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I Tested And Reviewed The Steelwater Gun Safe In 2024

If you're on the hunt for a fireproof, heavy-duty safe for your firearms, I'd urge you to consider Steelwater. I bought it on Amazon, and I use it to store all my rifles and shotguns, as well as some handguns. Here's my hands-on review.

steelwater gun safe review

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Steelwater Gun Safe - Heavy-Duty and Fireproof Protection for 22 Guns

Top-rated: 235 ratings

steelwater gun safe review


Highlight: 12 gauge solid steel body with 12 gauge composite style door.

Helpful review: "Wow! I am impressed. This is the best kept gun safe secret ever. I've been looking to buy a gun safe for 3-4 months now. I live in Southern Utah where everyone has a lot of firearms and everyone needs a safe and there are many for sale. I looked through all the sporting goods stores including national chain stores, as well as a stand alone safe store here in town, and was just not happy with the choices or the costs.
I couldn't convince myself to “pull the trigger." Without spending a fortune for a safe in town, the most I could get for that was a 16 gauge steel, which is nowhere near the feature set of this safe. All those safes are fine to keep children from guns, but they are little more than storage cabinets, and one could easily cut through or pry the door off in minutes. Just one of my rifles is 2.5+ the cost of those thousand dollar budget safes, that had no features to it. Well, this bad boy is 12 gauge "hardened" steel.
The ten 1.5-inch bolts on the door make it look like a Fort Knox. No one is prying this door off, not in any amount of time. The other safes had about three 1-inch bars and a rotten slide mechanism to engage/disengage them which means easy pickens.
- The installed lights, access holes and pre-drilled mounting holes do not exist in all those cheap bargain safes. Even the outside painting and logo are really nice looking, and far better than the standard junk block lettering on the bargain safes. It gives an authentic Western feel to the safe.
- But by far, the best and most outrageous feature is the fireproof protection: 60 mins at 1875 F. Those bargain safes give you 20-30 mins at 1000-1200 degrees. Steelwater’s design leaves nearly everyone else eating their dust in this (and every other) department.
- The inside is really nice, the shelves are pretty sturdy. I have 2800 rounds of ammo sitting on them now.
- The tri-spoke handle on the door is yet another great feature. All those bargain safes have at best only 2 spokes.
- The pocket carriers on the door are another great feature of this safe. Most other safes do not have it in this capacity.
- Oh, and the key pad had a nice touch to it, the numbers light up real nice.
Steelwater is an easy contact if you need them for any reason. They sent a great email to me several days before the safe came, telling me what to look out for upon delivery and red flags to watch for.
The safe came 3 or 4 days earlier than the latest date, and the Estes guys who trucked it here were both very polite, friendly and great company all the way around. They gave me a heads-up about the delivery. AND they gladly took it into my garage for me. I was very impressed with them professionally and personally.
Like with most rifle and shotgun safes, the claim of the maximum number of rifles it can hold is greatly overstated. That depends, of course, on your type of rifles and how crowded you want them. But this will handle 7 or 8 rifles easily on one side with a lot of spacing and accessibility.
Instructions for opening/operating the safe were in a bag hanging on the front door but also taped inside the safe. They are pretty clear, telling you how to punch-in the default code.
The only slight issue I’ve had was with the spokes that were inside the safe. Find a metal rod to stick into the center hub on the door so you can turn it after you punch in the code. You must turn it clockwise, which wasn't stated in instructions for your reference and I used a foot long simplest speed bore bit. Even though it could only grab about an inch into the hub, it turned rather easily and opened just fine.
Beware of tipping it over when you open the door. I was lucky as, in my case, the steel shipping-feet kept the safe from tipping over when the door was in the worst case position, 90-degrees open.
I got the extra backup key. If you are spending this much money on a heavy-duty safe, get an extra key. The cost is negligible, and the peace of mind will last for 50 years to come. Yes, this will be the last safe you’ll ever need to buy.
My one suggestion of the safe would be to use battery powered leds for the lighting inside. They are actually powered by 120 VAC, and you plug in the barrel connector on the right side rear corner (when facing the safe). It's a logical place as the door opens in that direction.
But I was going to have it against a wall on the right side and it's really the 120 VAC that bugs me. It's going into a closet that doesn't have a 120 outlet, nor would I think it's easy or convenient to run a card behind it. Given the ultra low current LED lights use, and the amount of time you are actually going to have the door open, battery powered lights would last for a very very long time and you wouldn't need an AC outlet or have routing issues.
I was worried about getting a safe online from Amazon, but everything turned out great, And, when you think about it, just the FREE delivery to your doorstep is a $300 saver. So take my word for it. This is one purchase you’ll never regret. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. So if you’re thinking about it but a bit afraid like I was, I promise you, you won't be disappointed as you won't find a deal that’s even close to this one." — Don Richards

Get it from Amazon now: $1,995.00 & FREE Returns

steelwater gun safe review



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