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I Tested And Ranked The Best Bedside Pistol Safes In 2023

If you need a reliable bedside safe for your handguns, I'm here to help you make the best choice on your next purchase. I tested and ranked the 10 most popular options for the money.

best bedside pistol safes

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and a Biometric Lock

Top-rated: 12,877 ratings | 14 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: For added convenience, this compact gun safe is lightweight, for use whether you’re home or on the go. It's easy to conceal under car seats, in spare tire wells, between mattresses and other out-of-the-way locations.

Helpful review: "There is nothing to dislike, for me or my wife, about our two safes we just bought. Yup, we got a "his and hers" and are SO glad we did. This thing gives us the security we need, to keep our guns handy and safe from anyone else that might want to access them. I can feel good about keeping our mags loaded in the weapons and bullets chambered and still have them secured. I love the ease of access, with the fingerprint reader, which gives me instant access to our weapons. The code and backup keys are also awesome. The key feature is especially good, since batteries die, at some point, and if you don't pay attention to the low battery warning LED, and your batteries go dead, you still have access to your safes, though it will take you slightly longer to gain access to your firearms. The inside is roomy enough for my full-size pistol and a few mags. You could, also, fit a couple smaller firearms in there. It's roomy and I love the blue LED that comes on when you open it, so that you can easily see your goods inside when you have to open it in the pitch-black of night. The light is indirect, so it doesn't blind you, but gives light to the firearm so you can easily see and grab it on the fly. The keypad buttons light up when you touch them, so you can see what you're doing if you're using your keypad. I also like that the fingerprint reader allows you to set two fingerprints, per person, so that you can throw your finger up there and have it work, even if you put the thing at a different angle than you had it the night before. Anyway, great product, especially for the price and what you get. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for a bedside (or anywhere, really) handgun safe. We bought two and might have to buy more so that we can have them bolted into our vehicles, for the rare occasion we have to leave them in the vehicles." — Darren Lyda
Trending review: "Nothing to complain about with this quick-access gun safe. The materials used, the fingerprint pad, the quick opening mechanism, blue night light, foam padded interior, and size - all great!!! For me the safe fits perfectly inside of one of my desk drawers which is a huge plus. I was able to secure it in the drawer with the mounting holes located on the underside so it doesn't slide around. It's large enough for two smaller pistols but I opted to purchase a second one for another drawer so as not to clutter up each compartment. I've had my first one for over a month, and so far with many repeated openings it hasn't failed me yet. Having the fingerprint pad, key pad, and key lock is nice - but the fingerprint pad is where the counts when you need it quick. You do need to make sure you place your finger in the same spot and at the same angle each time. Practice often so you're not having to fumble with it in the event of an emergency. Only gripe is that the first safe I received opens very quietly, while the second has a bit of mechanical noise to it upon opening. It's not loud but it is noticeable compared to the first. All-in-all I would certainly recommend the safe." — Chad Weisbrodt

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2. Smart Auto-Open Lid RPNB Mounted Gun Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Identification or a Keypad Lock

Top-rated: 5,417 ratings | 290 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Stores great under a desk or nightstand, discreetly on a bookshelf, or inconspicuously in a vehicle. For added convenience, mountable from right, left, or top side, depending on desired preference.

