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  • Casey Wilson

I Tested And Ranked The Best Air Pistols On Amazon

Serious air pistols are the perfect weapon for every type of shooter, no matter your budget or level of experience. However, there are many makes and models to choose from. Read hands-on reviews of my top eleven picks.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber Air Pistol

Top-rated: 11,524 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber Air Pistol

Highlight: Integrated Weaver rail for easy mounting of accessories.

Helpful review: "for years. I would pay twice the price easily. It is simply the perfect dry fire practice gun for Glocks. The gun is very very similar to a G19. The trigger pull is very similar; there's a little mushiness after it hits the "Glock wall" at the end of the pull. Another trigger difference is the reset is not the same as on Glocks. It's longer - almost a full return. But overall it's incredibly similar - a pretty amazing thing. If you dry fire practice with your Glock, you know you have to rack the slide for each trigger pull. With this gun the trigger returns with each shot. That's worth the small price of admission itself." — Christopher Goerner
Trending review: "This air pistol feels very solid. Be careful!! It looks just like a real Glock 19. Make sure you use RWS air chamber lubricant with it, whatever lubricant you use it should be 100% silicone based, not petroleum based. Petroleum based will eat up your seals and cause “dieseling” which is when it combusts in the air chamber and in turn will damage your air gun. My only complaint is the trigger has a heavy pull which might be normal for air guns I don’t know. The only thing I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was the accuracy and that is because of the hard trigger pull. I think it is a solid product especially for the price." — Eric

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2. Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun

Top-rated: 2,366 ratings | 482 answered questions

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun

Highlight: A replica of one of the newest S&W designs.

Helpful review: "I am surprised at all the negative reviews. Let's hit them, one by one. I'm not talking about the airsoft gun, I'm talking about the BB gun.
1) Can't find magazines? Nonsense. Look at Walmart. They sell a package of two mags under the Crosman name for about thirteen bucks. They fit perfectly. While on the subject of the mags: easy to load, vs. some I've seen. You can easily make yourself a little BB loader to feed a stream of BBs right into the hole. That's because the groove for the spring slider is in line with the BB loading hole. I can fit 20 BBs in the mag with no jamming. I think it's advertised as holding 19. And the same magazine fits the Beretta Elite II replica BB gun, also from Umarex.
2) CO2 leaks? Not if you use a TINY dab of Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge before loading it. Do that and you will have no problems (others have mentioned this). I've had no leakage at all. This gun is a CO2 miser. In the summer, I can easily go through eight or nine, 20-rd mags on one cylinder. I'm really amazed at how long this gun remains accurate over varying amounts of CO2 remaining.
3) Accuracy. The trigger is long and hard (double action only), but like any other gun, you need to get used to it. Once you do, you can pop off accurate shots very quickly. Now remember, you are sending a round projectile (BB) down a smooth bore (think: Revolutionary War musket). You cannot expect rifled accuracy. You WILL get fliers--I sometimes think, "I was shooting the OTHER can, right?" But folks, I shoot soda cans at 25 feet and can hit them almost every single time. AND I can shoot a single can, hanging from a branch 25 yards away, yes, with fewer hits, but geez, 25 YARDS, people, and that's off-hand. On one knee, I can hit that can at 25 yards 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. I've since switched to homemade tubular (chime) targets at 25 yards, it's so much fun.
-- An aside on these BB triggers. The double-action trigger needs to first pull the inner barrel forward against a spring, so that when the trigger "breaks", the barrel can spring backward and activate the release of the CO2 to fire the BB. LOTS of BB handguns use the same mechanism, and have similar trigger pulls.
4) Sights. Did anyone mention them? They are wonderful. Non-adjustable, but bright and easy to see (white in front and fiber-optic green in rear).
5) No blowback. Who cares? Go buy a blowback gun and stop dissing this one.
6) Too much plastic, too lightweight, etc. See #5.
You want a useful negative comment? Here you are: The CO2 door (the sliding handle) is too easy to come off and difficult to get back on. But it does not happen that often and I'm not knocking it down a star for that.
Here's another one (and again, it's minor, so no knocks on the stars): If you partially pull the trigger (take up), then change your mind, a BB will be released into the barrel and will slide out when you lower the muzzle.
Remember this is a BB gun, and an inexpensive one at that. Pretty doggon' nice for the money, in my book.
There is a guy on YouTube who does great reviews on replica airguns. I'm not going to plug his site directly, but if you can google, you can find it. In my opinion, he puts too much emphasis on moving parts, blowback, and other features which would make the guns more realistic, but he still does a very thorough review, and they are worth watching. Good luck." — Dan

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3. Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Kit

Top-rated: 2,355 ratings | 306 answered questions

Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Kit

Highlight: CO2 BB Pistol, shooting glasses, BB's, CO2 cylinders and paper targets are ALL included!

