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I Tested And Ranked The Best Cordless Stick Vacuums In 2024

A quality cordless stick vacuum should be lightweight and portable, and should free you from frustrating plugging and unplugging. Here’s a personal ranking of the best options for the money.

best cordless stick vacuums

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Top-rated: 1,900 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: A precisely angled laser makes invisible dust visible on hard floors, so you don’t miss anything.

Helpful review: "First, who am I? I'm 78 yrs old, a man, 6 ft, 180 lbs, active and enjoying life! Now you get a "feel" for who is using this vacuum. Do I own other vacuums (including a big corded Dyson) - yes. Why did I end up buying this one? Because I didn't use the others. Why? Too heavy, (big Dyson), too much effort getting them out and setting them up (Rainbows), too aggravating messing with the cord (all of them). Didn't I realize I needed to vacuum? Of course! It was just a royal pain in the butt.
Enter the Dyson V15 cordless vacuum. Two things jump to my mind. First, it really works. The suction is very good, the attachments are easy to install and remove. It's easy to empty and it is durable. Second, I end up using it! I mean really using it. I have it mounted on one of the walls in my garage next to a power outlet. It's easy to retrieve and replace on its recharging cradle. It is not too heavy and it maneuvers like a dream.
OK, here's the deal. If you have a lot of carpet in your house (me? I'm in a 3 bed, 2-1/2 bath home, carpet in the bedrooms, back hall, stairs and room above the garage, hard wood floors everywhere else with a few oriental area rugs - 2,400 sq ft, max) you're going to either have to get an extra battery or change the way you vacuum. No doing all the house at one time. If you want to do that, it's no big deal, really. This vacuum is so easy to use and so convenient I use it on the kitchen floor several times each week - especially after I've been cooking. Same with the bathrooms. Honestly, you find it's no hassle at all to just run to the vacuum, pull it off the wall and "take care of business".
Do you need to be patient when you're running this thing over the floor? Yes. I don't mean you have to go at a "snail's pace". Can you race around with it and expect it to pick up absolutely everything? No. Honestly, you know how you're supposed to vacuum so do it the right way to begin with.
I've always hated vacuuming the carpeted stairs. Lugging that vacuum up or down, trying to balance both the vacuum and me. Worrying about taking a dive and having to call EMS. You know, all those things that make you wish your stairs weren't carpeted in the first place! Well, let me tell you, this little jewel does a wonderful job. You just place whatever attachment you want to use directly on the vacuum body and it becomes a light, hand-held vacuum that you can easily stroke over each stair tread and riser while you are backing down the stairs. Hallelujah!
And dust? It works like a dream. I've always felt I was simply pushing the dust around when I was using a cloth. If I sprayed the cloth I wondered about residue.....I know, it's just me. This thing picks up dust and traps it in the vacuum chamber so I can take it outside. It has a good filtration system so the air coming back into the room is clean. And,'s easy to use! I have even done my HVAC vents and my ceiling fans! Would you believe?
OK, enough..... Bottom line?
As I said, it works. It does what they said it was going to do. Do you need an additional battery (and charger)? Probably, but they are not absolutely necessary. Do I finally use a vacuum in my house? You bet! Would I buy it again? In a heartbeat!" — John Habersham

Get it from Amazon now: $749.99 & FREE Returns


2. Shark IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with XL Dust Cup

Top-rated: 5,945 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Transforms to a hand vacuum for lightweight above-floor cleaning.