Helpful review: "I shopped for a month and pulled the trigger on this quick defense safe. I am pleased with the ease of programming for the key code unlock feature. I did not get biometrics as I have always believed that a number in my head is harder to get out of me then my fingerprint. If I get murdered, they could frame me after death by opening the safe with my finger, but that number goes with me to the grave. I bought it to attach to my nightstand but the unit itself is made to mount under a desk. I just flipped the mounting bracket backwards, found a longer 8‐32 thread screw and fastened the plate to the top of my nightstand. I recommend laying in bed under the covers to practice your maneuver of reaching over, unlocking the safe and grabbing your pistol to find the ideal mounting position. I found that lining up the front of the safe with the front of the nightstand to be just right. Think of a code you can easily type in with 1 or 2 fingers quickly. Make sure to mute the buttons so bad guys don't hear you typing in that code! The peace of mind this quick defense safe provides is priceless. Not only for self defense, but also safety for children or guest snooping around. I'm extremely satisfied!" — Jack Frye
Trending review: "As others have said they think it’s garbage, let me just say that this isn’t a safe to keep a million dollars in. It’s mostly designed to keep children out or friends that are over out. If a thief wants to get in they can and will, just like with most safes. Now I have an alarm system which would be sending the police over and creating LOUD noises, so that if the thief even knew to look for this next to my bed where it’s mounted on. I suppose they could try to yank it off etc... But remember most thieves are amateurs and just want to smash and grab things such as TVs or anything else that they can get easily and fast. The finger print works flawlessly. The secret is to program the same finger several times at different angles - that way it always recognizes them. I programmed it as if I was laying in bed - for a real world scenario - if someone broke in at night. I saw a video of some guy opening it with a coat hanger and tooth pick. Well, if you can do that in a minute with sirens going off and knowing the cops are on the way then you can have my $400 pistol. Locks only keeps honest people out. This pistol safe does its purpose and works great" — C.U.
Reassuring review: "This is my second purchase of this wall safe. I currently have one next to me in my home office for quick access while I’m working at home. I realized that this would also be great for quick access in our bedroom. Currently we have a safe in our closet, which I don’t think is the most logical place if you need to get to your firearm quickly and efficiently. I loved the first one so much that I bought the same to be mounted on the wall right next to my side of the bed. I really like that you have the option of a number code as well as a key. Really great quality and also a great price. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good safe for a reasonable price." — Nicky C.

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3. RPNB Quick-Access Safe for 2 Handguns and Ammo with a Biometric Fingerprint Lock or RFID

Top-rated: 8,599 ratings | 234 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Sturdy steel construction.

Helpful review: "I bought this as a way to lock up my EDC when not carrying. I have 5 kids and needed to secure it at night. I knew going in an inexpensive model might not function well but that hasn't been the case. I expected to have the batteries fail and it not open but o have had it nearly a year and it has never failed to open. It is nice to have a key, combo, and fingerprint. The fingerprint reader can be finicky at times but if you give it a few seconds, it will usually read it on the second try. Combo has never failed. I have it set with a 5 digit combo and can type it in less than 4 seconds. It also comes predrilled so you can bolt it down. I haven't had a single issue with this safe and would recommend. It's easier to get into than my other dial single gun boxes I have around the house. It also holds two pistols I have a compact and full-sized pistol in mine and the both fit without holsters. If you want the holster stored with gun, it will only hold one." — SPW
Trending review: "The keypad is impossible to find and accurately engage in the dark so I tried 2 different methods of illumination. The first was painted on fluorescence (top line and around numbers and fingerprint area) which required MULTIPLE coats but works. The second, very time efficient, was commercial fluorescent green tape (bottom of the 2 lines. I would recommend to the manufacturer's that customers may need their weapons in a hurry at night and some kind of keypad illumination would be a benefit. I am quite happy with this and it sits at my bedside with a large 9mm weapon, a flashlight and a spare mag with room to spare. The fingerprint sensor is a bit finicky and requires a CAREFUL placement of one of your assigned fingerprints to open. This is partially solved by putting several sets (3 prints per set) of each finger you choose. Getting it set up was VERY tricky as my unit required EXACT timing to accept a print or it would dump every attempt in that series. The MOMENT it would accept a print was between 9.5 and 10 seconds - so I used a timer on my phone and succeeded. There are other ways to open the safe: number pad and key so you will never be locked out." — Alfa Geek
Reassuring review: "This arrived on time and its sturdier than I expected. It was easy to program. I gave this 5 stars but there is no cable and you have to mount it if you want it to stay securely in place. I bought this as a nightstand pistol holder and I'm not mounting it to my nightstand because it sits on top easily accessible. When I leave the house I transfer the pistols to a large safe. I have been testing how quickly I can access it from the bed and its really fast!! It holds 2 of my full size pistols with an extra magazine each. I store them with one magazine in and one extra out. Overall it serves its purpose. Kids can't open it and it can't be easily pried open. Yes they can just take the whole case, that's why they only sit in this case when I'm home. I set it to silent operation and can get to my handguns quickly in case of a break in or home invasion. I'm sure it would make a great car safe as well." — Augusto

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4. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Safe with an Auto-Open Lid and a Rechargeable Battery

Top-rated: 1,714 ratings | 259 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Easily portable. EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 11.5” x 9” x 2.625”. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 11” x 5.75” x 2".

