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I Tested And Ranked The Best Cowboy Boots In 2024

Cowboy boots are a country classic. They are worn all year round (at least in my neck of the woods), and they’re proof that Western style is here to stay.

best cowboy boots

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Ariat - Circuit Patriot Western Boots

Top-rated: 2,895 ratings

best cowboy boots


Highlight: Full-grain leather foot and upper.

Helpful review: "I have been looking for a pair of Ariat boots to wear when we ride the motorcycle side by side. I absolutely love the color of these boots, and the American flag was amazing. When I received them, I could not believe how beautiful they were, and the quality of the leather! My WHOLE HOUSE smelled like the highest quality leather..... the only problem for me as a girl, as they are cut for a man. They just made my foot look big and I already wear a women's 11/12, but these made my foot look big. So if they can come up with this model cut for a woman, that would be amazing. The leather quality is SO GOOD!!!!! I can't stress that enough!
This is literally my first "cowboy" boot. I originally got the first boot in the mail and had to exchange it for another one for various reasons (which was an easy process with Amazon). The second pair I received was perfect and comfortable. Researching how much cowboy boots usually cost this was a great deal in my opinion especially for my first pair. I would make a future purchase from them again. I loved the design and so does everyone I wear them around. I get positive comments regularly. If you're on the fence about whether to buy, do it under the try now so you can physically hold them and try them on in your home. I recommend this boot - stylish and good leather.👍
The Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boots are the epitome of style and comfort. Crafted from high-quality leather, these boots exude durability and elegance. The patriotic design adds a touch of Americana flair, making them a standout choice for any cowboy. With their advanced technology and cushioned footbed, they offer unmatched comfort, even during long days on the ranch. Whether you're riding or walking, these boots provide stability and support, ensuring you can tackle any task with confidence. Overall, the Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boots earn a solid five-star rating for their exceptional quality, style, and comfort." — Robin Rodarmer

Get it from Amazon now: $199.95 & FREE Returns


2. Wolverine - Men’s Rancher Steel Toe Work Boot

Top-rated: 8,181 ratings

best cowboy boots


Highlight: Removable OrthoLite cushioned footbed molds to foot.

Helpful review: "I bought these about two and a half years ago for work. I'm an electrician, and these boots have been through all different environments with me; road work, deck jobs, commercial work, hospitals, schools, the works. They're still going strong for me! The price is very fair for a good quality work boot that'll keep you warm in the winter but won't cook you in the summertime.
The steel toe makes it a little on the heavy side, but it's worth it for the peace of mind. Comfort wise, I find myself on ladders fairly frequently, and that's the easiest way to know if a boot is comfortable or not. I've never experienced any kind of ache or fatigue from extended ladder time while using these boots. The only thing to be aware of is that these boots do run large.
My normal shoe size is 9 to 9½, but I had to keep returning these until I found a decent size for me, which ended up being 7½. Man did they take a lot of returns to figure out! Other than that, what can I say? They are long lasting, they are comfortable, and they are inexpensive. I couldn't recommend these enough.
So I had to break down and buy another pair of work boots, which for me is tough, as my right foot was broken in my younger years and not treated medically, so said right foot takes a wider boot, else the ever present knot of cartilage build up on the top of my bridge will rub or squeeze. I got the 11EW even though I normally wear an 11 and these boots are sized 1/2 larger. The right boot fit perfectly, and with a heel insert in so did the left. I've had them for 3 weeks and I have put them through the test and I have not been disappointed. They broke in fast and haven't made my feet sore since the first two days I wore them. During those first two days of breaking in, I switched out to an older pair when my feet started aching (since I've worn them from 5am to 8-9pm, and have had no foot cramps or pain at all). If something were to happen, and they needed to be replaced I would buy the exact pair again.
These boots lasted me 6 years before I had to get new boots. I work in construction and these boots saw dirt, mud, water, concrete, for over 40 hours a week and they held up tremendously. I went through 3 pairs of insoles because the boots kept holding up longer than the insoles so as a result they kept doing their job, great work boots that are very comfortable and hold up well. Can't recommend enough especially at the price they are." — Cooper Randol

Get it from Amazon now: $112.99 & FREE Returns


3. HISEA - Western Cowboy Boots

Top-rated: 879 ratings

best cowboy boots


Highlight: Lifetime warranty.

