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I Tested And Ranked The Best Sports Sunglasses For Men In 2024

Whether you’re a hunter, a fisherman or an athlete, you need to protect your eyes. I tested the best options on Amazon, and here’s my hands-on ranking.

best sports sunglasses for men

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Costa Del Mar - Rincon Fishing and Watersports Rectangular Sunglasses

Top-rated: 3,345 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: Scratch-proof clarity.

Helpful review: "Replacing a 3 year old pair of Oakley Holbrook XL. I work outdoors and good sunglasses are a must for my job. Polarized are best. I ordered the following through Amazon Wardrobe: 2 pairs of Oakley Holbrook XL, one with Grey lenses, one with blue, 2 pairs of Costa Rinconcito with the 580p lenses Grey and blue and a single pair of Costa Rincons with the 580g lenses in blue. All polarized.
First the Rinconcito. Despite its measurements they were too small. So both of them were no-go's. Right out of the box. The Oakleys were very nice. The Holbrook xl is a great pair of sunglasses and the lenses were excellent as expected. I liked the red/green color enhancement of the blue lenses but I didn't like the 12% light transmission, too bright for me. The Grey was great at 11% light transmission but I really liked the additional color I was able to pick underwater with the blue lenses. I went back and forth trying to choose between the 2 eventually choosing the blue.
Then I tried these Costa Rincon with the blue 580g lenses. Awesome fit, slightly larger than the Holbrook XL but comfortable and surprisingly light considering the glass lenses. The glasses fit and looked awesome. Then I noticed that the red/green colors were popping but I still felt comfortably shaded. The blue 580g lenses were 10% light transmission. Even darker than the Grey Oakleys.
You may think 1% isn't a big deal but it's definitely noticeable. The blue Costas blocking an additional 2% of visible light over the Oakleys is a huge difference. I knew when I put them on they were the right pair and once I got to know them a little better it was confirmed. If you've got a wide face you owe it to yourself to try the Costa Rincons.
Ok to be honest I thought these were generic when I first opened them up. I used to have a pair of Maui Jim’s prior to trying these out. When I first took it out and tried it on I was like no way these is a generic one!! And I was upset at myself for falling for it. My Maui Jim’s felt like glasses. It was heavy and I knew it was only my face. I could see the reef way better than with a naked eye. So as I continued to wear these Costas it was so light weight I’d forget they’re there. When I finally took them to the beach I knew right away these weren’t knock off and were the real thing. Even in the box it has its certification of authenticity if I was ever to run into problems. These are now my go to shades for everyday driving and tackling some fish. Well done Costa
My favorites compared to other main brands. The polarization and clarity with the 580g (glass) is incomparable. Also glass doesn't scratch as easily as my other glasses. I have a pair of Oakley Holbrook Xl and the Costa's beat them in clarity. I fish a lot and these were great. I was able to spot fish in the water and not have my eyes beat by the sun. I use this for utility work and they stay on my nose all day while I climb poles. They are really lightweight. Only gripe is that I wish they were a couple millimeters bigger. I love how big the Holbrook's XLs are on my face. Nevertheless I will only buy these from now on." — Elden Rivas

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2. Leupold - Tracer Performance Polarized Sunglasses

Top-rated: 104 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: ANSI Z87.1+ Ballistic Rating.