Helpful review: "Fingerprint reader works nearly perfectly for me. Safe will open 100% of the time with my thumbprint. 80 to 90% of the time with my index finger. I assumed my finger would have to be in the same orientation it was during setup, but that is not the case, which is great. This means when I reach over to my nightstand drawer and place my finger on the sensor, my finger can be rotated e.g. 90-degrees) on the sensor compared to setup. Very cool! My positive experience with the sensor - in contrast to several reviews here - made me think that maybe my sensor was glitching and accepting any fingerprint, or was somehow still in factory default mode. A quick test with other fingers proved this was not the case. So don't save the $80 like others have suggested. Get the version of this safe with the biometric sensor. In an emergency, I would use the sensor because it would be quicker than entering a code, but the keypad is a nice backup for sure. Setup was super easy. Battery (li-ion 18650) came partially charged and was fully charged within an hour. Battery can be installed with no regard for polarity, since the battery compartment is designed to auto-detect polarity. Vaultek app took a few seconds to install, and pairing was straightforward. Currently, I've got one S&W 380 Shield in this safe, in the drawer next to my bed. My S&W 9mm fits at the same time, but I have no reason to store two guns in this safe at the same time, so the second handgun stays in the big gun safe in the closet. Very pleased with this product, and would buy again. Fun fact: gun safes are exempt from sales tax in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Washington." — Andrew
Trending review: "I just purchased the Vaultek VT20i biometric pistol gun safe, and I am very impressed. The first thing you’ll notice is the first class product packaging. I can’t throw that box out. This pistol safe is solid and extremely well built. The product’s user manual is clearly written and easy to understand. Neat that you can’t even screw up putting the included lithium battery in. This Vaultek safe automatically detects battery polarity, so you can install in either direction and it works. The keys work fine. Again, clear instructions made programming the biometric finger prints easy. And – they do work extremely well. Likewise, programming the five number keypad was a snap. This pistol safe is really built well, and the included steel cable should be good for traveling. The door is spring loaded and opens more like a quality jewelry box than a jack-in-the-box. If you want a good safe to SAFELY and securely store your pistol with reliably quick access when needed, you will not be disappointed with the Vaultek VT20i. One more point I’d like to make. If you are one of the many people who like traveling in an RV (recreational vehicle) you have probably found that there isn’t really much of a secure place in an RV to store valuables like passports, extra cash, and your wife’s expensive earrings. Depending on where you visit, you may even want to put a pistol in there! With a little ingenuity you can incorporate a steel mounting plate to solidly attach the pistol safe to a solid bed stand or closet wall. If your wife has lots of jewelry, you'd better buy the Vaultek PRO VT. Vaultek has a mounting plate for that one." — Just Dave

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5. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe with Interior Light - 1 Handgun Capacity

Top-rated: 4,127 ratings

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Gun safe is equipped with an improved gas strut for long-lasting performance. Ideal for use as a bedside gun safe.

