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I Tested And Ranked The Best Ceiling Fans In 2024

I live in a 70-year old house, so believe me when I say that a ceiling fan makes a difference in temperature. I tested the best option on Amazon, focusing both on style and energy efficiency.

best ceiling fans

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Honeywell - 62-Inch 8-Blade Dual Finish with LED light

Top-rated: 4,236 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: 3 speed settings.

Helpful review: "This is beautiful and powerful. All fans take effort to install, thankful my husband is good at it with his few choice words. Lol… Gonna order a couple more. Quiet also. In a 12x12 bedroom, that’s somewhat of an overkill, but that's what I wanted.
I bought two more brushed Nickel and one dark copper. Same install no issues on silver, cause I bought new. I ordered dark copper as a damaged box, not being told it was used, not just a damaged box. Some idiot bought it, didn’t know how to install and cut the wires from the motor and threw it back in the box with missing screws and such, so I had to send it back. This is not for those who can not or do not want to read or have never put up a fan, so this is not a first time project. It is very wrong that someone would mess something up and blame the product instead of their own inadequacies. I guess you can tell I’m pretty put out with whoever out there sent this back messed up, fortunately I have Prime and it went right back. So, as of now we have put up three with NO issues except for the messed up one I had to send back.
For those of you complaining about air movement, the pitch of the blade and motor are what determines air movement. The size of room for a less pitch blade also makes a difference. Make sure to determine pitch 14 degrees or more if you want a lot of air movement. The light can be very bright if you push the remote to one side or another to turn the light brighter or dimmer. Again Read Directions.
Another thing this is NOT an outside fan, so when it quits working, blame yourself, because even though it might not be in rain, there is still fog and wind with dirt that will go in the fan.
My old 1988 fans are failing one by one in my house. I purchased this one as a test run, mainly because of the Honeywell brand, and secondly the price. I’m disappointed. When you open the box you are given multiple warnings that Honeywell has nothing to do with the product, other than they were paid to let a Chinese manufacturer put their name on the packaging. The installation took forever due to the poor instructions, 8 fan blades, and each blade requires 6 screws, and three screw caps. The remote receiver needs to be installed up at the top in the fan mount. Very little room to work with in that location and they could have easily had it installed above the light. So much for Chinese engineering. They include a “shipping block” that is screwed to the fan. You are instructed to remove the shipping block but nowhere does it tell you to keep the screws that hold the shipping block on, because they will be needed later to hold the lights on. You learn that at the end when you need screws to secure the light and you realize none are supplied with the fan.
The light seems to flicker. It does dim though which was a feature I was not expecting, and I don't believe that feature is listed in the product description. The fan has a noticeable hum at all speeds. The remote is horrible. Super cheap. You need to stand with the remote a few feet from the fan for it to register. Why even have a remote? BUT YOU NEED IT to control the fan. Maybe the supplied batteries are weak, and it will improve with new batteries. All in all, If I had to choose between having a broken ceiling fan, or this one, I would rather have this one. I did, however, buy a second one (before I installed the first one) due to the sale price, and it will be in a room nobody ever uses." — Judi Haase

Get it from Amazon now: $269.99 & FREE Returns


2. Hunter - 52-Inch 3-Blade with Pull Chain Control

Top-rated: 3,909 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Whisper Wind motor delivers ultra-powerful airflow with quiet performance.