Helpful review: "My roommate has a husky. The husky and I shed a lot. Prior to this vacuum, we had a shop vac. So, every time I vacuumed I constantly had to be on my hands and knees. I wanted something lighter to do upstairs.
If you've used an older shop vac they are pretty cumbersome especially to do stairs. This photo was from 1 room! The vacuum is so much lighter and quieter. AND it was on sale on amazon.
You will probably have to charge it and empty it more often... but for me this is a win. It even gives you vacuum lines. It is a little top heavy; you need to lean it against something when not holding it (if you have to move something etc). But I think it will suit my needs pretty well. So much easier doing the stairs and upstairs rooms. Will do a future update if there are any issues in the future, but for a first time. I'm impressed.
What do I like about this vacuum? It is very powerful in the 'extra power' mode—the other modes... not so much. Plus, when using the high power mode, you must hold the trigger rather than have an on and off button. That gets tiring when you are doing a lot of vacuuming. We have several cats, and I bought this to clean up cat fur daily. It does a great job of picking up the fur.
Here's what I don't like about it. It won't free-stand while charging like our other stick vacuum does. You have to disassemble the handle for the unit not to fall over when you're not holding on to it. They provide a couple of extra crevice tools but nowhere to put them. They should have included a bag to keep them together. Our other stick vacuum, half the cost of this one, had a storage bag.
The lights were essential to me, and while they were there, they were pretty dim. Again, about half the light of our other stick vacuum that was half the cost.
Finally, the dust collector bin needs to disassemble completely for cleaning thoroughly. This one doesn't." — Kent Dufault

Get it from Amazon now: $149.95 & FREE Returns


3. BLACK+DECKER PowerSeries+ 20V Max LED Cordless Vacuum

Top-rated: 4,586 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Equipped with LED floorhead lights.

Helpful review: "I bought this Black & Decker after reading reviews and because I felt it was a name I could trust. I wanted a cordless and had purchased a stick vacuum in error that was corded and while it worked out, and appeared to work well enough, I really wanted the cordless stick. This vacuum is amazing.
The first time I used it, I was not impressed as a felt the vacuum base to be too light compared to the top handle portion that seemed too heavy. Then I used it two more times and I am completely sold on this little workhorse. The amount of stuff this pulled out of my bedroom carpet was amazing (shocking really!) especially after having just used the corded vacuum just days before. I love the headlights, I love that you can stand it up and not haver to look around for something to lean it up against, I love how easily it goes completely flat to get under tables.
Also, it is not super loud. The canister is a good size but was a little hard to remove the first couple of times to empty it but it is getting easier (operator issue!). I highly recommend this cordless stick vacuum!
This vacuum has solved many issues I’ve disliked in the past of various vacuums I’ve owned over the past 5 decades. I hated all my former vacuums except this one because:
1. Too heavy, bulky to store
2. The cord is always a drawback
3. Difficult to vacuum under couches, etc
4. Suction was either poor or too powerful
5, Purchasing debris bags was a drag
6. Hose in the way
7. Picking up metal object jams
This vacuum solved all these problems and changes suction power on its own. It holds a charge a long time, is very lite yet with high quality materials. It converts into hand held with a tool to use in corners. The price is right. Just love this!" — J. Gardner

Get it from Amazon now: $129.00 & FREE Returns


4. BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Top-rated: 8,130 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Works with the BISSELL Connect app to provide helpful alerts, maintenance tracking, usage tips, and plus formula reordering.