Helpful review: "The Leupold brand has proven themselves to me last year when I ordered a neat pair of their sunglasses. This pair however was of the traditional format where the lens area is fully covered by the frame. I have never worn variations that have the bottom part of the lens without a frame. The only other kinds of frames I have worn would be comical plastic cheap types for fun.
There are several reasons why I prefer lighter sunglasses. The first is because I have seasonal allergies where placing anything near the sinuses or on my nose will often create a pressure that can be bothersome. The other is to reduce the width in relation to the nose so the glasses have a thinner look which can only happen with lighter style glasses that have thinner frame parts.
This pair of Leupold sunglasses are designed to be compatible with hunting or sport shooting. I was shooting targets today as I wore them to see if there was a significance to the shooting experience. I am happy to say I did find the crosshairs easier to see with the yellow lens option. You receive three different lenses that are easy to change out. I was shooting targets with a pellet gun and comically had one ricochet and hit the glasses dead center. There was no scratch or damage of any kind which totally shows the benefit of the super impact resistant material the lenses are made of.
I love the light brown color of these making them the first pair of sunglasses that color I have owned. The brown color looks great in the sunlight. I love how this pair came with the same signature hard/soft case that the other pair I own by Leupold did. The other pair was a bit more expensive so I was wondering if they would receive the same case. I say soft/hard because it is of a foamy case with a zipper and the best glasses case design I have ever seen. I have been wearing regular glasses for about thirty years and wish I was given a case like the one that comes with these sunglasses, during the peak years of my glasses wearing. I wear contacts mainly now so I can sport these sunglasses with confidence that they not only work like a gem but look great with a lot of style emitting from the slick design.
In conclusion I am very happy with this pair of sunglasses from a trusted brand. I am giving these five stars because they seem to be a fully realized design that works as intended - then some. I recommend them.
I was recently doing a job out in the Yuma desert with the near 50-degree sun for two weeks. I found myself envious of a colleague who had sunglasses with very good coverage, as I realized mine were a bit weak for this evil sun. I then realized a lot of the sunglasses I always thought of as gaudy may have just been that large because they were also trying to achieve the safety-glasses standard. Well, these achieve that safety-glasses standard without being too over the top. They look good, but still relatively nondescript. They provide good coverage from the sun as well, but they are also not too dark so if you need to continue to wear them inside for the safety protection, you don't look like you're trying too hard to be cool. These are very nice to have in those many situations where you occasionally need safety protection, but don't want to be swapping out safety glasses with sunglasses and then not knowing where to put the one you aren't currently using. All that, and they also seem very good quality and come with a great case. I will go out of my way to really take care of these, because I know lots of polycarbonates can scratch (finely) easily. Not sure if these have any scratch-resistant properties, but no use taking any chances! Nice glasses!
These sunglasses seem well designed and well constructed. The bronze lenses aren't very dark, so they can still be used on a mildly overcast day. The wraparound lens design allows good peripheral vision. They fit my average sized head well, and are flexible enough to accommodate a larger head. The nosepiece is pretty grippy to prevent sliding. On paper they are awesome, with polarized, scratch resistant, ballistic lenses, but I don't have a way of testing scratch resistance or ballistic capabilities without destroying a nice pair of sunglasses, so I'll take their word for it. They aren't anti-fogging, although in my testing any fog dissipated very quickly. They do have a coating that effectively beads up and sheds larger drops of water. They come with a microfiber cleaning cloth and cloth storage bag, as well as a huge zippered case that won't fit in any of my pants pockets. These also came with two additional sets of lenses, in clear and yellow tints, which are easily stored in the large semi-hard case. Lens removal was easy after reading the directions. Installing the lenses is a little bit tricky, but worked OK after a bit of practice. Part of the decision to buy sunglasses is the styling, so if you like the style of these, they check at least most of the boxes for desirable sunglass attributes." — Trent Strecker

Get it from Amazon now: $179.99 & FREE Returns


3. Ray-Ban - Predator 2 Rectangular Sunglasses

Top-rated: 4,875 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: These were made famous by the agents of Men in Black. Remember?

