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  • Noah O. Thompson

I Tested And Ranked The Best Safes For Long Guns In 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best safe for your rifles and shotguns? I tested the most popular options on Amazon, and ranked my top 11 picks. Here are some helpful reviews.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Barska Biometric Safe for Rifles and Shotguns

Top-rated: 2,086 ratings

Barska Biometric Safe for Rifles and Shotguns

Highlight: Biometric fingerprint feature.

Helpful review: "This safe is really excellent for what I wanted. This is a quick access safe that will allow you to keep home protection weapons close and ready, but out of kid's hands. The finger print scanner has been very reliable so far. The safe itself is nice looking, with a nice black finish and silver hardware. This was important to me because I wanted to keep this safe out in my bedroom where I can get to it quickly in the middle of the night, not stashed away in a closet somewhere. The safe's colors blend in nicely to the room. I see the compact size as a benefit, because I am able to put the safe next to my tall dresser, and it's not visable from the hallway. This is not a safe to store hunting / target guns with scopes in,,, if you want a roomy, high capacity safe you will pay a whole lot more than what this one costs. I have a shotgun, rifle with no scope and a pistol in this safe, and there is still room for another long gun, pistol and ammo. My shotgun has a light side mounted on it, and this does infringe on another spot, but again I see this safe as being specifically for home defense weapons, so only being able to hold 3 long guns, a pistol and ammo is not a problem for me. Even if I was looking at storing an AR sideways in this safe, I still would not be disappointed. The rubber barrel rest is peel and stick, but that's good because you can fit it to your gun length. The felt mat in the bottom of the safe is loose, but it should be, in case you need to bolt the safe to the floor. You can easily glue it down if you choose, but I like the option of being able to hide the mounting bolts under the felt if floor mounted. The backup battery pack, and hidden key hole are excellent ideas as well. You absolutely must mount this safe to the wall or floor. It will fall over otherwise, and it could hurt someone, and smash the biometric unit. If you are looking for a quick access, home defense weapon safe, you will not be disappointed with this safe. If you are looking to store your entire gun collection somewhere, you should look for a much bigger safe." — C. G.
Trending review: "I have had the Barska biometric rifle safe for about a month. The size and price seem like a good compromise; I actually wanted something that I could bolt to the wall in the back of my bedroom closet without taking up too much space, so I did not want a huge safe. I did have to drill a couple of holes in the back to make it line up with the studs in my wall, no big deal. My main reason for having it was to keep my kids and the casual burglar away from my guns; while allowing me quick access. This product seems very much up to that task. Let's be realistic, a determined thief with time and tools will probably be able to break into it or pry it off the wall and carry it away, and it certainly is not fire or waterproof, but for the price and convenience the security provided seems first rate in my opinion. I was worried when I saw comments on the internet about how easy it is to break into some other brands of electronic safes, I did some searching for the Barska Biometric models on Google and Youtube, and so far I have not found anyone who has been able to compromise this product. The Biometric access has worked flawlessly for me. I did prints of the first three fingers of both hands, I also omitted my pinky finger and thumb to test with, so far the fingerprint access has only opened for the allowed fingers and not opened for others. It is a bit small, I think having two long guns would be about the max, but again I wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space. I am so pleased that I think I will buy a second one for another closet." — Brian T.

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2. Electronic Quick-Access Safe for Rifles and Shotguns with a Handgun Lock Box and a Removable Shelf

Top-rated: 1,818 ratings | 150 answered questions

Electronic Quick-Access Safe for Rifles and Shotguns with a Handgun Lock Box and a Removable Shelf

Highlight: 3 Pre-punched mounting holes in the back and 2 at the bottom for easy attachment to the floor or wall (or both) with attached bolts.

