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  • Ray Campbell

I Ranked The 6 Best Wireless Security Systems In 2023

No more fiddling with wiring! These 6 smart security cameras can be installed anywhere your Wi-Fi reaches. They'll keep your property safe day and night, and even send alerts to your smartphone to report suspicious movements.

My Personal Ranking Of The Best Wireless Security Cameras

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Blink Outdoor Wireless Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera - Works with Alexa

Top-rated: 147,593 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Blink Outdoor - Wireless Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera - Works with Alexa

Highlight: With long-lasting battery life, this wireless security camera will run for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries (included).

Helpful review: "We've got some bad actors in the hood, so it was time to catch them with some irrefutable evidence. Our XT2 is a little old and our Arlos are acting stupid. Saw this come out and had to give it a shot. It was time to upgrade. Plus, the specs of the possibility of TWO YEAR BATTERY LIFE is mind-blowing. It's probably a lot less, but my Arlos would last a week with $10 CR123 batteries, so that had to go. Anything had to be better than those dinosaurs.
Set up was fairly easy. There is no real printed instruction manual, but those are rare today. Scanned the QR code and my smartphone popped me to their website with tons of tips, info, and even setup videos. The entire setup process is QR from the new Sync Module 2 to the camera itself. So don't make the mistake of slapping the batteries in and closing the camera unit like I did before I scanned the QR code. Whoops. Took less than 15 minutes to setup and sync. Signed up for a new Blink account so the old one won't get confused - plus there's several weeks of free cloud storage right now. Boom.
Set it up in a tree ACROSS from my house this time. When I put it over my door, my old cameras would flag every car or pedestrian close and far. All I want to see is the jerk stealing my UPS packages, so I flipped the perspective. The HD is super clean and clear, and the camera is at least 30 feet from the sync module with no problems connecting. Big plus there. And, there's a pretty powerful little speaker in this unit! I was really surprised at the volume this thing can push for such a small speaker. Now, when this alerts me to funny business, maybe I'll be able to yell at the perps. Probably not, because they'll be long gone by the time I see the notification. Still, this feature could be useful in warning your kids from doing something silly when you're not home.
The live view was disappointing, since you have to keep clicking the app to continue the live view for longer than 10-ish seconds. So you can't use this as a spying device or a baby monitor. Bummer. Also, the default recording time was like 5 seconds, probably to maximize battery life. You can't catch much in 5 seconds. I adjusted mine in the settings to about 20 seconds. I'll sacrifice battery life to catch a bad actor. Plus, there's a battery pack you can attach to this unit to increase battery life. I'll update in the future to let you know how the battery goes.
Overall, I'm impressed with the new Blink outdoor. It's gonna rain here in Florida soon, so I'll let you know how that goes as well as night shots when available." — Fresh and Felicia

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2. Wansview Q5 Wireless Security Camera - Works with Alexa

Top-rated: 30,453 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

ansview Q5 - Wireless Security Camera - Works with Alexa

Highlight: Financial Encryption Technology for cloud storage and highest protection of data. No one could access your information without your permission.

Helpful review: "My review is based on the experience of using several IP cameras from different vendors over the past 4 years.
Overall, the Wansview Q5 Cloud Camera performs very well and the initial setup / install is super easy and quick. With some of my other cameras, I sometimes spent hours (even days) in setting them up. I like the Q5 new form-factor which is nicer and much smaller than the previous Q3 camera. It feels well-built and I expect it to last for many years. The phone software can use some bells and whistles available from other competing IP cameras. That said, it is very intuitive and easy-to-use. In summary, I would recommend this camera because of its well-built hardware, functionalities, and price. Below are some more details:
+ Setting up the first time is quick (5 min for both software and hardware) with their easy-to-follow instructions.
+ Camera hardware is well-built, good-looking, and small in size which I like.
+ The wide-angle lens is the best I’ve seen in terms of clarity and coverage.
+ Crisp & clear images and videos - day and night (see images attached).
+ Excellent audio & mic (considering the small-size factor), definitely better than that on their Q3 and K3 cameras, and other cameras I’ve owned.
+ The Wansview cloud android phone app is easy to set up, easy to use and to configure.
+ Upon detecting motions, the camera sends me alerts on my phone, and 10-sec video clips in the mobile app. This a new feature. Nicely done Wansview!
- No audio-detection alert capability (only motion-detection).
- Viewing saved images, they don’t auto-rotate along with the phone’s rotating to a horizontal orientation (from a vertical orientation)
- It would be nice if the phone app’s white background can be manually set to a darker theme like black.
- It would be nice if the multi-camera screen can be set to load as default upon logging in. Currently it requires an extra click." — Joseph

