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  • Keith Bailey

I Ranked The Best Concealed Carry Holsters For The Money

I’ve rounded up, tested and ranked 33 top-rated gun holsters for men and women, all at a bargain price on amazon. There’s a good chance you’ll find your new favorite here. I know I did!

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

Top-rated: 42,387 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Highlight: The Large, adjustable neoprene waistband on this concealed carry holster for men and women fits up to a 44" belly while the XL fits up to a 54" belly.

Helpful review: "I'm 5"5 and 118 pounds, and I've tried many ways to conceal my 9mm S&W shield. If you're a small female, it's nearly impossible. However this product is the closest I've gotten to being able to conceal and being almost completely unnoticeable. The band itself is comfortable, but if you're not used to wearing something of weight on your belly/hips, it might take some getting used to.
I'm an army medic and I'm used to the weight of my gear, so I think this belly band is pretty comfortable. It does make me feel a little fat when I'm sitting down though. If you wear tight pants or jeans (like I am in my picture) you'll have to wear the band higher up on your belly because if your pants overlap the end of your pistol then that pushes the top outward and then you have something sticking out under your shirt. So I found that not wearing the band halfway under my pants (like in the product picture) works better for me. I still can't use this product to conceal on my hips/sides. It's noticeable. I wear it in the center, right over my belly button. Also if you wear it half underneath your pants it blocks access to the clip to the strap that's over your pistol.
However I gave this product 5 stars because I can successfully conceal in at least one way. It did take me a couple days of playing around with it to figure out what works best. And the tighter the better- the tighter you Velcro the band to you, the closer it holds the pistol to your body. Center, up and not under my jeans, and tight works best for me." — Kaley

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2. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Top-rated: 27,616 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Highlight: When you holster your Kimber, Colt, Ruger, Springfield 1911 3.5" Officer Model (Non-Rail), you'll hear a satisfying ‘CLICK’ letting you know your weapon is securely holstered and won’t come out unless YOU want it to. Retention pressure is fully adjustable.

Helpful review: "What's more satisfying than finally finding a SigP365 for sale? Finding a holster that carries it like a dream. Smooth edges, comfortable when sitting down (back & appendix), truly concealable for a relatively small-framed woman or man. Husband had to order one after trying mine. Don't hesitate to buy!" — Lindsey P.

Get it from Amazon now: $39.95


3. UAMAL Universal Gun Holster for Men and Women (Right/Left, IWB/OWB)

Top-rated: 5,044 ratings | 86 answered questions

Highlight: Fits Glock (36, 39, 43X MOS), Ruger EC9s holster and LC9s, Taurus (G2c, G2s, G3), S&W M&P 9 Shield EZ, Walther (PPK/s, PPS, PPQ 22), Springfield (XD-9, XD-40), Sig Sauer (P938, P238), Beretta (21A, BU9), SCCY (CPX-1, 2) and similar.

Helpful review: "Excellent Holster. Fits perfect, great for inside or outside the waist. Also can be used for right or lefthanded people. Also made with quality material. Highly recommended." — Jermaine

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4. Concealed Carrier (TM) Universal IWB Holster

Top-rated: 2,374 ratings | 83 answered questions

Highlight: "We are a team of U.S. military veterans using our combat experience with firearms to provide you with the most effective IWB concealed carry holster on the market. We also provide outstanding customer service! Our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and LIFETIME WARRANTY ensures you'll be making a risk free purchase with us."

Helpful review: "You can't beat the customer service or the product! Jake is a fantastic guy and sent me a hand written letter, he also helped me with a shipping issue (not his fault) the holster fits my Girsan 1911 perfectly, for anyone having issues with the front sight getting snagged, all you have to do is clip one single stitch as it shows on the included card, no cutting notches in an otherwise perfect holster and the added bonus of the included mag holster which not only works for a backup mag but also a small flashlight, knife, or other tool. A+ product and A+ service. If you are reading reviews to decide if this is the holster for you, don't give it a second thought! The value is real folks!" — George

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5. ClipDraw Gun Clip for Concealed Carry (Easy Install, American Made)

Top-rated: 8,803 ratings | 807 answered questions

Highlight: This is a universal gun clip for semi-automatic handguns. Fits all manufacturers and all calibers.