Helpful review: "So, things were pretty grubby, I will admit. I got really tired of fighting my ill-balanced dyson animal vac, my ecovacs kept dying when my housemate’s long hair would get tangled, and the various mops I had with washable pads were just not easy to use. Especially as a small woman with rheumatoid arthritis! Then I got this thing... and now I’m on a cleaning tear!
- Not having the cord is fabulous. And the machine clearly indicates in ten minute intervals how much charge is left so you can plan ahead. I know that half an hour isn’t very long, but it is more than enough for my small house.
- Convenient start. It is pretty easy to set up to run each time. You pop in one of the two brush rollers (so yesterday’s can finish drying, yes you too may be inspired to give this a quick run around your high traffic areas daily), add the brush cover and the dirty water tank, add the clean water and cleaner and off you go. Everything clicks into place in a satisfying manner.
- Lightweight and quiet. For a vacuum, I’d say it is pretty quiet. And somehow the noise it makes bothers me less. The noise of the old vac was really something I hated. When full of water it has some weight to it, obviously, but not a ton beyond that and the handles are good.
- Easy to operate. There are a few things to get used to and remember, but it is easy enough to master. The trigger for more clean water is effortless to press. The buttons are easy and decently placed, though I kinda wish the rug/hard floor button was not so easy to hit instead of power, but it isn’t like that hurts much. Most of the parts come apart and go back on easily even for arthritic hands, though the roller cover was a bit stiff and might have been tricky if I was having a bad flare. It seems to be getting a bit easier over time.
- Storing after use is easy. You put it on the dock and hit a button and it will wash the roller for you. Then you pop that and the air filter out of it and put those in the provided rack to dry. Pour the satisfyingly revolting water down the toilet and rinse the tank and let it dry. Let it charge for tomorrow.
- The cleaner is not bad. You are limited to their cleaner, but it does not have a strong odor and doesn’t make me sneeze. I think after your initial few cleans you could easily skimp on or skip the cleaner for most maintenance.
- Suction is great. I only have hard floors, but this vac will pick up anything but ridiculously large or heavy debris. It is fantastic at cleaning up cat puke/hairballs. With a bit of finesse, it leaves the floor nearly dry, similar to damp mopping. So far (1month) I have no problems with pet or long, wirey human hair clogging it or getting excessively stuck on the roller. I would say it replaces a normal vac though I do keep a small hand vac with a nozzle for tight spaces.
- Filter amnesia. Somehow, I found I kept forgetting to put the air filter back in which would result dirty water on the floor and it not drying the floor. I ‘fixed’ this by drying/storing the filter in top of the tank, not in the rack where I tended not to see it.
- Edges are not perfect. Although going nose-in to an edge improves performance there is still a strip it doesn’t get. I just plan to let the robot vacuum get that and swipe it with a damp rag when needed.
- Streaks. On a very, very smooth floor you can see some streaks when the light is just right. I think using distilled water might help if you are super fussy about that, but I’m just happy that the floor is soooo much cleaner than with a normal vac or mop.
- Weird post-cleaning ritual. After running the brush cleaning cycle the instructions tell you to wipe the water out of the charger tray and they say this is to avoid corroding the contacts. This makes zero sense because those contacts are waaaay up in the handle. I suspect the manual was written to a beta model with the contacts on the tray. Anyhow, lifting it out of the tray and wiping then leaves you with a spot to wipe on your floor where the vac rested for this. Seems a silly oversight after making such an otherwise well-working product.
- Doesn’t get under. Although it swivels nicely from side to side the vac does not ‘lay down’ as much as some others for getting under furniture. Again, I plan to mostly let the robot deal with those areas and occasionally shuffle furniture to get under the middle of the bed, etc. I’d rate that feature as a ‘C’ as it is OK, but not great.
- Be sure to leave a few minutes charge on the machine to run the brush cleaner. If it is completely dead, you can’t perform that operation. Not a big deal if you pay a little attention, but you don’t want to forget and have things get moldy.
- The brush is very gentle. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It is very easy on your floors, but if your house, like mine, started out pretty dirty it may take a few iterations to really get all the gunk. Likewise, I have some wood floors that are very old and worn with bad crevices and I found I needed to scrub them a bit with a stiff brush and some of the diluted Bissel cleaner before using the Bissel, but this was unusual circumstances and a one-time deeper clean.
Anyway, there are always pros and cons, and when you think about it, no product is perfect. So just buy it already! I hate cleaning, but this thing is kinda fun!" — Elizabeth A. Newell

Get it from Amazon now: $324.00 & FREE Returns


5. Tineco iFLOOR 3 Breeze Complete Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

Top-rated: 25,864 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: This powerful, 2-in-1 floor washer leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes.

