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I Tested And Ranked The Best Pool Tables In 2024

Choosing the perfect pool table can be a tricky shot. To ensure you pick the right size and style based on your budget, I ranked the best pool tables on Amazon.

best pool tables

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. EastPoint Sports - 7ft Masterton Billiard Table

best pool tables

Highlight: Keep this one for the bigger rooms over 13'x17'.

Helpful review: All right, I just have to talk about this pool table. This thing is more budget-friendly than a weekly trip to the arcade, but you might wanna get your expectations set first. Honestly, don't go expecting it to be the crème de la crème of billiard tables. So, I was on the fence about whether to snag a used slate table—which, mind you, would cost an arm and a leg to move and set up—or go for something more wallet-friendly. With my kiddos running around, the "cheap and cheerful" option won out.
Now, from what I gather, this table's not exactly built to last a lifetime. Once the felt is worn out, you’re probably gonna say goodbye to it because, from what others say, replacing it isn't in the cards. However, I have to admit, the quality is a smidge better than I braced myself for, and hey, it actually looks pretty decent in the den!
When the table arrived, it was all snug in its packaging with no mishaps—though a pesky spot of glue on the cloth was a bit of an eye-roller. Didn't mess up the gameplay though. Setting it up was mostly a one-woman show, taking about two and a half hours, but you'll need an extra pair of hands at some point to hoist the tabletop onto the base, I didn’t have it at first and nearly threw my back out. Aligning everything was straightforward except for leveling it—that was a real head-scratcher until, by some fluke, it just...worked out. Don’t you always love it when that happens!
Now, having played on it for a day, here's the scoop:
1) The cues it came with are a total bust. Crooked as a politician's smile as my granny used to say. And the tips? Forget about it. Do yourself a favor, chuck 'em and grab a couple of decent ones if you actually want to enjoy the game. Luckily, I had one stashed away.
2) I opted for the beige cloth, expecting something lighter, but it turned out a tad darker. No biggie—it handles the balls well enough, although don't expect lightning speeds.
3) The pockets? Super forgiving. Great for boosting my ego because you'll sink shots like a pro—might make the game a tad too easy. I kind of liked that though. My husband is too good for his own head.
4) The real bummer here are the cushions. They're about as lively as a damp sponge, (also my granny’s saying) which means you've got to really whack the ball to get it where you want it. That was a letdown, for sure.
All in all, it's a decent setup for home play. Whether I should've shelled out more for a sturdy used slate table? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure, a slate table would've held up better in the long run, both in play and resale value.
It showed up right on time, double-boxed and unscathed. Definitely splurge on having it delivered to the room you want because this beast isn't light, and I’m so happy I shelled out the extra bucks for that. I needed a couple of strong backs to get it upstairs—totally worth the extra cash. Most of the assembly was solo work, but flipping and setting it right needed an extra set of hands. A few stubborn screws aside, it was pretty straightforward to put together. Overall, I’m seriously so thrilled with the purchase. So, there you have it. If you're in the market for some at-home billiards action without breaking the bank, this table might just do the trick. Just keep your expectations in check and maybe save up for some decent cues! — Scott Robinson

Get it from Amazon now: $649.99 & FREE Returns


2. GoSports - 7ft Billiard Table

best pool tables

Highlight: Set comes with table, fifteen regulation balls plus cue ball, rack, two sticks, two chalks, plus felt brush.

