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I Tested And Ranked The Best Small Wine Fridges In 2024

After researching with sommeliers and winemakers, I’ve discovered how to easily store wine like a pro. Here’s my top choices for the best affordable wine coolers on the market.

best small wine cooler

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. NutriChef - Best Overall

best small wine cooler

Highlight: A freestanding design allows for flexible setup anywhere and everywhere.

Helpful review: "I really went all in with my research with this wine cooler. One of the main things I wanted to research was temperature. Using a high quality thermometer, I found that this wine cooler held the temperature without issue. However, further testing showed that the temperature varied about one to two degrees lower than what it was set at, which honestly didn’t bother me that much. I was more concerned about it being too hot than too cold.
I had another cooler and it was a bit wider than this one. Although the NutriChef holds the thin bottles easily, the wider bottles won’t fit more than one on a shelf. Again, not a really big issue, but that’s just personal preference.
When it comes to setup and assembly, I read previous complaints that people had issues with attaching the handle, but I didn’t find that was an issue. Also, in a few people's reviews, there were comments on the seal, but contrary to what they said, the seal doesn’t actually need to be removed. You can just pull it to the side when you put in the screws. I really like the handle, honestly. The material was slick, stainless steel, and I think it goes really well with the whole unit.
Make sure that you put the wine cooler somewhere where people won’t bump into it. If you accidentally hit the handle, like my daughter did with her knee, it will break the plastic on the inside and you can’t replace that. Despite that, the customer service was top-notch. After this accident, they sent us a completely new cooler free of charge, and didn’t even make me ship this one back. Seriously above expectations!
My Nutrichef wine cooler was everything I hoped it would be, and more. Not only can it hold up to 18 bottles, but I had it set up in less than ten minutes. Within half an hour, it had already set to the desired temperature I wanted it at. Not only does it fit perfectly in my apartment, even though it’s small, it’s super quiet, which I didn’t realize was an issue with other models. My only real complaint is the blue display light. It would be nice to have the option to turn it off, but it’s not a super big deal. Plus, the display light is important. It shows the temperature so you don’t have to worry about it changing from the temperature you set it at. Overall, I can’t complain. This wine cooler is amazing, and I definitely recommend it.
This wine cooler was delivered in perfect condition. The instructions were minimal, because it was really just that easy to put together. The setup does recommend taking out the gasket to get the handle in, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Either way, I didn’t need it. The handle went in perfectly. It takes a little bit of time for the temperature to drop, but once it does, your wine glasses are staying cool, that’s for sure. You do have to set it up for two hours before plugging it in, and you need to make sure that there’s some space on either side for ventilation, so keep that in mind when it comes to picking a spot for it. Every twenty minutes or so, you might hear some sounds, but beyond that, it’s really quiet. I really love this thing and if you like wine as much as I do, you will too." — Steven Berger

Get it from Amazon now: $233.99 & FREE Returns


2. Antarctic Star - Best for Countertops

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Great environment for aging wine.

