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The All-Time Best Tactical Vests Are Actually Cheap (And Durable)

Whether you’re off to the shooting range, a paintball game or a hunting trip, you need a reliable tactical vest. I’ve tested and ranked the best options for the money in 2023.

Best Tactical Vests

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Himal - Lightweight Combat Vest

Top-rated: 4,195 ratings | 101 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Only weighs 2.5 LB. Light and comfortable to wear.

Helpful review: "I initially bought it initially thinking that if I were to end up opening the package and realizing that I may as well have ordered from Wish, I could just hand it over to a nephew or grandson and try it again elsewhere. However, my son snatched the package from me and took the honor of being the first to get a good look at it and trying it on. Right out of the box it fit him perfectly. Once he was willing to part with it, I put it on and it too fit me with no need for adjustment. It has all the versatility I need, and my only difficulty with it is that I have to wear it around for a while to get it to mold to my body, as it is not light in material, and is a bit stiff. As if that's a serious problem... As with anything else, its base design may not be perfect for everyone, but for my needs, it is perfect. In fact, I'll be ordering another one for my son, as he's impressed enough to want one for himself. Best of all, it's a perfect match with my shooting backpack and other accessories. Neither interferes with the others, and everything fulfills my needs" — Ed Moran
Trending review: "I bought it for use in Off Duty LEO work. The vest comes with keepers and a belt. The keepers attached to the vest takes weight of duty belt, weapon, etc. off of my hips and is borne by my shoulders. Made a world of difference as am on my feet a lot. I would buy again and have recommended it. I just do not like the placement of the radio pouch under my left arm. Antenna is in the way and the pouch is permanently attached. I have a molle radio pouch but the only loops are on the back of the vest and are too narrow to accept molle straps. I would like a pouch designed to hold an i phone that could be fastened with velcro to the front. I do like the pouches that are velcro removable from the front of the vest. Actually, way more than i can use. I do like the vest and I would buy again if I needed to. Thank you!" — John Henley
Reassuring review: "I was surprised with the versatility and build quality of this product. There is Velcro all over. All the modules can be pulled off and rearranged. You can easily reconfigure the arrangement to meet all project needs. Other than weapons, this vest would be useful to anyone who has to carry an arrangement of items. If you cook, do craft projects or fish, there are pockets for all your stuff. There are even zipper pockets inside each panel for more stuff. I took off the additional pockets that were on the belt to streamline the setup. The webbing construction is nice so it won't get hot in the summer and with all the adjustments it will fit over any jacket then tighten up if you are just wearing a t-shirt. Beyond your to-go bag, this vest makes a great addition for those who want to be prepared. The only con is loading it up with too much stuff and seeing if I can pick it up!" — Brandon Rubin

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2. MG FLASH FORCE - Tactical Airsoft Vest

Top-rated: 2,190 ratings | 121 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: 1 triple rifle magazine pouch, 1 map and flashlight pouch, 2 communication pouches, and 1 tool pouch.

Helpful review: "Just got it and definitely like it. The vest is made from very durable material and the seams are all well sewn together. Just feels high quality. Plenty of attachment points and comes with a good variety of pouches and pockets for, mags, batteries, and coms. There are plenty of points for adjusting the fit so it fits my teenage son and I both, even though there is 100 lbs difference between us. Happy with the buy." — Roberta L King
Trending review: "Bought for Airsoft and it will suit that purpose very well. Stitching looks good and the Molle is actually straight and evenly spaced. I wear an XL shirt but have a fairly large chest/gut and this fits well. This could easily fit a much smaller person and could accommodate a XXL sized person as well. I didn't much care for the included mag pouch so I attached my own and think it looks, and feels, much better. I run a HPA setup and keep the tank high on my back, this vest has enough natural 'padding' that I it cushions the tank very nicely and even after a few hours playing it doesn't bother me like the cheap harness I used to wear. Most importantly this will keep the sensitive areas on the front of your chest and the tender areas on your back protected. I'm not one to complain about taking a paintball or bb to the tender spots but every so often one pops you just right and boy howdy do you know it. This helps with that, a lot!" — Amazon Customer
Reassuring review: "I’ve played around 10 games with the vest on. With everything included with the vest, I have room on my person for 5 rifle mags, 2 pistol mags and a speed loader. Included Multipurpose/medic bag is great carry my phone or extra bbs. The list goes on too what u can add too this vest. If it ever gets dirty, I baby wipe usually does the trick the clean it up! Hope this helped some of y’all looking for a budget friendly comfortable vest." — Jeff

