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I Tested And Ranked The Best Range Bags For The Money In 2023

It's not easy to find the perfect range bag for the money, and there are many options to choose from. My picks are both practical and affordable, and will never feel like a regretful purchase.

best range bag

FYI, prices and review-count are accurate as of time of writing.

1. DBTAC - Tactical 2-Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 6,116 ratings | 52 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Made of 600D polyester fabric that is robust, waterproof and lightweight.

Helpful review: "I bought this product because I wanted to have a range bag that will carry both of my Glock pistols. Unfortunately, most range bags tend to be in the "too big for my purpose" role. I usually prefer to carry my ammo in a separate Plano ammo box with my pistol in the other. This helps me in balancing my spine as I have a lower back problem. Another thing that I personally don't like about the bigger range bags is that they can be awkward to carry especially if you a have long walk between your parked car and the shooting bench. The DBTAC Gun Range Bag pretty much fills my need as size-wise, it is between a single soft pistol case and a full-fledged range bag. I have no problem putting in a couple of medium-sized Allen Exo Pistol Cases inside the main compartment with a bit more room to spare. The construction, although regrettably "made in China", doesn't come off as cheap looking. Some may complain that the opening of the main compartment is significantly smaller than most range bags, but personally to me is rather a plus. Reason being is that it presents itself to an unsuspecting observer that it is a "camera bag" rather than a bag carrying firearms and ammo, thus making this bag a covert gun bag. Another plus for this product is that you can lock the zipper handles on the main compartment containing your pistols, perfect for states that aren't too 2nd Amendment friendly. If there is anything that would a con for this product would be the fact that it needs more padding at the bottom. Not so much an issue as I believe most people would invest in some kind of padded gun rug such like the ones made by Bulldog or US Peacekeeper. Still, this could be a "no deal, hard pass" for some people." — DarthMallNinja
Trending review: "I’ve looked at many range bags, but this one really stood out for me. I’ve very petite and definitely didn’t want something giant, but I also knew that a small bag wouldn’t do me any good if I couldn’t store my locked case, as well as all the things I’d need to carry along to practice. This bag is perfect!!! I could not be any happier!!! The center, main compartment is absolutely perfect for holding case, as well as a double-long row of supply boxes from bottom to top. One end pouch holds my ear protection and looks as thought it was designed with them in mind. The other end pouch holds my safety glasses (2-3 pairs) plus a small hand towel. The front compartment is perfect for cleaning supplies, small tools, and rag. The hand carrying straps Velcro together and feel very strong and secure. The shoulder strap is nicely padded and, even with my injured shoulder, felt good. I think this bag will be a trusted companion for many years to come." — Mom to 13 plus a zoo
Discussed review: "This is a great bag for One Handgun to carry to the range with hearing protection, ammo, small cleaning kit and other small items... but I couldn't figure out how to carry a 2nd weapon! It is very heavy duty material with well built zippers and should last me a long time but I think I will need to purchase a larger version with dividers and room to carry more Handguns and ammo in the near future! But that is my fault not DBTAC's ! Great product and well worth every penny spent!" — Max Tharpe

Get it from Amazon now: $35.99 & FREE Returns


2. Savior Equipment - Scoped Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 6,700 ratings | 64 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Thoroughly designed to securely hold 2 handguns and 6 pistol magazines (with extra padding inside).