Helpful review: "I've been buying Predator 2 sunglasses since 1991. They're lightweight, frames are durable and lenses resist scratching. They usually last me several years. Caveat is that the plastic frames are not adjustable, so they either fit you or they don't. When I first bought them, I liked the look plus they were comfortable on my 7 5/8 hat-size cranium, even though they stay in place by "clamping" themselves on you.
Nonetheless, I wear them golfing and on long drives for hours without discomfort. Frankly, I think they're overpriced, but they will last. I've never had the frames break in the 30+ years I've owned a pair. That's eight different pairs, I think. Eventually, the lenses will succumb to scratches; that's when I replace them.
BTW, it's not cost effective to replace the lenses anymore. Last time I enquired about it, the price to replace the lenses was $140, which means they just don't want to do it anymore.
Lastly, the gray lenses were actually gray with some mirroring back in the '90s, but they dropped the mirroring about a dozen years ago. And the "gray" lenses are now really gray-green. I have another pair of sunglasses from a different manufacturer that were sold as having green lenses, and to me, they look exactly the same as the Ray-Ban Pred 2 "gray" lenses. It's ok; not overpowering.
These are almost an exact replacement for the Maui Jim Typhoon sunglasses, which went out of production many years ago. If you are like me, and love/loved your Typhoons, then these will likely be good enough replacements. I had my Typhoons from 1997 until about one month ago, when they were destroyed. The Predator 2's from Ray Ban fit my face almost exactly the same as the Maui Jim Typhoons, they are almost the same shape, have almost the same coverage for side light intrusion, and are still in production so I could actually buy a pair. The Predator 2's do not have the spring loaded arms like the Typhoons had, but really, I don't miss the spring loading at all. Honestly I wore the Typhoons for so long, I frequently forget that I'm wearing the Predator 2's, and am surprised when I see that they are the Ray Bans after I take them off. I bought polarized lenses.
I had to spend some time trying to figure out if these are real or fakes. It's so frustrating that RayBan has several manufacturing standards. For example this model, the hinges aren't metal, and the temples don't have metal in them. Anyway, I think these are legit. I like the style. The lenses are wider than normal so give good coverage. The polarized feature gives good sun/glare protection. The mirror-coating makes it so that facial recognition on my iPhone doesn't work when I'm wearing the sunglasses. The polarized lenses make it hard to read the screen. The arms of the glasses pressed in on the side of my head, causing pain after an hour or so. This might have been because I put a Chum's eyeglass retainer cord on them and this made the ends of the arms fatter. I took the glasses to my optometrist and they adjusted them wider so they fit better now. Overall, I am quite satisfied." — Trent Bailey

Get it from Amazon now: $210.00 & FREE Returns


4. Oakley - Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses

Top-rated: 2,136 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: Superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.

Helpful review: "I've worn the Half Jackets for quite a few years now but it was time to move up to something new since getting lenses for the original version is getting pretty hard. There's a few things I like better about the flak 2.0 in comparison. First is the size, the old half jackets gripped my head very tightly (and I have a pretty small/normal head size) so after a few hours wearing them they would start to give me a headache.
These still stay securely on my head but without nearly as much pressure so they are more comfortable over long wearing sessions such as driving all day. The other thing I noticed is the lenses are a little bigger with better coverage than the old half jacket xlj.
Also I have to admit at first I thought the whole prism lens thing was just another gimmick but after using them for a while I really do think that for the recommended use the tints they have provided are excellent. I also have a prism daily polarized set of lenses and even compared to my other Oakley lenses they are now by far my favorite everyday lens.
When I first got them I figured I was just basically replacing what I had with a new current model, but after wearing them for a while I've realized that while subtle, the newer features and lens tints are very impressive.
I've never bought sunglasses online, pretty picky about fit and comfort. I was pretty confident these would fit well by the measurements provided. I really dislike when the lenses don't cover the broad field of view for sports, these were perfect! Also when the frame blocks my vision and these were barely visible at the extreme right and left, so no issue at all. I can't stand wearing hats and seldom wear sunglasses but have found myself shielding my eyes from the sun with my hands a lot lately. I almost ordered the light prism golf lenses, worried these would be too dark and limit my view. I found these to be perfect, not too dark where you can't pick up details and not so light where it's still uncomfortable. Another SUPER benefit to these glasses is how easy it is to replace lenses. You can buy replacement lenses so these can be multi-use. I was worried these aren't polarized so they might not be super clear, I'm very happy to find they are very sharp and clear, with great contrast. I can finally follow the ball after hitting. Also, I can see my golf app very clearly on my phone and watch because it isn't polarized. It's SO EASY to swap the lens on these glasses, I also bought a set of lenses for bike riding that work way better than the glasses I was using before that kept fogging up. These are very clear and don't fog. I also bought a set of lenses for driving. Takes about 30 seconds to swap the 2 lenses! What a great find!
Genuine Oakley article, and great fit! I have been enjoying my "older" pair of xlj Flak jackets since 2007. I wanted to replace the old VR28 lenses with a new polarized set, and happened to see and try on this new pair of glasses. The local Oakley store prices were much higher than what I found here through Moto Helmet, the Amazon sales partner from whom I bought both the replacement lenses and this new pair! The new version is more streamlined, with the entirety of the ear stems being coated in a (still removable)rubberized material instead of the older and shorter length 'socks'. I also like the frame's color fade from black to ruby red! The black Prizm polarized lenses are indeed dark, and are the same length as the old xlj lenses.
You CANNOT swap lenses from old to new frames, as the hooks and indents on the lenses are different. So now I have a new pair of glasses, as well as my tried and true classic xlj Flak jackets with a new pair of Prizm "shallow water" polarized lenses, and saved just under $60 by getting them both here!" — Andrew Sullivan