Helpful review: "Upon first trying to install this onto my Roger, I didn't even read the directions. I just jumped into it, scratching my firearm and getting mega frustrated. I sent the company a nasty email, and requested a return. The owner promptly emailed me back, catering to my frustration and offering to help in any way. Waiting a few days, I went back to try installing it again. I read the directions this time, and was installed in less than 2 minutes. THIS DOES FIT THE FIREARM. There are a few reviews stating that it doesn't, but all you have to do is follow the directions. Thank you Stan, and sorry for the rotten email. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT! Five stars!" — Patrick

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6. Drop Leg Holster - Right Handed Tactical Thigh Gun Holster

Top-rated: 6,173 ratings | 261 answered questions

Highlight: Wrap-Around design with adjustable strap. Mostly for Right Hand, Right Thigh. Dual thigh straps with non-slip backing and quick-release buckles.

Helpful review: "I love my new gun holster. I enjoy wearing my weapon on a my leg because it keeps it at the ready and doesn't get in my way like some other holsters do. I've tried ones that go under the arm or in different parts of the waistband or in the bra but none of those are comfortable to me. Wearing this on my leg is very comfortable. It clips over my belt and that part extend to support most of the weight of my weapon.
It has two straps which go around my leg, both of which are adjustable. It is adjustable enough for even a very large person's leg. There is a special little pocket to hold an extra clip. The main compartment has an overlapping Velcro feature that allows you to open it completely if you need to or to fix your weapon tighter or looser depending on the size of your gun. The entire contraption is very well-made. It is constructed of high-quality canvas material and sewn very professionally. I would expect to find such high quality materials at a high end sporting goods store at any mall in Middle America. It's a very good device and I happily give it to solid thumbs up." — TOP 500 REVIEWER

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7. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster - 100% US Made

Top-rated: 12,637 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Highlight: Full length Sweat Guard & Rear Sight Shield to protect your weapon from sweat. Fiber Reinforced Stealth Belt Clip, so no one knows you are carrying.

Helpful review: "I've been in law enforcement more than 25 years, and over that time I've tried a lot of holsters. I have variety of different holsters for different weapons, purposes, and clothing. My Glock 43 has become my EDC off duty pistol. I ordered this holster not expecting too much based on the very reasonable price. But of all my holsters, this one's become my favorite. Here's why:
1 - It's secure. There's literally no way it could accidentally come out. I read one reviewer saying he didn't like it because it was 'too hard' to draw his weapon. But unless you're Jerry Miculek, I think you want some retention. The holster has an adjustment screw for tension, and maybe he cranked his down thinking it should be tight. I dunno, but my retention is perfect. You definitely have to get a handful of the grip and pull it out, but it's not so much that you have to worry about breaking the clip or yanking the whole thing off your belt. Like Little Red Riding Hood's porridge, for me it's juuust right. While I'm on the secure thing, I should mention that I'm wrong-handed. Another leftie complained that his mag release was being actuated by the holster in certain positions. I tried to replicate his problem with my rig, and could not. Apparently the company's solution was to custom make him a holster that covered the entire mag release. Now, while I would personally never want that, it was a solution that worked for him. I just wanted to point out that it's not a problem for all lefties, and that this company's customer service is second to none.
2 - It's comfortable. Not sure if you can see by the photos, but the entire outside edge of the holster has been rounded off by the manufacturer. It's a minor thing, but it becomes major when it's cutting into your skin. This one doesn't. Another reviewer said that it was 'ridiculously bulky'. I didn't find that at all. I posted an end view photo showing it's flat as could be. There's no getting around the fact that you're stuffing a pistol in your waistband... that's going to add some bulk no matter which IWB holster you choose.
3 - It's adjustable. I like that I can change the cant a little depending on whether I'm using the Appendix or Side placement. That tiny bit of angle seems to make a big deal when you're appendix carrying and bending over. And I like that I can move the entire holster in two seconds if I need to, by just pulling out on the clip a little and sliding it around my waist.
4 - It's slim and minimalist, covers what it needs to and nothing more. Other than the very back end of the slide, there's nothing metal hitting your skin. No salty sweat constantly on your slide, making it rust.
5 - It's easy to move or remove. The clip has two fairly large, rubbery grommets between it and the holster. Other similar holsters I have, have either a thinner grommet (probably an O-ring), or nothing, and that makes it much harder to pull out the clip enough to get it off of your belt or slide it over belt loops to move it from appendix to side. Or it snaps. This one pulls out fairly easily, yet seems to hold it very securely until you do pull on it. And the clip's end is molded like a barb, which will stay on your belt.
6- Doesn’t collapse when I draw, like a fabric one, so I can re-holster without looking down at it. LEOs will understand the importance of this.
7 - Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee (must register on their website).
8 - Made in the good old US of A.
And as a bonus, it just looks awesome. I'll definitely be ordering more of these for my other Glocks." — Jason Bourne *VINE VOICE*

