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  • Casey Wilson

The Best Range Bags Are Actually Cheap (And Durable)

Have you been dreaming of the perfect bargain-priced tactical bag? Well, look no further, because the best ones are cheap, durable, and will carry just about everything you need for the range.

FYI, Prices and review-count are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Savior Equipment Discreet Pistol Bag with a Lockable Compartment and Additional Magazine Storage Slots

Top-rated: 6,700 ratings | 64 answered questions

Savior Equipment Specialist Series - Discreet Pistol Bag with a Lockable Compartment and Additional Magazine Storage Slots

Highlight: Strategically arranged features will make this case the only one you'll ever need. No kidding!

Helpful review: "I made this purchase for two main reasons: 1). To carry two handguns at one time and 2). Savior. I have come to realize that Savior is probably the best out there when it comes to gun bags and I have never been disappointed with their products. Here are some of my opinions about this double handgun bag. Build: Definitely top notch. The entire bag appears to be made of tough nylon, which will not tear or break easily; the zippers are strong and the handles are not flimsy. This Savior double handgun bag has 3 pockets in the front compartment, for magazines and ammo boxes. The back compartment can fit two handguns, and 6 magazine pouches. Each gun pouch has padding on both interior sides, which provide great protection from bumps and scratching. Utility: Fits my needs perfectly. I use this bag to carry two handguns: Glock 40 10mm and Tangfolio Witness P Match Pro10mm and I am able to carry them with ease..." — BJ1517
Trending review: "I bought this for "rimfire steel challenge" sessions. The bag works very well for one pistol (Taurus TX22 Competition), several magazines and a few flat items. It's very sturdy and holds the skinny 22lr magazines well, something that concerned me prior to using it. The bag will also work very well with thicker 9mm and larger magazines of around 18 rounds and less. I only use the bag for one pistol, although it could probably carry two. Some folks are even stuffing ear muffs in there, but that would make the bag far too bulky for me. I don't need to lock the bag so cannot comment on that other than to say it could be locked. Price for this item is excellent. I appreciate the different colors so I can use and identify which of my different pistols it contains. In my bag I carry the pistol with Holosun optic, five loaded magazines, an electronic shot timer, cleaning toothbrush, ink pen, a few paper documents, and a spare box of 50 rounds of 22lr ammunition." — D. Richards
Reassuring review: "Super high-quality construction and good stitching on everything. All of the zippers and all of the seams are double-stitched (except things like the decorative panels on the front pocket, those are single stitched). The layout of the bag makes more sense than a lot of other bags with a single row of magazine loops in the middle compartment. I try to be pretty minimalist when I go to the range and this pistol bag lets me bring a few pistols and some extra tools conveniently. I'll carry my ear pro and wear my holster/mag pouches so I don't need a larger range bag for that type of stuff. The ear pro fits in the front pocket, but makes it bulge out a little so it's not pretty. It fits a couple boxes of ammo a lot better. I don't carry much in the way of a cleaning kit to the range and everything I need fits conveniently in the front pocket with the ammo. If I'm only taking a single gun, I'll bring it in one of the single pouches from Savior Equipment. But if I'm bringing several, I'll throw them in this bag." — Aaron A. Lewis

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2. DBTAC Two-Pistol Duffle Bag with a Lockable Zipper (US Flag Patch + MOLLE Pouch + Universal Holster Included)

Top-rated: 6,116 ratings | 52 answered questions

DBTAC DO MORE & BE MORE 2-Pistol Duffle Bag with a Lockable Zipper (US Flag Patch + MOLLE Pouch + Universal Holster Included)

Highlight: DBTAC case bag for handguns/pistols/revolvers (main pocket: L12”xW5“xH8“/). Fits most popular pistol sizes.

Helpful review: "I like this bag a lot! I wanted something smaller than most, yet that could fit everything I needed and this bag delivered. This is the small bag, but it fits quite a lot. I got both of my firearms, plus holsters, eyes, ears, 3 1/2 (could have easily been 4) boxes of ammo, Uplula loader, wipe down rags, extra mag carrier, even my wallet and phone. There are a bunch of pockets that I haven't even used yet! The only downside I have found is that the bottom of the bag isn't reinforced, so it sags a bit with all that ammo in it. But I fixed that with some stiff cardboard and duct tape. All in all, a great bag!" — Janice
Trending review: "With 13yrs in law enforcement I’ve been leery of the “off brand” products when it comes to almost everything. Usually I’d expect some cheap thin material with weak stitching, and flimsy zippers, or some other obvious sign of “you get what you paid for.” But this little bag has surprised me. Great material, heavy duty zippers, and even molle webbing that appears to be able to stand up a challenge. It’s a great “2 gun” bag, which allows me to carry one inside with the included strap, while the other is usually carried on my person to and from the range. Plus the storage inside allows for plenty of ammo to be stacked up alongside any extra tools or gear you might need to take. The included molle pouch holds my Walker Razor Slim’s perfectly, though it is a little tight of a fit, but would also serve as a little makeshift first aid pouch if you don’t have one made up yet. I’m excited to check out some of the other products from this manufacturer, if this bag is built to the same standard I can see plenty of purchases in my future, much to my wife’s annoyance." — Anthony Bryson
Reassuring review: "I’m new to guns so I’m not super experienced with these types of bags, but this one works great for me and I love it. I can easily fit my Smith & Wesson handgun, about 150 rounds, maintenance kit, ear and eye protection in the main compartment. The front pouch can fit 3 magazines in the provided loops and more if you let them lie loose. In the side pouches I have my gloves and cleaning supplies. I’ve only got 1 handgun in mine but it could easily fit 2 as well as the other aforementioned items. And it also lets me switch out the patch on it so I can use my USEC patch." — Ben