Helpful review: "This TINECO Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floor Cleaner is spectacular at cleaning your hard floors in a very short amount of time but if you have pets or people that shed a lot of hair, it's not quite as quick and easy. Also, note that this is for hard floors only. It is not for vacuuming carpeting or rugs.
So basically, this is a floor machine that vacuums and scrubs your hard floors simultaneously, sucking up the dirty water and leaving your floors super clean. The floors dry so quickly, I wondered if it was a steam cleaner, too, but it's not. It just vacuums up the dirty water so well that there is very little left on the floor. And wow, the water in the dirty water tank is filthy! It also has a stand that also serves as a charging dock. It has easily changeable brush rollers and filters. The dirty water tank is easy to remove and clean. There is even a self cleaning cycle that cleans the brush roller very well. Basically, you only clean manually the dirty water tank and the area where the brush roller is installed and the HEPA filter, which takes very little time.
It's a quality, well built, machine but the manual leaves a bit to be desired for such an expensive machine. For example, it comes with an extra roller and HEPA filter, which I assumed were to be used when the installed ones wore out. The manual doesn't really make it clear. Also, there are two accessory holders but it doesn't say where they go. (They attach to the sides of the charging stand.)
The machine speaks to you - giving you status reports on the charging status, telling you when to run the self cleaning cycle, when to refill the clean water tank, when to empty the dirty water tank, etc. This is actually pretty great. And it's extremely gratifying to see how dirty the water is after cleaning. Best of all, it's super quiet and maneuvers very well. I am currently living in an apartment with mostly hard flooring and I can use this machine at night without worries of disturbing any neighbors.
I was upset at first when it told me to start the self cleaning cycle after only about 10 minutes of floor cleaning. And then, I saw that the HEPA filter must be fully dry before reinstalling it in the machine after rinsing it as directed. It says the same thing about the roller brush. Then I realized THAT'S why you get an extra set included in the box!
Next, I realized that hair is what clogs the dirty water tank and gets stuck on the roller brush, prompting the self cleaning cycle. I have a household that includes a couple of dogs that shed a lot and several people with very long hair. So for me, doing a quick once over with a dust mop before using this machine works much better. Less hair means I can clean the floors for much longer before I have to clean the tank and the brush roller. If you don't have pet fur or a lot of human hair to deal with, you can skip the dust mopping but if you do have pets, be ready to stop a lot unless you use this machine almost every day to keep the hair and fur to a minimum. I also ordered 2 more HEPA filters and 2 more roller brushes so I can clean the entire apartment.
It comes with a cleaning concentrate (which is awesome, BTW) but you can also clean with plain water.
I have some unusual cleaning challenges. We had a house fire so we are living in an apartment until the house is repaired. We are working in the sooty house daily and come home covered in soot. I also have a broken wrist that is in a cast. Despite the hair challenges, this machine does an amazing job of cleaning up after us and I can manage it easily one handed. Although the owner's manual isn't the best, you will get the hang of it after using it a little and it's truly excellent. I will update if I have issues in the future but so far, I am very pleased with how well this works.
I am now in love with this machine and cannot imagine life without it. My oldest dog is 18 and failing fast. We take her out in a doggy stroller because it is too far for her to walk and the other day, she had a pee accident in the hallway and elevator before I saw it. Tineco Floor One S3 to the rescue. I was able to clean the hallway and elevator floor quickly and easily. Have just ordered more cleaning solution because a) it's really good stuff and b) it will void your warranty if you use another brand.
I am still in love with this machine. My floors have never looked better and it's so quick and easy to clean up a sudden mess. Once you get used to cleaning the dirty water tank and refilling the clean water/cleaning solution tank a couple of times if you are cleaning ALL of your floors, it still saves you so much time and is much easier than even a swiffer and the floors are left very, very clean. Do learn from my mistake, though. Don't leave dirty water in the dirty water tank overnight - rinse it out right away after you are done cleaning. If you leave it overnight (or longer), the plastic tank will pick up a gross smell. If that happens, you need to clean it out and then let it sit with a bleach and water solution inside the tank for a day and then, maybe even let it sit out in the sun for a couple of hours to get rid of the smell. This won't happen if you clean out the tank right after you finish using it or after a self-cleaning cycle has been run. The machine will tell you to do this so listen to it." — Terry Dunn

Get it from Amazon now: $279.99 & FREE Returns


6. Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Top-rated: 911 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Converts to a handheld device for cleaning cars, stairs and upholstery.

