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I Tested And Ranked The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids

If you're looking for an electric dirt bike for kids, it‘s important to get one you can rely on. These affordable options are the real deal, and they come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

best electric dirt bikes for kids

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Razor MX350 - Electric Motocross Bike

Top-rated: 6,866 ratings | 615 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery system.

Helpful review: "I bought it for my 4-yr old, since he's still too short to touch the ground on my old Honda Z50R, my first bike when I was a kid. For the price we paid, it is actually built surprisingly well.
History on my kid: he would ride with me on my Honda 50 and he would control the throttle, brakes and shifting, while I managed the steering and balance (and occasional parental override on the brakes). So he had a good feel for the controls before he got onto this Razor.
The first time he got onto this Razor he took right off! And he loves riding it! The motor has enough power to pull my 45-pound kid through mild grass and dirt (dirt roads) just fine, and even some mild woods trails. Mild hills are no problem, but it won't climb steep hills or go through deep sugar sand by itself. The throttle is NOT variable, it's on/off, but it starts off very smoothly so it's not a jolt when he turns the grip, and he picked right up on bumping the throttle on/off to go slow. It only has a rear brake (lever on the left handlebar) and no suspension. But the battery goes easily for an hour of non-stop riding on a hard surface and top speed is around 15mph on hard ground.
The brake lever is adult sized. The perch has the lever far enough from the bar to be comfortable for an adult or older kid, but my 4-yr old son has to take his hand nearly off the handlebar to reach out to the lever. But once he gets his hand on it he has no trouble pulling it. For smaller hands, just adjust it so the engagement point is closer to the bar. It is plenty strong to lock the rear wheel even on pavement. General zipping around this is fine, but it won't be good for teaching technical riding where a rider needs to keep his fingers on the brake lever at all times. As soon as you touch the brake lever, it turns the motor off which is probably a good feature for beginning riders.
The foot pegs are plenty wide, even for adults, and they fold up which is nice in a crash (and we've had lots of crashes!). There is no suspension so the poor little guys get beat up pretty good on rough ground. My son isn't standing when he rides yet, so he likes to avoid the very bumpy areas. The chain is completely covered so there's no chance of the kids getting their pants or shoe strings caught in it.
It's very light weight, maybe 50 pounds, so when the little kids fall, the bike isn't hard to pick up and doesn't squish them. The knobs on the tires are flat and square, similar to a trials tire, which means they have plenty of grip on hard surfaces. The seat height is low so little kids can touch the ground easily.
Charging takes several hours, so once the battery goes dead it's time to plug it in and go find something else to do for a while. You have to remove several screws to get to the battery, so even if you had a spare, swapping it while at the riding area would be a bit of a pain.
Pros: inexpensive, very light weight, soft forgiving (but adequate) power that won't intimidate little kids, low seat height, reasonable battery life, fold up foot pegs, good build quality, nearly silent so the neighbors won't complain.
Cons: no suspension, non-variable throttle, adult sized brake lever perch, not enough power for steep hills, long recharge time, swapping batteries takes too long to be convenient for the purpose of bringing extra batteries to extend ride time.
Conclusion: if you want to figure out how "into bikes" your kids are before dropping $1500 on the real thing, or if you want to get a very small kid into the sport, then this is a wonderful option.
Despite the few shortcomings, this is a great bike for the price and my kid absolutely loves it. It won't compete with a 50cc pee-wee bike from Honda, Yamaha, or an OSET electric ($1000), but it's less than 1/5 the price or the other bikes, at least 50 times lighter than the gas bikes. Definitely a good buy for the price! I suspect kids in the city will ride this thing until the wheels are worn off, but more serious aspiring off-road or motocross riders will probably outgrow it quickly. You get a lot of bike for little money. So if this is your price point or if you've got a young kid just starting out, then this bike is a good buy!" — Matt Fromovitz

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2. Razor MX650 - Off-Road Motocross Bike

Top-rated: 2,203 ratings | 436 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: Compact electric motocross bike with powerful 650-watt electric motor.

