needs to, which is prevent easy unauthorized access to your firearms. It won't stop a professional thief equipped with drills and saws from getting in, but it will certainly stop kids or nosy guests from getting their hands on your weapons.
This gun safe is exactly what I needed. It arrived a day early - via TBA Transport Service, not FedEx, USPS or UPS. They were fast, courteous, and found my address, which isn't easy. Unpacking the safe was a breeze.... cut away the bottom of the box and lift it off. The keys, and the electronic lock work perfectly. I bolted it to the wall and floor, and it's solid as a rock.
By the way, if you're having trouble finding the mounting holes when you're bolting the safe down, shine a flashlight on the wall behind the safe. The light will shine through the interior felt, and the holes will light up like beacons.
Inside, I have a 40" over and under, (20GA shotgun and 22GA rifle all in one) standing upright in the rifle area, plus the Smith & Wesson M&P 12 home defense shotgun. Perfect fit. Also, I'm storing three handguns in protective pouches lying on the shelf. I couldn't get them to stand upright, even with the foam barrel holder in place. But hey, no worries.
Also, the two smallest guns will - barely - fit in the door holster. But again, that's ok.
The 3 ammo shelves on the door hold one box each... but if you stand up the ammo boxes, you might fit two on each shelf. I have my other ammo boxes stacked on the bottom, to the side of the over-and-under. I am delighted; this safe is awesome. But again, I'm using it for 3 handguns (I keep my 4th out of the safe), one somewhat compact over-and-under, and one really compact bullpup. If I had more firearms I'd need a bigger safe. But this one is perfect for my needs. Finally - what a bargain, especially including free Prime shipping! Wow." — Rick L. Berry

Get it from Amazon now: $349.99 & FREE Returns


8. Bafuska - Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 233 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Pre-drilled 3 mounting holes in the back and 2 in the bottom.

Helpful review: "I have been looking for a big and reliable safe. Here it is! This big safe could easily fit in my walk-in closet.
The package was slightly damaged when it was delivered. However, the package is thick and well protecting the safe itself.
It slightly sways when standing on the floor. The manual says we could easily fix it to the wall with the attached 4 screws. You could also easily use the sticky cushion to attach it to the floor if you don’t want to screw it.
After fixing it, I used the emergency key to open the door and install 4 AA batteries behind the door. Now I was able to program the codes for the lock, which was easy, following the manual step by step. Note the battery must be new ones, otherwise the lock may alarm and you won't be able to program it due to low battery.
The safe could accommodate 5 shotguns, with one long shotgun on the right side. It is very useful. There is a small locker inside the safe, convenient for saving some bullets, cartridges, or handguns.
I could adjust the shelf for shotguns to further stabilize them. This is not fireproof, but it’s solid enough to protect my guns from thieves and kids. I like it! Recommend to my friends and will continue using it. Let’s see how it performs in the long term.
By the way, when the unit came in, it was missing a small button. I contacted the company and Daniel provided the button to be immediately shipped to me. I am very pleased with both the product and the customer support." — Sam Coggan

Get it from Amazon now: $279.99 & FREE Returns


9. RPNB - Rifle Security Cabinet with Separate Pistol Section

Top-rated: 487 ratings | 44 answered questions

best safes for long guns


Highlight: 5 live-door bolts and seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the ultimate prevention against break-ins.

Helpful review: "I ordered this safe as I wanted secure storage for a reasonable price, and have found it to be of excellent value. The safe arrived quickly and was well packaged with foam protection, cardboard inserts, etc. However it is heavy (probably 120lb), and I'm sure it got manhandled around a bit during shipping.
The finish on mine was in good shape, no scratches, etc. I did have one very minor dent / ding, which I'm sure was due to shipping, but it's hardly noticeable and I don't blame the manufacturer as the packaging was good. I think a large, heavy item such as this is probably just not treated too gently during shipping, and that's not the manufacturers fault.
Overall, mine arrived in great shape and I'm very happy with the quality (welded with no visible seams, etc).
The electronics on mine work perfectly and lock was very easy to program.
The steel is pretty thick (I give it 4 stars). It's not as heavy a gauge as some more expensive "safes," but is substantially thicker than gun "cabinets" I've looked at. It's right what I was hoping for in this price range.
My package also came with a small safe as well, which was a nice add on. Both safes were easy to bolt to the floor (or shelf for the small one) on the bottom, and a wall from the back. I did add some larger washers to make them more secure when bolting in.
The safe will easily hold 5 long guns even with scopes on a couple. Not sure you could have scopes on all 5 though. Not sure if it will hold a shotgun with a 28" barrel (I haven't tried yet). It will also accommodate a couple of handguns in velcro holsters on the inner door and velcro sticks great to the inner door 'carpet'.
I like the way the door is recessed when closed. It would be very difficult to pry, and even if the hinges were somehow cut, you would still not be able to open the door, as the hinged side is recessed behind the outer edge of the safe when the door is closed.
I did have one minor issue with the inner storage compartment door (key) lock on my large safe, which RPNB resolved very quickly and very much to my satisfaction.
Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect customer service wise, but RPNB responded within 24 hours to my inquiry and their customer service was outstanding! I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Customer Service is critical and they did a fantastic job!
Overall, I wanted a secure option for a reasonable price, and this safe is perfect for my needs.
It's not fireproof, or as heavy duty as a larger more expensive safe, but it's thicker and much better quality than a typical gun "cabinet." It feels absolutely secure to keep children or curious persons safe from accessing firearms, and also feels like a reasonably solid deterrent from a criminal theft standpoint as well.
I'm very pleased with this purchase and definitely recommend it! For the money, it's perfect for me, and I love it!
After more than a year, this safe still works great, as does the smaller one it came with! I have found that it can indeed fit a shotgun with a 28" barrel with about 1" to spare for height, along with another shorter shotgun, 3 rifles (one with a scope and 1 with a red dot sight) and 4 handguns in velcro holsters attached to the inner door." — Ted Rarnolds