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3. Marmot - Mesh Vest with Detachable Belt and Holster

Top-rated: 1,780 ratings | 113 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Zipper closure.

Helpful review: "I've always wanted a Tactical Vest that would make a day at the range easy and fun. Going to the range with a few different firearms, this Marmot tactical vest will definitely help carry all the different types of magazines I have for my rifles. The material is very well made and the stitching is not cheap. Now for the zipper, which is surprisingly very strong for the price, it's an unbeatable vest. The utility belt allows you to carry more mags, flashlights, or what ever will fit. The Inside pockets are the perfect spot for emergency supplies, maybe a map. Under the shotgun shell holder there's another pocket for extra mags or even a safety kit. The fact that it also has an emergency pull strap on the back shows you that Marmot though about this vest very well and their quality control is on point. So if you're looking for a vest that is well made, gets shipped super fast, and is from a company that cares about its products - then Marmot tactical vest is a no brainer!" — Tomas Santiago
Trending review: "This is a great tactical vest for what you pay. Excellent construction, highly adjustable with lots of pockets and pouches, 2 of which are removable, as is the holster and belt. The belt is seriously heavy duty and adjusted to my 34" waist without issue and could go several more inches with ease. I saw some negative reviews about the holster mounting and size of the shotgun shell holder. I had no issues with either. The holster came mounted in the right hand draw position and was easy to adjust and remove. I like that it can be removed and used with a belt mount or drop leg rig allowing for the addition of another pouch or 2 in case I need to carry extra gear. I had no issues fitting 12 gauge shotgun shells in the removable shell holder either. They're tight, but they're supposed to be. There are 3 pockets for armor plates as well, in the event that you want to add them. This vest is an awesome value for the price. I'll be ordering another one just to have on hand. If you're looking in this price range then this is the one to buy." — Robert McAvoy
Reassuring review: "The quality of this tactical vest was much better than I expected. I purchased this as a gift and the recipient was extremely pleased. Especially with the positioning and number of holders/compartments. I'd highly recommend this tactical vest." — Stonehenge

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4. UTG 547 - Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Top-rated: 3,051 ratings | 510 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Four Integral Rifle Magazine Pouches with Hook-and-loop Closure, Elastic Strap Retention, and Drain Holes. Capable of Holding Either 1 AK Magazine, 1 AR308 Magazine, or Up to 2 AR Magazines per Pouch.