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3. Nooie Home Security Camera with Motion Tracking, Super IR Night Vision and Two-Way Audio - Works with Alexa

Top-rated: 17,179 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Nooie Home Security Camera with Motion Tracking, Super IR Night Vision and Two-Way Audio - Works with Alexa

Highlight: Camera and App are easy to install, simple to control and a breeze to maintain.

Helpful review: "I have the Nooie 1080P indoor camera and I've been quite happy with it so I had to give this 360-degree model a try. It takes the features of the static camera and adds the ability to pan and tilt the camera either manually or you can enable motion tracking easily through the app. I wrote a review for the static camera and many of the features carry over including its great video quality so if you've read that review, some of this will seem familiar.
Setup - Was very simple using your phone or tablet, running the free Nooie Cam app. You first need to verify that your phone is connected to the 2.4Ghz access point in your home where you will be using the camera. You then simply start the Nooie Cam app and select the +Camera button. You select the Nooie Cam 360 option and it will walk you through the remaining, simple steps. Basically, you assure the camera is on, enter the password for the wireless access point/router your phone is currently connected to (this is the same one you will be connecting the camera to), click Next, and a QR code appears on the screen of your phone. You now hold the screen of your phone in front of the Nooie camera's lens and it provides an audible tone and LED light indicator when it is finished reading the QR code. The app will now inform you that it is pairing and will begin a countdown. When complete, the app will inform you that pairing has completed. It's that simple.
Use - Now that the camera has been added, you simply select it to view the camera. To hear audio from the camera, you select the speaker icon within the app and now you are able to see and hear what's going on around the camera. The camera also has a built-in speaker that allows you to press the microphone button within the app and then speak through it. This is very useful and/or just fun depending on where you locate the camera. For example, I have the camera in my living room where my cat typically spends a good part of her day. If you have cats, I'm guessing yours is similar where she doesn't have one place that she always lays within a room. She instead has multiple locations that she'll randomly select. With this 360 degree camera, either from home, from work, a restaurant, wherever I have WiFi or cellular access I can pan the camera from left to right and up or down. It's range is great where you can literally place the camera in the center of the room and, from the app, turn it from it's left side behind it all the way around front, through to the right side behind it just by swiping across the screen with the camera's image live the whole time. You can pan it around to see the entire room. Beyond this, you have the ability to tilt the camera up and down from the app as well by swiping up and down on the camera's image live. I can scan the room for my cat, locate her, and then touch the microphone to talk to her. Being a cat, she chooses whether she wants to respond or not. Sometimes her ears just perk up and she whines (which you can hear through the camera's built-in microphone), but other times she'll choose to walk over to the camera and give it some love. :)
If you choose to use the Motion Tracking feature, if your cat, or anything really, moves in front of the camera's lens, the camera will follow it. As the moving option moves close to the edge of the camera's current visibility, the camera will move to center the moving object within it's vew and continue doing this until the moving object either stops moving or moves behind something where the camera can no longer see it. One thing to note with automatic Motion Tracking is the camera can pan 360 degrees. If something moves and the camera ends up pointing in a different direction than the next moving object. The next moving option must move in front of the lens at some point for the camera to see it and start tracking it. Depending on where you mount the camera and your use, this may be fine or it may not. So, definitely think about this before placing the camera if you plan to enable Motion Tracking.
