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  • Ray Campbell

The Best Gun Case Is Actually Cheap On Amazon

I review hard gun cases for a living, so if you're looking for a quality one you've come to the right place. My picks are practical and affordable, and will never feel like a regretful purchase. Mark my words!

FYI, Prices and review-count are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Plano Single Scoped Pistol Case

Top-rated: 4,084 ratings | 73 answered questions

Plano 10137 Gun Guard SE Single Scoped Pistol Case

Highlight: Accommodates a longer barreled handgun with scope and accessories or two small handguns.

Helpful review: "I love this box! My M&P Shield 9mm fits like a charm! You can't beat the price! The gun store was selling the same box but double the price! I'm so glad I got it here. It fits my ammo box, bullet feeder and my magazine with no issue. Recommended!" — Nelson88

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2. MTM Single Revolver Case

Top-rated: 5,801 ratings | 104 answered questions

MTM Single Revolver Case

Highlight: For automatics and scoped revolvers with barrels measuring 6 inches or less.

Helpful review: "It's actually better than what it's advertised for. It's advertise for up to a 6 inch barrel. The one you see in this picture is a 7 1/4 inch barrel. The entire length of this firearm is 11 1/2 inches long and fits with room to spare below. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it fit especially for the price I paid for it." — prattcarioca

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3. Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Hard Pistol Case with a Dual-Lock System

Top-rated: 2,959 ratings | 100 answered questions

Highlight: Unlike pistol cases that crack, chip and break, the cedar mills fine firearms pistol case is engineered for strength and durability.

Helpful review: "I bought this case for my 9mm Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. Not only will my pistol easily fit inside, but so will the spare magazines. The case even came with a handy tool to help punch out the foam to fit whatever you are putting inside. It looks like the seller addressed the earlier comments about needing foam lining on the bottom since that does not appear to be a problem. I am very happy with this purchase and plan to buy another if my next pistol comes in a cardboard box (c' mon Smith and Wesson!)." — Ian Fleming

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4. MTM Two-Pistol Case

Top-rated: 2,393 ratings | 62 answered questions

MTM Case-Gard Two-Pistol Handgun Case

Highlight: Two-pistol, snap-latch handgun case.

Helpful review: "I bought this MTM pistol case for one reason and one reason only: to hold my Taurus Raging Bull. This large frame revolver has an 8.375" (8 3/8") barrel. After reading other reviews, I was sold on this case. I have other MTM products, so I am familiar with the brand and don't question the quality of the case. The plastic is rigid enough and the foam grabs and keeps the items inside snug and in place. The latches are adequate and snap close securely. I knew that I could fit the revolver diagonally, but was really pleasantly surprised to see that the gun can fit across the entire width of the case as well. As can be seen in my photo, I was also able to fit a Taurus Spectrum .380 and a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .40 cal. None of the guns are laying on top of one another. There is plenty of space between them. The case closes with no problem and keeps the guns in their place. I swung this around a few times and upon opening it, was pleased to find everything in its place. If you have a large revolver, or want to store or transport multiple compact or subcompact handguns, this affordable case might be to your liking. Read the reviews. I did and they sold me on this case. I hope my review helps you make your decision." — Mark

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5. Case Club Case for 5 Pistols and 20 Magazines with a Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust (Upgraded Gen-2)

Top-rated: 1,252 ratings | 53 answered questions

Case Club Waterproof Case for 5 Pistols and 20 Magazines with a Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust (Upgraded Gen-2)

Highlight: Holds 5 pistols and 20 magazines (+5 more in the magwells). Case is 100% shippable and airline approved for TSA checked luggage.

Helpful review: "I use this case for 4 different handguns. All different sizes and this case works perfect for all of them. The mag slots have panels to make them different sizes just have to pull then out. Takes a little tinkering but you will be done organizing it in 5 mins. Nothing is to gard or tight. If your running a gun light I suggest flipping the gun because of the thickness. Then you dont have to stretch out the foam" — Travis

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6. Eylar Water and Shock Proof Hard Gun Case

Top-rated: 1,633 ratings | 32 answered questions

Eylar Water and Shock Proof Tactical Hard Gun Case

Highlight: Waterproof protection for up to 1 meter fully submerged with a rubber gasket lining.