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3. DBTAC Compact Double Pistol Case with a Lockable Zipper (US Flag Patch + Universal Holster Included)

Top-rated: 1,595 ratings | 31 answered questions

DBTAC Gun Case/Bag XS - Tactical 1-2 Pistol Bag with a Lockable Zipper for Shooting Range and Outdoor Hunting (US Flag Patch + Universal Holster Included)

Highlight: DBTAC pistol bag is special sized to store two handguns. There are 6 elastic magazine storage slots to keep all-size mags, and a spacious front pocket for your eye/ear protection and essential gear with extra 5 sleeve pockets.

Helpful review: "Amazingly high quality range bag for only about $25! You can easily fit 2 full size pistols in here with 6 double stack magazines (2 of them being extended). Even with those 2 pistols, if you really wanted you could squeeze in a third in the outside pocket! It also comes with a Velcro holster that will help secure, as well as 2 locking molle attachments and an American flag path. After experiencing how high quality DBTACs xtra small bag is, I'm now planning on buying a second larger bag!" — counterstrike1911
Trending review: "Honestly I thought it was too small when I got it and was a bit worried, but as soon as I started filling it up with the necessities that worry went away. Very spacious, looks full but zippers close with ease and doesn't feel forced at all. I even have space for my 4.75" x 4.75" ammo case (100ct) and I'm sure another could fit in with ease. Also was able to put in my Caldwell Mag Loader, about 3" x 7". Not too sure how comfortable it will be once I got 6 mags and another pistol in here though. But until than its doing a good job." — Jonathan Medina
Reassuring review: "I love this bag! Bought it 2 days ago and brought it to the range today! I love how it holds my pistol tight inside and i can just pocket another pistol next to it. I transported two handguns today with 3 mags. It really over compensates with the mag holders and i LOVE IT. I can also throw my earmuffs and safety glasses in there! The locking zipper and velcro patch spot is such a great touch as well. Love this bag. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs one. This bag is WAY worth the price." — J. Townsend

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4. Deluxe Pistol Duffle Bag

Top-rated: 5,517 ratings | 59 answered questions

Deluxe Pistol Duffle Bag

Highlight: Made of 600D fabric - durable, water-resistant and heavy duty. Has padded multiple compartments to keep your handguns, earmuff, goggles, magazine, ammunition and other accessories.

Helpful review: "This bag is HUGEEEEE. This is a copy of another bag I’ve seen seen online at a much more reasonable price. You can easily fit 4-5 guns in here, or 1-2 guns and 2 sets of eyes and ears. Has a bunch of magazine holders on one side. and an extra zippered pouch on the other side. Also has an extra side without a zipper for smaller stuff. You can fit locks on the zippers too." — Pandita
Trending review: "Great size for taking the gear you need for shooting competitions for single pistol. Yes it could hold multiple pistols. The magazine side compartment is excellent because it has a zippered side panel with mesh netting so you can store your magazine holders. The other side panel has a huge mesh pocket that's where I stored my tools plus it has a stiff flap with Velcro for the 2 Molle attachments it came with. Plan on using that to hold other tools and equipment. The interior has removable and adjustable dividers. I am using this space for the ammunition, hearing protection, holster and eye protection. I attached my medical emergency bag using the Molle attachments on the front end of the bag. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of the material the zippers are also high-quality heavy duty. highly recommend this bag for the range or for shooting competition events because it is just the right size to keep everything nice and tight now moving all over the place and doesn't take up so much room." — A.G.
Reassuring review: "This is a great bag for basic range toting. I got this bag about 2 months ago and it's holding up extremely well. I've got it loaded down with 3-4 pistols (depending on the day) and several boxes of .22, 9mm, and .380 ammo (all day er' day), and it has yet to pull a stitch or pop a zipper. It would be better if it had more magazine pouches, but I guess 6 is enough for a mid-tier range bag. I'm already looking to buy a second one, I just wish they had a greater selection of color options. Great range bag! Would HIGHLY recommend!" — Kati Nicholson

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5. ProCase Handgun Shoulder Strap Bag

Top-rated: 2,277 ratings | 95 answered questions

ProCase Handgun Shoulder Strap Bag

Highlight: Hook and loop for attachments. Compact yet lightweight. The perfect choice for hunting expeditions or the shooting range.