Helpful review: "The old fan in my living room had 5 blades and this one just has 3, so I was concerned about its ability to cool, but for whatever reason, I think it moves either a greater volume of air or moves the same amount quicker, because it cools a lot better than the old one.
I've changed out ceiling fans in my younger days, but I was unable to find the breaker for the wall switch for the fan, so I called an electrician. That also accounts for my not rating the Ease Of Installation. My sense is that anyone who has switched out a fan before will not have any trouble with this one, but it did take him a while.
I got this model rather than one with a remote control because I already had a smart switch for it which the electrician also installed and I didn't really think that I would need anything but turning it off and on, which is in Alexa's wheelhouse. But now I'm questioning that decision, even though it would add to the already high remote count on the sofa.
When I come in hot from the outside, I want it on high and before long, I need to turn it down, so a remote would save me from having to stand up and pull the chain. How lazy does that make me sound??? Also, the down draft was too much for me and to change it to an updraft, I had to fetch a step stool, so a remote would have been nice to have, though now that it's on up, that's probably where I'll leave it. Nevertheless, it's nice to have a fan working again.
I just installed this fan and I must say that it looks great against our sun room's green ceiling. It is quiet and moves the air pretty well but it wasn't the easiest fan I've ever installed. I've renovated a couple of houses, redecorated several rooms and put up a lot of ceiling fans but this one almost had me stumped. Everything is straight forward until attaching the lower switch housing. It only goes one way because the on/off switch and air flow direction switch are attached to the upper switch housing. The problem is getting the wire bundle and the switch module lined up in a way that allows the lower cover to slide into position enough to get the three attachment screws in place. I probably spent more time working on this step than all others combined. Once I got all the pieces lined up and the screws installed I am glad we bought this fan. In fact, I just placed an order for another just like it. Your mileage may vary but be advised the installation has its challenges.
I actually have 4 of these ceiling fans now, but this is a review on the 2 latest fans I bought. I replaced 2 larger fans inside my shop garage when we built it. That proved to be a big mistake. The old larger fans did not move much air in my uncooled garage area of the 1,200 sq. ft. shop; whereas, these 2 fans actually move twice as much air. Consequently, I can now feel air moving throughout the garage! I have 2 of the same (but brown finish) on the shop side porch to fan us when we sit out there. These fans are quiet, provide great circulation, and use less power. I highly recommend them." — Richard D. Pugh

Get it from Amazon now: $139.99 & FREE Returns


3. WarmiPlanet - 52-Inch 5-Blade Brushed Nickel with Light

Top-rated: 2,481 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Makes downdrafts in summer and updrafts in winter.

Helpful review: "We bought this to replace an old chain-controlled fan. It was installed by a professional. When spinning, it is quiet and does not vibrate. The light is not as bright as I thought and gives out less light than the old fan. We had to install extra ceiling lights in this room after installing the fan. That said, this is for a cabin-like room with an angled beam ceiling. The fan does move air nicely, and seems to operate efficiently. The remote is fine although I can't tell much difference between the fan speed on 4 or on 6.
So this fan moves a good bit of air for sure. My issues with it are:
1. The directions are garbage. I have put up with a lot of fans in my life and know what I’m doing for the most part, but the instructions consist of 5 pictures and no words. There are more directions about putting the batteries in the remote than there are about putting the fan up.
2. It is pretty noisy on high. I hope I will get used to it, but it’s louder than I would like.
3. Strange features. I turn on my light switch and the light beeps and a moment or two later the light turns on, it takes several seconds to come on, that’s odd. I turn on the fan from the remote, no problem. I turn the light switch off and it all turns off. When I turn the switch back on, the light beeps and a few seconds later the light comes on, no fan. I have to use the remote to turn the fan back on.
So my review is based on the lack of direction and me having to learn as I went along, noise level, and odd function. It looks nice and it moves some air pretty well. Just know what you’re getting.
The light on the ceiling fan isn’t all that great but it’s not bad either. What I love the most is the extended length of the blades because I took down a wall between my kitchen in my dining area, making a much larger area and needed a fan that would be able to move the air for the extended area that I have created. The second greatest part is the ability of the remote to change direction of the fan blades without having to get on a chair or ladder to change them on the side of the fan. This has always been an issue for me and I hated doing it. The number of speeds this fan offers is also a huge plus because when you use it in a large area you’re going to need more than just three or four speeds. It is tremendously quiet. There is no noise that I can detect whatsoever. I have not had this very long, only a couple of weeks. but it has been on continuously for all that time. So we will see how long it lasts and how durable it is.
This fan has a nice, sleek and modern look. It is quiet and has a stable mounting base. It was very well packed and had all required parts. Of course I had an electrician install it (highly recommended), but I put the fan blades together myself. The instructions were actually harder than I thought. It was difficult to tell which side of the blade to properly orient the hardware since one side is painted white and the other is painted silver (I ordered the metallic-looking fan). The pictures in the instruction booklet were black-and-white, so the silver and white looked eerily similar. Other than that, the fan is fantastic. Hint: If you look really, really hard at the fan blade images, you'll possibly make out a tag that says "This side up." That should help you to properly place the fan blade hardware." — Angela Wiseman