Helpful review: "After a lot of research to find a good value gun cabinet, I settled on this Moutec Large Rifle (w/ touchpad) Gun Cabinet. I found numerous positive and informative reviews on Amazon as well as reputable sites. I have had the cabinet for about a month and recently mounted it to a wall in my home. I am very pleased with my choice. I had 2 key elements in my search: price and interior dimensions. Many cabinets I researched had one or the other but not both. Most fell short on the interior dimensions. When wanting to store rifles with optics or other accessories, interior space is a must. The interior dimensions listed in the product details are accurate and one of the main reasons I selected this cabinet. I would estimate it would hold 5 – 6 long rifles as described.
Quality of materials is another key element, but I am not knowledgeable enough to understand the gauge of the metal (yes, I know you can research to understand but I wasn’t getting it). The reviews here and elsewhere were consistent on two things: metal for the sides and back, as well as the cabinet door thickness. Here, the reviews were again accurate. The sides and back don’t feel much thicker/stronger than a school locker, but to get better you’re going to pay more. As such I did not feel misled. The cabinet door, however, is thick, solid, and hefty, with 3 security bars/deadbolts down the side and 1 each on top and bottom. The door isn’t being opened unless someone has time, patience, and tools. Same can be said for the sides and back. You’re going to have to expend effort to punch a hole into the cabinet to get what’s inside.
The separate lockbox is also solid. For me, it doesn’t add much value. I would have preferred open and adjustable shelves. There is 1 cabinet on Amazon that has these and was my close second choice, but the cabinet wasn’t reviewed as positively or at all on other sites. The foam adjustable support frame keeps rifle barrels snugly in place. Once you put your rifle away, it’s not going to shift in the cabinet, or rotate in place.
The keypad works great. I’ve had bad experiences with biometric locks so I did not consider the Moutec model that had one. The keypad isn’t touchy or sensitive. You actually need to press the keys to enter your code, which I like. Once the code is entered, the cabinet unlocks quickly. If you’re worried about getting into the cabinet in a hurry, don’t be. The batteries that shipped with the cabinet must have been old because when I installed them, all I got was a long loud whiney noise. After trying unsuccessfully to program the code, I replaced the batteries, watched the video on the Moutec website, and set the code with ease.
I built a shelf for the bottom for storage, added a magnetic spice shelf to place under the lockbox but over the barrel for storage, and will be adding magnetic LEDs later this week. I found these ideas in reviews of the cabinet on Amazon and appreciate everyone who shared them.
The cabinet arrived via FedEx when promised. There was no damage from shipping, as the Moutec team did a great job packing it securely and with good materials protecting the cabinet. After I registered the cabinet on the website, I was emailed by Alan from Moutec. He queried about my experience with the cabinet, thanked me for my purchase and registration, and offered to send me the door panel organizer that Moutec sells. I love it and so appreciate receiving it.
I am very pleased with the cabinet. I would buy another once my collection grows, unless I upgrade to something larger and fire rated (which would cost more). While I understand some of the negative reviews I’ve seen on Amazon about this cabinet, I do not agree with them. My experience with it, as well as customer service, thus far has been nothing but positive. Other reviews I found in my research were accurate and lead to my decision to purchase this cabinet. It has met my expectations and I am glad I went with this cabinet over others." — Rick D.

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3. Biometric Long Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

Top-rated: 1,123 ratings

Biometric Fingerprint Long Gun Safe with a Separate Pistol Lock Box

Highlight: Smart biometric technology retains100 fingerprints.

Helpful review: "Excellent value for the money. Fingerprint works flawlessly and fast! Made a few enhancements. Took foam from packaging and used on the bottom to lift up a few shorter rifles to reach barrel block. Also added foam (spray painted black) to back to protect scopes and hide screws. Mounted 6 gun magnets to a block of wood and mounted wood underneath the lock box with machine screws (foam inside lock box sits on top of screws). I can how stow handguns underneath lockbox and above rifles. 6 gun safe is now a 12 gun safe with a few improvements!" — R.M.
Trending review: "This is a great safe. A lot of the negatives I’ve read say that it’s not sturdy enough, but it’s plenty sturdy for what it is. If you think you’re going to store a priceless gun like the one from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in this, then you might want to spring for something more expensive. However, this safe is great if you want to keep your guns secure from kids or houseguests, and it serves as an extra obstacle for thieves. Yes, if given enough time they could get into it, eventually, but this safe will at least prevent a burglar from just stumbling across your guns. The other criticism is about the fingerprint reader.
Yes, it has a harder time reading fingerprints if it’s dirty. Solution? Wipe it off every once in a while. There’s also a keypad and manual keys if you prefer to use those, and they work 100% of the time. I’d ignore all the dramatic comments about the fingerprint reader not working 100% on the first try ( lots of dramatic “your life may depend on it!” comments on here) and just realize that you have other options for opening it if it’s that big a deal. Frankly I keep this safe in the closet and another gun by my bed—I don’t see how jumping up and running to this safe in an emergency should be anyone’s plan in the first place. I have to say though, if the thing you’re worried about is that you’ll hear a noise in your house jump out of bed, run to the closet, only to get murdered just because your fingerprint didn’t read the first time (and you didn’t just use the keypad) then I guess it’s just your time to go.
It’s solid, it’s a good price, it’s easy to set up, it can store 5-6 average size long guns (and if you reach out for the door organizer then several handguns as well) and has a neat extra lockbox for papers or ammo or the secret plans that reveal the one weakness of the Death Star. All this and it’s reasonably priced. Will it protect the Crown Jewels from master thieves? No, but you don’t own those anyway." — Calvin Bagley