Helpful review: "I read reviews on everything I purchase when practical. Everyone said this bag is small, however until I received it I didn't realize how small it is, however that is a good thing in my opinion, the smaller the better when practical. After using this for a few months I have found that with all the compartments, and pockets available, you can adapt it within reason to carry the necessities. As a range bag I put my handgun in the backside handgun compartment. This compartment is also ideal for external concealed carry as the D ring between the top and side zippers allow for quick access in a cross draw position, I can fit 300 rounds of 9mm ammo in the central handgun compartment. In the front lower pocket I put a pair of ear plugs, and my laser adjustment tool. The middle pocket expands both outwards and inwards and is perfect for holding 3 9mm magazines. As a bugout bag I put a small handgun in the backside handgun compartment. The central handgun compartment holds 1 mag in the internal horizontal sleeve, and 1 larger handgun. I can also fit a box of 50 - 22 mag ammo on the floor of this compartment. The middle zipper pocket holds 3 mags in a vertical position. The top zippered pocket holds two 9mm mags in a vertical position, one on each side, and my NAA 22 mag pistol holstered in an inside the waistband rig resting on top of the magazines. These magazines allow the NAA to sit right behind the zipper. I'm sure I can squeeze in a few cans of pepper spray somewhere as well, probably on the floor of the backside handgun compartment. So what this provides to me is a grab and go defense bag with an easy access handgun with 4 mags, a larger handgun with 4 mags (mine is also 9mm), and a NAA 22 magnum with 50 rounds. It's almost unbelievable that this bag can hold 3 handguns, 8 clips, and a box of 22 mags. For me this is 94 + 50 rounds of ammo." — Brad H.
Trending review: "As a woman who has a concealed weapons permit, I needed a purse to be able to conceal with. This purse does just that. The durability and materials are very sturdy. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that all of your stuff has to be placed in the purse in such a way that allows you to carry everything. There are a lot of zippers and pockets but even though, the roominess of it is tricky. When the gun is not in the purse, everything fits with comfort, but when the gun is in the holster the bag becomes trickier to reach my other belongings. I am hoping over time the bag stretches and gives as I use it. This was the only bag/purse I could find that filled my needs. I would have given it 5 stars if it was just a little bigger and easier to use!" — Audrey
Reassuring review: "Great material and sturdy bag! Enough room for a full size Sig p320 RXP with Romeo sight and sig foxtrot 1 tac light and 2 mags in other zipper area. 2 things I had to modify was a flaw in design in back conceal area where a d ring loop is sewn in such a way your unable to fully zip your handgun totally and lastly the zipper pulls seemed way to long and modified it with another Amazon purchase for 5 dollars. Now I'm truly happy with this product and serves its purpose" — Matt

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6. WINCENT Tactical Range Bag for Handguns and Ammo with Magazine Slots and Multiple Compartments

Top-rated: 151 ratings | 19 answered questions

WINCENT Tactical Range Bag for Handguns and Ammo with Magazine Slots and Multiple Compartments

Highlight: This gun range bag features multiple exterior compartments. Front compartment has 6 magazine holders, a zippered mesh pocket inside and MOLLE webbing outside. Rear compartment has a zippered pocket and a loop wall inside and two open pouches outside. Built with an extra pouch on one side and with a whole MOLLE attaching wall on the other side, this versatile handgun bag is ready to hold your magazines, ammo, speed loader, and other small shooting range supplies.

Helpful review: "Nice quality range bag. Perfect for all my range needs from cleaning kits magazines to ammo. A lot of nice pockets for any tools I need. The modular system makes it so you can customize it to the exact needs and wants." — Justin frisk
Trending review: "Not only does this case look nice, it has enough room to hold everything I need with room to spare. It holds my 2 pistols (9mm & .380) in their soft cases, safety glasses in their case, ear protection, ammo & tons of places to hold your clips. There are 2 velcro clip holders that can be removed and taken to where you're shooting if you don't want to take the bag. The zippers are heavy duty large zippers, not the wimpy ones that break. You can put a lock on it if you want. The 2 inside dividers can be put wherever you want. I looked for a long time for a bag that was feminine (but not overboard) that is well made and suited for everything I needed. This is definitely that bag!" — MissDaisy
Reassuring review: "This is a really nice bag. Very well made with good amount of padding. Great price point. Perfect size for a couple pistols, good amount of ammo, eyes, ears, mag loader, six magazines and some range tools. With room to spare. I highly recommend." — Ryan H.

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