Video and audio can be recorded to either a microSD card or to the cloud. Cloud storage is a paid service. Given my usage, microSD recording is fine for me so I haven't tried the cloud storage option. MicroSD recordings are easily accessed through the app via a scrollable tape across the bottom of the screen. You select the day and then scroll through to the time you would like to view. If at any time you are viewing live video or recorded video from the app and you would like to save the video to your device, you simply press the camera icon on screen to set the start point, continue watching the video as it plays, and press the icon again when you'd like to stop and the video will be saved to your device. It's VERY easy!
Like other security cameras, you can also setup notifications based on sound and/or motion. This too is easy to configure by selecting None, Low, Medium, or High for each option and then selecting the timeframe that you would like to receive notifications. Note that you can enable disable notifications by day, but each day only has one start time and one end time that can be selected. Meaning, you cannot setup notifications from 8am-5pm and then again 10pm to midnight for the same day. You could do one or the other, but not both. I don't see this as a problem for me, but it's worth noting depending on your use case.
There are a few additional notable settings. First is the ability to enable/disable audio recording. I haven't done much testing with this, but I'd imagine this could save some space on your microSD card, allowing you to possibly record more video if disabled. Second is the ability to enable/disable the small LED light on the camera. If you placed the camera in a visible location in your home, you may want to disable the LED to avoid the distraction of it. Last, there is a Rotate Image option. So, if you need to mount the camera under an overhang, cabinet, etc., you can simple tap this button to flip the image for mounting the camera upside down and now viewing it live or recorded video will display right-side up.
Customer Service - I reached out to Nooie's customer service prior to purchasing my previous camera as I had a number of questions. I received quick, thorough responses the same day, shortly after I had sent them. I worked with Julia who was great to work with. Very friendly, personable, and understanding. Julia's customer service was great and made the decision to purchase this camera a complete no-brainer. As I'm sure many of you know, when you have questions or something goes wrong you really find out what a company is made of. I'm happy to say Nooie's support is great! Regarding this camera, I had a few questions for Nooie support prior to purchasing it and received the same great, prompt responses. This proved even moreso that their support is great! It wasn't just a one time fluke with the first camera.
Summary - This camera works great and has clear video. The two-way communication capability is an added bonus and could open up its use to more than just a security camera. It's ability to automatically track motion as well as it's ability to turn 360 degrees while automatically tracking motion and/or by manually swiping the screen coupled with it's low price point of under $40 makes this a great buy in my book! I am definitely glad that I added this camera to my home. It will work well keeping track of not only the cat, but I can see when my teenager comes and goes when I'm not home." — Carrie

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4. REOLINK Wireless Security Camera with Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt and Night Vision - Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Top-rated: 9,573 ratings | 599 answered questions

REOLINK Wireless Security Camera with Encrypted Free Cloud Storage, Pan Tilt and Night Vision - Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Highlight: With the built-in mic and speaker, you can hear and speak through the security camera.

Helpful review: " I use the cameras so that I can make sure everything is ok at home with my kids while am at work and I am shocked to see how good they work. I love it! I heard bad things about the notifications so I don't really use the motion function of this system but that is not important to me since I just want to be able to see that my kids are ok in the middle of the night cus I work long night hours... I am able to see previous recordings with no problems at all unless the camera gets disconnected which my kids know they should not do. I also was shocked by how good the sound records everything as advertised. Outstanding!! Very pleased with my purchase." — Carmen

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5. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera for Wireless Security - Works with Alexa

Top-rated: 10,690 ratings | 701 answered questions

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera for Wireless Security - Works with Alexa

Highlight: Advanced Color Night Vision will enable you to see important features like faces and license plates in full color at night.