Helpful review: "I have ridden dirt bikes and street bikes for 20 years. From 80 cc dirt bikes, to 1,000 cc super-sports, to my current toy, a Honda CRF250L. I've ridden forest trails and even dragged knees at race tracks. I've rebuilt motorcycles from the frame up and performed countless services. So I have experience with bikes. With that said, I could not be happier with this little Razor dirt bike.
Most of the people complaining seem to expect this little bike to compete with the big boys in terms of quality and power. Take a look at your local Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki dealership and you'll find even the smallest 50 and 80cc dirt bikes are $2,000 or more, I looked again before buying this. This little Razor is 1/4 the price. Not much more than your cheap plastic power wheels. However, unlike your power wheels and other cheap plastic ride-on's in this price range which have plastic tires, no suspension, etc., this bike has it all, working suspension, rubber tires, long life, etc. Not to mention, no maintenance, no carburetor to mess with, no oil to change, the brakes are those off a bicycle. Everything is simple.
Also, unlike buying a used dirt bike in this price range, this one is new. You don't have to deal with the usually poor treatment of the previous owner.
We bought this bike for our 7 year old daughter. The warnings and advertising for a teenager is a joke. The warnings actually say no younger than 16. I love how a 15 year old can drive on the highway in a car at 60mph, but by the warnings isn't old enough to ride this toy 15mph on grass. Even now at 8 years old our daughter has quickly has mastered the bike and could move up to something bigger.
However, I do really enjoy riding this little bike myself. As does my wife. It's quite fun to just zip around the yard. Recently I have started riding it through the woods on trails where I ride my real dirt bike. I was very surprised about how well it performed. I was definitely pushing it well beyond its intended design, but it held up fine, even with my adult weight.
My one and only gripe with the bike is the gearing. Its geared for riding across flat grass. It loses all power going up a hill. At least with my adult weight. It handles our daughters weight just fine. I plan to remedy this, however, with a larger custom rear sprocket. With that, this could easily be a toy for me as well as a good dirt bike for some legitimate trail riding.
As for the power life. Again, not sure what's wrong with other reviews. We can ride this bike for hours with my daughters weight. For well over an hour with my adult weight. With a bigger sprocket to tax the motor less, I think it will be even better.
As for ruggedness, this thing has already survived numerous falls and crashes. Also, like I said earlier, I've taken it on trails I take my real dirt bikes, with my adult weight, it has held up fine. So overall this is one of the best purchases I've made. With all the cheap products out their these days, this has been a great experience." — Fran H. Thompson

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3. Hiboy DK1 - 300W Electric Motorcycle

Top-rated: 88 ratings | 10 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: Super-authentic dirt bike design.

Helpful review: "The bike is impressively sturdy and well-built. While some parts are plastic, the main frame is made of strong metal, giving it a solid feel.
Assembling it was a breeze with just a few bolts to secure the handlebars and rear suspension. Safety is a top priority with the three-speed modes that limit the top speed, making it easy to choose the right setting for the rider's experience level. The air-filled tires and front and rear suspension provide a smooth ride, even on bumpy terrain.
The power of this bike surprised me too! During assembly, I accidentally gave it too much throttle, leaving a skidmark on the floor. Talk about a thrilling start!
The battery life is excellent, lasting up to 90 minutes, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or keeping the kids entertained during playtime.
The bike's durability is impressive, handling rough tumbles and hits without a hitch. My only regrets are that I'm over the weight limit and that I didn't have a bike like this when I was a kid!
Overall, as already mentioned above, this bike is pretty impressive, and I highly recommend it. The sturdy build, long battery life, and safety features make it a fantastic choice for young riders. The design is eye-catching, resembling a mini version of a real motorcycle. The tires offer a smooth ride for kids who know how to balance on bikes. Charging the battery takes around five hours, providing ample playtime for your young adventurers.
As a final note, I'll add that the design and 300W capacity set it apart from cheaper alternatives. and add to its appeal. So it's really an exciting choice for young riders." — Cece Mendelbaum

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4. Best Choice Ride On - 6V-Powered Kids Motorcycle

Top-rated: 3,417 ratings | 194 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: Colorful decals with working headlights and realistic sounds.