Get it from Amazon now: $117.00 & FREE Returns


5. Costa Del Mar - Brine Oval Sunglasses

Top-rated: 2,517 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: The TR-90 nylon is a top material for sports and performance frames as it is resistant to heat and cold.

Helpful review: "I was in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, and while visiting Disney Spring in Florida, I stopped by Sunglasses Hut which had quite a good collection of nice ones. After trying a few pairs, I found those Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses with blue lenses which I really liked. The vendor also told me that those had actual glass lenses and not plastic, which is also supposed to make them more scratch resistant. I always had sunglasses with plastic lenses, so I was pretty glad to know about this interesting glass material upgrade (the "G" after the model number means "glass"). But I was still at Disney, and already Sunglasses Hut's prices are known for being quite high, combined by Disney location = asked price was like $300. So I thanked the vendor and said I wasn't interested after all. Then I ran to my hotel and ordered those same sunglasses on Amazon.
I was glad to receive the genuine Costa Del Mar glasses too, since there are apparently a lot of fakes going around online. But since I saw what the genuine looked like in my hands at the shop, I knew right away that those were authentic. Funny enough, the super pricey one Sunglasses Hut wanted to sell me didn't come with the original packaging, which came with the glasses ordered on Amazon. So another good surprise right there. As for the glasses, they are light, comfy and seem to block the light just the right way, while giving you some kind of blue-ish vision, but which is the clearest I have ever seen in all the sunglasses I have worn before.
- Lightweight.
- Looks great and has a nice design.
- Comfy to wear even for a long period of time.
- Have vents on the side for added cooling while running with those.
- Block all the bad light like a charm.
- Tested and Polarized verified.
- Comes with a nice hard carrying & storage case with premium quality lens cleaning cloth.
- Clear vision and get easily forgotten.
- Comes with apparently lifetime warranty (need to check still about this).
- Pricey.
Overall, these sunglasses exceed my expectations. They are very comfortable resting on the nose and cheekbones but a little snug around the ears. The rubber prevents slippage even sweating and the vents quickly remove any fog. Yes, the cost is high and more than I usually spend on sunglasses, but the clarity of Costa is top notch. For those considering between glass and plastic, I found glass to be too heavy and the gray tint to be a bit lighter.
How did I ever manage to work at a pool for an entire summer without these! These glasses are incredible. I had been living month by month with cheap Walmart sunglasses. Finally I followed a buddy's advice, busted open the piggy bank, and bought a pair of the legendary Costa's. I was afraid they might merely be good looking glasses with little functional value. This unfounded fear was wrought with fallacies. I bought these in April and it is now October. I have worn these glasses every single day since purchasing them. The plastic lenses have held up without any scratches and the frame is still very solid. To be fair, I baby these glasses after having spent such an ungodly amount of money on them. However, they are worth every single penny. The days of glare are over. They make fishing more enjoyable, outdoor work more tolerable, and your appearance more desirable! Really, what do you have to lose!?
One of the few sunglasses that actually fit my face. I’ve had at least 5-6 pairs of these. Some have been crushed or destroyed by my own doing, but the one downfall they have is they tend to scratch really easily. That, or I tend to only scratch the lens when I drop them, or bump them against something. Aside from that, I love them for driving, daily use, fishing, you name it. Super clear and lightweight. Even though I’ve been through so many, I still give them 5 stars." — Kevin Towry

Get it from Amazon now: $262.00 & FREE Returns


6. Leupold - Packout Polarized Performance Sunglasses

Top-rated: 94 ratings

best sports sunglasses for men


Highlight: In-Fused Polarized Lenses eliminate glare and keep your eyes fresh on the water and in the field.