Helpful review: "I'm active duty, so I was expecting something similar to gear I use in the field. I got something both better and worse. Pros: Very strong and durable. I was impressed at the durability given the price. The pouches won't ever come off and get lost; the one interchangeable item on the vest has security belts that won't let it fall off. The mag pouches hold two M4 magazines comfortably. Fully loaded, I can carry up to 12 magazines when removing the pistol holster. I love the additional small pouches on the belt for smaller items such as additional pistol mags or glow sticks. BUT the vest has no MOLLE mounts for customization or additional gear. Most of the pouches are sewn on (which is why they won't ever come off). The pistol holster is great, but a little on the small side. The vest is slightly on the heavy side and bending is a little touch (Vis-à-vis the durability). Overall, great for the price. I really like it, but wish I could customize it a little more with MOLLE mounts." — Cicero
Trending Review: " I ordered this vest as a gift for my son. He loves to go shooting and he shoots various pistols and military rifles. This tactical vest is nice to go to the outdoor range with and carry your pistol, magazines for the pistol, and magazines for your AR15 for example. A lot of other pouches are available for other purposes. I found the vest to be extremely well made with good materials and with good craftsmanship. The stitching is nicely done and I could find no loose threads or bad areas in the assembly or construction. Several reviewers state that the vest has an odor but I could find no issues like that at all with the one that I received. I was impressed with the vest. It comes with a military belt for the bottom and the belt has two additional pistol magazine holders on it. There is also a pistol holster on the vest and it easily holds a SIG SAUER Legion P226 or a Glock 19. I won't go into all of the details of the vest as there are many good reviews already done for this product. I found the vest to be of high quality, made well of good materials and I would recommend it. My son is 6 foot 2 inches tall at 175 pounds and the vest fit him perfectly. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall at 250 pounds and it could be adjusted to comfortably fit me. I was shocked at the flexibility of the sizing for the vest. I rated it at 5 stars and would purchase another one without any concerns for the quality based upon what I have seen. By the way, he took it home and laid it onto the bed. When he came back into the room his wife had found it, loaded up her AR magazines, her SIG Sauer P226, her shotgun shells, her pistol magazines and her carry field knife. He said that with her armored up he was afraid to tell her that it was a gift for him. I guess I will have to buy another one for him to keep the peace in the family! This is a good product and I recommend it to you. For the price, this vest has a lot of features and storage space. The quality is also very good and I had no issues with the vest at all." — Joe O.

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5. GZ XINXING - Law Enforcement Airsoft Paintball Vest

Top-rated: 2,472 ratings | 202 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Comes with a lot of useful pockets with zippers or buckles; provides large storage.

Helpful review: "What an awesome product this is!! I pitched this for my son for airsoft wars. I was amazed by the quality of this thing! It is heavy and adjustable. The material is thick and it is something I could easily see someone in swat wearing. This is no toy and no joke it is legit! My son refused to take this off except to go to sleep and every morning he woke up and came out of his room he had it on again! Lol I think he likes it :) my son just turned 13 but stands almost six foot tall, once I adjusted the straps in it fit like a glove. The bottom belt will probably be a hard fit for someone who has a belly but I believe it’s adjustable as well...but I can’t be sure because I can’t get him to take the darn thing off long enough to find out for sure lol. It has super sting Velcro in areas so you can move the clip storage around and customize how you would like it. Another cool aspect was it has adjustable shoulders which is important for a good fit! All in all I am super pleased and my son won’t get out of it so I am sure he is super pleased as well! No cons to date! Great buy, great value, great quality this one is a win win!" — Ginger
Trending review: "I do hunting walkabouts with a "sporting rifle" or shotgun. I always have a larger caliber pistol with extra mags as a back-up in case of an aggressive predator such as a bear or mountain lion. A vest fits the bill for my gear. I was a little nervous about ordering this vest. Over days, I had viewed a dozen or more similar items, comparing the photos and studying the details of each. The problem is that nearly all of the vests were almost identical in design! Many were obviously cheap and low quality with skimpy mesh and fabric, plastic snaps, and lightweight buckles and webbing. I did NOT want a paintball vest. After much diligence, I made this choice. Result: I was COMPLETELY and pleasantly surprised at this vest's high quality and rugged construction. The mesh is strong and sturdy - won't stretch or rip. The camo fabric portions are very strong and thick with backing. All stitching is strong and precise. The webbing and polymer buckles are tough, thick and substantial. The 30-rd and pistol mag pouches are mil-spec with excellent detailing and retention. The holster is strong and reinforced to hold its shape. It has a padded lining, too. My only critique of the holster is that it cannot really be canted for a better cross-draw position. It is attached by Velcro on the back with top and leading edge straps, confining it to a vertical position. The pro is that tested with full size Glock and Springfield XD, fit and retention is perfect. The shotgun shell holder - 6 round - has strong elastic and will not stretch out of shape anytime soon. The belt is off-the-chart thick, rigid, and strong enough for an additional side arm or other accessories. The retainers and main buckle are military quality. The front zipper is ultra heavy-duty as are the inside, smaller zippers for the large mesh map and document pockets. The fact that the back of the vest will accommodate a 2.5 litre hydration bladder is awesome. As far as comfort goes, I am an XL and the vest fits great. Remember that fully loaded, there will be some weight to it. Once I have the straps and all dialed in, I could see adding some padding to the shoulder points. Conclusion: Don't hesitate to purchase this vest - It is high quality with fine detailing and functionality." — Kelly
Reassuring review: "My teenage son thinks he's some type of Ninja. He and his buddies run around in the woods behind the house shooting each other with paintball guns. When he told me how this vest would increase the amount of ammo and gear he could carry thereby improving his odds of winning the battle, I cheerfully handed my card over. After all, it gets him away from the television and video games where he's inside shooting people and encourages him to go outside with his friends where they shoot each other. When he unboxed the vest I heard squeals of delight that usually come from a teenage girl who has just met her idol. Then he got on his video game mike to tell his buddies to head outside for a battle. I heard phrases like "my mom is awesome" and "this is so cool". Shortly afterward he walked slowly by me - the vest packed in every pocket and crevice. That was a few days ago and I guess the vest did a great job of carrying a lot cause I haven't seen him since. I've heard him yell at his buddies as they all run away and hide but this vest seems to have made my kid the undisputed leader of his paintball world. **Just to give an idea of how big it is, my Son is 6"2 and weighs about 220lbs. He wears this vest over a hoodie and it fits him perfectly." — KimDee