Helpful review: "This is a solid, simple BB gun. It does not have a lot of "bells and whistles" or gimmicky operational additions - such as "blow-back action" etc. But it works hard. The one I received says "made in Japan." I deducted one star as it is somewhat difficult to quickly and visually inspect remaining BBs which could still be chambered (and active). The design of the magazine well is such that there can still be around 2-3 BBs hidden inside with the top loading spring looking like it has fully extended. The only sure way to know that it has completely emptied out is by firing until empty (that is even if you are in the habit of counting your rounds). Don't let that extremely minor detail take away from your enjoyment of this awesome product! Not all BB guns are designed where you can visually inspect the remaining BBs which may still be active in the gun. Also, as with all firearms, treat this BB gun with great caution. All firearm rules apply (always treat this item as if it was ALWAYS LOADED - and never point it at anything that you don't intend to fully destroy). At these velocities on a fresh cartridge, you CAN cause very serious and very permanent damage to soft tissue.
Longer review: Ok, here are the details for the gun in case anyone is looking for it: This is a BB gun in .177 caliber. That means it shoots little "ball bearings'' that measure .177 in diameter (4.5mm). These BBs are not hard to find. There are plenty that can be purchased here on Amazon. It does not shoot pellets. Package advertises that it can shoot "up to" 495 fps, in reality, expect around low 400s. Keep in mind that this will continue to drop as the CO2 cartridge gets expended - so it will be more along a range with "495" being your top velocity. I will test it with an actual chronograph if there is more interest - just remember to hit that "helpful" icon on the bottom of this review so I know people are actually reading this! This gun uses a 12gr CO2 cartridge, can load up to 21 BBs at a time, and shoot them repeatedly without having to "rechamber" a round - as is common with single shot spring type pellet guns. This is an initial review, so I have not tested it for a prolonged period of time, but I expect that it should hold up just fine. As stated above, this item does not have "blow-back action" - which means the slide will NOT move back and forth as the trigger is pulled (similar to an actual firearm). I have discovered that BB guns that do have "blow-back" tend to give you a little less mileage with CO2 cartridges, which can cost $$$ in the long run. For what it is, this is a basic, simple and utilitarian item. Less moving parts also means less chance of breaking - and less maintenance (another + for the casual shooter).
Things that I liked: This is a very no-nonsense basic BB gun. It basically sets the bar for all other CO2 types of BB guns to be measured by. I can easily see why this item is rated 4+ stars by other reviewers.
It is simple, powerful, and focused on getting the job done. There is no nonsense with this gun. They designed it with their most basic purpose in mind and they got right to the point. There is a simple beauty in that. I would probably purchase a couple more in the future (when they are in stock again).
Pleasant surprise: Front site is actually one of those green fiber sights. Easy to see and aim with. Very nice touch Daisy!
Things that I didn't love so much:
BB well has a "blind spot" of 2-3 BBs which may still be active in the gun. This is a bit of a safety issue. As long as you follow the rules of handling this BB gun the same way as you would handle a real firearm - you should be fine. I don't love that I lose a whole block of expended air each time though. I deducted a star for this as this could be a serious safety concern for others out there.
The gun is mostly plastic - gone are the days when BB guns were made out of steel and intended to last your next 4 generations. Though I cannot account for the durability of this item, I am old enough to remember the good old days when companies wanted their branded items to last as long as possible in the service of their customers, and would over-build everything. Now, they build things "just enough" to last you until they think you'll lose interest in it. They don't realize that for all the money it takes for them to advertise a product commercially, if they were to just build a high quality product, it also serves as a form of advertising - and will last much longer than when all the commercials have stopped. That's not saying that this was how this product was built. This is a pretty well built item. I just wished that it was OVER built. No stars deducted for this obviously.
I definitely HIGHLY recommend getting one of these - If you are looking to teach your kids about firearm safety, this is kind of like a "stepping stone" to a real gun. However, I would recommend getting an "airsoft" gun - something as close to the original as possible with the detachable magazines and the blow-back action etc. so all steps of firearm safety can be trained into habit (such as removing a magazine to inspect that it is empty and racking the slide to visually verify no rounds are chambered etc…" — Rick

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4. GAMO P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

Top-rated: 1,908 ratings | 112 answered questions

GAMO P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

Highlight: 16 rounds capacity double magazine (8x2).

