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  • Casey Wilson

A Personal Review Of The Best Concealed Carry Holsters In 2022

Looking for the best concealed carry holster for the money? WE THE PEOPLE holsters are hand-molded, affordable, made in America, and come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

I've been raving about WE THE PEOPLE holsters because each one is custom-tailored to your specific handgun for a perfect fit and strong retention.

1. IWB Holster — Minimizes Contact Between Your Gun and Your Body and Ensures Clean Draws

Top-rated: 2,872 ratings | 287 answered questions

IWB Holster

Highlight: Lightweight, durable and specifically-molded, this inside the waistband holster is proudly manufactured in the United States utilizing .08-inch Kydex, a material thick and rigid enough to maintain its structure even under the most demanding conditions.

Helpful review: "I bought this model for my 3" XD 9mm. After watching some of the reviews on YouTube I was getting second thoughts while waiting for it to arrive. Now that I have used it for a couple of months I am happy to report that I'm quite pleased. I'm guessing they have tightened up their Quality Control because the kydex was formed very nicely to the weapon, and after tightening the retention screw there's no issue of the gun falling out of a loose holster. I like the way the trigger is fully covered, and protected, as well as the mag release buttons. The belt clip works awesome and is secure on my 1.5 in. Blackhawk belt. All in all, I'm very happy with this holster." — Lake W.
"I bought this for my Glock 29.4. It fits like a glove. The packaging was very nice, and I can tell that the company cares about the presentation of its products. I would highly recommend this holster, especially for the price." — Greg Shawn

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $41.00


2. OWB Holster — For Maximum Flexibility in Carry Options and Concealment Under All Kinds of Clothing

Top-rated: 912 ratings | 92 answered questions

OWB Holster

Highlight: Enjoy hearing an audible "click" every time you holster your gun, and rest assured your gun is securely in place.

Helpful review: "This holster is very light. It fits the full size sig p320 very well. It slides in and holds until ready to draw. This will fit the full size with so options so no light... and not the model with the dot site. The bolts are a great option to adjust your draw. This was the only custom holster that I could find for a lefty at a reasonable price, with the carbon fiber design. When drawing, the gun slides out normally, not stuck or anything but with still enough friction to hold the fun in place." — Joshua Ontiveroz
"Nice holster. It’s pretty thin but very durable. I like how high my pistol sits. I do carry full size so the butt of my gun sticks out just a tad bit . The only thing I don’t like about it is the sweat guard. It’s nice that there is one, but it would be nicer if it came up a little bit higher on the slide so the full slide is covered. It’s a bit difficult to take off but it goes on like a breeze. Overall it’s a good buy." — R. Fryson
"Had to tighten to make sure my Hellcat didn’t slip out. But once done, it fits firmly and comfortably. Highly recommend!" — Mark D.

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $50.00


3. Custom Kydex Printed Holster — Custom Designed to Have a Snap in Perfect Fit

Top-rated: 457 ratings | 52 answered questions

Custom Kydex Printed Holster

Highlight: These US-made holsters have an adjustable retention feature that can be set according to your personal comfort, ensuring fast and smooth draw every time. The feature keeps the retention consistent both on and off the body.