Helpful review: "I was primarily interested in a quick access gun safe for my Springfield XD-S that could be placed bedside. I looked at the reviews for three of what seemed to be the most popular such gun cases and ultimately decided on the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe, Model QAP1BE. I have grandchildren who visit frequently and I needed something that gives me quick and reliable access for personal protection at home, yet at the same time be secure from inquisitive little folks. First of all, I wanted a safe that would set on top of my bed nightstand and not be difficult to locate and open in the dark. I didn't want the hassle of having to open a nightstand drawer to access it. Besides, I would have to make sure the drawer is open wide enough to allow the top of the gun safe to open all the way. To me, storing it inside a drawer increases access time as well as makes for more noise. The first gun safe I looked at was the GunVault. I really liked the dimensions of the safe and the fact that it was biometric and used a code as well to open it. However, the reviews were less than stellar for reliability in opening using the fingerprint so I steered away from it. Another gun safe that I reviewed was the Barska Biometric Top Opening Safe. It received better reviews as to reliability than the GunVault safe, but some reviewers still reported issues with first-time open attempts using the fingerprint. A deciding factor for me not choosing the Barska was the outside dimensions. The Barska is 14.75 by 11.25 by 5 inches. This was larger than I was wanting setting on top of my nightstand. The Sentry is smaller at 12.0 x 9.9 x 3.2. While the inside capacity of the Barska is larger than the Sentry, my XD-S and extra magazines fit nicely inside the Sentry.
The five star reviews of the Sentry convinced me to give it a try. When I received it I noticed that it was pleasingly heavy, weighing in at just over 13 pounds. The construction seemed very sturdy. It comes with predrilled holes in the bottom for screws if you choose to securely mount it, but my choice was to set it out where I could quickly and quietly reach it when needed. To prevent the metal case from sliding and scratching the wood on my nightstand, I placed four of those clear plastic cupboard door bumpers on each corner underneath. They work great to keep it in place and prevent scratching the wood, even when the top door pops open. Unlike the other two gun safes which hold something like 30 fingerprints, the Sentry holds only four fingerprints, so my wife and I each coded in our forefinger and thumb. Once we coded them in, neither of us has had one failed attempt at opening this safe in the two weeks 2-3 weeks since we've had it. The lid pops open completely each time using the gas strut. I try it on a regular basis just to practice and also make sure it is operational. We've tested trying to open it with other fingers and found that it will only open with the coded fingerprints. Would I buy the Sentry gun safe again? Yes, definitely. Would I recommend it to a friend? Again, definitely. I am not affiliated in any way with Sentry, Barska, Gunvault or any other gun supply business." — Vaughn

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6. KAER Biometric Fingerprint Safe For Extra-Quick Access

Top-rated: 312 ratings | 28 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: In addition to the biometric option, you have a keypad lock and 2 spare keys to ensure you always have access to your firearm.

Helpful review: "If you have young children in your home and you also own a gun, you need a safe like this one from Kaer to ensure that your children won't accidentally pick up your gun. Although this safe is ideal for storing a handgun, you could also use it to store other small weapons or even valuables such as jewelry or documents. It is very heavy and sturdy, but also very thin. Because of this, you could carry it in your car and hide it under your seat if you choose. But most people would probably keep this next to their bed or maybe in a drawer in a nightstand. If you're using it to store a handgun, you want to be sure it is close to you while you're sleeping at night, so that if your family is in danger you can quickly access it. There are 3 ways to open the safe. You can use your fingerprint, which is the best way if you need to open it in the dark. You can also use the keypad, by programming a number that you can remember. The last way is to use one of the 2 keys that are included with the safe. Since this would be an easy way for a child to open it, I suggest that you hide the keys somewhere far away from the safe and only use the keys if the other 2 methods are not working for some reason. The safe requires 4 AA batteries to power the fingerprint and keypad locks, so be sure to test it often so you know when the batteries need to be replaced." — Ernest Stalnaker
Trending review: "A solid built gun safe with minimum gaps for resisting quick prying. Pretty thick metal for a small safe such as this. Comes with 2 keys for the lock. With these types of keys, makes the safe pick resistant (not pick proof). Has an internal hinge and gas shock for raising the lid. Take caution and the lids springs open and the edges are sharp and pointed. Inside has ample room for a Glock 43 (9mm), Glock 33 (.357 sig) leaving about 2ins on each side and on top (with the mag about 1/2in from the bottom. A full size Springfield Arms .357 fits nicely. Comes with egg crate foam cushion to protect from scratches. There's also a light inside that's helps in the dark. Using and setting the pin was a breeze and you can also silence the beeps. The biometric fingerprint works but wasn't working on a consistent basis for me, so I'll stick with the pin. You can put this under a night stand, end table, coffee table or just about anywhere. There are 2 holes on the bottom for mounting. A great option to locking up your firearm keeping in from ending up in the wrong hands." — Stuart R.

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7. MAXSafes Auto-Open Gun Safety Device for 2 Guns

Top-rated: 299 ratings

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Quick access using the rapid backlit keypad, spare key or biometric fingerprint scanner.

