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The Grand Hotel Wien Is Old, But Actually Awesome

Looking for the best hotel in Vienna? The Grand Hotel is one of the most exclusive spots in the city, and it’s got the views to prove it. It's a place of affordable luxury, with a swanky bar and exquisite restaurants, which is why I gave it five stars.

Grand Hotel Wien

The Grand Hotel Vienna opened in 1870, so it has plenty of history to boast about, which is exactly the kind of thing I’m interested in while on vacation. Over the years, it has made itself known across the world and become a place of pilgrimage for nobility, politicians and famous artists. In 1894, the famous composer Johann Strauss celebrated his 50th anniversary in the hotel’s ballroom. An American tourist, like myself, is grateful to have stayed at a Viennese landmark such as this. I will definitely be back in the future, and in the meantime I’ll share the details of my stay.

It’s All About The Location

The Grand Hotel's location is perfect, especially for first time visitors to Vienna. It's a stone’s throw away from the Vienna State Opera and the Albertina Museum (so I knew I had to get out and explore). I can’t forget to mention that it’s right on the famous Ringstraße, which circles the historic Innere Stadt (Inner Town). You can walk essentially everywhere - that’s how central the hotel is! There's no need to worry about finding a taxi, taking the subway or renting a car because everything is so close.

By the way, the hotel's rooftop restaurant offers a beautiful view of the city’s skyline... to make your heart flutter in anticipation.


Rooms To Make You Feel Like Royalty

My room made me feel like a princess in my own home. It was cozy enough to be comfortable, but so grand I knew that I was definitely not in Kansas anymore. I was able to absorb the culture from just sitting in the, may I say, incredibly majestic room. Each room has a coffee maker with complimentary coffee pods (refilled every morning by the wonderful housekeeper). She also cleaned the room every single day, so I was able to relax in a spanking clean atmosphere when I got back from exploring.

It was truly everything a modern person could hope for with the charm of the antique Viennese style. It was hard to leave the room, honestly. I just wanted to sip on my espresso, read a book, and stare out at Vienna all day long. But, of course, I couldn't miss all that the city had to offer.


Wake Up To Deliciousness

Breakfast is served at the Grand Brasserie. The breakfast buffet is absolutely wonderful. The selection is large: breads, different types of cheese, Viennese pastries, a selection of smoked fish, Austrian sausages, healthy smoothies, green shakes... I could go on forever…

I had my choice of delectables (meats, pastries and everything bad for me) with a glass of champagne to make my relaxing vacation that much better.

I know… I miss it already…

But I have to say that my absolute favorite was the Grand Hotel Wien Signature Dish. It’s a poached egg on toasted bread (from the famous Joseph bakery) with arugula and smoked salmon. My mouth is watering just talking about it.


Relax, Renew, Refresh!

Pampered is too little of a word for what I experienced at the Grand Spa. I tried nearly all of their services, including the sauna, steam bath, and recreation area. I didn't get to try the beauty treatments and massages. I’ll save those for the next visit when I have more time.

What’s so special about the recreation area? Everything! The lights and architecture and music… (sigh)... Why did I leave? And of course, when the end of my vacation was approaching, I realized I had packed on a few well-deserved pounds. They have a great cardio area to shed some of that weight before going back to work.


The Dinner Bell Rang More Than Once

There are several restaurants to choose from in this hotel. UNKAI is a great place for when you’re in the mood for Japanese cuisine. The assortment was so vast it's hard to think of a favorite dish. I recommend the Shabu-Shabu (a meal you cook yourself on your table), the truly-delectable (and very fresh) sushi combinations, and the Japanese dessert Hokkaido (pumpkin crème brûlée with fresh berries).

The lobby restaurant, Rosengarten, was my absolute favorite, though. The live piano music, elegant furniture, and delicious food was out of this world good. They had authentic Viennese dishes, such as the Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb. And, yes, I devoured the homemade desserts with vigor. I was sure that I was annoying the waiter, but he was nothing but polite and courteous. Service really does make all the difference, doesn’t it?


To Sum Things Up

The Grand Hotel Vienna was a unique experience. It’s not often that I find a place I want to return to, especially hotels. But this one is rich in history, and the people who work there cherish that. It was seen in the rooms they designed, the food they made, and the guests they spoiled.

Speaking of guests, they were all friendly to each other, I think because they were enjoying themselves. I, for one, will be returning as soon as I possibly can.

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