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I Tested And Ranked The Best Pool Tables In 2024

Choosing the perfect pool table can be a tricky shot. To ensure you pick the right size and style based on your budget, I ranked the best pool tables on Amazon.

best pool tables

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. EastPoint Sports - 7ft Masterton Billiard Table

best pool tables


Highlight: Measures 87''x 50''x 31'' and recommended for rooms larger than 17'x13'.

Helpful review: "First off, this is the cheapest “large” pool table on Amazon. Don’t expect it to be professional grade. I went back and forth on whether I should buy a used slate table (and pay the price of the table again to get it moved and set up in my house) or something cheap and cheerful - and went with the latter option as I have young kids.
I think this table will serve its purpose for a few years, and likely will then need to be thrown away. As far as I have understood from other reviews, you’ll never be able to replace the felt, so once that’s gone, the table is scrap. All this being said, the quality is a little better than I expected, and the table looks nice.
Table arrived well packaged and with no damage, but with a tiny spot of glue on the cloth - a bit annoying, but not impacted play so far. I had no issues setting it up 95% myself (eventually will need another person to help you lift the table top onto the base. Took me about 2.5 hours to set up. Nothing was damaged, and all the holes lined up fine. A few screws to attach the plastic leg covers to the wooden legs could have been done with guide holes to hold the screw in place for screwing in (so I drilled some myself), but otherwise all was easy and well explained in the instructions. Hardest part is leveling it, but somehow I lucked out after I gave up trying for 20 mins and it seems to now be level (according to my iPhone).
I’ve only had it for a day so far, and here are my initial thoughts on playing on this table:
1) The supplied cues are rubbish. They are not straight and have terrible tips on them. Throw them out and get a couple of decent cues so you can enjoy the game. Luckily I already have one.
2) I got the beige cloth, and it is a little darker than I was expecting it to be, but plays well enough. The balls run pretty well, but not super fast.
3) The pockets are very wide and forgiving, making it a very easy table to play on (maybe a bit too easy, as it is making me look like a pro…)
4) The cushions are terrible and don’t offer enough bounce. I would say these are the real let-down of this table, and I would otherwise have considered rating it 5 stars (vs expectations for the price). You end up having to hit the ball far harder than you normally would to try to get enough bounce to get into the position you want.
Overall, this table does the job and is fun to play on at home. Whether or not I should have spent the extra to get a decent used slate table - time will tell… A slate will definitely have more resale and/or refurbishment potential down the line.
Arrived within scheduled time; came double cartoned; no damage whatsoever. You’ll want to pay for the delivery to the room of your choice as the table is pretty heavy. It will require at least 2 strong people, 3 in my case for going up stairs, totally worth the upcharge. Assembly room took a few hours with 1 person stopping off and on, but required 2 people to flip the table and set the top on the base. 95% of the assembly was done by 1 person. There were a couple of screws that I had to really work to line up and get in, otherwise simple assembly. Overall good buy, very happy with it" — Scott Robinson 

Get it from Amazon now: $628.07 & FREE Returns


2. GoSports - 7ft Billiard Table

best pool tables


Highlight: Set includes a mid-size billiards table with 15 regulation balls and cue ball, ball rack, 2 57 inch cue sticks, 2 chalks, and felt brush.