Helpful review: "The MAXSafes Pro biometrics vein recognition lock handgun safe has proven to be a high-quality gun safe that is exactly as advertised. It operates faultlessly. I am impressed with the vein recognition lock; it is quick and easy. It is failsafe as long as you follow the directions; put your finger in all the way and down flat, not bent or on its side. The button and manual key lock also work as stated. The quality is top-notch, and the finish rugged and looks excellent, and it is well built and sturdy. I have had it going on a month and it has worked flawlessly. I commented on their website similar to the above info and added I would have liked a Security Cable included and they replied back that they were sending me one. I'm glad I disregarded the few negative comments as operator error or worse. And the shipping was quicker than I expected. I recommend this company and their product very highly. Look no further, you won't be disappointed." — R.B.
Trending review: "I use this to keep my S&W M&P9 2.0 with light and red dot and one magazine. Plenty of room. The key access works great and the code is easy to set. The fingerprint reader works well but you must position your finger exactly the same every time which means it will not unlock unless the your finger position is the same as when you set it. I would recommend this safe for gun owners." — D. Porrey
Reassuring review: "This is a great little pistol safe, among the best available in my research. It seems far more reliable than finger print access safes, but you can’t count on it 100% of the time. Sometimes it will repeatedly reject the same finger inserted in the same way. That can still be acceptable if you have set up a numeric code as back up that you can insert quickly - if vein recognition fails. The safe is rugged, roomy and looks good. It has screw holes on the bottom to affix to anything sturdy. Customer service from the seller is outstanding and they try to help and do the right thing." — Dr. Jay
Most-discussed review: "I ordered the MAXSafes' Gun Safe with Super Biometric Finger Vein Recognition and there was an issue with the lid coming open too fast and hard. The safe quality, and associated features were and are outstanding. I reached out and was able to get a replacement (because of the opening lid / top opening to fast and hard) and it was delivered to our home in two days. The replacement safe worked like a charm to include the opening of the lid / top. We love this safe and intend to by more for jewelry etc.. We will also upgrade to bigger safe from MAXSafes once out gun collection grows. Great quality, great price, and a lifetime warranty equals me coming back time and time again when I need a great and outstanding gun safe to meet our needs." — C.C.
Favorite review: "My dad always had a pistol gun safe/vault with a fingerprint reader, but just like my old fingerprint logon laptop, it’s finicky. Any new scrapes, dirt, etc. or if it’s not *perfectly* aligned, you’re swiping your finger over and over and getting locked out. When it comes to accessing a gun, reliability’s important. I’ve wanted to get some kind of mini safe for a while, but have been waiting for a better keyless entry method. Vein recognition technology intrigued me, and since it has PIN and key access as well, I figured I’d try it out. It was easy enough to configure with the quick start guide. It opens quickly and reliably, with a hydraulic shock lift. Since the marketing materials claim it works with damaged skin, debris, water, etc. I made sure to try it out. My guns aren’t safe queens, they’re handled rough and put through the paces. Any piece of hardware I get relating to my guns needs to be as durable. Dunked my finger in water, dragged it in dirt, and tried it multiple times each way – worked every time. As long as you put your finger in straight and hold it down against the surface, it seems like it will definitely function in adverse conditions. Function’s what it’s all about, but the form is also fantastic. Love the rugged yet professional look. Even the box it comes in gives off a high-end feel." — Brown L.
Updated review: "This safe works perfect! It is much heavier than other handgun safes in this size and price range. Someone complained in reviews that the vein recognition does not work sometimes, I think they may use it like traditional biometric fingerprint safe. Actually, if one reads the instructions, it is called Finger Vein Recognition. We should make sure to put our finger all the way into the scanner, never bend or twist during scanning process. You also can set up a six digit code, and 2 keys are provided that will open the box. When you open the box a nice blue light illuminates for about 30 seconds. Great value, supreme quality. I love it." — Jay Austin

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8. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols

Top-rated: 1,706 ratings | 143 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Top of the line biometric chips and Bluetooth capability. Ideal for pistols, cash and other valuable items.