Get it from Amazon now: $159.99 & FREE Returns


4. Ocioc - 22-Inch 3-Blade stainless Steel with LED Light

Top-rated: 1,640 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Made from high-quality ABS and stainless steel.

Helpful review: "I had a professional installer and he did not have any problems installing it. The motor is powerful and the light is bright. The remote works without a problem but it has too many buttons (I do not think it needs them). Overall, I’m very happy with the fan! I discovered how you can change the light! This information was nowhere to be found in the documentation provided.
1. When you turn the lights on, it takes a few seconds to kick it on plus it makes a sound.
2. The description of the product implies that you can control the brightness of the light but I didn’t find any instructions on how to get it working or to change the colors.
1. Quality is excellent.
2. Easy to install.
3. Very quiet indeed.
4. Outputs very well amount of air.
5. Both directionals work great for summer and winter.
6. Remote control is the best feature.
7. Lighting has 2 levels a super bright and lower bright option.
So, this fan light has an easy-to-use remote control or wall switch that allows you to effortlessly adjust the light's temperature. Not only does it have three different color temperatures, but it also has a convenient memory function. By simply switching the light on and off consecutively, you can easily achieve the desired color temperature. As long as one temperature is held for over 7 seconds and then the light is switched off for over 7 seconds, it will be remembered. This means that when you turn it on again, the light will automatically adjust to the remembered temperature.
I am a person who always feels hot and I have to have a breeze. I bought the white one first for my craft room because the one I had stopped working. I needed a fan with not long fan blades and I found a white fan just like this one and was so amazed at just how much air it produced. I couldn’t believe just how cool and how strong it was. So I bought another one, this one in black for my bedroom. I actually had to turn the speed down and use two blankets because of how great it worked. I am just so amazed at how great this little ceiling fan worked. Great price and great functionality!!! It was very easy to put up… I will be putting this fan in all my rental properties and continue replacing my expensive ceiling fan throughout my home!! I give this a 10 all the way around… price, function, design, easy to put up it also is very quiet, and I LOVE the controller for it as well!! I highly recommend these fans. The white and the black one are the two I have right now and it has been the best amazon product I have ever bought to date!! Thank you
I really like this fan. I have two small bedrooms so this fan was the perfect size. Pushes a lot of air quietly as well and I really like being able to set a timer for the fan. I didn't have any issues with the installation. The instructions were clear, full color photos for each step. As soon as I had it installed I went ahead and bought another one for the other room. I don't really have anything negative to say, but I've only had them for about a day. The only thing I can think of, and it may just be a misunderstanding on my part. However I couldn't find anything in the instructions or on the box that mentions it, but there are a few temperature colors for the light: amber, daylight, and another one I think. When I turn the light/fan off from the wall switch or from the controls and then turn it back on the light switches from one color to the other. I prefer to have the daylight so I always have to turn the switch off then on again a few times to get the daylight. Is there a way to set only the daylight? I don't see any mention of it in the instructions. Other than that everything is good and I'm still really happy with my purchases." — Chris Amaral

Get it from Amazon now: $159.99 & FREE Returns


5. Sofucor - 52-Inch 3-Blade Carved Wood for Indoor/Outdoor

Top-rated: 1,137 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Copper DC motor provides strong air flow and quiet operation.