Helpful review: "Decided to wait a couple months to review this table, and the bottom line is I am very satisfied and have spent many happy hours playing pool with family and friends, or just practicing.
I used to be a pretty good barroom player (not a shark by any means, but good enough to pay for my beer many nights -- other nights, I'd be buying someone else's beer), and this is a good approximation of your average bar table. Sure, it's not a slate table, but it's surprisingly level and sturdy for an MDF table that's a fraction of the cost and hassle.
I see lots of people complaining about damage during delivery, but my delivery experience was awesome. I paid the $20 to have it delivered to my basement, and everything went off without a hitch. When I opened the box, I didn't observe any damage. There's a hairline crack in the plastic of one pocket, but I didn't even notice until a couple days later.
Yes, you're going to want to replace the cues as soon as possible, and the brush is the type meant for cleaning under the rails, not the whole table. However, the balls are just fine, and I've had no problems with cracking or chipping. The rack is a standard plastic rack; any pool player will be familiar with it. I saw someone complain about the quality of the chalk. Really? The chalk? It's chalk. It's fine.
Buy a set of four house cues that go from 18 to 21 ounces, they're easy to find on Amazon. Also get a real brush to maintain the felt. I should also note that the table doesn't come with head or foot spots -- these are cheap, you just have to do a bit of measuring to set them up right.
At 170lbs, the table feels really solid and sturdy. Give it a shove to test, and it'll give the slightest little bit -- not enough to move the balls. As for it being level? I'm amazed. The wife and I got the big level, all set to adjust the feet and... the darn thing was level no matter where we measured.
We got to a smaller level, and started placing it all over the table. Level everywhere out of the box. I consider this a tribute to not only the table, but to my basement floor. Checked a couple times since, still all level. One note: it's in a room with a dehumidifier that runs automatically 24/7. I'm hoping that helps keep the surface from eventually warping.
This is what really counts, right? Like I said in the tag for this review, to me, it plays just like an average bar table. The felt was a tad slow at first, but regular play and brushing fixed that. The rails bounce like they should, and the balls come off them as you'd expect. My favorite "show off" shots are balls frozen against the rails -- I LOVE walking a ball all the long way down a rail to a corner pocket.
Tip: actual bar tables often have a groove worn under the rail that makes this easier), or banking a ball frozen on the far rail back to a near corner.
Both shots can consistently be made on this table. Shots to the side pockets require a more gentle touch, just like on a "real" table. However, since this table can't be re-felted, I don't want burn marks all over it, let alone a dreaded tear -- therefore I don't allow jump or masse' shots, which might bug some players.
This was intended as a starter table to see how often the wife and I would use it, and we've been enjoying the heck out of it. My daughter plays in an APA league, and she's had fun with it when she visits, too. It honestly exceeded my expectations, and I'm very happy we chose this table. The wife is already talking about upgrading to a slate table some day, but in the meantime, we get to play all the pool we want on a very nice table." — Timothy K. Mitchell

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


3. Spartan - 6ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top

best pool tables


Highlight: Set includes 1 pool table, 1 pool ball set, 2 cue sticks, 1 racking triangle, 1 table tennis table top, 2 paddles, and 2 table tennis balls.

Helpful review: "All the negative one star reviews are regarding handling by the freight company, and one regarding size, so I thought it would chime in with a pool player's perspective. It's a small table, but that's the whole point of it. It saves space and still allows you to play while not breaking the bank. It seems to be packed pretty well. My only issue was that it was missing a few washers that I ended up not much needing. You can get away with assembling buy yourself and then turning upwards if you are careful, know what you're doing and have a decent amount of strength.
The design is simple and very sturdy. Yes, it is mostly particle wood and MDF, but that goes with the territory. On a functional level it performs pretty well. The rails bounce great (though a little too strongly so you have to slow for realistic angle bank shots) and the table roll is very smooth.
The ball doesn't die against the rail or only bounce one rail and stop or roll poorly. It's straight (once leveled), and even though it may not last forever it will probably last for several years if you take care of it and avoid liquids and moisture. It exceeds the local ratty bar table near me, which of course is old and dying; most times I would probably rather play on a more standard size (7-9').
The balls are 2", so a step down from 2 1/4" standard size but work quite well here. It only took me a couple of games to adjust hitting spin and everything. But I also bought a set of the more standard balls and now use those for practice.
The pocket size in the corners are 3 and 1/2 in, so smaller than normal, but still easy to shoot into, with smaller balls and shorter proximity (basically snooker pocket and ball sizes but smaller table). It all seems to work out. It feels a little easier than normal tables but provides a good pool experience and practice, and can be a fun change of pace.
Keeping in mind it is not slate, the roll is a nice experience and you can get the ball around the table where you need it to off the rails.
I've had a 7 ft and a 6 and 1/2 ft table and would probably keep this one just the same in order to save space while getting out to the pool tables on the weekend (I live on the third floor). Hope this helps.
A few words from a friend:
I wanted a mid size pool table. Some reviews made me think this was more kids' size. But I chanced upon it. Great table. Not as small as I thought it would be. Perfect size for my spare bedroom. Love it! I purchased bigger pool cues and a bigger set of pool balls which fit in the pockets too. Love the red felt and black table!!!!! Only had it for 2 weeks and have had a lot of compliments and a lot of fun playing. Highly recommended pool table for the price." — Kevin Bullamore