Helpful review: "My Antiarctic wine cooler was delivered a week after ordering, which was sooner than I expected, so that was nice. It’s a compact unit, but honestly it works better than I ever expected and is quieter than I thought. The top of the fridge isn’t as cold as the rest of it, but it gets the job done and looks great in the process. The display light is always on, but honestly, it’s not overbearing, and serves as a nightlight in my kitchen, which I kind of like when I stumble in half asleep for a cup of water.
The door is pretty heavy, so just be aware of that, especially if you plan to switch the door on either side. It’s reversible, so that’s cool, and helps with fitting it in tight spots. Just make sure that you line up the door right, otherwise you won’t have a tight seal. The trick is to just make sure that you don’t tighten the screws super tight until you have them in the right spot.
I definitely give this five stars, mainly because the customer service was great and they said they’d give me replacement parts for anything that was defective. And onto that point, I still feel it's necessary to make clear that there were some flaws to the design.
Whoever installed the door originally scratched some of the outside, so that was annoying. The cover over the hinge also had a small thin crack and some scuffing on the exterior. When I was moving the cover for the hinge, the clasp snapped, but fortunately customer service is fixing that for me. Overall, despite these little hiccups, it’s working better than any other brand I’ve tried before, hence the main reasoning for my five star review. Also, it’s almost packed too well. Take your time getting the cellophane off and try not to get as frustrated as I did. The slower you go, the easier it will be to take it off.
After owning this wine fridge for the better part of a year, I can a hundred percent say that the negative reviews really don’t paint a good picture of this thing. Most of the complaints were about the noise, but this didn’t bother me at all, mainly because all fridges are going to have condenser noises, so it’s pretty much to be expected. My XBOX is louder than this thing lol. There is condensation that builds up beneath the door, so just keep in mind that you might get a small puddle beneath it. A drip pan could help with this. Even though it’s meant for wine, I keep everything from root better to coca cola inside it, and the space is actually really great. I’m really happy for it.
I did a lot of research before taking the leap, and honestly, I’m really glad I did. The quality is solid and durable, but the wire rack really bothered me. It was scratching the inside and I was struggling with getting more than four bottles inside. Now I can fit at least fifteen bottles on one shelf. After running it for almost a day, it seemed like it was getting a little warm, so I decided to keep the temperature closer to 52 degrees. I’m going to be aging some bottles so the cooler, the better. For the price, I think this is a really good investment, and I definitely recommend it." — John Morris

Get it from Amazon now: $139.99 & FREE Returns


3. Velieta - Best Dual-Zone Fridge

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Advanced touch control offers a nice upgrade.

Helpful review: "When one of the feet was damaged during shipping, the customer service was phenomenal, and they made sure to send me a brand new one. It was mostly the delivery man’s fault, as the product was packed great. Now just keep in mind that this cooler is on the heavy side–about a hundred and twenty pounds. You’re most likely going to need two people to move this around.
As a dual zone fridge, you can alter each side of the fridge to keep different drinks at the right temperature. For me, I like having the white wine on one side and the red wine on the other, but I think it’s actually meant to keep wine on one side and regular drinks on the other, but it’s just personal preference. Overall, it’s pretty quiet, and although there’s a hum, it’s not super bothersome. It’s large enough to sit on the ground, but if you don’t want to squat down, you can set it on a table, too.
I love how nice this fridge looks and it really works awesome. However, UPS delivered it upside down which is annoying, and I did find a dent on the fridge. For once Amazon was kind of useless, but the manufacturer responded immediately. On top of an extended warranty, they offered a discount, which I really appreciated. I think if I’d pushed it a little harder, I could have gotten a full replacement, but it still worked fine. So I didn’t care that much, plus I had a bunch of leftover wine from my wedding that needed to be cooled off ASAP. So I accepted what they offered, and overall think it was a pretty good deal (for a wedding present to myself :)).
I’ve never left a review on Amazon before, but I had to do it after experiencing the great customer service with this product. Not only did my Velieta wine cooler come in a great package and super protected, but it cooled down so fast, and I had zero issues. Even so, the customer service still reached out to me to make sure I was happy with the purchase and if I had any questions. She even got my warranty setup without any effort on my part. Honestly, the product is great, but the customer service makes it spectacular. You won’t regret this purchase!" — Scott Mack

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


4. AAOBOSI - Best Fit for Champagne Bottles

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Customizable temperature zone adds an extra boost to this wine cooler.

