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  • Keith Bailey

The iRobot S9+ Is Actually The Best Roomba For Pet Hair

I tested and reviewed the Roomba s9+ and can personally guarantee that it removes 99% of all debris across 5 different floor and carpet types, including corners and edges. This is one purchase you’d never regret if you have pets.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

The iRobot Roomba s9+ is self-emptying, WiFi-Connected and Ideal for Pet Hair

Top-rated: 5,271 ratings

Highlight: The automatic Dirt Disposal allows the s9+ to empty itself for up to 60 days, and the iRobot Home App makes cleaning literally effortless.

Helpful review: "I'm not new to robot vacuums. I've had the OG Roomba all the way to the Roomba i7 and 980 and even the Neato. The past 2 years I switched to Neato due to its LIDAR navigation and D shaped which allows it to get into tight corners, however with the lack of new products and the non existent customer support I decided I wanted to go back to Roomba with the new S9+, and boy am I glad I did! First and foremost, Roomba uses a camera to navigate so it needs some light. If you choose to use this at night just place a night light in the room and that will be enough light for it to navigate.
It takes Roomba about 3-4 runs before it creates a map of your house and splits the map into rooms, then uses no-go lines and even clean zones! This is handy as you can tell Roomba which rooms to clean first to last during its schedules. For example, I have my Roomba go out at 7AM every morning; however, I don't wake up until 7:30, hence I have Roomba do my room the very last so it doesn't wake me up. You can also have Roomba come out to clean just certain rooms or areas, so I have the back door and front door as a clean zone since my dogs always track in dirt, and Roomba will spend more time in these areas to give them a deeper clean.
The S9 has a dual roller approach, so unlike the other vacuums on the market Roomba has a patent that allows them to use 2 rollers. This allows deep cleaning in carpets and hardwood floors. It will pick up practically all debris, but the biggest thing is that they don't need cables like other vacuums do. My Neato D7 would ALWAYS eat my charging corn and then error out because it would get stuck. Roomba, on the other hand, will roll over the cords and not get stuck up (thanks to the dual rollers).
The S9 has a variable speed vacuum power, so on hardwood floors it will run at a lower power. However, once it moves to carpets the vacuum power ramps up to get a deep clean. You can also adjust the power in the app to give you the power you want. The clean base is a game changer and this truly makes your robot feel like a cleaning assistant. Before, with all the other models, you always had to remember to clean the dust bin or the robot would either (A) Not go out because the bin was full, or (B) go out but push hair into clumps because it cant pick it up due to the bin being full. The clean base empties the Roomba bin every time it docks or when the Roomba detects its bins full. It will independently go to the base to empty itself, and then go back out to continue cleaning.
I have 2 dogs that shed like crazy. Roomba goes out every day and the clean base vacuum bags last about a month for me.
One thing to note is you do NOT need to use the official Roomba bags in the cleaning base (so you can save yourself some money and buy from a 3rd party seller, from which you can get about 10 bags for the price of 3 official Roomba bags).
Imprint link is another huge selling point! So if you have hardwood floors like me, you can get the Roomba Brava M6 mop. Its Roomba Smart mop uses the same navigation as the S9 does and can mop around your house and make sure your floors are squeaky clean. Once your S9 Roomba goes out to clean and finishes, it will send out your Brava M6 to mop the floors. This will assure the floors are clean and won't get in the way of the mop. Overall I am very happy with the Roomba S9. iRobot nailed it on the head with this vacuum. Its D-shape design cleans all corners, and its vacuum base (and now imprint link) tie into your smart house. So I highly recommend the S9+!" — Alexander

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Trending review: "I am an unpaid legitimate happy customer. I LOVE MY ROOMBA S9+!!!! We're empty nesters now with no kids to help with vacuuming anymore. I have shoulder and back issues that greatly get exacerbated with repetitive motion such as vacuuming. I've been wanting a Roomba for quite a few months now when it occurred to me that these vacuums exist. I had never considered a Roomba prior to that. I thought it was probably a foolish novelty and couldn't possibly do a descent job because the suction must be minimal. I WAS WRONG! When I was doing my research into which Roomba model to get I had decided I was absolutely getting the i7 with dirt disposal instead of the S9 for 2 reasons: 1) there were lots of negative reviews about the S9+ being very buggy and released to soon (many suggesting to go with the i7+ instead; 2) the S9+ price point seemed unobtainable to me and clearly not worth it according to reviews. When I was able to finally get my Roomba, Amazon was offering the s9+ discounted and no interest payments, but not the i7. This made me go look at the reviews a second time. Many months, and UPDATES, have passed since the s9+ was released in June. Reviews were not starting to sing praises about the s9+. I decided to take a chance and go with the s9+; and I'm so glad I did! When I set it up it quickly did it's updates. Since it's release, it has had many software updates. I got it after the 3.2.4 update. It's just a dream and such a game changer for me. It's a competent, diligent, and meticulous little worker that's very entertaining to watch. My cats are fascinated! My floors are so clean and I can have the vacuuming done whenever and wherever I want! It claims it's suction is powerful enough to do a good job on carpets; I can't speak to that. I do have mostly hard floors, but it does an excellent job of cleaning my entry rug! I did have to anchor down my rug or it will suck it up! There has been a couple of extremely minor glitches, and those might be on me because I have not yet cleaned any of it's many sensors. Absolutely not in anyway a game changer! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!" — FoxyPoxMom

Get it from Amazon now: $999.99 & FREE Returns