Helpful review: "I got this to use with a Canik Mete pistol. The case is quite robust and well made. There are 2 zippered compartments with heavy duty zippers. The larger one has 2 inside zipper pockets that can accommodate 2 full size pistols easily. In the space between the zippered pockets are 6 magazine holders that will hold many different size magazines. The smaller zippered section has several small pockets that could hold additional magazines, tools, etc. and still have enough room to store a holster and mag carrier. It's a little larger than my other pistol cases and seems very well made. The carry handles seem strong and are well stitched to the case. I have many different pistol cases by several manufacturers. I think this is one of the sturdiest, well laid out cases I own." — Ernie Garland
Trending review: "I use this for my S&W M&P 2.0 9mm full-size pistol. I use this case primarily for transport back and forth from the gun range. I easily fit my pistol, 5 magazines, shooting glasses, ear protection, and mag loader into this case with some room to spare. Initially I believed that it might be too small to easily carry a second handgun but I was proven wrong when a friend put his Glock in the second inside pocket and it all fit easily. Overall, I love this case for what I use it for. It is compact, stylish, appears to be very well constructed with quality materials throughout, and the design makes everything very accessible to the owner. I highly recommend this case." — Brian Jared
Reassuring review: "I was looking for a kind of do-it-all range bag. Something that can carry 2 pistols, a bunch of magazines and other range gear. This is just too small. I tried fitting 2 compact pistols, mags and eye/ear protection but couldn't close the case. Would work for just 1 firearm but this is more of a supplemental carry option. Otherwise, build materials are great, zippers are quality and packaging is nice. I love Savior products but for me, this one was a miss." — Joe

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99 & FREE Returns


3. M-Tac - Shoulder-Chest Pack with Sling

Top-rated: 5,846 ratings | 189 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Perfect for both hunting and the shooting range.

Helpful review: "This is one great bag for the price. First, the material is much better then I expected, thanks to several of the reviews I took a chance and ordered it. Works great for my XD Sub Compact. Will work with the short or extended mag. My Sig 226 navy, fits but the sharp edges on the mag catch the zipper and slow the opening, same with the sights. Guns designed with smooth edges will work best. The 226 works but that size pistol will be harder to deploy quickly. Compact like the 229 or sub compact will work the best. Now, for the people who have given this bag a bad review because of the rear D-ring is sewn over the zipper, don't understand the function of the D-ring. I've only had the bag and my XD 3", a day. So far I love it and found that holding the bag by the strap clip/D-ring closest to the rear D-ring with my left hand. And then with my right hand pull the rear D-ring down at about a 45 degrees to each zipper and slightly away from the bag. It opens great. And positions my pistol for easy removal. And because I had to hold the camera, I didn't have both hand on the bag." — Jim H.
Trending review: "I've got several different types of bags. The truth of the matter is that it is very difficult to find the ideal carry system whether it be a holster or a bag. In my case there are only two alternatives due to physical limitations. I will only discuss this bag as one of the alternatives. The bag is on the smaller side which is why I purchased it. Yes I also have larger bags. But the problem is that you have to consider just how much you want to tote on a daily basis. And you have to consider what you are trying to accomplish. This bag, for me, is only capable of packing the piece and 4 extra mags along with a couple knives. That's it. And that's plenty. Because I use my pockets for ready access to other items along with some things hanging on my belt, it is much easier for me to hang this smaller bag on my shoulder than to pack everything in a larger bag. Ever wonder why women end up with back trouble? Pick up one of their purses sometime. I liked the bag enough to order two more. Why? Because I can outfit each one accordingly and grab and go. Sure, I need a larger bag for a different scenario and am looking for the right one. There is no one bag does all. The one great feature I like about this bag is the rear access. It doesn't drop the front half forward in a bad position. Of course, the bag is only good for right handers. Price was fairly reasonable too." — Amazon Customer
Reassuring review: "Great material and sturdy bag! Enough room for a full size Sig p320 RXP with Romeo sight and sig foxtrot 1 tac light and 2 mags in other zipper area. 2 things I had to modify was a flaw in design in back conceal area where a d ring loop is sewn in such a way your unable to fully zip your handgun totally and lastly the zipper pulls seemed way to long and modified it with another Amazon purchase for 5 dollars. Now I'm truly happy with this product and serves its purpose." — Matt

Get it from Amazon now: $29.95 & FREE Returns


4. REEBOW - Deluxe Tactical Range Bag

Top-rated: 5,517 ratings | 59 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Durable, water-resistant and heavy duty.