Helpful review: "I purchased this gun safe after hearing about another accident on the news involving a child and a loaded gun. I feel like you hear about these news stories multiple times a year and this is a completely avoidable accident. I have a plastic gun case with a lock that was given with my gun when I bought it but I decided I wanted something a little more heavy duty. I let my fingers do some research on Google and this is the gun safe I ended up purchasing. I personally like the size a lot. I store two guns in mine but it’s perfect for just one as well. It’s a great size to keep on a shelf or under a bed. As with most things , as long as you read the directions , set up is easy. I also followed some of the notes on the Amazon product page itself to make sure I did it 100 % correct the first time. Of course, there is a regular key should you need it. Now the fingerprint scanner is waaaaaayyyy more fun than the key though so if you like James Bond as much as I do or your techy then this added feature will be just as attractive to you as it was to me. The case is jet black and very sleek looking. This is a great option for securing one or two guns and I really enjoyed the extra safety feature of the finger print scanner and app. I also feel like for such a high tech useful gun safe it’s very affordable." — Katie
Trending review: "Got this safe for a sub compact gun that I have, as we all know one gun leads to another and another where I ended up with 2 full size handgun both 5” barrel pistols and they fit inside the box even though it says it can only fit 2 small guns but clearly not the case. Glad it’s still able to serve its purpose and keep my guns safe from my little kids, it is kinda heavy and no handles or easy way of picking it up for kids. Plus the weight of loaded guns is almost impossible for a little kid to pick up and drop. The light is bright enough although if you have 2 guns like I do one of the guns does block some light but none the less you’ll still be able to make out your guns at night. The fingerprint scanner works well hasn’t acted dumb and denied my thumbprint. Love that you get 4 options of opening your safe although 99% of the time I just press my thumb on the pad and opens. Make sure you reset the number code and the fingerprint code, it’ll accept any finger print from the factory unless you reset it and put in your finger print. For those of you like myself who choose to skip through the manual. I like it, it is serving it’s purpose and for now this safe will do but I will be needing something bigger in a few months." — L.Y.
Reassuring review: "This safe fits perfectly in a standard bedside drawer and has plenty of room for one full size handgun or two compacts. [Glock 19 fits for me easily] It can be opened directly with a swipe via the app or you can use the app to set the amount of prints you want for the fingerprint reader. I recommend watching the setup video on youtube for this and then uploading the app before you setup to make it easier and trouble free. Total time to load app, set prints, and have it gun ready is about 10 minutes. If you are the primary for this my protip would be to pick your dominant thumb and take prints from different angles (register as users up to 32) so that it will always recognize. I found that when it was in the drawer the angle I would place my thumb wouldn't register to open due to the different angle to access. [I did an extra print of my thumb upside down to correct this.] Shipped on time and is as shown in the pics. Blue interior light is great for seeing contents at night. Uses rechargeable battery and the charge left shows on the app as well so you will never try to open a dead battery box which invariably will happen when you don't need it to. For the amount of features to price I don't believe there is a safe out there that can beat this." — Rico Petrini
Most-discussed review: "Definitely a good quality safe! Can easily hold a couple firearms or personal belongings/value items. The pin code access with the fingerprint reader work flawlessly and are very simple to setup following the instructions. Doesn’t take long at all for the box to unlock which is great! Also pretty impressed by the app and reliability of it, haven’t had any issues (you can unlock the safe from the app). The LED light on the inside is bright enough to light up the box to see what you’re accessing at night, so far the battery seems to be holding up pretty well too! For the price, you can’t go wrong, you’re really getting a good quality safe that’s a must when you need to secure your firearms in the house due to children. Couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase, thinking of getting a second one!" — Frank
Favorite review: "So I already had a small gun safe I have been using but it was not a biometric safe. It worked ok but the more I though about it, the more I realized that if I woke up in the middle of the night and needed to access it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to remember the code, or if it would be as fast as I need it to be in the dark, so I knew it was time to upgrade. This safe is strong, secure, and so easy to use. After setting up my finger print, it’s as easy as a swipe and your in. This safe has plenty of room and it’s very well built. It’s just the upgrade I needed and gets rid of any concern I had with my non biometric safe. Great buy, and if you don’t have one, get one! Especially if you have kids in the house." — Chris Martin

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9. AINIRO Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Top-rated: 825 ratings | 92 answered questions

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: Comes with a fireproof documents bag.