Get it from Amazon now: $42.95 & FREE Returns


8. GHFY Tactical Drop Leg Holster

Top-rated: 4,284 ratings | 208 answered questions

Highlight: Very comfortable and easy to adjust. Great for operators, or outdoorsmen who want to comfortably carry a sidearm. Crawl, run, jump and rock-climb freely without worrying about weapons dropping.

Helpful review: "Honestly, I was just looking for a drop holster to try and determine if I liked the position without spending much money. That being said, I'm very pleased with how modular this holster is and it feels pretty secure on my thigh. I've only used it with my full size FNS-9 and a spare mag for it, I'm confident it would accommodate any from my Bersa Thunder 380 to my S&W 686. Smaller than a full size (i.e. Glock 17, M&P 9, XDM, etc.) might be dwarfed inside this holster. Again, there's plenty of adjustment to go bigger or smaller." — Jay E.

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9. Gootus Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry - Fits Glock, Ruger LCP, Taurus, S&W M&P 40 Shield Bodyguard, Sig Sauer, Kahr, Beretta, 1911

Top-rated: 5,017 ratings | 150 answered questions

Highlight: Gootus belly band holster is made with premium soft and breathable neoprene material with micro holes that prevent excessive sweating when your exercising. Simple to operate, and safe and easy for concealed carry.

Helpful review: "I love this. I'm plus size@352 and it fits great. I can fit my G2 9MM Taurus, cell phone and extra Clio comfortably." — Lucina Fitzpatrick

Get it from Amazon now: $23.97 & FREE Returns


10. Safariland Drop Flex Adapter with Leg Shroud Assembly Polymer

Top-rated: 2,877 ratings | 196 answered questions

Highlight: The Safariland Drop Flex Adaptor is designed to allow the user to wear a rig below the hip without shifting weight further down the leg.

Helpful review: "Up until today i have always had my duty holster at belt level. I recently started to wear an outer carrier which interfered with my draw. I am fortunate enough to work at a department that allowed me to purchase the drop leg platform. I am currently on duty and right away I noticed that I am able to sit squarely in the ford explorer seat without the seat belt buckle drilling me in the hip. Also having my weapon at a lower grab point makes drawing feel more natural. The leg strap is made of good quality material as the platform is rock solid. Very happy with this purchase." — A. Francis

Get it from Amazon now: $57.99 & FREE Returns


11. Allen Company Rifle Buttstock Shell/Cartridge Holder - Fits Most Hunting Rifles (.270, 30.06, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7 mm)

Top-rated: 6,005 ratings | 141 answered questions

Highlight: Allen’s version of this classic shooting accessory is made from durable, heavy weight elastic that fits snugly to the stock of your firearm without interfering with holding or aiming the gun. The cartridge loops are uniformly sewn for easy-access position, so your ammo is reliably in place when you need it. Installs in seconds on most rifles without slipping, and is designed to withstand years of outdoor use.

Helpful review: "This was put on my Patriot .308. It holds the rounds nice and snug. Looks great. And handles the recoil ok. Shooting at 100yrds after about 20 rounds this was noticeably creeping up. But 20 rounds of 308 is heavy so not really an issue for me. Also notable this thing is a female dog to get over the rubber buttpad when installing." — Patriot .308

Get it from Amazon now: $4.29 & FREE Returns


12. BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - Athletic Flex FIT for Jogging and Hiking

Top-rated: 2,942 ratings | 181 answered questions

Highlight: This one has solved the comfort issue with a new breathable CoolVent perforated neoprene base that lays softly against the body. It allows you comfort for extended periods and will fit up to a 55" belly. Unlike other belly band holsters, this AIWB gun belt has been tested for durability, resilience, and can handle the weight of your firearm. The Flex FlT design molds to your body providing maximum firearm retention.