Helpful review: "If I could give this ceiling fan more than 5 ⭐️stars I would. I had a professional electrician installed in the dining room and bedroom. It took me a while to choose these because in general, I don’t like the way ceiling fans look but I need them to help circulate air in my house. These were the best looking ones after searching for several months. The electrician was surprised I got these ointments from Amazon as he said he had customers that paid lots of money for ceiling fans and that weren’t anywhere near as nice as these. remote control lets you dim or brighten the light with 3 different lighting selections, six speeds for the fan, and option to reverse direction according to the season.
There is also a 2 or 4 hour fan timer, which I have not used yet, but I think it’s an awesome bonus. Even when the fan is at its highest speed, you don’t hear any noise from the fan but you can certainly feel the air circulating. I love these fans and so glad I took my time in choosing them.
- It's beautiful.
- Most fans were faux wood and this one is real and it makes a difference in looks.
- Installation was the easiest and nicest fan install we have done and we just replaced 7. This one has a plate that mounts to your ceiling box which the fan mounts on.
- There is ample room for the remote receiver in the base. Heck, we could put a couple of receivers up there. No wrestling match to get the receiver positioned right along with the wire nuts which all don't exactly fit well like other fans.
- The wiring harness goes up separate from the fan. So no balancing the unit while connecting wires. Simply wire connect the wiring harness with wire nuts, hold the fan while.plugging the harness into the receiver and up it goes.
- it has 6 speed settings which all really do seem to be faster than the one before.
- it moves a LOT more air than I was expecting.
- Reversing fan direction is done from the remote. I don't have to get up there and hunt for the switch. Now let's hope I don't lose the remote.
- The light engine is warm white and I hate that yellow tint. I will simply order a new light engine to replace.
- The brightness/output wattage of the light engine is adequate, but if you use your ceiling lights to make the room super bright you'll want to replace the light engine with a brighter one.
- The motor isn't silent like my old fan. It's not what I would call loud, but... yeah. It's noisy when compared to the other fans in my house. It drowns out the ticking clock, so I guess that might be a positive.
- The remote is... way over complicated for what it does. The way it's labeled makes you think that you're controlling the light but pretty much other than on and off on the light, everything controls the fan.
for under $300 I could not find another fan as pretty and functional in this style. Well worth the money. I would give it probably actually 4.75 stars. The noise and having to replace the light engine were too minor to give it less.
First of all, Sofucor makes a great product! My wife and I went fan shopping to a few different stores before deciding to see what was available online. Found this Sofucor fan and ordered it, not knowing anything about the product itself or the company (we were attracted to the design and the price). Fan showed up with screws missing! But I emailed the Sofucor team and they promptly responded and very quickly shipped me the missing pieces. We assembled the fan, installed it, and it's been working like a charm. However, another weird thing started happening. At night, the light would emit this strange ethereal glow. Our room would be pitch black with us trying to sleep, but it's like the moon was in our room. I reached out to the Sofucor Team again to ask why this was happening, and they realized it was a conductivity thing regarding some metal pieces in the light fixture area. Again, they very quickly shipped me a plastic round plate and plastic screws with some very simple instructions. And voila, no more weird glowing light. The product is great; quiet, works well, and goes well with our mid-century modern home.
We needed a ceiling fan in a room off the living room that hugged the ceiling due to low ceilings, yet one that was contemporary and functional. The above fan would give some air relief in summer when it can get stuffy in the house. We decided to try this one (after looking at quite a few) as it was on sale and we liked the look. Plus, it was on sale and had good reviews. An electrician put it in a spot that had had a light fixture before. We are quite pleased with the look, the no-noise sound, and the multi-functionality. Now we've only had it in a short time but so far, an excellent buy. In fact, the electrician was pleased so he took a picture of it and may recommend it to his other clients in the same need." — Michelle Gilbert

Get it from Amazon now: $169.00 & FREE Returns


6. Obabala - 52-Inch 3-Blade Carved Wood with Lights

Top-rated: 1,152 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Energy-saver.