Helpful review: "I have put these boots through the rigors of construction work, landscaping, mowing and general all-day wear. They have performed excellent throughout each use. They remained comfortable all day, as well.
These boots are extremely comfortable. The genuine “real” leather has a deep rich tone. perfect for working in the field or going out on the town. They have cushioned support and stability. These are great for working around the farm or working in an industrial setting.
These boots are durable...Goodyear welt construction, water, oil and slip resistant. They have a nice rubber lug sole and shock absorption. The steel shank support is comfortable. Wide, square-toed, safety toe boots with gel padded heels provide comfort all day. I didn't even feel the steel toe! They also have pull tabs to help in putting them on.
Leather construction and steel toe make these boots the perfect boot for farm, industrial or any other work where you might damage your feet. Steel Toe protection, Heel protection, oil and slip resistant...these boots cover just about all your safety concerns.
Sizing was accurate, according to the U.S. Size chart. I ordered my normal size and the fit was as expected.
My suggestion would be to waterproof them a little more, to protect the leather, as these are really nice 100% leather boots. But all in all...a very nice boot for work OR play...and you won't break the bank when buying them!
These boots are amazing. Quality, durability and performance all come together for a very affordable price. The leather is soft and so beautiful. The stitch detail is high quality and such a beautiful design. Every feature has a detailed and beautiful purpose. The leather is soft and supple. The color combination is beautiful and stands out among its competitors. The sole is rigger and substantial. It will give years and years of wear. The only drawback is that they will last so long you won’t need another pair. They are so affordable however that one can purchase several in different colors to have a variety. The materials used are higher quality and will stand the test of time. They will prove to perform on the ranch farm or an everyday workplace. They are built to make long days in the most demanding environments safer and more comfortable. There are many boots on the market but these are affordable and beautiful. Many jobs are demanding and can be dangerous. These boots provide confidence that your feet will be well taken care for and safe. Another great feature is that these boots come with a card that has a QR code on it. When scanned it provides the buyer with a lifetime warranty. It’s quick and easy and proves that HISEA really stands behind their products. I have bought many products from HISEA from sheets to comforters to boots and never been disappointed. You won’t go wrong when you buy something for yourself or as a gift. Pick you up some boots today!
So I was only gonna give these boots a 4☆ but then I remembered the lifetime warranty so that alone makes them worthy of 5☆. What I don't like about them.. I am a female but had to buy man's boots for lack of other options & for me the leather is too hard! Like there isn't really any give in the upper ankle area/ top of foot. So it has taken me several wears to get them broken-in. My BF bought me Ariats for Christmas and immediately I was able to wear them all day everyday without any foot pain. I am a Lumber Jack so sometimes my boots catch the end of a chainsaw. And of my 3 pairs of steel toes, these have held up the best next to the saw! Last thing, how come there are like hardly any options for black pull on steel toe boots? The makers should think of that when they make the next pair of work boots!" — Jessica Millwood

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


4. Dixhills - Embroidered Old-Western Cowboy Boots

Top-rated: 190 ratings

best cowboy boots


Highlight: Built to withstand the toughest conditions.