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6. GFIRE - Breathable Combat Training Vest

Top-rated: 2,047 ratings | 197 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: 2-year guarantee.

Helpful review: "I am a big guy 6’4” and 450 lbs was worried this would not fit me. I gave it a chance and ordered it. It does fit barely but it does fit. So if you are a bigger guy this vest fits. Material and craftsmanship is great! I am ordering a second one for my wife." — Usmchmx1
Trending review: "As a 'child-sized' adult male, 5'5", about 140lb with a medium athletic build, I found this carrier to be just-ever-so too big. In the end, all worked out just fine and I love this carrier! This carrier is solidly and well built. The cummerbund, which is comprised of 2 pieces, threaded together, then fit as a unit through the back of the carrier. There are inside pockets for optional side plates too. For my build I needed to further adjust the adjustable cummerbund by re-threading it in a different way for my smaller waist (~30"). Also I had to adjust the shoulder straps, and they currently extend just a bit onto the front velcro. If I didn't make these changes the cummerbund sides overlapped each other and the carrier sat too low on my chest. In the end, all is great and it fits snug as it needs to. Hope this helps with your decision!" — R. Rubin
Reassuring review: "I've tested this with some L3 heavy steel (10x12) plates (front and back), along with side plates (6x6), all with 10mm trauma pads. I may not always use this setup, especially the back plate, but wanted to test it out if I did need to do so. I've worn it doing work around the house and in the yard, as well as taken it out fully-loaded to the desert for some drills, various positions (prone, kneeling, standing). The material is breathable in the hot weather. If you are used to a Condor MOPC, this will be very similar. It has held up well with multi-mag carriers in front, side mag carriers on left side and a knife horizontally mounted on the right. It couples well with a battle belt and/or drop-leg holster. I was concerned mostly in verifying the plates held in place well and that I'd have an issue getting the adjustments tight enough to fit well. It is a common problem with people wearing their vests too low or the plate not being held in place to keep high enough on the chest (plates would droop too low). The answer at least in my case: I'm about medium build, and I can get it tight enough around to feel secure, as well as ride high enough on the chest to cover vital areas. I did have to tie the side-plate holders together tighter in the back, so if feels too loose, check that area first." — Michael

Get it from Amazon now: $80.00 & FREE Returns


7. OneTigris - Multicam Tactical Vest

Top-rated: 1,098 ratings | 171 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Ideal for training, airsoft and CS game.