Helpful review: I thought I'd give this table a couple of months before jotting down my thoughts, and let me tell ya, it's been a blast! Plenty of good times shooting pool with the fam and buddies, or just knocking balls around solo. Back in the day, I could hold my own in the local bar room billiards scene—won enough games to keep my beer tab covered, at least on the good nights. This table? It's pretty close to what you'd find in those bars, minus being a slate, and it's a solid performer without breaking the bank, and isn’t that always a nice plus?
I've seen folks grumble about their tables arriving banged up, but my experience was smooth sailing, just as I had hoped for. I coughed up 20 bucks to have it brought down to the basement, and it was definitely worth it. Unpacking it, everything looked A-OK, except for a tiny crack in the plastic of one pocket that I barely noticed later. Relax, people. Not the end of the world.
The cues are a bit meh, and you'll probably end up swapping them out pretty quick like I did. The brush is only good for the bits under the rails, not the whole table. The balls are decent, though—no issues with them breaking or anything. The rack's your run-of-the-mill plastic, nothing new there. And the chalk? I mean, it's chalk, it does what it’s supposed to. Grab yourself a set of house cues ranging from eighteen to twenty one ounces off Amazon, and pick up a proper brush for the felt. Oh, and you’ll need to buy and place the head or foot spots yourself—cheap and easy with a little measuring.
At a hundred and seventy pounds, this table doesn’t mess around—it’s firm, it’s sturdy, it’s not gonna rock. Give it a nudge, and it’ll stand its ground, not messing up your game. The leveling? Spot on. My wife and I were all geared up to adjust the legs, but turns out, it was perfectly level right out of the box. We checked with different levels, all over, and it was all good. Thanks to my nifty little dehumidifier that I run non-stop in the room, I'm hoping that keeps the warping at bay down the line. Will update if that changes, and do recommend getting one of those. You’ll thank me later.
Here’s the honest truth on this. It plays just like the tables back at the bars I used to hit up in college, aka it’s gonna work and do what you need it to do. The felt was a bit slow to start but shaped up after some play and regular brushing. The rails give good bounce, and the balls roll off just right. I'm all about those trick shots along the rails or banking a ball from one side to the other. Just like the old bar days. But heads up—since you can’t re felt this baby, (which you need to remember!) I ban any jump shots to avoid burns or tears, which has pissed off a few of my friends. But my house, my rules!
We got this as a starter table to see if we’d actually use it, and it’s been fantastic. Even my daughter, who plays in an APA league, thinks it’s a hoot when she drops by. It’s surpassed my expectations big time, and while the wife's already dreaming of an upgrade to a slate table, for now, we’re having a heck of a time with this one. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, that’s for sure! — Timothy K. Mitchell

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


3. Spartan - 6ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top

best pool tables

Highlight: Comes with table, ball set, two sticks, a racking triangle, a table tennis table top, two table tennis balls and two paddles.

Helpful review: Okay, let’s clear the air about those one-star reviews—they're mostly gripes about the delivery service, and one about size. Let me throw in my two cents from a pool lover's angle. It’s supposed to be a compact table, and that’s exactly why I picked it, and what a lot of people complained about. Apparently they can’t read.
It’s perfect for small spaces, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and you still get to have your pool fun. My set came well-packed, although it was missing a couple of washers, but it turned out they weren’t a big deal at all. If you’ve got some DIY skills and a bit of muscle, you can set this up solo and flip it upright without too much fuss.
Design-wise, it’s pretty straightforward honestly and I love that it’s solid. Sure, it's made from particle wood and MDF, but what do you expect for the price? On the performance front, it holds up pretty well, and did exactly as I expected.
The rails give a good bounce—maybe a bit more peppy that I thought, but not too bad. You’ll just need to adjust your shots for more realistic angles. The balls roll smoothly across the table, stay true to course once it's leveled, and it should last a good few years if you keep it dry and clean. Honestly, it's a step up from the beat-up bar table I'm used to, although I will say, I'd probably prefer a full-size table if I was playing real serious games.
The balls are two inches, a tad smaller than the standard two and a quarter, but they still play well on this size, and honestly unless you’re an expert you’re probably not gonna notice it. Took me just a couple of games to adjust my spins and shots. I even splurged on a set of standard-size balls for practice, which to my relief actually worked out just fine on a table of this size.
Just for reference’s sake, the corner pockets measure about three and a half inches—tighter than usual but not that tricky to aim into, especially with the smaller balls and with how the table has a compact layout. If anything, it’s honestly a great way to sharpen your skills or just have a bit of fun. Though it’s not slate, the ball movement around the table is quite satisfying. Having owned both a seven footer and a six and half foot table, I’d happily keep this one to save space, especially since I’m living on the third floor. Honestly, I’m in love. Makes me feel young again.
I was hoping for a mid-size table and was a bit unsure about making the sale on this one, thinking it might be too small, like more of a kid’s thing, but honestly I love it. As it turned out, it’s actually the perfect fit for my spare room. Not as tiny as I feared. The red felt against the black table really pops, too, which I freaking love. The compliments don’t hurt either. Only two weeks in and I'm totally sold on it. Upgraded to larger cues and balls that fit the pockets, but that’s just personal preference, so I wouldn't necessarily say that’s a requirement. For the price, you can't beat it, honestly—overall, I just really highly recommend this table for anyone looking for a space-saver that doesn’t skimp on the fun. — Kevin Bullamore

Get it from Amazon now: $469.99 & FREE Returns


4. American Legend - 90” Kirkwood Billiard Table

best pool tables

Highlight: At ninety inch, you’re gonna get your full space, but make sure you have it!.

