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I Tested And Reviewed The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle In 2024

I ordered the Gamo Varmint on Amazon and put it to several range tests. It's easy to cock and shoot, and very accurate and lightweight. Here's my hands-on review.

gamo varmint review

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle

Top-rated: 7,908

gamo varmint review


Highlight: A 4x32 scope (with mount) included.

Helpful review: "First impressions: the box is big and very long. The gun is heavy; it is larger than I expected. It could EASILY pass as a .308 at first glance. The scope seems like it’s well made despite being the stock OEM scope. At this point I have not fired it. I cocked it and dry fired one time just to see how hard the brake barrel was to cock (not hard at all, honestly) and it was LOUD. I was in my basement, so it’s not exactly like I have great acoustics, but I was shocked how loud. Almost .22LR loud. Dry fired a second time, outside this time, and it still seemed really loud and sharp.
Range test 1:
Took it out for the first 40-50 pellets to try and start the sighting in process. I’m only using the stock scope, and with no iron sights whatsoever the initial shots took a while to find paper. I bought some Gamo Tomahawk 7.8 Grain pellets to break it in, and after about 25 shots I was able to get a grouping of 10 shots in a 2” by 1” pattern at around 20 yards. The stock scope isn’t anything to write home about, but in my opinion took an awfully over exaggerated beating in the one-star reviews. It’s not gonna blow you away but it is far from the piece of garbage a lot of the reviews are hitting it up as. I was also happy to report that the gun seemed MUCH more quiet once it started throwing lead, which was nice. Break action seemed smooth, and like I said earlier it wasn’t too hard to cock. I’m thinking my ten year old step son should be able to handle it just fine. So far, can’t say enough good things about this rifle!
Range test 2:
It’s been a few weeks but I was able to get it out in the backyard to play around yesterday and I’d say I put another 30 pellets through it in an hour or so. At around 50 ft I was pulling two inch groupings of five shots. I actually put 5 Crosman Premier pointed 7.4 grain pellets just to see what would happen and I found the same group, but it was literally five to six inches directly right of target... weird... Pushed back to around 75 ft, I was getting five to six inch groups including a flier or three. I admit I wasn’t taking my time and I’m not an experienced rifle shooter by any stretch, but it seems as the barrel “warms up” the groups get tighter. With a few hundred more pellets, I think this thing has potential to be a really fun plinker. Oh, and as of now my 10 year old step son can not break the barrel. However, I told him I’d buy him his own when he can 😬😬😬…
Oh I forgot to mention I taped together some cardboard U-HAUL moving boxes I had and with the GAMO Tomahawk pellets I’d say 90-95% went clean through the cardboard with no problem. 16 layers of corrugated cardboard, bound together tight. Plan your berm accordingly!
I’d give it six stars if I could. I’ve put probably 300 or so pellets through it, so I’d say it’s decently broken in. After watching and reading about how to be a better shooter (I’m just an amateur with medium experience), I learned that I was shooting what was considered to be “long range” for a pellet gun. Today I set my targets at 10 yds, and about 15 yds. to see what kinds of groups I would pull with the GAMO tomahawks. My first 5 pellets were touching. The site isn’t spot on, but the groupings were consistent! I’ll post some pics of the grouping I got. With some site adjustment, you can absolutely drive tacks with this thing. Incredible. I made a little shooting range and laid out 8 beer bottle caps, and hit every single one at 30 feet. I couldn’t love this rifle more." — Simon Josh Geers

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gamo varmint review



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