Helpful review: "I am very pleased with this vest. It’s well-constructed, feature-rich, and comfortable. I’m 6’ tall and around 230 lbs, and this fits me pretty well, though it does leave a lot of lower abdomen exposed. On shorter, smaller people, this carrier offers considerably more lower abdominal coverage, but like all carriers of this type (particularly the real ones), it’s designed to cover heart and lungs, and it does that well, even at my size (and girth). For others, the carrier can accept a Joey pouch or lower abdomen panel (like from AR500). I plan to get one myself pretty soon, but I could easily do without, just as well. The replica plates are lightweight but dense and do a great job of absorbing and distributing the impact of the BB, so while you feel a thump, it causes no pain or welting - my lower abdomen wasn’t so lucky, but that’s the price you pay for maneuverability! All in all, I would buy this product again. Also, I reached out to OneTigris with a product suggestion, and they actually contacted me back within 24-hours with two actual, custom responses from an actual representative - very nice to see and pretty rare this day in age!" — John A. Hicks
Trending review: "I am very pleased with this vest. It’s well-constructed, feature-rich, and comfortable. I’m 6’ tall and around 230 lbs, and this fits me pretty well, though it does leave a lot of lower abdomen exposed. On shorter, smaller people, this carrier offers considerably more lower abdominal coverage, but like all carriers of this type (particularly the real ones), it’s designed to cover heart and lungs, and it does that well, even at my size (and girth). For others, the carrier can accept a Joey pouch or lower abdomen panel (like from AR500). I plan to get one myself pretty soon, but I could easily do without, just as well. The replica plates are lightweight but dense and do a great job of absorbing and distributing the impact of the BB, so while you feel a thump, it causes no pain or welting - my lower abdomen wasn’t so lucky, but that’s the price you pay for maneuverability! All in all, I would buy this product again. Also, I reached out to OneTigris with a product suggestion, and they actually contacted me back within 24-hours with two actual, custom responses from an actual representative - very nice to see and pretty rare this day in age!" — John A. Hicks
Reassuring review: "Wasn’t sure about getting a plate carrier from amazon, but it’s surprisingly very good and I would recommend it to anyone who is going to use it on a daily basis with level 3 plates. The only issue I had was I use large level 3 plates and they were a little to big for the carrier but I was still able to close it. If you have medium plates it will probably work perfect. 5/5." — J.L.

Get it from Amazon now: $165.99 & FREE Returns


8. vAv YAKEDA - Tactical Airsoft Vest

Top-rated: 975 ratings | 126 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: The special structure of the fabric gives it excellent wear and tear resistance.

Helpful review: "Not too bad of a vest. I know some people have complained about the quality, but I don't see a single thing wrong with the item I received. I am a bigger guy (5' 10", 230 lbs), and this fits a little tight on me, but that is to be expected, because lets face it, I'm fat. Despite that, it is actually pretty comfortable. All the pouches work fine, and secure the mags nicely. One thing that I dislike, is the pistol mag pouches on the front, they are secured with snaps on the straps, instead of velcro. I do not like that, as I have always had issues with the snaps not holding very well. It will hold standard 10 X 12 armor plates, front and back, with no issues. The 6 X 8 side plate pouches are a little snug, but do fit. I am not an "operator", nor have I been in the military, so I have no reference to judge this against. From what I have seen, however, it's well made, and is a quality item. Oh, and 40rd p-mags will just BARELY fit, but they stretch out the elastic A LOT, and I would NOT suggest using them. Stick with the 30rd, and you will be just fine." — Mike
Trending review: "This plate carrier is a great value for the money. I do force protection in Afghanistan and wanted a more comfortable plate carrier than the one issued. After searching here on Amazon, I found this one. I’ve been wearing it daily for about a month and it’s still very comfortable. The magazine pouches that come with it are great as well. I’m actually using one of the magazine pouches as a SIG 320 pistol holster. The pistol stays secure. I’m very happy with the purchase." — Dirty Steve
Reassuring review: "Was skeptical about this. I bought this to substitute a high end plate carrier for real world training. I am impressed. This carrier is comfortable, durable and easy to take off and put on. It held up to rigorous training. Had many pouches However the mag pouches in back were sort of not practical. The molle held up fine with a gas mask clipped on it. This plate carrier is definitely worth the price. I just wanted something lighter and suit my needs. It did that and more. Our MILES gear easily attaches to it. Comms attached easily as well. For the price you can't go wrong." — Robert Pike

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


9. vAv YAKEDA - Ultra-Light Tactical Vest

Top-rated: 483 ratings | 46 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Breathable and super-light.