Helpful review: "I love this dual cooler and find it’s perfect to show off all my wine. It was packed perfectly, and although it was nearly a hundred pounds, it wasn’t damaged upon delivery. Just be careful when you unpack it, because the box is a tight fit, and I didn’t want to damage it by shaking it out of the box, so I ended up just using a box cutter to free it from its constraints, and honestly, it worked great.
Now, keep in mind, when it comes to wine, different bottles offer different sizes, depending where you get it from. Wine from California and Chile are larger than wines from France, so you’re not going to get as many bottles in there compared to Bordeaux wine.
It’s important to also keep in mind that the shelves are different sizes, and you’ll want to keep the longer bottles in the top shelf instead of the bottom shelf. Top top zone is a little cooler and great for whites, while the bottom zone is better for reds as it is warmer. As a self proclaimed wine connoisseur this is exactly what I was looking for.
I really like that there are four fans in this and that it comes with a filter, although you’ll want to make sure to replace that every year. I really enjoy the LED blue display light. I’m really glad I purchased a cooler that came with a compressor, since the room I keep this in doesn’t have its own air conditioning. I’m pretty sure a thermoelectric option wouldn’t keep this as cool, so that’s nice.
There were a couple design flaws that bothered me, mainly the screws. They seem cheaply made and it’s not only awkward to install them, but they ended stripping when I tightened them. Just be careful not to screw them too tight, but even so, it might still rattle a little, but it’s not a big deal.
Overall, it’s a great showcase cooler that can show off all of your favorite wines. There’s some fine details on the front that just make it look like a nice piece of furniture, and the interior is nicely designed, as well. However, just as a cooler, it does seem a little overpriced and small. It’s more of a fancy show piece. If you are more concerned about practicality than showmanship, I’d probably recommend buying two separate coolers for each red and white, but for showing off your wine, and still keeping them cool, this does a good enough job.
It’s listed as being a dual zone wine cooler meant to display Bordeaux size bottles (I didn’t know they were smaller). So for what it’s worth, it does everything it says it’s supposed to, so for that I give it a five out of five stars!" — Rex Templar

Get it from Amazon now: $649.99 & FREE Returns


5. FOVOMI - Best for 52 Bottles

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Beech wood shelves prevent moisture build up.

Helpful review: "Wine samping is my new hobby, and although I’ll never become a sommelier, trying out different wines has become a new hobby of mine, one I really enjoy. As a result, I knew I needed a good wine cooler to display my wines at home. I recently bought a whole bunch from the wineries from my vacation to Napa Valley.
I learned that storage is half the battle, as keeping things on the cooler side keeps the flavors tasting full. My first impression? This thing is near silent, which I love. The touch buttons are so easy to use, too. You don’t have to push too hard at all, which is great, so I never have to worry about them breaking. The temperature is adjustable which is really great.
The design is sleek and somehow manages to go great with my rustic kitchen, even though it’s on the modern side. Not only does it hold so many more bottles than I expected, but there’s even a lock on it. And considering I stole alcohol from my parents as a kid, it’s nice to know that my children won’t be able to follow in my footsteps haha.
It’s listed as a wine fridge, but it’s honestly more like its own appliance. The cooler is dual zone, which means I can store red wines on one side, white wines on the other. The differing temperatures is great because it maximizes the flavor and intensity in the taste of the wine, so I neer have to worry about it not going bad. It’s also massive, and can hold over fifty bottles! It’s about twenty inches wide and super spacious, but somehow doesn’t manage to take up my office either. It really looks great in almost every room in the house. It’s really an awesome investment, and honestly, even if you don’t drink wine, you can even use it for water and soda. It’s just a really convenient thing to have, and I’m really happy with the purchase!
A lot of people talked about the design of this thing, and boy, I can’t agree more. If you have a lot of wine, then this is the best thing you could purchase to store it. It’s a great size for the empty corner in my room, and you can store about five wine bottles per row, but personally, I stack them on top of each other, just because that way I can store even more, so that’s cool! It only took about ten minutes to set up, too, which was really nice. I was worried about it damaging my flooring, but I’ve found that it’s not an issue in the slightest. It’s super stable and I can even use the top of it to set my plants and books on. The buttons are also touch screens, which I freaking love. It makes it feel extra fancy, and there’s two keys so I don’t have to worry about anyone breaking it in. I have nosy friends, so that’s important! If you’re looking for a good cooler, wine fridge, or just a secure place to store your favorite beverages, then this is it for you!" — Antonio Hernandez

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


6. JINJUNYE - Best for 12 Bottles

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Touch screen display allows easy access to adjust temperature and light.