Get it from Amazon now: $299.00 & FREE Returns


10. INTERGREAT - Quick Access Safe

Top-rated: 747 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Door opens to 120°.

Helpful review: "The safe arrived in good condition and was adequately packaged. Removable shelf on the top and extra storage space on the door. Works fine fully-assembled out of the box. Good size for what I was looking for and the best gun safe or cabinet in this price range.
It does have large locking pins, heavy door, alarm system. I use it to secure my firearms from kids with curious fingers, and, additionally, I think it adds some level of deterrence to casual, mischief-causing thieves. Thus, my weapons are a lot more secure than standing upright against the wall.
First of all, let me just say that this safe requires mounting. Either floor mounting, or wall mounting. If not, it will fall over when opening the top heavy door. It comes with floor mounting hardware that is easy to install provided you have a concrete bit. For the price, I think this is a great value.
We had a small problem with the magnetic lock which required us to use the key instead. The manufacturer immediately sent out a replacement safe at no charge.
I Recommend this safe for anyone who needs it to protect your kids from accessing your firearms. It’s pretty lightweight metal, so probably not suitable for anything beyond that. Again, a great safe for home/family use. You won’t find a better value.
Safe arrived in good order. Packaging was very solid with no damage. Instructions were easy to follow for combination setting and set-up. Not a heavy duty safe but exactly what I wanted, a quick-access solution for one long gun and one pistol for home defense and child safety.
Customer support was very responsive to a question about weight made prior to my purchase. Very appropriate for my need. And it's exactly as described. Comfortably fits 4 rifles. 5 is a tight fit. So keep that in mind! Top compartment fits 3 pistols plus a small amount of ammo or plenty of documents. So overall this one is a great safe." — Kevin Yates

Get it from Amazon now: $198.98 & FREE Returns


11. LANGGER V - Biometric Security Cabinet for Rifles and Shotguns

Top-rated: 238 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Has two removable shelves.

Helpful review: "First, the safe arrive by FedEx one week after I bought it. It is VERY well packaged and arrived in mint condition!! No scratches or dings of any sort. It would have to be SEVERELY mistreated during shipping to be damaged!
This is a the perfect safe if you have a few rifles. I have a scoped rifle and an another with a red dot scope. They fit nicely. The barrel holder is sturdy foam rubber.
Because I have a flashlight attached to one rifle, it may be that I can only fit 3 rifles but I don’t have that many. I didn’t need a big safe and really wanted the extra shelves. It is much sturdier than I expected though light enough for one person to move around (sliding it)
It DOES need to be mounted to the wall or floor. In my case, I bought lag screws, a couple of washers and bolted it into a wall stud. You may want to put a couple of strips of wood between the safe and wall to account for any baseboard. I got a couple of perfect scrap strips at my Home Depot that were free. It comes with 4 nice drywall bolts, but I wanted the extra security of lag screws into a stud.
The biometric lock is AWESOME!!! You only need to briefly touch your finger to the reader to make it open. It unlocks in under 2 seconds. Does NOT open with non-scanned fingerprints.
I love the TWO removable shelves!! I did NOT want a lockbox, opting for more shelf space. The shelves hold my ammo/magazines nicely. It utilizes a PIN code....just one code, from 3-8 digits. I wish it held more PIN codes, but the biometric holds up to 100 fingerprints, so my wife and I each have multiple fingerprints saved.
The key lock is behind the label on the door and works flawlessly. Screws hold the label in place, so unless you want to remove the label, the lock is really for if you can’t use fingerprints or the one code. Not sure why you’d want to use the key lock since the biometric lock works great.
The safe also comes with a backup battery pack and 4 AAs. I used my own new batteries and will use theirs for the battery backup pack. The shelves are carpeted nicely, as well as the inside of the door and the floor of the safe. The carpet on the floor isn’t glued down and is loose, but that’s not a big deal. I’ll glue it down at some point, though it was nice to be able to pull it out and clean off after drilling holes in the wall.
Finally, when I registered my safe, they extended the warranty from 1 year to 3 years. I had already bought the Amazon warranty, but this was a nice addition. And, I sent in an email to customer support per a notice that came with the safe, and now Alan is sending a free door organizer!
You need to send him your Amazon order number to receive the organizer. Alan responded so fast to my email that I was pleasantly surprised! I am indeed VERY happy with this safe and give it a STRONG recommendation if you have only a few rifles you need to protect!" — John P.