Helpful review: "There are many reasons why this is better than most other vests in its class. For instance, I like that the right butt shoulder rest has a semi-firm tube that extends up the shoulder (all the way up), thereby adding extra absorption for a shotgun butt. Moreover, it's not a soft cheapy impotent feeling support like other saggy type foam inserts. Your hydration tube WILL hold securely to this one! I also like how the outer upper mag clip slots have a nice feel to them, sort of a thick rubberized texture and rugged, and not just a vinyl feel or look. The belt is EXTREMELY FIRM which adds support like a tool belt type and doesn't bunch up or spot sag like many do. The design on the hook and loop size adjustment is nice because it is on both sides so you keep the belt centered. The shoulder straps are wide strong adjustable hook and loop and give great overall support to the vest once weighted down. Now here is what makes this vest WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER: What I really REALLY REALLY like about the inside back 'BLADDER' slot is how it will fit on the back perfectly an 11"x14"to15" KEVLAR INSERT. PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! Now THAT, my friends, you gotta admit, is a Bad @$$ OPTION!!! What is really nice is that the material on the inner vest sleeves front and back is an open mesh material that is rugged, yet it keeps you a tad bit cooler than if you had solid material up against your undershirt. Those under-mesh types of shirts are pricey and bulky and this has it built in all over! This concept effectively turns this Vest into a $1000 Vest in my humble opinion! The vest will hold four average assault gun magazines and a total of six hand gun magazines! The Velcro is VERY generously sized on ALL pockets, very secure! The holster holds my Beretta 92FS LE INOX Police Special 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol Perfectly and it is a longer pistol than others so it should hold just about any reputable semi auto. So all in all this is an amazing vest for the money! I say pull the trigger on this one!" — C.J.
Trending review: "I am pretty amazed I was able to get this thing to fit, I am a large boy at 300 pounds with broad shoulders. At 5' 10" I was able to adjust it out and zip it. As a large man losing weight I am sure I will get a better fitment down the road with 20 to 30 pounds. I was also able to get the belt to work. Rides a bit high due to my weight and chest. Any larger I would say no for fitment. I have it maxed out on the chest. My Hi-Point 45 fits in the holster fine but the magazines are a bit large and do not fit well. So I swapped in a GSG Firefly with laser and those 22 LR magazines fit perfectly. My guess is many 9mm mags will fit fine depending on length. I also was able to fit 3 30-round AR-15 magazines and one AR-12 magazine. I do not think I will try and force anymore. The shotshell holder was in the pouch, looks like it will be better for holding 458 SOCOM rounds than 12 gauge shells. 20 gauge may work fine." — Ron Krogel
Reassuring review: "After recently getting my first AR 15, I was looking for a mag vest system for the range. Wasn’t looking on spending too much on it, but still wanted something that would fit well and serve my needs. Found this vest, and figured I’d give it a shot. It fits perfectly, and has a ton of pouches and pockets for flashlights, mags, multitool... I love the Velcro holster, you could put a trauma kit in there, etc... There are big zippered-pockets in the back mesh of the vest, and I’m pretty sure it could hold plates. Im not 100% positive if the material would hold that weight, but it’d be worth a shot. Anyway, this vest is perfect for what I needed. I had a nice tac vest after I got out of the military, but I lost it, so this one fills that void rather nicely." — Ballenger

Get it from Amazon now: $42.99 & FREE Returns


10. vAv YAKEDA - Tactical Outdoor Vest

Top-rated: 404 ratings | 36 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Designed to be a lightweight and versatile low profile vest; offers enhanced mobility without compromising protection.