Get it from Amazon now: $899.96 & FREE Returns


4. American Legend - 90” Kirkwood Billiard Table

best pool tables


Highlight: It's 90”, giving you enough space to play like your living room is the billiards club.

Helpful review: "Fortunately I was not the one who had to carry it to the upstairs gameroom! For the price can't go wrong. Came undamaged, assembly was easy, and the table is pretty darn sturdy. Really like the contemporary (rustic?) design. Colors (gray/black) match my man-cave perfectly. Functionally the rails are a bit stiff, but for the price I'm very happy.
So far the table is flat with no bowing or dips. No it's not slate table flat, but it's not $3K+ either (and another 100 lbs heavier, argh!). The box was ridiculously heavy, so make sure you get the inside/upstairs delivery or you will be in the ER with a hernia. Sticks and triangle as others have noted are cheap, let the kids use those and get some better ones. Would buy again.
Overall I’m satisfied with the pool table. Don’t pay for room of choice or assembly. All you’re putting together is the legs. The whole top portion is assembled and weighed a lot. The company that came out to put it in my room of choice said they couldn’t do it so I had to call a friend to come help take it to my second floor. We aren’t super strong guys but taking around 275 lbs up a flight of stairs was challenging but up there in under 5 minutes. I had this table assembled in 30 minutes.
The first one came damaged but Amazon was quick to get another one out to me. The feeling is slow and I’m probably going to replace it. Some shots on a slow roll will clearly start fading off in a different direction. I have leveled the table and it has nothing to do with anything but the felt. I thought it might settle but hasn’t. Legs are not strong enough to sit on the side and reach for a shot which isn’t a huge deal to me. If this is your first pool table and not wanting to sink in a bunch of money, then this is good enough. But if you are trying to get serious and work on trick shots the felt will drive you nuts and wouldn’t be accurate.
This thing was super simple to assemble but it is a heavy son of a gun. I was supposed to have any room delivery but the company that delivered it showed me their order and it had curbside delivery. We managed to get it down stairs but it was a struggle. The pool table overall is very nice for the price. I would highly recommend getting some black chalk and a good brush. I've seen comments about the cues not being very good and this is true just remember your buying a pool table not a cue set. Overall, very pleased with the purchase, definitely worth it." — Charles Scott

Get it from Amazon now: $917.96 & FREE Returns


5. Barrington Billiards - 7.5' Preassembled Pool Table

best pool tables


Highlight: Table legs are made of molded plastic with inner steel support and designed in a Ball and Claw style.