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4. Langger V Upgraded Electronic Rifle Safe

Top-rated: 771 ratings | 71 answered questions

Langger V Upgraded Electronic Rifle Safe

Highlight: Comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.

Helpful review: "I purchased the Langger V rifle cabinet after reading some good reviews about it. I purchased it with the realistic notion that this is a small and simple gun cabinet for storing firearms to keep them safe out of reach of children. It is by no means a heavy duty or fire proof safe for storing your most precious items but it serves it's purpose well for what it is intended, to keep prying eyes and hands away from your firearms and to give you quick access to them if needed. It has a relatively small footprint, perfect for a closet, and I like that about it. It will easily store 5-6 rifles in the bottom section and has an adjustable shelf for storing ammo or magazines above as well as a small lockable compartment at the top. I will comment that if you have rifles/shotguns with optics then that will require you to stand them up at an angle for the door to close since it is a small safe. Realistically you can hold 3-4 rifles with optics in this cabinet, with the possibility of 1 more rifle/shotgun with just iron sights. I added 2 battery powered motion sensor led lights as mentioned by another reviewer and that has been a great addition to be able to see inside clearly in low light conditions, I highly recommend this addition. The customer service team is quick to help or answer questions and will send you a door mounted organizer with holsters for hand guns and pouches for small items/documents/user manuals etc. if you register your rifle cabinet. It is a welcome addition to take advantage of the small space in the safe for storing more items. This rifle cabinet is good for what it is, a small storage unit for keeping your guns safe out of your kids hands and for that I give it 5 stars for what you get for the price. The digital keypad lock works well for quick access and is easy to program." — Finish Carpenter
Trending review: "When I received my safe I didn't get a shelf, I sent an email to the customer service department at 6:45pm at night and got a reply back... 1 1/2 hours latter... honestly that's amazing. I was expecting an answer within 24 hours, but 1 1/2 hours later shows real dedication. And I commend Adam for all his help and patience in rectifying the inconvenience.
This is not a heavy duty safe that can survive an actual attempt of a break in. This is NOT that type of safe, this is a regular at home safe to hold multiple weapons and some valuables. Its digital lock, which is easy to setup and is more than efficient at keeping unwanted and hands out of it. It comes with two keys for the main door, a set of smaller keys for the smaller lockbox inside the safe. Moreover, it comes with a backup battery pack incase the batteries for the lock die. Another buyer didn't like this, I think this is a great idea! In the case your batteries die you don't have to get the key. You can simply use the battery pack and enter the code for your safe instead, while still keeping the safe key hidden.
This safe can comfortably hold 4 to 5 long weapons depending on their attachments and are at least 33 inches tall. And uses a simple foam insert. Yeah its cheap but it works and is a more affordable solution than buying something better on amazon. As said before this a simple gun safe not meant to keep out criminals with tools and time to work, but to keep out kids and unauthorized people in general. So needless to say it comes with mounting screws to secure it to the wall. Pro tip, find a support beam in the wall and secure it to that.
The safe its self came with little rubber dots to keep the metal door from banging against the frame. But the little rubber dots weren't enough. So I had to add a few rubber dots for a more secure door with no metal clanging together. Also, the bottom of the safe is bare metal so make sure to have a surface ready for it to stand on. I have rubber adhesive feet that I bought on amazon and stuck it to the bottom of the safe. And... this is a small pet peeve, but I wish the smaller door would have a little handle to open it with. Using the key to unlock it and open isn't a big deal but I'm very particular. So I bought a magnetic handle for it.
If you don't have many weapons and need a simple safe with a quality digital lock, has a shelf and a little built in lockbox... do yourself a favor and pick this one up. The price point is just right. Especially since most rifle safes don't have a shelf but THIS ONE DOES. But if your the kind of guy that has an arsenal large enough to arm a small militia, needs a safe to stand up to safe cracking criminals and house fires. This is not for you." — Augustus