Helpful review: "These are good looking fans. They are quiet. However, there are some serious issues that make me regret this purchase already. First, the instructions are worthless. They show pieces that aren't for this fan and use terms that weren't translated correctly. For example: Step 1 - "Thread the suspender through the suspended clock and coupling cover." What exactly is a "suspender" and what's a "clock" ? Not explained. My husband has installed countless ceiling fans, but he was really irritated by this one. The videos posted were helpful, but most were slightly different from this model of fan, so he had to watch 5 of them.
Next, the remotes are really annoying. We eventually figured out that to change the light type/level, you have to push the on/off light button repeatedly - never mentioned in the manual. The least useful function (changing the direction of the blades) is where the most used functions should be. Family members will be changing that accidently all the time. The remote has a "FAN OFF" button, but where is the "FAN ON" button? Not in the manual! Only family members trained in the use of this mystery remote will be able to use it. That's going to get old fast. If it wasn't so much trouble to send these fans back, I would have.
The real problem I had with this fan relates to the remote and the color temperature of the light. Once you install it all, it appears that you'll have to cycle through three different color temperatures every time you turn on the light. Depressing! But, don't despair. Even though the programming instructions are unintelligible, you can choose and set a default color temperature.
1) Using the remote, turn the light on/off to cycle through the color temps. When you find the temperature you want to set as the default, leave the light on. For me, that's the third (warmest) setting.
2) With the light on (at your desired color temp), press and hold the "LIGHT ON/OFF" button until the remote's little LED turns off.
3) WAIT ~5 SECONDS. The next time you turn on the light (and every time thereafter), it will be set to your preference.
4) Now you can also just use your wired light switch to turn the light on/off, with your desired color temperature as the default.
Turning the light on/off rapidly will clear your preset so you'll generally want to make sure you don't rapidly flick the lights on/off (or you'll need to re-program).
Now that we have used the fans for a while, I'm upgrading by one star. The issues with the remote and instructions are still true, but we like the fans very much in spite of these things. They're nice looking fans and they operate smoothly. The lights are a perfect brightness for our porch. We've already forgotten the installation issues and we'll just deal with the remote operation. quirks. I like them better than the others on Amazon. I would likely buy them again if needed.
We are under construction to refurbish our screen porch. We replaced our old fans with new Obabala outdoor fans and just love them. Our contractor was able to install them quickly and with any problem. We are very happy with the color match to the ceiling and the performance, as they are quiet, and have several light and speed options. Customer service to have the warranty activated was quick and easy .... a simple email and copy of the Amazon purchase invoice. This was done quickly and I received an email from Nancy saying she activated the warranty for us. We also followed up with Nancy with a question regarding programming the remotes to use a single rather than two separate remotes to control the functionality of the fans. She answered the same day with step by step instructions… How's that for customer service??? Again, very happy with our purchase of the Obabala fans.
We were looking to replace our covered patio fans and this one became a contender because of the styling. It also has solid wood blades and is wet rated -- both things we wanted in our new fans. We decided to take a chance due to the coupon being offered at the time as well and picked up two. The fans look great! They are quiet and move plenty of air. The fan has a 'breeze' mode where it picks up speed and slows down in intervals giving you a nice breeze -- I thought it was gimmicky until I tried it and honestly I love it. The light temperature is easy to set, but it does reset after you cut power to the fan at the wall switch. I found the easy way to not do that is to just not cut the source power. We just use the mounted remotes to control on/off and the fan remembers all its settings. Installation went well except there is so little space for the wires and the receiver. This isn't unique to this fan, most modern fans seem to want to optimize that space so you might be squishing your fingers some to get it all in there but it is doable. The first fan installed perfectly balanced, the second one required use of the little balancing kit. That can be a little annoying to do but that's not unique to this fan but something to watch out for." — Sunira S. Moses

Get it from Amazon now: $199.99 & FREE Returns


7. Chriari - 60-Inch 3-Blade Walnut with 6 Speeds

Top-rated: 1,319 ratings

best ceiling fans


Highlight: Superb customer service and technical support.