Helpful review: "I'll start this review by stating I'm more likely to be on Meal Team 6 then Seal Team 6. This carrier fit my Level 3+ Spartan Armor Advanced Swimmer Plates. The pouches I took off right away and used HSGI Taco's so I can't say much about them. I used this in a bunch of training and it held up just fine. I don't think i'd take it to Iraq but for the Cul de sac Commandos this will work fine. I'd happily buy this again." — Backwoods406
Trending review: "This was a real steal! When I bought mine it was $20. Great comfort and quality, really for $20 bucks I couldn't believe it, no wonder the price went up! However, this is not made for SAPI plate. Medium SAPI is 1/2 inch too long. Civilian commercial plates should work great. The measurements as described are true. The medium SAPI will kinda fit. I was afraid the closure would not have enough retention being the SAPI was a 1/2 inch longer than the dimensions. But for the price if you could stitch a bit more on the closure it would definitely fit." — Andy Y.
Reassuring review: "This my first plate carrier so I’ve nothing to compare it too. That said, it is comfortable, fits my Botach level IV 10x12 plates perfect. The Molle straps are in spec and it is minimalist as I wanted. As long as it holds up, I’m thrilled with it. Will update if any problems rise. Great starter vest. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and pull the trigger." — Christopher W. DeVore

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


11. vAv YAKEDA - Airsoft Vest for Men

Top-rated: 393 ratings | 40 answered questions

Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: Detachable mesh padding for good airflow during game play.

Helpful review: "It's hard to know what you're getting when shopping online, right? But I have to say at least 99% of the time you can hit a home run when shopping on amazon, plus if it doesn't work for you then you get refunds. Now, here's the deal... this vest is a bada$$. It's well made, fits perfect, and looks great. If you want a great vest for a good price, here you go!" — Nate Colgain
Trending review: "I was very hesitant after reading the reviews because I an actually 6'5" 275lbs.... after about 5 minutes of putting it on, taking it off, adjusting, and repeating I was able to get a great fit! Stitching seems very durable, velcro is of good quality (loudest may not be good for silent tasks)... I use mine as a tool when hog hunting and am in the woods for multiple days... my Walther 9mm full size fit perfect with the spare mag. Leatherman, extra flashlight, 2way radio, spare knife, wire saw, and hydration system fit very nice and the weight distributed nicely... do to my height the belt won't do me much good because the vest ends just at/below my belly button... but not a deal breaker for the price... even with 3 full AR mags I doubt the weight would be too bad as the vest design seems to carry the weight nicely (haven't tried it yet).... I'm going to be using it this weekend on my last weekend of bow season and see how it holds up packed and in use as I have to walk a half mile to my stand. But from initial appearance and fit, I would definitely recommend it to any recreational outdoorsman, bug out, prepper, etc type person... may buy another for a co-worker for Christmas" — Jason 'Tree' Richards
Reassuring review: "Very impressed with this carrier. It has all the features and hardware of place carriers 4x the cost as this. My other carrier is a Shellback tactical and this is equal quality and has more accessories, features and comfort items than my $280 Shellback. 10/10 would recommend even for serious use. I could not be more satisfied. The mag pouches insert in the chest “kangaroo” can be removed and the kangaroo pouch laid flat or you can insert a Kydex shell insert. Same with the side pouches. The side pouches, the forward side one is removable off the Molle while the other 2 you can remove the insert and it’ll lay flat. The quick release is surprisingly effective and I love how easy it to use even one handed. Lots of room for adjustment on the cummerbund but unfortunately no electric but maybe that isn’t a bad thing. This fit and held my lvl 4 ceramic plates perfect. Nice shoulder padding and padding on the back and chest. The pouches on the back are perfect size for gear storage or spare mags or medical. The are both removable. Pistol mags are also removable. 10/10 would recommend this plate carrier and will be buying in other colors." — Nathan C.

Get it from Amazon now: $119.99 & FREE Returns


12. GLORYFIRE - Modular Assault Vest

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Best Tactical Vests


Highlight: The detachable design of the pistol holster makes it versatile (for both left- and right-handed people).