Helpful review: "Had the Arlo Essential camera on pre-order and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and installed it. Installation was simple and quick and setup took just a couple minutes to add it to the app. The video quality is really good both during day and night. The spotlight function turns on anytime someone comes close to my driveway and makes the night time recording clear and with color. I love the people and package detection feature, it cuts out a lot of false alerts. Overall super pleased with it and hope that it deters people from trying to open car doors in my drive way." — BP
"I've installed 4 of the Essential XL Spotlight cameras at my property. I was attracted to this model because of the claimed 1 year battery charge life. I also signed up for the Arlo Smart coverage to get the added features, including differentiating detection between people, vehicles, animals and other. After 1 week, I find that the camera's features result in very good alarm coverage of the perimeter of my house. Motion detection is excellent and somewhat exceeds the claimed range. The ability to define activity zones is very helpful. The spotlight is a little weaker light than I had envisaged, but does definitely improve nighttime video. Battery life versus the claimed 1 year is still to be determined, as I've only had the cameras one week, but I am encouraged by the fact that they are all at 97% - 98% battery charge." — Old Salt
"I’m really quite amazed. I purchased the Orbi 4g LTE modem-router for non-cable WiFi connection and matched the Orbi to 4 Arlo Essential security cameras. Should work, right? Never did anything like this before. Like so many of these electronic combinations that I’ve theorized about in the past, I assumed this wouldn’t work either. I talked to several advisors – Orbi technicians, Arlo community contributors. Everyone said it should work. And it did!!!! Amazing!!
The Orbi LBR20 was a bit of a challenge. The Obi app was skittish … worked sometimes, sometimes got stuck. The password used to set-up my Orbi account (Netgear) was not the same as the password needed to activate the Orbi modem-router for Internet connection; the Orbi password is printed on the label at the bottom of the Orbi unit … Oh, that password.
PureTalk (really AT&T) indicated that they had coverage for my barn’s Zip Code but could not guarantee the Sim card would work with Orbi LBR20 … not quite the confidence booster I needed. Ok … so brave as I am, I purchased the PureTalk Sim card and a 6 Gig data plan.
After everything arrived, I first tried to connect the Orbi wireless modem-router to the Internet using the Orbi app as instructed. Nothing automatic here. After several tries, the Orbi app asked for the APN number of my Internet service provider. What’s an APN for goodness sake? Googled “PureTalk APN” and came up with “RESELLER”. I entered “RESELLER … then my PureTalk phone number as the only User ID I knew and then my PureTalk password. No contact and no Internet. Frustration!! The next day, I called PureTalk and asked for the APN number, user ID and password. After transferring through 4 different technical service associates, I received the information (APN = RESELLER, User ID = Not set up yet, Password = Not set up yet). So, I entered “RESELLER” and nothing else (no User ID and no Password). Success!! Internet access!!! Oh, so you don’t need a password in this case!! But … I was now connected to the Internet through a Orbi 4g LTE wireless modem-router … no cable. Once I got the password and APN right, Orbi activated as promised.
The next step was to see if the Arlo Essential WiFi cameras would connect to the Orbi LBR20 and then connect to the Internet. The Arlo app was needed to activate the cameras. The Arlo app worked more reliably and consistently than the Orbi app. One by one, each of the Arlo Essential cameras activated. I could see my home office on each of the cameras. Amazing!!! What vanity looking at myself on all four cameras!!! Still, this was at home … and not 25 miles away … in the middle of nowhere. To be safe … I purchased two antennas to attach to the Orbi (not provided in the Orbi box), just in case the Orbi needed the extra help in capturing the wireless signal in the rural Midwest. The Orbi had no problem at home. Every WiFi device in the house wanted to connect to the Orbi … I had to resist. But would the same happen at the barn?
I unplugged everything and transported the Orbi and the Arlo Essential cameras to the barn. Located the Orbi 14 feet above ground. Plugged it in. Immediate Internet connection!!! You