Helpful review: "I did a lot of looking around before purchasing a range bag, and boy am I glad I pulled the trigger (heh) on this one! This bag has so much space it holds everything I could possibly need for a day at the range. The inside compartment is huge and has adjustable dividers. Front and back zipper pockets with interior zippered pockets, the front has mag pouches built in. Perfect pockets on the back and sides for ammo boxes. I carry 3 handguns in cases, 2 electronic muffs, 4 pairs of eye protection, Five plastic 100 round ammo boxes, 2 bore snakes, bulk cleaning patches, in-ear plugs, a pocket knife, pen, and flashlight, and an Uplula speed loader and I still have plenty of room in the exterior pockets for more stuff. There is molle webbing all over to attach other things like a cleaning kit or med kit. This thing is a beast and you cant beat it for the money!" — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "When I received delivery of my taupe color Tactical Gun Range Shooting Duffle Bag it was smaller than I had imagined. But, then again if it was larger I'd end up cramming more unnecessary items into the bag. Actually, it's the perfect size for placing on shelf or ledge at an indoor shooting range. It has numerous zippered compartments inside besides the main compartment. Maybe it can hold 5 sub-compact guns, but no way 5 full-size 4.5-5.0 inch barrel pistols or large revolvers. No problem for me since I will only be taking either 2 pistols or 2 revolvers to my shooting range. Special zippered compartment will hold 6 large size magazines along with net covered and vinyl inside zippered area for say cleaning cloth and small gun oil. There is also a padded shoulder strap included with quality connector slide hooks. Finally, the construction of this Shooting Duffle Bag is very high quality similar to my SOG backpack. Not too shabby a deal for $32.99 + State Sales Tax and Free Shipping. I might surmise if you went to Cabela's Sporting Stores you might pay around $55.-$60. for a similar Shooting Bag.. I gave this product a complete 5-star rating for all its quality features." — Thomas J.
Reassuring review: "I have been compiling a "budget themed" collection, and I keep my accessories in this category, as well. This bag is great for the budget-minded but discriminating individual. The center area is a huge dump bag with molles on either side and velcro wall inserts to segment into 3 areas. Easily organize all range items in the center area nicely. There is also significant hand mag storage in the side pouch! This is a big time saver if you have mag compliance. The opposing side has a mesh zip bag, and I have been putting my regulator in there to keep it separated from range gear. This is a solid bag and should serve anyone well. I am pleased!" — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon now: $50.99 & FREE Returns


5. AUMTISC - Tactical Duffle Bag

Top-rated: 1,490 ratings | 32 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: 5 magazine pockets in the front pocket and 4 AR-15 mags pockets in the back pocket.

Helpful review: "I love this bag. I carry two set of ear muffs, two sets of safety glasses, 4 handguns, 8 magazines, 400 rounds, cleaning kit and lubricant, screwdriver, locks, rags, and a tactical knife. They all fit with no problem. The construction is solid. I have used it about twice per week since ordering it in May 2020. If I had to complain about something it would be that I wish it had another pistol pouch on the other side of the bag. There is room for guns but no protective pouch so I just wrap old t-shirts around those guns. I also wish there was more space for tactical patches instead of just the one horizontal strip across the front of the bag." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "Expectations met and exceeded, this bag is everything you could ask for and more. I've got 5 mags + 2 in guns, 2 guns in cases (1 is the s&w range and carry so it huge), about 800 rounds of ammo (22 &9mm),10 pack of ear plugs and there's still room to spare. Yes it heavy with everything but with the handles or the sling I'm able to manage pretty well and the bag holds up great with all the weight. It seems to be made with good quality, I would expect it to be way more expensive. For the price you can't beat it I would 100% buy again. Came fast with no problems." — E Moola
Reassuring review: "Initially, I purchased this to have a small range bag with compartments, nothing too big. In this bag I carry a small cleaning kit, a spray can of CLP, cleaning rags, disposable gloves, 1000 rounds of ammunition, 5 magazines, a cleaning mat, Caldwell 5.5 Bullseye Targets, safety glasses, earplugs, a knife, and a bottle of water. I still have room for a ton of other items. I'm a very organized person and this allows me to keep my gear very well organized. One caveat, I did spray the bag with weatherproof spray prior to using it, just in case, I was stuck out in the elements." — L. E. Ault

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


6. ProCase - Shooting Range Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 1,765 ratings | 28 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Five built-in elastic loops in the front pocket are able to accommodate 5 Double Stack Magazines or 10 Single Stack Magazines.