Helpful review: "This case is the perfect case for my 9mm Smith and Wesson Shield. It has enough room to fit the handgun plus 2 magazines plus a small accessory item and hold them all securely. The fit and finish of the case is superb and the case is the perfect size. It is compact enough to fit on a shelf in my gun safe which makes it convenient for me for storage purposes. I travel considerably so the TSA compliant feature is important for me as well as the waterproof feature. The foam insert is easy to customize to your individual set up. I will definitely buy again." — Bruce C. Miller II

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7. Flambeau Outdoors 10" Pistol Case

Top-rated: 1,360 ratings | 29 answered questions

Flambeau Outdoors 1011 Safe Shot 10" Pistol Case

Highlight: The heavy-duty plastic construction of the Pistol Pack Case protects your weapon from general wear and tear. Features convoluted foam interior cushioning.

Helpful review: "I recently bought a Smith and Wesson SD9VE and it came in a cardboard box so the first thing I needed was a case. This is the first case I came across that has slide latches, meaning I can use the lock that came with the gun to secure the case instead of having to buy extra pad locks to lock the other style cases. The case is more than adequate for the price and what I need it for!" — Chad E. Cox

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8. Case Club Single Pistol Pre-Cut Waterproof Case

Top-rated: 832 ratings | 45 answered questions

Case Club Single Pistol Pre-Cut Waterproof Case

Highlight: Can accommodate under barrel attachments.

Helpful review: "Like them enough to buy two. Sturdy, well made, and at better price than others. Pre-cut is more to my liking than the "pick and pluck" of others, but opinions will vary on that. Those with good spatial awareness and desiring an exact fit to their personal liking will like the Pelican counterpart better IMHO. If not particularly good at spatial visualization, or if less patient about outlining and positioning before plucking, then pre-cut is better for you. I'm not at all a fan of the cases with "dimple" foam top and bottom, but again a personal choice with pros and cons. If first time removing the various sections then use some patience and discretion. "Measure twice, cut once". Lay the gun on the uncut foam and make sure you know which sections have to come out.
If you have to remove some others than the central one, remember the supplied knife is sharp and it is easy to color outside of the lines, er cut outside the lines, especially in the curves fitting a 1911. Use the back of the knife just on the surface to outline the areas to come out and once sure then cut down a few strokes at a time. If you have to widen an area on a curve, make sure to nick the area to come out (yeah I know, duh, but easy to slip).
High-end semi customs tend to come in nylon carry cases vice hard boxes (i.e. Wilson, Nighthawk - which I can actually afford now that my two little witches are out of their masters programs :-) )
Again maybe good enough for short-term storage, with desiccant packs added, but will attract and retain moisture in a more humid climate - even if stored in temperate indoor conditions. If don't have a safe then a sturdy case like this with desiccant and LOCKED is the BARE MINIMUM that one should do. Won't deter theft in the least bit but will at least slow down naïve and innocent of all ages. Of course, don't ever store a gun in the nylon soft case (or a holster of any material) in a gun safe. Haven't tested the waterproofness and don't intend to. But, the O ring in the lid seems sturdy and of a material that won't deteriorate too badly over time.
It isn't a 5 ATM dry box but doesn't pretend to be. Construction seems good enough to withstand getting caught in rain, and perhaps being dropped into very shallow water for a min or two. Case is a good product that does exactly what it claims to do. You could do a lot worse for the same money." — Mmasquer

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9. Plano Large Case for Pistols and Accessories - Protector Series

Top-rated: 1,641 ratings | 94 answered questions

Plano's Protector Series Large Case for Pistols and Accessories

Highlight: Backed by Plano's limited lifetime warranty.