Helpful review: "There are about 8-12 sellers of this type of brown 60" 3-blade propeller ceiling fans on Amazon. Some don't allow for sloped ceilings. This maker is the ONLY ONE with two remotes. A few have two rods and others have three. This one has three.
Having issues with covering the canopy cup deal but am working with the supplier on that.
Has size speeds where 1 and 2 are very close to the same speed, same with 3 & 4, and as 5 with 6. 5 & 6 are very fast and I'll likely never use them. wished 1 & 2 were half the speed they are now so it would be a lackadaisical sweeping of the air. it is not. Hand remote takes 2 AAA's. The fan rotates in both directions and the button for this does not work with the fan motionless. It has to spin for the button to work which does not make sense but that is how it is.
I asked if the wall remote was separate and someone erroneously replied it was the hand report mounted on the wall. It is separate and is flat. Both remotes make the fan beep so you know it took the button command. Wall remote takes CR2032 which I stole from Tile unit... Those are also nice. The one thing which was annoying is the battery cover on the wall remote was a bit tenuous to close but is possible with grit. I am afraid the slot used for closing it will soon strip as it's not deep.
Now for installation tips/experience. Instructions were nice but had to take blades apart once to add a ring. Would suggest an exploded diagram like on page 7 used to explain shaft. On downrod install steps, mention to take the hanger ball off rod to get wire through the shaft. The wiring colors between the motor and receiver and then to the mounting bracket should use standard colors for electrical wiring which is white/black/green and not red/gray/brown. As I know wiring, I figured it out but for novices, this would be confusing.
Used the middle rod so the wiring from motor to bracket is a bit long. Would suggest allowing a way to shorten electric wires especially if using 5" rod.
I am so used to the Hampton Bay type ceiling fans. This propeller is grey. LUV IT. Was somewhat easy to mount and is lighter than expected for something it's size. Having a mounting ball/socket helped a lot.
Overall it took roughly ~45 minutes to do everything. For someone like me who procrastinates, this install task is daunting, but the end result is the key to get the job done. Well worth it. Still have to fix the canopy cup deal but should get that fixed soon.
I got this fan to replace a pretty, but not very functional ceiling fan in the dining room. The reviews about the brightness of the light were the selling point. This fan is truly bright and I am still getting used to the level of light. The previous fan had a dimmer switch, which I perceive is not present in this light. If so, I cannot find it. Still, I appreciate the light. It can be adjusted to warm or cool tones but it's not intuitive to get it to do that. The fan has three blades instead of the usual five but they are thick and strong and move a lot of air. There are six speeds on the fan and so far, it runs quietly. Installation was frustrating for my son in law. He is handy and has put up many many ceiling fans so it's not due to lack of experience. The issue was that the fittings are very tight and it was challenging to get everything to fit into the mount box and then get the fixture to sit flush against the ceiling. There are three down rod lengths that come with the fan. We used the shortest one. Overall, it's a nice looking fan. I just need to figure out that remote control.
I love, love, love this ceiling fan! My boyfriend bought me one in the darker color and installed it in my living room while I was away one weekend (so thoughtful and sweet of him) because the one I had was old and noisy, and didn’t have a light. I loved it immediately! So I ordered the lighter colored one for my bedroom (I had the same complaint about that one…no light and too noisy) . I use my fan every night, winter or summer, to keep airflow moving while I sleep. But the noise from my old one was so distracting it affected my sleep. This fan is so quiet, I wouldn’t even know it was on except for the incredibly lovely air that it puts out. I only have used it on speed one so far, cuz it’s winter now, and it puts out the perfect amount of breeze to keep me happy through the night. There are three `tones' of light which is a great feature that I’ve not had on other ceiling lights. Bright white, soft white, and a warm yellow tone. It also looks sleek and modern, and the blades are solid wood, which is amazing for the price! Not that cheap pressed wood stuff. And he installed it by himself in less than an hour." — Andy Kall

Get it from Amazon now: $239.99 & FREE Returns


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