Helpful review: I've gotta say, I seriously lucked out not being the one who had to lug this beast up to our upstairs game room! For the price, you really can't beat it. It arrived without a scratch, was a breeze to put together, and it's surprisingly durable and doesn’t rock when I play on it. The design's got this cool, kinda rustic, vibe that fits right into my man-cave, almost like it was made for it haha. The gray and black coloring are just spot on–I like bland colors, what can I say?.
As for playing, the rails are a bit on the stiffer side, but considering the price tag, I'm not gonna be the first one complaining on that note. The table surface is level, no warping or anything—sure, it’s not slate-level flat, but then again, it doesn’t cost a fortune nor does it weigh a ton. Seriously, the box it came in was insanely heavy. Do yourself a favor and seriously spring for the delivery service that brings it inside for you, or you might just end up in the ER! I’m not joking lol, it’s that heavy.
The sticks and the triangle are pretty basic—fine for the kiddoss or casual play. I'd recommend picking up some better quality ones if you're more into the game. Would I buy it again? Absolutely.
I’m pretty happy with this pool table overall. Don’t bother with the 'room of choice' delivery or the assembly service—you’re really just screwing on the legs, but I know other reviews say otherwise, so that’s up to your discretion. The top part comes all put together, but it is super heavy. The company I hired couldn’t manage it, so I ended up needing a buddy’s help to get it up to my second floor. We're not exactly bodybuilders, but we managed the 275 lbs up the stairs in less than five minutes. Got the whole thing set up in about half an hour. If you’re alone, you’ll need help, leave it at that.
The first one I got was damaged, (and no I didn’t drop it) but Amazon was quick to replace it, which was sweet. The felt's a bit slow with the roll, and I’m probably going to swap it out because some shots tend to drift, and it’s a pet peeve of mine. And before you say something, I've made sure the table's level, so it's definitely the felt that’s the issue. The legs aren’t sturdy enough to sit on while playing, but that’s not a big deal breaker for me. If this is your first table and you don't want to spend a lot, it's a good pick. But if you're trying to practice serious trick shots, the felt might drive you nuts because it will definitely affect the accuracy of your shots.
This table is super easy to put together, though it weighs a ton. The delivery was supposed to be to any room, but the delivery guys only had curbside on their order, which annoyed me, yeah. We still managed, but it was tough. Overall, the table is a great value for the price. I'd definitely suggest getting some good quality black chalk and an actual real brush that you know, brushes. The cues aren’t the best, but remember, you’re buying a pool table, not a professional cue set. And if you’re a professional, then why are you reading this? All in all, I’m thrilled with the purchase. Totally worth it, in my humble opinion. — Charles Scott

Get it from Amazon now: $899.99 & FREE Returns


5. Barrington Billiards - 7' Preassembled Pool Table

best pool tables

Highlight: Molded plastic table legs have inner steel to support it.