Helpful review: "Over the years, I have owned dozens of pistols, and I have been on the search for the ultimate pistol case ever since. Why? The factory cases are great in many instances, but they don't have enough room in them for extra magazines or other accessories, so I rarely use them.
I like a bag that can hold the pistol and at least five spare magazines, not including the magazine inside the pistol. I have purchased probably two dozen bags over the years, in that search for perfection, and found two that I really loved. The first is the "factory" case that comes with STI pistols. I guess they should be nice, considering their pistols START at 2,000 and go up quite a bit from there.
In any event, the cases are outstanding, and I have purchased several of them for my other pistols. Unfortunately, those cost $70 a pop, which can get spendy when you have a couple dozen pistols. The second is a company that will custom cut foam for you and puts it inside a fantastic hard case, but since it has two layers of internal foam, you can easily fit five extra magazines. But that option is even more expensive, at around 100 bucks.
I recently purchased two more bags, and this is one of them. I think this is going to be my new "default" pistol case. The other one I bought, though it is similar in configuration, doesn't feel at all sturdy, and I doubt it will last long. This, on the other hand, has plenty of room and feels substantially more robust in terms of construction than I would EVER expect at this price point.
It has plenty of rooms for magazines, secured in a separate compartment, and room enough for two pistols, each secure in its own pouch. So if you have only one pistol in it, you could put even more magazines in the other pouch. Definitely a great case. I have only two "gripes" about the case, and one question. The question relates to durability. Yes, it does feel very well built and quite sturdy, but only time will tell if it will hold up.
The first gripe is the fact that it does not open flat when unzipped. It opens to a 90 degree angle, but won't stay open either. Not a huge deal, but it is nice when the case opens flat. The second gripe is that one side of the bag, externally speaking, goes to waste. They have nothing on it. They could really make this an outstanding bag by adding some more pouches, or at least some molle webbing so people could attach their own pouches.
Still, as it stands I am thrilled, especially given the price. So if you are looking for a bag that will hold all of your magazines, and for a price that is insanely low, start here. If you have a lot of guns, like me, and you need a good bag to buy in volume, you simply can't go wrong here.
While I'm not sure why they have both durability and sturdiness as two separate categories--seems like they are the same thing to me--I'll give them both 5's until I have reason to do otherwise. In the future, a different third category would be more meaningful, perhaps "features" or something similar. But a great bag, any way you slice it!" — Clint F.

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


7. DBTAC XL - Tactical 4-Pistol Bag

Top-rated: 1,510 ratings | 31 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: This tactical bag can also be used as a photography bag for full-size DSLR with lenses and accessories.