Helpful review: "I have definitely never written such a long review before, but here is some info I hope you will find useful:
I always wanted a pool table in my house, and decided this was the year. I looked at many options, including used. You can generally go with a slate table or wood. Slate tables can be $5000 or more, and I wasn't ready for that. Even a used slate table is going to cost you $2000 or more just to move it. Lastly, slate tables need to be professionally installed (big bucks), where a wood table like this one can be put together pretty easily, since the top (felt & bumpers) is pre-assembled. Someday I will graduate to a slate table, but this was the best choice for me now.
The table looks great, plays pretty true (still getting the hang of leveling it), and feels completely sturdy. As others have noted, the two included cues are pretty basic, so eventually treat yourself to a couple nicer ones. Comes with a set of balls, 8-ball triangle, and chalk, all fine.
100" is big, and you will need a large space. Figure 17' x 13' minimum, or you will be banging the cue stick into walls constantly.
I was happy with the shipping through NSD (not sure who you'll get). They changed my chosen time slot, but same day. It's one huge box, and it is extremely well packaged. It would take a lot to damage the actual table. Delivery guys placed the box inside my front door.
Since it is so well protected in the packaging, getting it out was half the battle. You will be cleaning up bits of styrofoam from your house/business for weeks. Instructions are pretty clear, and I completed the base in about 2 hours by myself. The next part is lifting the top onto the base and lining up the holes for the final screws. I recommend at least 3 strong guys for this step.
I am so happy with this table. Definitely five stars for the price. The price fluctuates on this site and wayfair, but I got it here on amazon for $1000. If you are looking for a high end professional pool table, this may not be for you. For $1000 and my first table, I couldn't be any happier.
Firstly, the delivery guys were very friendly and got the package to where I wanted it. The pool table came on a huge wooden pallet, that you will need to take care of yourself. As the delivery people will not take it back.. The box is super heavy and you will need at least 2 people to move it.
The pool table came packaged very nicely. Everything was surrounded by foam and the pool table top itself is packaged in a wooden frame (see picture). Looking at the manual and being a little overwhelmed at first, we started with the pool stick stand.. (I was able to build this table with 2 people-women even though the manual says 4.) Definitely have a power drill and a socket wrench handy when you start the table! There are silver metal brackets that attach the legs to the table frame, the picture for this in the manual is very confusing.
In general the manual was very clear and easy to follow. When attaching the table top, I suggest using a headlamp so you can see that the bolt holes are aligned." — M.G. Principal

Get it from Amazon now: $2,259.99 & FREE Returns


6. American Legend - 7ft Kirkwood Billiard Table

best pool tables


Highlight: Includes shims for play on uneven floors.

Helpful review: "I’d been looking around at local pool tables but I didn't want to spend 3k. Found this little gem on Wayfair first, then found on Amazon for cheaper with a 2-day SCHEDULED delivery that was awesome with Prime.
Easy to assemble, very light for a pool table. I'm not a pool shark but like to plink around and this was easily one of the lightest pool tables I've assembled. Delivered clean, setup took 30 minutes.
Do NOT over torque the bolts. It's MDF, if you use a ratchet set (14mm socket btw) vs. the included tool make sure you don't overtighten. Cheap and well made for its purpose and solid once set up.
The pool table is impeccable in its size and beauty. Enjoy it every day since it arrived. But the table was very heavy at around 240 pounds. According to the instructions, after assembly finishes, 4 people needed in order to flip the table, so the legs are not used as the support during the process which may break the legs. Considering the weight, even 4 people would not comfortably do this. What we did was that before adding legs on, the table top was lifted onto 4 chairs, raised one side of the table by adding small stools or anything, then installed the legs. Do the same for the other side. Done perfectly!
I’ve been wanting to buy my husband a pool table for years now. There’s no way I could’ve afforded a slate table and basically my budget was limited. I read all these reviews. Except for those people who received a damaged product or parts, most of the reviews are good.
My husband is really excited to finally have a pool table, it was a great Christmas present he plays every day. It’s less then a month but it seems pretty sturdy and assembly was easier than I expected. Like other reviewer‘s, I agree, the pool table is great but the cues are a little crappy. I still highly recommend this for a basement pool table.
BUT you need to understand something. Don’t expect a $10,000 table for this price. But if you just need a good, solid pool table for your family I highly recommend this one." — Sean M. Wheeler

Get it from Amazon now: $729.99 & FREE Returns

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