Helpful review: Okay, so hear me out, I've never dived into writing such a lengthy review before, but I've got some insights that might just help you out, and I’m mainly writing this because I wish someone had done it for me.
I've been dreaming of owning a pool table forever, and finally decided this was the year to make it happen. I scoped out tons of options, from brand new to second-hand. Here’s the deal: you can opt for a slate table, which can set you back a whopping $5000 or more, or settle for a wood option. But keep in mind that even snagging a used slate table isn’t cheap—you’re looking at over two g’s just to haul it home. Plus, setting up a slate table? Yeah, that requires a pro (aka, more dolla dolla bills ).
This wood table, on the other hand was so easy to assemble and that’s because the top comes all ready to go. I might upgrade to slate one down the line, but for now, this table is spot on. It’s a stunner to play on, and it does play pretty true to form—still tweaking the leveling a bit–plus it’s solid as a rock. The cues it comes with are nothing to write home about, so you might want to upgrade those eventually, as pretty much every other review mentioned. It comes with everything else you need: balls, triangle, chalk, all decent quality.
Remember, though this thing is a hundred foot table, so you’re gonna need a big room, unless you fancy playing Tetris with your furniture or smacking the walls with your cue.
Shipping was a lot easier than I expected and even though they shifted my delivery slot on the day, it wasn’t a biggie. The table arrived in one massive, iron packed box—seriously, you’d need a bulldozer to dent it. The delivery folks were nice enough to set it just inside my door.
Yeah, it was a pain, a workout in itself, and yes, you’ll be finding bits of styrofoam in every corner of your room for days. The assembly instructions are clear enough, though, and I had the base ready in a couple of hours flying solo. The real challenge is hoisting the pre-assembled top onto the base—that part’s definitely a three-man lift, no joke.
I’m absolutely thrilled with this purchase, easily without a doubt, a five-star value for the price. I snagged mine on Amazon for a grand, and prices seem to bounce around a bit between here and Wayfair. If you’re hunting for a top-tier pro table, this might not cut it. But for a grand? Yeah, you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a better starter table.
Delivery was a charm, friendly guys and all. Just a heads up, it comes on a massive wooden pallet which is yours to deal with—delivery peeps won’t take it back. The box is hefty; you’ll need a buddy or two to shift it. Everything inside is cocooned in foam and the tabletop is cradled in a wooden frame (check out the picture). The manual might look daunting at first, but we kicked off with the pool stick stand and got the whole table set up just the two of us—yep, manual recommends four, but we managed. Definitely keep a power drill and socket wrench handy, trust me on that one. The instructions for attaching the legs with those silver metal brackets are a bit of a head scratcher, so take it slow. My tip? Use a headlamp when aligning the bolt holes for the tabletop. It’s a gamechanger. — M.G. Principal

Get it from Amazon now: $914.99 & FREE Returns


6. American Legend - 7ft Kirkwood Billiard Table

best pool tables

Highlight: Shims are included to make playing on uneven floors possible.

Helpful review: I've been scouting for a table that didn't cost my mortgage and then some, and then I stumbled upon this beauty on Wayfair–but I managed to grab it on Amazon during Black Friday for a sweet deal with 2-day scheduled delivery. Gotta love Prime! It’s super easy to put together, and honestly, it’s lighter than any pool table I've ever set up. Came spotless, and I had it ready to go in half an hour.
A word of caution for the weary tough—don't crank those bolts too hard. It's made of MDF, and if you're using a ratchet set instead of the included tool (you'll need a 14mm socket, you’re welcome). Trust me when I say, be careful not to overdo it. It's inexpensive and does the job well, solid once you get everything in its place.
This table is just the right size and looks fantastic. I like to use it daily since it arrived, brings back memories of playing when I was younger. But man, it's heavy, seriously. Like tipping the scales at about two hundred and forty pounds. The instructions say to flip the table with four people after assembly to avoid snapping the legs, but honestly, even four folks might find that tricky. What worked for us was setting the tabletop on four chairs first. Then we propped up one side on small stools to attach the legs, and repeated on the other side. Worked like a charm!
I’ve been wanting to get my husband a pool table for the longest time, but the prices were always too steep for a slate one. So, when I found this table within my budget, I was all over it in a heart beat. I did notice a few negative reviews about delivery mishaps and damaged parts, but that wasn't my experience at all. My husband was over the moon with it—it was his Christmas gift, and he's been playing non-stop, and I’m afraid to play him because I know it will turn into a ‘winner does chores’ type of situation. Yeah, I might be regretting this haha. Overall, it’s holding up well so far, pretty sturdy, and easier to assemble than I thought. Though the cues are a bit on the cheap side, I’d still recommend this table for anyone looking for a solid, budget-friendly option for their basement, or to keep their husband occupied. Just remember, it’s not a ten grand table, but for a fun, reliable family pool table, this one’s a winner in my book. — Sean M. Wheeler

Get it from Amazon now: $1099.99 & FREE Returns


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