Get it from Amazon now: $229.99 & FREE Returns


12. Paragon - Lock & Safe Electronic Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 216 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Equipped with a LED lock; programmable with a combination of 3-8 digits; runs on 4 AA batteries; comes with 2 manual keys.

Helpful review: "Unit arrived undamaged. It was very well packaged, with styrofoam buffers on all 4 sides, top and bottom and "crush cartons" at all 8 corners.
I have other security cabinets from a variety of brands (Barska, Stack-On, etc.) and can usually tell right-away how satisfied I will be by how the unit is packed. So I was optimistic. The cabinet is light enough that a single strong person could theoretically muscle this thing to its final location, but it will go a lot easier if you have a small hand-truck (which I do) to get it from curb to final location.
You basically have no choice but to screw/bolt the cabinet to a wall. It is too unstable with the door open otherwise. There are four holes in in the back of the unit for doing that. Bolting to the floor is another option with provided holes.
Speaking of the back of the unit, be aware that the back will not sit totally flush against a wall: there are two screws (holding the barrel rack in) that jut proud of the back of the unit by about 1/8". The barrel rack begins 40" above the floor of the cabinet and subtends an inch total vertically. It sticks out about 2.5" from the back of the unit. It is a nice soft foam-like material. Quite good. The barrel rack height and overall vertical space available in the cabinet is completely adequate for full-size centerfire rifles.
Speaking of full-size rifles, there is sufficient depth to put one in the cabinet that has a full-size (40mm-50mm objective) scope but without canting to the side. The rifle will be leaning against its scope on the back of the cabinet and not the barrel in the barrel rest.
Also note that the barrel rack might be a bit high to work with some rimfire rifles and other rifles of shorter OAL.
For example, my Marlin XT-22 barrel just *barely* reaches the rack with the butt on the cabinet's floor. My Ruger 10/22 misses. So, if you want the cabinet to store rifles of shorter OAL (which I did) you might find yourself moving the barrel rack (which I did). That does require some tools and drilling some new holes in the back of the cabinet but otherwise it's quite achievable. The setup instructions are sparse but follow-able.
My unit is functioning properly. Overall, I'm a happy camper so far. Four stars, and I'll add a fifth if the unit continues to function properly over the coming 3-4 months." — David Margolis

Get it from Amazon now: $423.64 & FREE Returns


13. Quicktec - Rifle Safe with a Compact Pistol Lockbox

Top-rated: 442 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Includes AA batteries, emergency keys and anchor bolts.

Helpful review: "Let's be honest: if someone with a large sledgehammer wanted in, they could bash their way in. But who is going to break into a house with a sledgehammer? Even if you did use a sledgehammer it would still be a pain in the rear to get in.
It keeps honest people out, and it's sturdy. I got it screwed against the wall using two 1/4" bolts into the 2x4s. Also, as a tip, I cut away the trim at the bottom of the wall so it could fit plumb against wall. I tried shaking it and it's strong and tight. I got a keltec carbine, AR15 Springfield Armory, and a few pistols with ammo. Overall I like it. I think its a great investment.
Ok let's get something out of the way here. This is not a heavy duty safe. It is not designed to be. If that is what you are looking for, you will need to spend a lot more. That was not what I was looking for. I needed a safe that would keep my kids away from my long guns, while still allowing me to get to them quickly in an emergency.
This fits the bill. It is about 90lbs, which took me some time to get it to my second floor master bedroom. I was very impressed with the packing of this thing. There was foam on all sides, thick cardboard protecting the edges, and plastic protecting the corners. There was no damage at all, even though I heard FedEx drop it from the truck. So nice of them.
The combination is easy to program. First you need to pop out the plastic cover to reveal the key hole, and open it with the key. Once open you can hit the reset button along the inside edge of the door, and punch in your code. That is it." — S.C.