Helpful review: "After always forgetting to drink the wine that gets shoved into the back of the fridge, I decided to splurge on myself for Mothers Day. C’mon, even us mommas need our toys to help us relax! I was a little annoyed when it told me how long it would take to ship, mainly because I was so excited to get it, but I was pleasantly surprised when it got delivered four days early! It came packaged super safe with good foam packing and as a result was in great condition.
It only uses 50 watts to operate, which is better than I expected! I did the math for you, and essentially it only takes just over ten cents a day to run, just to let everyone know–that means it’s worth it! The appearance is so sleek. It’s mirrored, with a 3 inch edging and the LED light is blue, which looks so nice. After comparing the temperature with a thermometer gauge, it is really accurate, which is great. I also like that it's in Fahrenheit, which is a little detail I liked.
It’s also so quiet, I don’t even notice it. It seemed a little wobbly at first, but you can adjust the screws on the feet at the base, so I recommend doing that if you find it is a little crooked. It’s super easy to move around and very light weight and the door opens on the left side, which I wasn’t expecting, but don’t really mind. I really like this and plan to all my mommy friends that they too need a wine cooler to help them relax after the kiddos go to sleep.
This countertop wine cooler is exactly the thing that my kitchen was missing. It has a modern design that looks straight out of Barbie’s dreamhouse, except it’s not pink, which is just fine haha. It’s elegant and makes me feel extra fancy when I have friends over for wine and cheese night. I checked out a few other designs that were larger, but ultimately I’m really happy I went with the compact option. It works great, too, the temperature stays the same, the display light is a really nice touch, and the touch screen is a really awesome little user-friendly upgrade. I do have allergies though, so the new smell out of the box was a little intense, but that’s just me. If it’s really an issue, I’d recommend opening it with your windows open or on a porch, but that’s just me. Overall, I can’t get over how great this thing works, and I’m really, really happy with it." — Mike Pratt

Get it from Amazon now: $189.99 & FREE Returns


7. Ivation - Best Digital Control

best small wine cooler

Highlight: Glass door offers a double pane design that projects from wine from exterior light.

Helpful review: "I always wanted a wine cellar in my home, but let’s be real, it’s not plausible when you live in Florida haha! This was the next best thing, and it keeps me from having to trek to a separate place to get my wine. Now I can just fit this right in the middle of my kitchen. Set up went super smooth, and if you’re worried about needing a level to make sure it stays even, you can put a tennis ball on the top of the cooler to make sure it doesn’t roll, that will help you keep it level.
After some research, I found that the best temperature is a solid 55 degrees, which is great for wine storage, and it’s almost the same temperature that actual vineyards use in their cellars, which is really cool that this mimics that.
It’s not even that noisy either, you’ll hear a few sounds from the compressors, but that’s to be expected. While larger bottles like champagne don’t necessarily fit in bulk there, you can make it work if you remove a rack, but I’m using this purely for wine and found it’s not an issue at all.
This wine cooler is so elegant and modern, I just love how sleek the design is. Set up was very easy, and I had no problem assembling this. I was worried about the temperature staying even, but I had zero problem with it. The directions were really easy to follow, I just definitely recommend making sure you’re giving extra space on either side of the cooler to ensure you have good ventilation. So just make sure you’re storing it in an area that has a little extra room and that it’s not pressed up against walls or in a tight space. My daughter even wants one now, so I think this will be a great gift for her thirtieth birthday!
I was really on the fence about whether I should get a wine cool with a compressor or one that was thermoelectric, but I seriously am so happy I went with this compressor unit. The sound people complained about really seemed exaggerated. It’s not that loud at all, nothing worse than the sounds my ice maker makes, and now it just blurs in with the rest of the kitchen sounds. It looks great, blends in with my appliances, and the temperature is super steady. I’m so pleased with this thing, and now it almost feels like a treat when I buy wine!" — Willow Hayes