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5. Atripark Long Gun Safe

Top-rated: 710 ratings

Atripark Long Gun Safe

Highlight: Large and deep cabinet with separate handgun lock box.

Helpful review: "Item arrived early. VERY well packaged with 3/4 inch thick cardboard full side wrap, top and bottom cardboard box caps, metal and cardboard corner guards, heavy duty stapled outer box, heavy duty plastic straps, and foam spacer blocks. Very little damage to cardboard. NO damage to item. Relatively easy to open.
Not really a thick "safe" or a thin metal "cabinet" but in between. Like a solid heavy-duty locker with a safe-like door. Good overall weight but not "heavy". Solid walls with little, if any, flex. Hinge is smooth. Smooth handle and lock mechanism. 5 bolts engage smoothly. 3 bolts on the side, 1 on top and 1 on bottom of door. A little play in handle but seems normal, solid and consistent action for open and close. Door opens about 125 degrees. Thickness of door limits opening to maybe 8 inches. Good for 3-4 guns tops and a little ammo or accessories. Maybe more if you don't care about them banging around. Glad I got this. I have three guns - 12g 20g and 10/22 w/o scopes. Any smaller would be far too tight. Nice look and proportions. Totally accurate dimensions. Pictures on page are not consistent...third one is most accurate.
Electronic keypad is good. 4 AA batteries not included. Buttons are easy to press and responsive. Beeps when pressed. Setting code is simple. Lights indicate batteries need changing. External battery pack to access safe if batteries die. Alarm sounds if code is failed 3 times, or if handle is shaken/jiggled, can be disarmed with code. Comes with good barrel style auxiliary keys that open lock easily, a velcro orange pouch that holds keys, 4 bolts and washers and nuts for secure installation, and hex key for removing the plate that hides the keyhole/and i suppose install the support bolts.
Does not tip when door opens but bolts are clearly a good idea. Does not wobble. Shelf is fine although a little disappointing. It is removable so you can have longer barrels, but no screws came to secure it. I wasn't sure what to expect, one customer picture showed an internal lock box but the site pics did not and ultimately there is not a lock box inside, just a shelf. So ammo will have to go somewhere else according to my state. The shelf hooks and rests on metal cleats, and stays put so it doesn't "need screws." But there are holes for them. The shelf has plenty of room for some ammo and/or a pistol or other small accessories. If you only have 3 guns you can store stuff on the side in the main compartment also.
Nothing is carpeted but the bottom and it's very thin. I used a foam block from packaging to rest stocks on temporarily so the shotgun recoil pads don't deform. It also leans the guns back into the foam barrel rests better and provides a more balanced support for the stocks so they don't pivot (another reason a smaller locker would fail. The 11 inch depth is needed for that balance). Barrel rest foam is well adhered to wall and a metal cleat and perfectly suitable for the job. I will likely pad other parts, like the edge of the door frame to prevent knocking guns during access and storage. There is no internal light so I will install a cheap motion activated light.
BOTTOM LINE: Exactly what I wanted/expected. For $260 (tax and shipping) this is excellent quality, will last years, protect guns, and deter all humans not carrying sledgehammers or power tools intent on getting in. Price is really unbeatable for what you get. I looked at TONS of safes and cabinets...very glad this came though." — BZ

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6. RPNB Rifle Security Cabinet with Separate Pistol Section

Top-rated: 448 ratings | 42 answered questions