Helpful review: "GUN INTENDED TO FIT: SPRINGFIELD XD TACTICAL .45ACP 5" BARREL. (I put the handgun model at the top, as the only reason I'm writing this review is to help others determine if this will fit their gun... I found similar comparisons helpful when I was shopping for this myself).
There isn't really much to say in a review. This case is how I expected it. Sturdy(ish)-enough to "keep honest people out"-and the cable is nice. I bought this at the same time as a "GunVault NV200 NanoVault" (that's how it's listed on Amazon) which was much more expensive. What I was trying to do is get a case that's as compact as possible to transport my Springfield XD Tactical .45ACP Pistol (this is the model with the 5" barrel and extended slide... specifically called the "tactical" model which is about an inch longer in the slide than the standard full-size .45ACP Springfield XD).
I bought both this and the GunVault case because I wanted something that worked as well as possible while still meeting California's requirements for locked transport of handguns before I went on a trip that was coming up, and I figured that by buying both I would be hedging my bets and get a better chance of ending up with a case that would work for the trip. Both cases hold the XD. The Plano case holds it BETTER, however. I say better because of the thickness.
I have trouble closing the GunVault NV200 without applying a lot of excess pressure when I'm putting the XD in it. The Plano closes without effort, and is actually SMALLER than the GunVault. The GunVault is WAY more protective of course, but I was only getting this to meet minimum legal compliance for handgun transportation in CA. So I took the Plano on the trip, but I opted to keep the GunVault because the added "smash and grab" protection offered by the cable on the GunVault is a nice feature, and as such I've opted to keep the GunVault in my truck in case I ever find a need to leave a pistol or other valuables in there for an extended period." — MS

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10. Plano Single Pistol Case

Top-rated: 2,230 ratings | 42 answered questions

Plano's Protector Single Pistol Case

Highlight: Protects your pistol during storage and transport with thick wall construction and inner walls of high-density foam that hug the firearm to prevent movement.

Helpful review: "This is a very sturdy case. I bought it primarily to store pistols in my safe, but I would also trust this 100% to transport pistols to and from the range. The plastic is thick enough to provide protection and the latch mechanism is very well built and reliable. The size is actually large enough to fit two medium-frame pistols easily. I would not rely on a plastic case of this style to attempt transporting pistols through an airline - it's just not that sturdy (the requirement is that the edge can't by pried open enough to insert a finger, and this one just doesn't lock in a way that offers that type of rigidity), but if you have a pistol without a case and you'd like an inexpensive option to store it or transport it safely within a range bag, this case serves that purpose extremely well without costing a ridiculous amount. On a par with most OEM plastic cases that come with new firearms. I bought one just to see how it was constructed, then bought more." — CO Steve

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11. Vault by Pelican - Pistol Case with Foam

Top-rated: 486 ratings | 35 answered questions

Vault by Pelican V100 Pistol Case with Foam

Highlight: Cases are sealed against moisture and dust for long-term confidence in harsh conditions.

Helpful review: "This is a great gun case for the price, be weary of the bad reviews! The bad reviews stem from the fact that you WILL need to modify the foam ... this requires use of your hands and at least 2 brain cells. If you don't have those maybe you should reconsider this purchase. No, there are not precut little squares like your favorite coloring book, get a sharp razor blade and a box of band aids and get to work. I will say the hinges are a little on the weak side, but for the price it's expected." — Alain M.

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12. Plano Two Pistol Case - Protector Series

Top-rated: 1,648 ratings | 65 answered questions

Plano 1404 Protector Series Two Pistol Case

Highlight: The case carries a pistol as well as accessories and is equipped with secure, lockable latches, and a large molded in handle.

Helpful review: "Many years ago, I used to load up my pistols, equipment, and spotting scope inside a tremendously huge (and heavy) box-type carrying case. The brand name escapes me but just about all competition shooters used them. Fast forward to now. My interests have changed over the years. I do lots of cycling now, have several pets, and very little time to shoot these days. So, I needed a minimalist case for the occasional trip to an indoor range to target shoot with a friend. This case meets my needs perfectly. It can hold a Ruger Redhawk and either a S&W Model 41 with scope or a Colt Model 1911, also with scope. Plus, there's ample room for at least 4 magazines for the .45.
As others have said, the plastic could be a bit thicker for more rigidity but that won't be an issue for me. I don't plan to ever take this case on a plane so the build quality and price point + many positive reviews made it a good deal." — Richard C. *Top Contributor for Cycling*

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13. Case Club Case for 6 Pistols and 21 Magazines with a Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust (Upgraded Gen-2)

Top-rated: 510 ratings | 41 answered questions

Case Club Waterproof Case for 6 Pistols and 21 Magazines with a Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust (Upgraded Gen-2)

Highlight: Holds 6 pistols and 21 magazines (+6 more in the magwells). Case is 100% shippable and airline approved for TSA checked luggage.