Helpful review: "I loved these boots when I first got them. I ordered a size larger like suggested and they fit great. A few days ago I noticed that the right foot sounded different than the left foot as I was walking down a hallway. Not even three months out of the boots and they are already coming apart. I basically paid $20 a month to wear the boots before they failed. I expected more.
The vendor contacted me, explained they agreed that the boots should not have only lasted 3 months, and replaced them free of charge. They didn't have to do that. I really appreciated the good customer service. I moved my 2 star review to a five for that, as now the value is reasonable. Doing yard work, staying out all night… They are very durable and very comfortable. These are the most comfortable boots I own, they are made of good material and design, and I think this is a great gift for someone who likes the cowboy style, as it is priced enough to guarantee the quality of these boots.
Given the price point I wasn’t sure what to expect but so far these look as good as the Mexico or US made boots I am used to. Build quality seems good, as does the shape and fit. Soles have some traction and depending on preferences could probably be resoled if ever needed as is standard for most boots. Came in a nice black cardboard box that we will be using for storage + could probably also be used as is for gifting. Size felt slightly bigger than expected so it could be worth considering a 1/2 size smaller than usual.
I recently purchased these Dixhills Cowboy Boots and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! These boots have a classic Old West style with beautiful embroidery that really sets them apart. The square toe gives them a modern touch, making them perfect for both working and casual wear. The pull-on design makes them easy to slip on and off, while still feeling secure on my feet. I've worn them for long days of work and they've held up perfectly. They're also great for horseback riding and hiking, providing excellent support and comfort. What's even better is that these boots are affordable, making them accessible to anyone who wants to add a touch of Western style to their wardrobe. Overall, I highly recommend the Dixhills Cowboy Boots for Men to anyone looking for a stylish and practical pair of boots. They truly deserve a 5-star review!" — Jay Starling

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


5. IUV - Classic Slip-Resistant Boots

Top-rated: 80 ratings

best cowboy boots


Highlight: Durable, slip-resistant rubber sole.

Helpful review: "These cowboy boots are fantastic, they are very high quality and the attention to detail is amazing! Like most of the better cowboy boots, they seem to mostly be geared towards men. However, I just figure out what size I would be by using their sizing charts. I know these are men’s boots but if you’re a lady you could still wear them.
The overall design is gorgeous, the stitching is very well done and there are no loose threads. I also love how the boot and sole are stitched instead of being glued; it just shows the quality. The sizing chart is perfect for using as a reference. I am a woman with a 9.5 shoe size and I ordered a 7.5. The toe box is square and quite roomy, the boot is more on the medium width, so if you have very narrow feet these might not be for you. They have a block heel and aren’t as tall as other cowboy boots because these are meant more for riding horses. They come just to my lower calves, and I'm 5'3".
I’m wearing the boots for fashion but also because I love cowboy boots. However these boots are meant for riding and are built this way, so have no doubts that you could wear them riding a horse, and also on the ranch. These boots are very durable and well made. They’re made great, you can wear them for really any purpose you like.
They’re very beautiful and would make a great addition to any outfit, but are also very functional and rugged enough for any outdoor activity. These boots are also very comfortable and you could easily wear them all day. I highly recommend it.
Alright, fellas! 🤠 Ready to step up your boot game? I'm talking cowboy style with IUV's cowboy boots. First off, the rubber sole? Total comfort zone! These bad boys are not only super sturdy, but the soft insole is like a pillow for your feet. Plus, they're so light, you might just forget you've got 'em on! Let's dive into the tech stuff: the 4LR (four layer rebound) insole technology? Genius! These boots hug up to your calf, and with this tech, you can hustle all day without your feet screaming "uncle!". Look-wise? Totally on point. The square toe and hole design give that classic cowboy touch, and they're stylish enough for both a rodeo or a night out. You'll be looking all kinds of cool, mature, and with a hint of cowboy swagger. And hey, if you're the kinda guy always on the move, these boots have got your back... or well, your feet. They are slip-resistant, so they can take a beating and keep on kicking! Pair 'em with your favorite jeans, rock 'em at the ranch, or strut around town. From horse farms to warehouses, these boots have you covered. Ready to ride into the sunset? 🌅👢🎸
I was really excited to see these cowboy boots because I needed a pair of black ones and these came up at the right time. They are very high-quality and genuine leather. The soles are nice and sturdy and thick. And the design work on them is impeccable. I originally ordered a 10 1/2 based on other reviewers but unfortunately that was just a little too loose on me, thankfully I was able to contact the seller who is very gracious and sent me a size 10 which I normally wear in those fit absolutely perfect! These are a great product and a really good price as well! Highly recommended." — Brent Tilly

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


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