Get it from Amazon now: $259.99 & FREE Returns


14. Gearmart - Long Gun Safe

Top-rated: 133 ratings

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Improved fingerprint reader.

Helpful review: "I've seen that some people say that the fingerprint scanner allows all fingerprints. That is not true! You have to read the instructions and I don't think those people are!
The fingerprint scanner works, it's just that you have to place your finger on the scanner in the exact same way you had it record your fingerprint, otherwise, it won't work!
Moreover, some say the walls are "paper thin" or "the same thickness as a filing cabinet." I would say it's a little thicker than a filing cabinet, and I know because I have it placed next to my filing cabinet. I used a caliper to measure and it is 1/16th of an inch thick.
To visualize that, think of a penny. 1/16th of an inch is about 2.8mm and a penny is about 2.5mm. So slightly thicker, although probably not visible with the naked eye.
Now that that's out of the way, this safe is a good safe for the money. It's definitely not high end, so if you want one of those then save up.
This safe is a bit wobbly as others have said. It is supposed to be bolted to the floor and wall. I cannot do that because I rent my home and cannot damage the floor or wall. So I put some weights down on the bottom and it works great! I also sandwiched it between my filing cabinet and my desk so it stands still. Like I said, supposed to be bolts but what I did works too. So either plan on bolting it or weight it down.
Know that this isn't 100% secure, and nothing is. This safe is good for keeping kids out (which is what I got it for) and most thieves. I could see that if someone was strong and determined enough they may be able to break into it with tools or carry it if more than one person.
However, with my home security system, which included audio and visual surveillance, I'd know right away and I would alert law enforcement.
So if you want a decent safe, mostly worth the money, and you know what you are getting, AND you carefully read the instructions, then this is a great choice. If you want Fort Knox, then you need to get something else. So keep all of this in mind when you're trying to decide on making this purchase." — James Levine

Get it from Amazon now: $289.99 & FREE Returns


15. Blacksmith - Swiss Fingerprint Technology

Top-rated: 127 ratings | 4 answered questions

best safes for long guns


Highlight: Smart alarm system.

Helpful review: "I recently added another Blacksmith brand gun safe to my home for use in secure firearm storage. This new addition is the Blacksmith 3-5 rifle safe. What initially drew me to this model are three key aspects, which I will explain in greater detail below.
For the money, this puts the gun safe in a very affordable price range. Secondly, this safe has multiple ways to unlock and gain access to the contents. Finally, the size of the safe is exactly what I wanted as I specifically wanted a gun safe that can be placed in a closet and still not take up too much space.
This safe was packaged extremely well, with multiple layers of protection. This is particularly great because this safe arrived in wonderful condition even with the bumps and scuffs on the packaging from the shipping process.
The exterior is an aesthetically pleasing, lightly textured black finish with attractive hardware for the opening handle and the frame of the keypad. The gray interior has a felt type lining.
A bonus is that inside this gun safe, in the top section, there is a small lockbox with a key lock. This is a great option if you were inclined to keep ammunition stored in this safe as opposed to storing the ammunition in a separate location.
There is a shelf included which can either be placed in the top or bottom 1/3rd of the safe. If the shelf is not to be used, the mounting surface on the sides are small enough that they are completely out of the way of the storage area and do not interfere with the storage of any firearm. For my use, I have chosen to keep the small shelf out, as I find that with the shelf in, I cannot store a long gun such as a Remington 700 series rifle.
This gun safe can be opened by using a numeric code that you can set yourself (between 3 to 8 numbers), your fingerprint, or a key. Now the key is intended more as a backup and the keyhole can be plugged when not in use, so it sort of blends in with the exterior finish. Setting the pin and the fingerprint was a pretty easy process to follow; just go along with the instructions and it will come easily.
As with anything like this, there is always a little bit of trial and error as you try and decipher what the instructions definition of a particular beep, ping and or ding are versus your own. But it is still easy enough to get things reset quickly and get on with loading up your new safe. There is a small light that comes on when the door is opened and shuts off after a few seconds to not drain the batteries, but it is nice to get a little light to see the contents.
This safe measures about 4’9” tall, 12” deep and 14” wide which for what I am looking for works perfectly. This safe will fit inside a closet and won’t take away much space in that closet. It weighs roughly 80 pounds so for security and safety purposes I would certainly recommend using the predrilled holes and anchors and securing this safe to the floor as well as the wall.
Overall, the safe looks nice, the door fits tightly, the locking mechanism is not wobbly and cheap feeling and is a great value for what you are getting versus what you pay." — David P. McGillivray

Get it from Amazon now: $269.99 & FREE Returns

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