Get it from Amazon now: $299.99 & FREE Returns


8. NewAir - Best for Tech Dummies

best small wine cooler

Highlight: A digital thermostat on the outside gives the cooler an extra upgrade.

Helpful review: "I read dozens of reviews online before deciding to go with this wine cooler, and I’m so happy I did. The too long didn’t read version [TLDR]: the cooler has a lot of space, is quieter than I expected, has a sleek design, and is the exact amount of functional I was hoping for. Now, onto the details!
I wanted to try this for nearly a month before giving my review, so I could be sure it was as authentic as possible. First off, it can fit up to 36 bottles, which is freaking awesome. I knew I wanted a mid size cooler that could stand by itself and had a glass door. I also wanted to make sure that it could fit larger bottles, as I read a lot of these weren’t able to do that. Although there were some negative reviews about this, the positive greatly outweighed it, and I noticed that a lot of them had negative reviews anyways. Overall, this fit the specs I was looking for.
This cooler was the exact amount of space I was hoping for. If you do a little tetris, it can hold up to forty bottles, which is great. There are two sections, a top and bottom, but there’s a bump for the light on the bottom that makes it so some of them can’t stand straight up, but it’s not a big deal. You can remove the shelves, but you can’t adjust them, so I keep my small bottle in the top, on the bottom rack, and I like that the light on the top doesn’t get in the way of any of the bottles. It’s also a lot deeper than I was expecting, and I can effortlessly fit four larger bottles in the bottom. The center racks can be doubled up, and it might get a little tight, but I had no issue storing all my favorite reds in the middle.
I was a little hesitant about using a compresser cooler, because so many people complained about the noice, but realy this thing is super quiet. I even used a db meter, and found that when the compressor was running, it averaged 20 to the 32 db, but when people walk around or jump, the sound can spike to 40, but this is just me being picky, honestly. There’s a little click when it turns on, but my chihuahua makes more sound than this thing. There’s a digital read on the panel and has a really nice bright light. I’d prefer it if the light was adjustable, but that seems pretty standard on these coolers.
The dual zoen is an extra plus and seems to work really well. I can keep the temperatures at a nearly ten degree difference and have zero issues. Obviously when you load wine, it’s going to fluctuate, but it always returns back to what it’s set at. The panel has an automatic lock and you have to hold the bottons for a few seconds, but I don’t really mind that. The touch screen is also on the sentive side, but I prefer that over pressing it too hard. There’s two wheels and two legs that slide around easily and have no issue adjusting, so overall leveling it was really easy.
Some of the reviews describe a bad smell, but once you unpack it, the smell goes away, and I barely noticed it to begin with, honestly. I do recommend following the instructions and cleaning out the inside with a clorox wipe or soap first, but I also just left the door open for a few hours to let it air out and that worked great. Afterwards, you can put in the racks and the smell should be gone. At least that was my experience.
The package came well done with a great thick box and extra support and foam inside. In fact, it was over four inches thick inside, and the extra foam protects the more sensitive areas liek the wheels and the feet. The exterior of the box had some dents, but because it was so well protected inside, there were zero issues. Overall, I really like how well protected the padding was done.
This is a great cooler, and definitely affordable for the quality. It’s quiet, works great, and other than maybe havinga little bit of space between the bottles, I have zero issues with it. It’s compact enough to fit under a counter, and yet looks great and can hold about 40 good sized bottles. Ten out of ten, highly recommended." — Mike Sunderland

Get it from Amazon now: $257.99 & FREE Returns


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