Helpful review: "I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality of this specific bag... I'm only going to be storing one carry pistol in this bag because I bought it to act primarily as my bag to carry my 20~60x80 Spotter Scope and Two of my Night Vision Cameras. Not only did everything I wanted to carry fit as if the bag were made specifically for this use but there was also space for two backup power sources at 26,88mAh each. I searched Amazon and simply couldn't find a better solution for the price and figured it was low priced enough that if all my Night Vision gear didn't fit, I'd simply use it for another Range Bag... Many Thanks to DBTAC for supplying us yet another avenue to carry my delicate electronics and a little pistol just to be sure that all remains well. If Only It Were Made In America, I'd Gladly Pay 50% More For An American Made Product Such As This. No Question About It. Much and Greatly Appreciated...." — Gunny Jack
Trending review: "This bag holds our gear to take to the shooting range with a lot of extra room. I wonder how big the guns are that they used to determine that this is a 4 gun bag. I could put 4 guns in it with bullets, and all of our other gear with plenty of room left over for perhaps another two guns. Perhaps I need to carry more bullets?!?. This is a very feature packed bag with a lot of extra compartments. I don't know if we will use them all, but I have only had the bag a few weeks. I would buy it again because it does seem like a really well built bag and I think it will last a long time, for our use." — RockledgeWoodDog
Reassuring review: "I had been looking for a new range bag but each one I saw had something missing that I wanted. When I saw this one, it looked exactly as what I was looking for so took a chance and ordered it. This bag is awesome! There are lots of compartments to store whatever you might need and many pockets for extra magazines. The main section is very large with adjustable velcro dividers that you arrange as needed. There are many places provided to attach hook and loop patches and it comes with an American Flag patch. I chose the camo design. This range bag is just perfect!" — Deb
Latest review: "Came on time, in good order and as described. A great range bag and well worth the price. Very Sturdy, packs all my cleaning supplies and safety gear. More than enough room for several 100 round ammo boxes as shown in addition to xtra mags. Normally, for me, a day at the range includes my D.E. .44 , Glock 17, Glock 23, Beretta .380 , Beretta .45 , Tarus G3 9mm. and at least 100 -200 rnds for each. That should give a good idea just how much weight this bag repeatedly stands up to per trip (usually every weekend).. and still no worn places, tearing, holes, loose / broken stitches or zippers. I'd definitly recomend and would buy again." — John Anderson
Discussed review: "Of all the similar style gun bags on Azn at this px point ($30-$50), this is the best quality - and a touch larger. Not to mention that similar sized bags from camera bag manufacturers are $100 to $200 more expensive, sure better quality components, but not $200 better - unless you're carrying a $20k cinecam. This bag has better components - slightly sturdier straps and better quality mesh inside the pockets - better detailed dividers inside the main compartment etc. The Floor is padded, I would've been happier if it was even more rigid - maybe with a molded floor like tool bags, but you can use one of the internal dividers to add padding to the floor..." — BezosRocketFinancer

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


8. Exos - 2-Pistol Soft Case

Top-rated: 1,546 ratings | 39 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Fully padded interior.

Helpful review: "Solid case, that holds earplugs, two speed loaders, two boxes of ammo, as well as my S&W 357 (6") and 38 snubby." — Charles Harris
Trending review: "Works very well, not heavy or overly large, capacity is fine for a 5” 1911 government frame, and a Glock 19 size pistol. Along with 4 magazines for the .45, and 2 spare magazines for the 9mm. Plus boxes of ammo, a quick tool kit, and I strap ear protection to the bag. Meets my needs and works well." — D. Ashman
Reassuring review: "I recently introduced my wife to the world of fishing. Although I carry 95% of our tackle and gear in my larger tackle box, she still wanted a compact / lightweight solution to carrying her own tackle. After tons of searching on Amazon for a solution that works for her, we stumbled upon this pink Exos double pistol case. Don't let this pink pistol case fool you. The materials that it's made from are exactly the materials that many other soft tackle boxes are made of. The quality of this Exos case seems really well made. After researching various sized plastic tackle boxes, we found a combo that fits this Exos case PERFECTLY! We bought this pink Exos case, a Plano 360710 Prolatch 3600 plastic case (smaller outer pocket) and a Bassdash 3670 - 12.4 x 8.86 x 1.97 plastic case (large main pocket). We bought all (3) of these items on Amazon and it all fits! The 3670 larger plastic case is a tighter fit but none the less, it all fits nicely. The zippers on the pink Exos case are exactly like the zippers on my orange K*stK*ng soft tackle box (which was also purchased here on Amazon - not pictured). Amazon is literally a one-stop-shop for all of the gear listed in this review. We hope other Amazon shoppers can benefit from our research and purchases. I would definitely buy this Exos case again. In fact, I will more than likely buy a black Exos case here on Amazon for me. Happy fishing everyone!" — Michael F. Martinez
Discussed review: "Two padded outside pockets hold one handgun each. I use it for a G17 and a G26. The center section held a box of ammo. In the bottom of the center section there are two elastic loops that were perfect for one 30 round (9mm) magazine. There are 5 elastic straps for full size, double stack magazines. I was also able to lay a 6th double stack magazine below them before zipping it up. If that is not enough, there are Molle straps to hold 3, two magazine, carriers on the outside. It is suitable for going from the house to the truck to the range and back again. Not exactly what I would carry to the Apocalypse, but sturdy enough. I have seen crappier cases sell for twice as much... Going to range with one magazine per gun, easily accommodates two 50 rd boxes. Stitching holding up well. Bought second for wife." — Keith

Get it from Amazon now: $24.95 & FREE Returns


9. ProCase XL - Range Bag for Large Handguns

Top-rated: 1,579 ratings | 5 answered questions

best range bag


Highlight: Multiple fully-padded compartments and pockets offer more than enough space for your firearms, magazines, ammo, earmuffs and everything else you need for the range. Also popular as a camera bag.