Helpful review: "The primary reason I bought the Dyson V8 was for the hair screw attachment which works really well on upholstery and other cloth based furniture.
Being a cat owner, this hair screw attachment is a godsend! My house is primarily wood floor with a few large area rugs in the living room/dining room. The Dyson V8 cleans medium/low pile rugs very well. Occasionally you might have to go over an area a few times but honestly nothing to really complain about in terms of suction.
As for the battery, as long as you have it set to the normal setting (left side) you should get around 25-30 minutes of run time using the main brush head and hair screw tool. The crevice tool/combination tool should get you up the 40 minutes advertised, maybe slightly less depending on how worn your battery is.
Do NOT use MAX setting all the time. The MAX setting is intended for more stubborn particles and is only meant to be used for a very short duration. Using MAX will limit your overall battery usage to around 7 minutes or less.
One of the best investments I’ve purchased recently. It’s super light weight, suction is out of this world, the air feels so much cleaner after one use and it’s extremely easy to dump. Also super satisfying to see how much it gathers in a short amount of time. At first I wished the battery life lasted longer, and I thought it was because I had it on turbo the whole time. But I’ve learned when I need to use turbo vs not - and I’ll switch back and forth (which is super easy) - it will last for the full upstairs and the steps and some of downstairs before it needs to be charged again. Keep in mind that I have a 2,500 square foot home! I also have 2 motorized vacuums in my house, but there is nothing like a Dyson! It just does the job so much better, especially on carpet. I also have a golden retriever that sheds a ton, and a cat! So I love all the different attachments to clean everything, but just the floor. Totally worth the money! And the fact that it’s cordless and light weight makes it so easy to clean!" — Jason Parker

Get it from Amazon now: $469.99 & FREE Returns


7. ORFELD V20 Ultra-Quiet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Top-rated: 7,057 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Provides up to 35 minutes of fade-free strong suction.

Helpful review: "Looking for options to make cleaning easier and safer, especially not wanting cords to trip on and also something small and maneuverable. It is pretty easy to use IF you have strong hands.I would not recommend for someone with week hands because the most the weight is near the handle.
For instance, much easier to use with my dominant hand than my weaker other one. I am a tall lady with big strong hands so not an issue for me, but I know some may do better with a machine where the weight is lower. Also, because of the weight distribution, you cannot just lean it up against anything, you have to lay it down or it will likely fall over.
- Very quiet!
- Powerful suction; really picks up a lot of stuff and does do well with cat hair
- Easy to empty receptacle and filter easy to clean (after some learning curve of how to put it back together)
- No cord to trip on
- Easy to place on charging station
- Can store accessories on charging base (could be a bit better way to attach them secretly though)
- Can use on low pile carpets and does a good job with pet hair on them. I only do the rugs near my doors though because of the not enough charge issue and I use a corded vacuum for my smaller carpeted areas.
- Does try to manage power usage. by only riving up on dirty areas and there is an option to choose turbo power yourself too
- Has a lighted front which really helps in the darker areas created by shadows
- Seems well made and I'm not afraid of breaking it when I'm using it or cleaning it
- No bags like my canister needs
- Can rinse the stainless steel filter making it economical since no need to replace it often
- Barely enough charge to do only my tile floors well before needs recharging
- Top heavy making it hard to maneuver at times (especially if you don't have strong hands)
- Must put against floor to get under low furniture like a couch
- Must hang charging station on a wall near an outlet (not everyone has space for that and I was lucky I had a space in the garage)
- Takes getting used to where on/off switch is on the grip handle because easy to squeeze it and turn it off while trying to maneuver the vacuum
- Bit of learning curve to put it back together after cleaning filter and dirt receptacle. Must take it apart to get all the dirt out because some gets trapped towards the top around the cone shaped filter.
That being said, I'm still glad I got it and I reach for it instead of the corded vacuum as much as possible because it is just easier and safer for a klutz like me :)" — Robin N Kline

Get it from Amazon now: $129.95 & FREE Returns


8. Eureka NEC185 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Top-rated: 28,116 ratings

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Bendable wand allows to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease, even in tight spaces, and reduce back strain.