Helpful review: "Really impressed with what has been included and built for this price point. This safe has the ability to hold TWO full size pistols with some room still for extra smaller stuff, was not expecting that but it was a very nice surprise. Interior is padded well to keep your valuables safe and fit and finish is what you would expect for a product of this build. Works perfectly for what I need it to do. Packaging was solid, secure and very detailed instructions were included. This might have been the easiest safe to program and get my fingerprints entered. Entire process only took a few minutes and the fingerprint response time have been 100% accurate and FAST. Overall, this is a solid built safe with minimum gaps for resisting quick prying. Decent thickness in metal or a safe of this size and comes with 2 keys. Internal spring for opening the lid is snappy and feels solid open and closed. Inside has ample room for my Comped P10c and Sp01 leaving some room on the sides and about 1" of room on top for any mags or other items. Using and setting the pin was a breeze and one of the fastest to set up. The biometric fingerprint works great. You can put this under a night stand, end table, car or just about anywhere. Get it." — M.T.
Trending review: "I received the Ainiro safe. The safe was packaged nicely. It was wrapped in foam and then inserted into a foam case. Everything was neatly packed inside the safe. I read through the instructions and set up the code as well as the finger print. It was straight forward and was a really simple task. You are able to store 1 code, however you can store many fingerprints. I ended up mounting the safe inside of a night table next to my bed. I would recommend this safe to any family, friends or anyone looking for a mid level secured safe. 10/10 box and packaging 10/10 set up 10/10 quality of product. Thanks!" — George Bao
Reassuring review: "I'm impressed. Great price point and value. Fingerprint reader has never failed to open the box (dry hands or wet). I use this in a night stand. I have saved my thumb & fore finger on both hands and my wife's fore finger print...there is still a lot of memory left for other prints if desired. Not sure how long it would take to access with a crow bar, but I'm more concerned with immediate access for me and keeping little people away from a .357. And it does that very well." — JWM
Most-discussed review: "Fits a Glock 19 with Surefire X300 in a T.Rex Arms sidecar 2.0 perfectly (I imagine the 1.0 wouldn’t fit because it doesn’t have the hinge that allows it to fold a little)! I love that there are multiple ways to access the safe, but the rfid card is my favorite; the finger print reader is pretty solid but sometimes doesn’t work if your fingers are dirty. Also the safe has voice prompts such as “validation failed” which I’m not a huge fan of, but it’s a fairly minor issue. Overall it’s a great little safe for the money, and I’d recommend it as compact travel safe, car safe, or even night stand safe to store your carry gun." — Matthew Q.
Favorite review: "This safe is surprisingly good for the price. Couldn’t ask for more. Excellent size! Compact enough for a bedside drawer and still enough room for a compact and subcompact pistol. My first biometric safe and the finger print scanner works better than some of the more expensive biometric safes I’ve tried. Also love that there is a silent mode for the number pad. Overall great quality safe that allows you to keep your pistol next to you at night while keeping small children out. Love it!" — DerekBoro

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10. Sifely Gun Safe with WiFi Connectivity

Top-rated: 194 ratings

best bedside pistol safes


Highlight: If it is paired with Sifely WiFi Gateway, you can unlock all remote features of the safe.

Helpful review: "I bought this gun safe because of my good experience with the Sifely door locks for my airbnbs and the fact that there are several ways to open the safe. Once the batteries were installed the setup was easy with the sifely app which allows you to have full control. The biometric finger print scanner is the quickest way to open the safe with the touch on the finger pad and is very dependable. With the touch of my finger the safe pops open immediately and there is a light so you can see what is inside at night. Other options to open the safe include a fob, passcode, key and through the app. Overall I am very impressed with the quality and reliability of this gun safe." — Paul W.
Trending review: "For now we are storing old money, seal money and some cash savings but soon, a gun will be in this safe and I feel secure with that decision. It opens when it is supposed to without failures using both pin pad and fingerprint. It’s not too heavy and fits nicely under my bed. It can be hung in a closet or secured to a floor/wall because it has holes in the base (and it comes with the hardware to do so). I recommend this gun safe to anyone in search of a fairly priced, high quality, nice sized safe." — Kenneth S.
Reassuring review: "This is a well built and compact product which is also loaded with features. Fingerprint sensor works like a charm even if your finger is sweaty. You have the option to use a variety of passcodes (permanent, one-time, etc...) which you can set via the app, as well as key fobs. LED lights is a nice feature when you need to use it at night." — H.H.

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