Helpful review: "Leupold goes to great lengths to ensure your investment is protected. The glasses come in a foam padded carrying case that does a great job of securing and protecting both the frames and the lenses. Although the case will crush if weight is applied, it will certainly protect your glasses adequately in any normal carrying situation, including dropping the case. The glasses come with a fabric storage pouch which appears to be made of the same type of microfiber material that you would find in a lens cleaning cloth. This protects the lens from potential wear or damage that might result from storage in the carrying case alone. Leupold includes a microfiber cleaning cloth with the glasses.
I am impressed with the clarity of these sunglasses. The lenses were crystal clear and free of any defects or smudges. I used these glasses extensively while outdoors on a mostly sunny day. Much of the time was spent looking at objects in the sky, so they were really put to the test. There was no image distortion from any viewing direction, front or peripheral. The polarized lenses did a great job of reducing glare. After hours of use, I did not feel any eye strain. Since I use sunglasses typically during bright daytime periods, these are ideal for this use due to the Shadow Grey Flash tinted lenses.
One thing that is an absolute requirement for me is a wrapped form fit, which keeps the sunlight from shining in from around the edges of the frame. These glasses performed perfectly in keeping out the sunshine.
Leupold glasses come in varying sizes. Sadly, this model is a bit too large for me. I can make them work for me, but ideally they would have been available in a model that is one size smaller. Keep this in mind when you are deciding which model to get, the Amazon listings show the exact measurements of each Leupold model.
The no-slip rubber bridge pads were very comfortable, and they did a good job of keeping the sunglasses in place. The glasses are advertised as having a Hydrophobic Coating which sheds dirt and water. Naturally, I did not choose to test these glasses with dirt, but I did test them with water, and they performed as advertised. I saturated the glasses with tap water and the water ran right off the lenses leaving only a very few small droplets. After placing the glasses in the sun to dry out, there were no noticeable water rings.
Although Leupold markets heavily toward participants in shooting sports, these sunglasses are well-suited for any outdoor use. They are quality, comfortable sunglasses that I would recommend to anyone.
Made completely in the USA. The sunglasses come in a box with a logo sleeve. In the box is a zipper hard plastic case. Inside the case, the sunglasses are in a pouch and surrounded with foam in the contour of the sunglasses. The case also has a netted pocket that holds the cleaning cloth. Everything was well thought out to protect and clean the sunglasses. I was very impressed with the way the sunglasses were packaged. The sunglasses come in a Matte black finish. The arms have a locking mechanism that locks the arms in the closed and open positions. The lenses are polarized and UV rated for extra protection and are scratch resistant in Shadow Gray finish. The nose bridge has a rubber slotted gray piece for comfort. They are very light and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. The polarized lenses do a great job in blocking the sun. The lenses are not too dark and can even be worn indoors. Being performance sunglasses, it is contoured to wrap around your face to protect you from the sun from both sides. The Matte black finish is not prone to fingerprints, but does show the grease around the nose bridge.
Leupold has been making optics for over a hundred years and they know lenses. So they decided to leverage that into eyewear and I am quite impressed. I've worn mostly Oakley's for several decades now, for work and play, for the same reason, they make great lenses. I don't expect that Leupold is going to give them a run in the fashion department, but for performance glasses for sporting use I think these are amazing. I had tried Magpul's glasses at release and while good they had room for improvement. The Leupold Packouts are very refined right out of the gate. The lenses are amazing, as clear as anything I've ever used with perfect tint and great polarization. The frames are well made and smooth with good geometry. I have a narrower face than average and these are slightly wide for me, which means they probably will fit the average pretty well. The hinges are solid and I'm glad to see they went with screws instead of pins. I've lost pins in the past, including with the Magpul glasses and am not a fan. The only thing I don't like is that the nose piece is also smooth and slips more than rubberized nose pieces, especially when sweaty or wet. The package is almost overdone, but in line for the cost. They come with a semi hard case, then soft carry case and a large cleaning cloth in a well put together hinged box. All in all I am very impressed with what is sure to be a first generation of their eye wear." — Joy Andrews

Get it from Amazon now: $189.99 & FREE Returns


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