Helpful review: "I have carried with a nylon holster, which is comfy and makes for pretty nearly complete concealment, but has no retention features whatsoever. Much of the time that didn't matter, but I was always aware of it, and aware that I had better not get in any sort of rolling tussle with someone or that thing was coming out. Next I tried Alien Gear for my 1911. I haven't worn it for regular carry yet. It's big. It's bulky. I find it uncomfortable. I did actually go back to the nylon.
Browsing yet again, I ran across We The People holsters and the reviews sold me. Now I have mine. I bought one left and one right. Early result after three days is that I love these. Others mention the multiple holes that allow you to adjust the cant and ride height. I haven't done anything with that yet, but I can see that I probably will experiment a little.
The fit of holster to gun is very nice. The firearm is retained snugly. I can hold the holster upside down and shake it with some vigor. Nothing. No movement. Drawing, however, is a simple matter of grasping the grip firmly and just pulling as though I mean it. It doesn't take any monster effort to get it out, but it's not going anywhere accidentally, either. That seems perfect to me.
It'll take a while to have enough carry time to know for sure that it will not be uncomfortable across long days, but if it merits additional comment, I'll come back and say something then. For now, it feels just fine.
Another reviewer mentioned that over time the holster might leave some wear marks on the pistol. That just sounds like good honest wear, and the prospect doesn't bother me. I don't know how, without an over-the-grip strap, you could have retention without at least some wear somewhere. I do not want to have to deal with a strap or release.
I bought a left and a right. Being left-handed, I use the right-handed holster for IWB center of back. If I'm going to carry open, I use the left-handed holster and put it at 4 o'clock on the left side and carry on. I don't do that much because I am not a big fan of open carry. There are times, like at the range, when concealment serves no purpose, and it's nice to carry in a more natural position. So far, I love this holster!" — Rick in Houston
"A perfect fit! There is a smooth finish added to the color pattern and the weapon is secure in place. The waist paddle is very comfortable without shift or pinch. This product is well designed with safety. And purpose in mind. Well done." — Billy TX

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $45.00 - $75.00


4. Independence IWB Leather Holster — Uses a Proprietary Design to Maximize Retention, Comfort and Ease of Use

Top-rated: 275 ratings | 74 answered questions

Independence IWB Leather Holster

Highlight: Every single holster is custom-tailored to your specific handgun for a perfect fit and strong retention.

Helpful review: "When I received this holster, I was surprised by its stiffness. But that’s just me not being familiar with leather holsters. I guess I was expecting something different, maybe more malleable, like a baseball glove, and therefore didn’t see how something so stiff could be comfortable to wear. When you get used to it it's very comfortable. In fact, it's the most comfortable holster I own (now that I'm addicted to leather holsters). It holds the gun securely. I loved the packaging. Right out of the box it was a little snug, so I did the plastic shopping bag trick to loosened it up." — Tom Williams
"I love it. This holster is well made and it fits my 1911 like a glove. Everything about it screams quality, from the thickness of the leather to the stitching. It fits perfectly in that portion of your body just behind your hip bone, and the cant of the holster makes concealment of such a large gun much easier. Also, excellent customer service. I highly recommend this product, and will definitely buy from this company again." — Tim Ramsey

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $149.00


5. Independence OWB Leather Holster — Unparalleled Rigidity, Retention and Protection Against Holster Wear on Your Firearm

Top-rated: 335 ratings | 112 answered questions

Independence OWB Leather Holster

Highlight: Featuring a double-layer shell, this holster offers unparalleled rigidity, retention and protection against holster wear on your firearm. In addition, it has a “tail fin” that pushes the firearm against your body to reduce printing.

Helpful review: "After years of carrying my full size Remington R1 Carry, I have accumulated a dozen holsters. This is my favorite so far. I have only had it for a few days but it is more comfortable than the others and it looks way nicer." — Brad G.
"This holster quality is amazing! I was a little concerned about it working with my Valkyrie Dynamics Compensator, but just took a little massaging where the the muzzle sits and after carrying with it for a day it's already broken in nicely." — Mark Gresham

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $149.00


6. Freedom Holster Platform (Platinum Edition) With Over 2,500 Different Configurations

Top-rated: 341 ratings | 109 answered questions

Freedom Holster Platform (Platinum Edition)

Highlight: Functions as IWB or OWB; gives you the freedom to choose almost every aspect of your concealed carry setup with over 2,500 different configurations.

Helpful review: "I can't tell you how many different holsters I've had and gone through. This thing is awesome. Replaces everything I've ever owned + gives me options I've never tried before. I love how I can easily adjust the clips for the perfect fit." — Jamie C
"I received your IWB for my 365 Sig. I really like the fit and comfort. I have retired a whole drawer full of holsters. When will you make a holster for a J-Frame S&W 637?" — Thom H.
"I bought a couple t-shirts and 3 hoodies last year. I've gotten more compliments than you can imagine!! My eldest is a Sr Master Sgt in the air force, ammo of course and he is crazy about everything!! Wants all his future presents to come from We The People!" — Holly M.

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $129.00


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