Helpful review: "Ok, I am not normally a review writer. In fact, I probably purchase 20 things off Amazon each month, for years, and have only written 2 reviews to complain. I looked and looked at reviews of several stick vacs before picking this one. I have a Dyson that is great for my carpets, but we now have laminate flooring throughout the house (dark laminate) that shows every hair, fuzz, speck, leaf, get the picture. It made me crazy to see the dust and hair on the floor when the light came through the windows. I needed something I could grab, quickly, and go through the house and a broom wasn't cutting it. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!
For reference, I have three long haired cats and a German shepherd. We have lots of hair. I have two teenage daughters with lots of hair, AND.....we live out on property with lots of dust and dirt that comes in with us from the barn. I am so happy with this vac and I'm even more happy I tried this first and didn't pay for a Dyson. I thought, "I'll try this for a lower price and hope for the best!" I'm so glad I did.
- Super light weight (I think like 5 lbs all together and 3 if you are using it as a handheld vac), battery lasts me two or three full uses around the whole house (my house is 1000 sq. ft. for reference - only throw rugs and no wall-to-wall carpet) before needing a charge.
- Works great on throw rugs, although you have to hold the corner of the rug down so it doesn't suck it up. Has a light that shows dirt in hard to reach places, lies flat to go right under the coffee table, easy to get on the sides of toilets in the bathroom, head comes off fast to do quick spider webs in the corners, has two attachments that are quick on and off and easy to use in corners.
- Has a nice hang up attachment and doesn't take up too much space. Super easy to dump the cannister and isn't messy like my Dyson. In fact, I ALWAYS managed to get some of the dust out on the floor when emptying my Dyson. NEVER have that problem with this little vac. Great at getting fine dust and pet hair. Just discovered, yesterday, how much I love making it into a little vac.
- If you take off the stick and the roller attachment that goes on the floor, and attach one of the corner attachments, it becomes a hand vac with good suction. I ran all over the house sucking behind couch cushions, around lamps, the cracks in my office chair.
- I seriously WANT to vacuum with this thing and with no cords it is so easy. Oh, and it's quiet enough to actually vac while I'm simultaneously on a phone call...LOVE THAT! It will also pick up cat litter and the big kind from the "Breeze" system that looks like pellets.
- Since we have a lot of hair, every 3rd or 4th time I use it, I grab some scissors and get the hair off the roller (this is something I really should have been doing with my Dyson too in all actuality). If you do it often, it is easy and quick and keeps the roller working great!
- Doesn't sit up on it's own if you have to set it down for a minute. You have to lean it up on something. That is a little annoying, but not a deal breaker in light of all the Pros.
- Doesn't suck like my Dyson, but I have not found anything left behind." — Kellie Howard

Get it from Amazon now: $169.99 & FREE Returns


9. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

best cordless stick vacuums


Highlight: Engineered for homes with pets.

Helpful review: "I finally pulled the trigger on this sucker. Literally and figuratively. I’d been eyeballing it for about 9 months after using a friends. It is everything I hoped it would be. We have a dog that sheds like it’s his job and 3 kittens that are equally as hairy.
I was a bit concerned that being cordless would mean sacrificing a bit of suction. Nope. It’s as sucky as they come, if not suckier. It gets all the hair and dirt!
I had purchased another brand (corded) vacuum less than a year ago and had nothing but problems with it. I used it right before opening the Dyson (which I have named Mike Tyson the Dyson by the way), then used the Dyson right afterwards. It was AMAZING how much stuff the old vacuum missed that I didn’t even realize. Our house is mostly hardwoods with some low pile carpeting and it works equally well on both.
Another concern I had was the 40 minute run time. Would it be enough time for a full vacuum of my (2000+sq/ft) house? It is. A big part of the reason for that is because it’s SO easy to pull this thing off it’s charger and spot vacuum, I do it far more frequently. No more animal hair tumble weeds that magically appear overnight.
The coolest feature is how all of the pieces snap in effortlessly. You can make it long or short and put different attachments on either. I can finally reach my porch ceiling without a chair or ladder!
Also, if you need to bring it somewhere away from your house, you can detach it and still bring the cord if you need to charge it without using the docking station.
This is obviously not an inexpensive buy, but in my opinion, it’s worth the money. I was sick of buying mediocre ones every couple of years. This comes with a 2 year warranty and lifetime assistance.
I’ve managed to talk 2 other friends into buying one since I bought mine 8 weeks ago and they are both equally as happy. It’s kind of weird how much I talk about vacuuming now! If you’re on the fence on what to buy, don’t be." — Stacey Eaton

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


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