Helpful review: "After trying three other brands of tactical vests, this one finally fit my needs. I'm glad I spent a bit more; my other attempts were $30-45 USDI paid $63 for this one and it was definitely worth the upgrade. GLORYFIRE hit the sweet spot between value, features, workmanship, and durability. Vests in the $100-200 range may be comparable, but none seemed to really offer anything that this one didn't. I'm an averaged-sized, somewhat athletic, right-handed male. 5'-10", 170lbs. Other vests were all too girthy, restrictive, and cumbersome, even without being fully loaded, and I questioned the durability of their stitching and materials. The belts all hung too low, interfering with other hip-belt accessories. Their cross-draw holsters were all too tight for my pistol with its tac-light/laser attachment, and two of them used only velcro to attach it to the vest, which simply could NOT hold up to fast walking, much less running. In all these areas, the GLORYFIRE got it right. The shoulder adjustment straps were accommodating to my torso size, without feeling awkward once doubled over into a tighter fit. The belt did not hang too low; I'm able to attach other accessories to my pants/hip belt with relatively good accessibility. When fully loaded, it's surprisingly comfortable and free-moving.
The crossdraw holster is the best I've seen on a vest. PLENTY of room for full size pistols: 1911, Beretta, Sig Sauer (even WITH its tac laser/light combo). It's MOLLE (no velcro) so it's not going to bounce off while running and you can shift it around on the grid some for placement flexibility. Unfortunately, it's a perpendicular grid; I'd prefer it was canted to 45 degrees for better draw access. But I was able to manipulate the MOLLE straps for a slightly better angle. I also added a couple of velcro straps to secure it better to the webbing. Holds nice and snug now and bounces FAR less than without them. The four rifle mag pouches all hold two AR-15 30-rd magazines (albeit snugly) or a single AK-47 30-rd magazine. The four pistol mag pouches on the chest and holster all easily accommodate 15-rd Sig Sauer or Beretta 9mm magazines. However, they only barely fit in the two pistol mag belt pouches. I'd not trust them running or prone. Best to use these for other items (e.g. flashlight, knife, or small mags for a compact backup pistol), or remove them entirely (they snap off quickly) and make room for other accessories on the belt (e.g. cuffs, baton, other mag pouches). The MOLLE webbing on the back was an added bonus. I mounted a shotgun scabbard and was impressed with how comfortable and easy it was to withdraw from. If other, cheaper makes are falling short for your needs, give this one a try." — AB
Trending Review: "For the price, this vest offers a lot. I love how much storage it has and has plenty of room for other attachments. Obviously, you have to spend some time making adjustments to it to fit properly and comfortably. Once you have it all set up, it feels and looks awesome! It’s nice that you can adjust everything on this vest from shoulders to belt. I can fit Magpul 30-40 rounds Pmags and Glock oem and magpul magazines. The holster is also a nice addition, my Glock 34 fits in snugly. The belt is strong and sturdy as well. I bought this vest because of the cheap price tag and because these tactical vest keeps popping up on my timeline during this pandemic. I thought this was just all gimmick and would only be used as a Halloween costume, but after trying it with all my gears attached to it, I feel like this vest can hold up very well and it’s very heavy duty. I would definitely recommend this product." — Kristian
Reassuring Review: "I've found that most tactical vests with holsters on the market are right handed only. Unfortunately, I'm a lefty, and I can barely find a tactical vest that works for me in an offline store. But thank God I found this GLORYFIRE tactical vest on Amazon for all lefties and Righties! My main concern is its detachable pistol case design. I noticed that most tactical vests on the market use velcro to attach holster to a tactical vest, but this design is just for right-handed People and in the process of movement, it is easy to appear the case of holster shaking or even falling. But the GLORYFIRE tactical vest cleverly incorporates the MOLLE design, which is a bit hard to install, but the holster is firmly attached to the tactical vest and doesn't fall off as the body moves. And is suitable for a left-handed person like me to use! I took a closer look at the product's details page and found that the holster can also be attached to the belt, which is great! After all, I don't wear a tactical vest every day. By the way, this tactical vest is also well made - of course I am not a fabric professional, but I can only tell you, in my opinion, the fabric and stitch of this product is very good." — Haney

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