Helpful review: "I own this CO2 gun for over a year and I really like it for it’s ability to shoot pellets and BBs. The gun is very light weight in the hands and shoots extremely fast to where I can’t see the BBs fly out of the pistol. I kept thinking if shots have been fired or am I shooting dry? Haha The gun is very accurate, but you have to compensate for the downwards of the gun when pulling the trigger. There is no recoil, so the gun doesn’t bounce when the trigger is pulled, compensating for the finger pull; expect to be shooting further down from the target. I kept three extra magazines so reloading is much faster. Each magazine holds 2 sets of 8 Bbs in a revolver style, holding 16 BBs/pellets total. It’s very easy to empty half the mag and having to flip it around which isn’t my preference for shooting airsoft; less reloads the better. Reloading can be tedious because you can’t pour the BBs into the magazine, but instead place each individual BB or Pellet into a revolver style slot.
The construction is plastic on the outside and metal on the inside. It’s fairly easy to insert a CO2 cartridge, but expect to use tools when screwing it in place, unless you have very strong fingers. Each CO2 cartridge will last about 100 BBs or Pellets which is considerably good.
I never had to deal with BBs jamming or misfires, so I’d say it’s reliable to use for target practice and efficient enough to use where you’re not draining your pockets by buying CO2 cartridges. I left one in for months and hardly notice a drop in pressure. I wouldn’t recommend this, but just a perspective of how well it can hold gas pressure inside the gun.
I would definitely recommend as a first CO2 entry level pistol, but not as your “go-to.” I prefer a CO2 pistol with weight, realistic trigger pull, and a faster way of reloading the mag.
Hope this helps with your purchase and ALWAYS remember your gun safety rules:
1. Treat Every Gun as if it was loaded.
2. Never point the muzzle towards anything you’re not willing to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your eyes are on the sights and ready to fire.
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.
This is not a toy. It’s a CO2 gun; treat it with respect as if it was a real firearm." — Joe

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5. Colt Defender Semi Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun

Top-rated: 1,709 ratings | 330 answered questions

Colt Defender Semi Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun

Highlight: Realistic and durable all-metal frame and slide.

Helpful review: "When you first pick up this beautiful gun, you can believe it might be a bullet-shooting firearm. It has the heft, weight and feeling in the hand as would the "real thing". I'm amused by people who don't believe that airguns/pellet guns/bb guns are credible and pleasurable ways to enjoy target shooting and efficient ways to tend to practical matters like ridding locales of varmints or bothersome small animals, or even to hunt in the true sense of the word and eat what you kill. They are, and deserve a lot more respect than they get.
I own a bunch of air rifles and pistols and I enjoy them immensely, and have ultimate respect for them as I do the shotgun and .22 rifles I also own and shoot, and I treat them all with the same level of safety.
OK, about the pistol: it shoots beautifully. After an initial settling-in, the thing was shooting tight groups without any adjustment to the rear sight. The front sight has a dot on it which is crucial to your sight-picture. Two more on the rear sights would have made it perfect, but alas, aren't there.
Loading BBs isn't difficult, as one reviewer commented. The BBs are loaded into the handgrip after you slide the grips back (that's what the mag release button does on this model). You bring the follower to its stop position and load BBs via the cambered port along the fill line. You'll spill and miss a couple, but what the heck. You then release the follower so it snaps in place behind the last BB, close the handle and, provided you've loaded a CO2 cartridge, you're ready to shoot.
The trigger easily works in one smooth motion and requires a little finger effort, of course, but nothing extraordinary.
Despite having only a dot on the front sight, I was able to shoot quite accurately. You can get over 50 shots with a CO2 cartridge (OK, "Powerlet") or more, because I stopped around there. Based on the gas that escaped when I removed the cartridge, I'd say you could get a lot more shots than 50.
Aesthetically, it is a beautiful instrument. True, everything on the slide is molded on for looks and is non-functional except for the safety, rear sight adjustment and the handle/slide release. They've covered the ejection port in silver which looks a bit odd, but it makes the gun distinctive. The beavertail helps make it comfortable to hold and I imagine it is fully ambidextrous. All in all a well-made CO2 BB gun, worth the price, and a pleasure to operate. Highly recommended." — Rivegauche610

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6. Crosman P10 Kit

Top-rated: 1,693 ratings | 79 answered questions