Helpful review: "This Range Bag is AWESOME!!! This bag is able hold everything I need to go to the range and/or competition for both the main and backup gun. I was able to place my ammo, 2 pistols, 2 x eye glasses and ear protection, shot timer, 6 speed loaders for the revolvers, a small pistol cleaning kit, my concealment vest, shooting diary, 2 x pens and a water bottle. It is very well padded for protection, and it even had rubber feet on the bottom for grip and anti-slide as well. You get what you pay for. I was very impressed. If I had to add anything for an improvement with a slight upcharge would be pistol covers. I will highly recommend the ProCase Tactical Gun Range Bag to others. GREAT JOB!" — L. Little
Trending review: "I saw the great reviews - and this range bag does not disappoint. It's amazing! The thick, padded, sturdy structure stays open when you set it down, even when empty. I've seen many bags that collapse like a duffle bag. Frustrating! The solid core of the bag allows it to hold its structure. You see everything in the main compartment at a glance - everything is easily accessible. You can customize the interior to suit your needs. I have a Pelican 1120 case that fits perfectly with room on top for another, two ears and two eye cases, a few boxes of ammo...and that's just the main compartment! There's an insulated beverage compartment on the side, a zippered cell and charger pocket, magazine storage - and PLENTY more. If you don't use the extra compartments, it stays flat and compact. The material is matte, textured and heavy duty. The zippers are large, smooth and well made. You can carry the bag by the handles or use the padded shoulder strap. There's even a velcro area on one side to add your favorite patches, letting you EASILY customize and ID your bag from others. I was concerned as some said it was too big, others said too small. I think it's just right! Any bigger would be bulky, any smaller would be tight. I prefer to open a bag and see everything. I hate rummaging because it's too deep. The bag would also function for camera/video and is the perfect size as a carry-on for under seat storage. Glad I made this purchase!" — AmazonProShopper
Reassuring review: "First, I must confess - I'm not using it for a range bag heavy with ammo, so I can't really attest to its internal stitching and heavy-weight durability. But I can say the nylon is thick, its nicely sized, the zippers are great (large/smooth), the storage is really good, mag storage is good (a bit tight on double-stacks at first), mag storage doesn't intrude into internal storage, it sits up straight, not floppy at all in any way, the right end compartment is large and nicely padded and would probably hold a G19 in a holster, maybe? I bought it to haul around 3-4 inch FPV drones in the center compartment, DJI goggles in one partition and a Tango 2 TX in the other compartment, 4s 650 & 850 lipos in the mag pouches, tools next to the water bottle pouch, props in the outer front panel, and another 4 inch will fit in the end pouch. On top of that, a 5" (Merica or Badger) will fit across the top of the main compartment upside-down with the props on." — Dash
Updated review: "I bought this to use as a camera bag to lug around a camera attached to a telephoto lens to rodeos, sideline sports and concerts, when I need just the one camera/telephoto lens setup. It works well, it's well made and it's well padded. It was created to carry pistols and has slots and pockets to contain whatever else you need to take to the gun range. Since the only thing I shoot with is a camera, will re-purpose the slots and pockets to hold memory cards, batteries and other small accessories. It's light-rain proof and I wouldn't trust it in a downpour, but I am sure it would be fine for a short downpour. The rubber feet keep the bottom off the ground a bit so placing it on wet grass is not a problem. There are Velcro strips on the inside to customize the interior anyway that suits you. It's a nice bag." — The New Mexico Man

Get it from Amazon now: $55.99 & FREE Returns

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