Helpful review: "This belt solved the problem I had, and served for so much more! I am an avid runner and having just moved to a new neighborhood, definitely wasn't going running without my Glock. I tried a soft holster, I tried a bra holster, and I tried an ITB holster. Nothing worked so I decided to stop wearing it. My LEO husband works midnights and saw an increase in robberies, so I just stopped running. Then a fellow LEO friend told me about Belly Band and for the 3 days I've had it, I've run twice a day, worn it to do normal errands, worn it to work, and worn it out. It's perfect!!! You hardly feel it or see it there and it holds so much more than just 1 handgun. There's room for extra magazines, cell phone, key, money, etc...
It has literally changed my lifestyle for the better in 72 short hours. Now I have friends lining up to have me order for them and the added bonus is it makes you suck your belly in giving you a flatter front and great posture, all while being incredibly comfortable. I find myself being able to run for 5+ miles at a time without having to reposition anything or worry about my gun falling it. It's perfect! You'll love it with all the storage sections and the repositional straps. And the price can't be Best! Highly highly recommend!!" — RAMS129

Get it from Amazon now: $29.95 & FREE Returns


13. Bundle of Belly Band + Ankle Holster for Women & Men - Compatible with Glock, Ruger LCP, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kahr, Beretta, 1911

Top-rated: 4,421 ratings | 95 answered questions

Highlight: Package includes: belly band holster + ankle holster (as secondary concealed carry). An affordable option for concealed carry.

Helpful review: "Replaced my UnderTech band. I carry a full size xdm 9mm everyday. Belly band is much wider and very comfortable than UnderTec. Ankle band is for compact and subs only. It can not hold my full size. To reverse, the barrel of your gun must slide down on either side of the velco stitching to carry left or right... I'm walking with 19 in the clip and 1 in the chamber!" — Jarred

Get it from Amazon now: $14.99 & FREE Returns


14. DD Quickdraw Gun Magnet - Magnetic Gun Mount

Top-rated: 2,040 ratings | 151 answered questions

Highlight: The DD QuickDraw has been updated on the basis of the old model. Check it out!

Helpful review: "Have a 2019 Ford F-150 and this fits very well under the push to start button. Holds my Glock 43X easily and comes off with a slight twist. If you want to leave the chamber empty and use the mount the cock the gun, you just have to pull it back a little bit on the magnet. Got the second one for my bedside table and happy I did." — Matthew Malone

Get it from Amazon now: $17.95 & FREE Returns


15. Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster - Adjustable Cant and Posi-Click Retention

Top-rated: 2,629 ratings | 293 answered questions

Highlight: Undercut Trigger Guard keeps the KYDEX from interfering with your draw. Full length Sweat Guard & Rear Sight Shield to protect your weapon from sweat. For Kimber, Colt, Ruger, Springfield 1911 3.5" Officer Model (Non-Rail).

Helpful review: "I'm a big man, and do NOT want to carry inside the waistband, Appendix. I know everyone wants to these days, but not me. I am left handed. The 9 O'clock position, outside the waistband is my preferred method. I have several good holsters... this one is a bit different.. unlike the belt clip loops and plastic or metal clips, on my other holsters.. this works with small upturned 'hooks' that grab the inside area of your pants, behind, NOT on the the belt. It's very effective. Especially if you're fat, or whatever you want to call being overweight. This holster is by far, the easiest one I have to put on, and take off. A nice feature, if you have to go into a government, or otherwise prohibited carry building." — LHBassist

Get it from Amazon now: $44.95


16. OWB Holster for Sig Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm, P365 XL, P365 SAS

Top-rated: 2,159 ratings | 99 answered questions

Highlight: Compatible with sig p365 9mm micro-compact 3.1" barrel, sig p365xl, sig p365sas. Incompatible with sig p365 with laser/light.

Helpful review: "I Purchased this holster to see if it would fit the Sig P365XL. It does fit and locks securely. The only difference is the nose of the gun extends beyond the holster approximately 1/2 inch as the XL is slightly longer. See my photo above. For me, This is OK until the manufacturers begin producing a holster specifically for the XL." —