Helpful review: "I love this case, great quality, clean pre-cut foam and uses the available real estate nicely. The handle and latches seem super durable and fit my locks I had on hand. I took the case out to my local outdoor range and having all my pistols, easy to grab, in one case is great. It fits my Glock collection, so far, A Gen 3 34, 17, 2x19, 26 and a Gen 2 32 perfectly. I also keep my ported and compensated barrels next to the guns for easy swap outs. My only complaint I wish I bought the bigger version for future pistol collection expansion." — Richter Scale Studios

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14. Plano X-Large Case for 4 Pistols - Protector Series

Top-rated: 1,764 ratings | 69 answered questions

Plano 1404 Protector Series Black X-Large Case for 4 Pistols

Highlight: The case carries a pistol as well as accessories and is equipped with secure, lockable latches, and a large molded-in handle.

Helpful review: "This case is great for the price. I have had it a while now and done many range trips with it and I've never had it come open or have had any of the guns shift inside of it. It has dual layers of foam and I can pack 5 pistols plus mags and whatever else I want to take with me. You won't be disappointed with it." — Biggbadjohn

Get it from Amazon now: $22.13 & FREE Returns


15. MTM Single Handgun Case

Top-rated: 904 ratings | 17 answered questions

MTM 805-40 Black  Single Handgun Case

Highlight: Very popular size case for semi-autos and revolvers with barrels 4 inches or less.

Helpful review: "I recently purchased a Springfield Hellcat OSP 9mm pistol. It came with a soft shell case that accommodates the pistol, but not much else. I wanted a hard shell case that was a little bigger to accommodate an extra magazine and a magazine loader, but I didn't want a full size pistol case that would take up too much space. After much searching at the local sporting goods stores and firearms dealers I found this case on Amazon. I think it's perfect for my pistol and any other sub-compact/micro compact pistol out there. Let's start with what it is not: It is not a safe. It will not protect your firearm from theft. It will not protect it from being submerged in water. It will not protect against anyone who is willing to pry or cut it open to access what's inside. The case is pretty solid and durable, but it is plastic.
What it is: It is a nice case to store your pistol and a few accessories to protect their finish. With an installed trigger lock/cable lock, it will protect your children from accessing your pistol and accidentally discharging it.
Add a couple of padlocks to the holes in the case for added security against children. The case can be made as child safe as you are willing to make it. Just as a reference, there were two versions of this case available. A less expensive "original model" sold and shipped by Amazon and an "improved" version soldand shipped by a third party retailer for several dollars more. A friend ordered the "improved" one from a third party on Amazon and I ordered this original version directly through Amazon.
It's funny because we each received the exact same item down to the sticker on the case and SKU number on the sticker. There was absolutely nothing visually apparent to the eye to differentiate the two! They also weigh the same and their foam inserts are the same. If you’re on the fence or confused, just order the Amazon version (sold and shipped by Amazon) and save a few dollars. Okay, we've gotten that out of the way.
The case is made of a durable plastic that should last for years. The hinge side is a full length hinge, but it is all plastic! No metal rod securing the two halves. The hinge is snapped together and it could be popped open with a pry tool and a little effort.
As a reference, most of the full sized cases I looked at in the $10.00-$20.00 price range were made very similarly. Again, this is not a safe and I didn't purchase it as such. It is great for storage and transporting. The front snaps are also made of plastic, but snap together securely and the edges of the two halves overlap to prevent any gaps. There are padlock holes on either side of the front of the case for added security. The foam inserts appear to be made from good quality mid-weight foam. I didn't observe any pits in them or notice any dust coming off of them as some other reviewers had mentioned. They are as good as any other foam inserts I have had on other firearm cases. They are not glued in, but fit snug and don't fall out with gravity. They are reversible in case you want a smooth flat side and not the egg crate pattern. The egg crates held my Hellcat (secured with a trigger lock), a magazine, and a magazine holder very securely.
I played with some other configurations (please see the attached photos). I was easily able to snap the case closed and the items inside would not shift or move around when carrying the case or abruptly moving it around. I currently do not have a red dot optic on my firearm, but as you can see from my last photo with the pistol sitting lower in the case, it will fit without a problem.
All in all this is a great value for the price and does exactly what I need it to do; store and protect my firearm. With some additional steps it can be made more child-safe. I highly recommend it." — SCA

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16. Case Club Case for 4 Pistols and 16 Magazines with a Rechargeable Moisture-Absorbing Silica Gel Canister to Help Prevent Gun Rust (Upgraded Gen-2)