Helpful review: "I got this bike for my son's 4th birthday and he absolutely loves it!! I was so nervous but it’s perfect in size . My daughter is 8 and even she can get on it. It wasn’t even hard to assemble. Me and a female friend of mines put it together. Girl power lol;) My only complaint, though, is that after riding around for a long time, my son's finger was hurting from pushing the button. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying his new bike. Best present I ever got him and for a great price. It has real life looking features to it, and it came in good shape. I would definitely recommend this!" — Tatyana Layton
Trending review: "Fits my average sized 3 year old perfectly and looks like it will fit him for the next couple of years. He loves it! He loves the lights, sirens, and "radio." He plays the songs over and over till they are burned into your brain. But other than that, I love that it’s sturdy and that it goes as fast as an adult walking speed. So glad I chose this one!" — Karen Madrigal
Reassuring review: "Awesome!! This was a gift for my granddaughter. She loves it. It rides slow enough and fast enough... if that makes sense. My granddaughter is a petite 6 year old. I think I would not get it for a kid that is older or on the bigger side... only because it is a little small... but, oh, so perfect.... she loves it... and we were glad she had something in her favorite color. Great Value... fun times..." — Dee Chalmers
Most-discussed review: "Love it, just as expected! My son is 3 and has training wheels on it. Just wish it had a reverse button (we are using it inside for now - we haven't taken it outside yet). It will probably fit 3-5ish year olds. All lights work and sirens. Only thing is, it came missing a bolt where the battery for the lights portion is. But it's ok with 1 bolt. My son loves it!" — Lindsay Spratt
Favorite review: "Amazing!!! The seller is very nice. I ordered it on Thursday. The shipping date was 2 weeks after. I emailed the seller asking them if there's a chance that I will get it by Saturday. They made it happen!! On Saturday I received the bike. Beautiful! Thank you!" — Natalie Colston
Updated review: "My grandson wants to be out riding his bike all of the time even though it is cold here. It is just the right size for a 5 or 6 year old child. My brother assembled it, so I'm not sure of how complex or easy it was to put together. So far, I highly recommend it." — Deirdre M. Ellis

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5. Costzon BMW - 3-Wheel Motorcycle

Top-rated: 1,224 ratings | 52 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: When fully charged, your kids can continually use it for about 40 minutes.

Helpful review: "This motorcycle a great option for a gift. Overall, it looks cheap. It's made of plastic, but my baby loves it. I would say you can buy it for a 10 month baby (and up to 1.5 years). The motorcycle isn't big so it's perfect for small kids. I recommend it because it's worth the money and does what it should. But it's not designed for older kids, so keep that in mind when considering this dirt bike." — Elena Rodman
Trending review: "I got two of these motorcycles for my twin grandsons' second birthday. They learned how to ride them in the living room/dining room and then, on the same day, they enjoyed riding them together all over an empty parking lot of a community center. So I'm sure your kids will enjoy it too." — Jeff Hernandez
Reassuring review: "This is my son's favorite ride on. He started riding It at 8 months and he still loves it at 15 months. It does look like he will outgrow it soon though. The battery charge lasts long, we usually do not have to recharge it for weeks at a time. Yes, I said weeks!! Music is loud and annoying, but he loves pushing the button and bopping along as he drives. So cute." — Gizzard & Monkey
Most-discussed review: "This motorcycle is amazing! My son is 15 months old and this is his favorite thing ever! It does go way faster than expected which is a great thing, but at his age I have to fast-walk right next to him until he gets a bit older. Assembled in 5 minutes. It came already charged too, which was a huge plus because once he saw it he wanted to ride it immediately. Me and my husband have motorcycles and he loves them, so now he’s super happy to have his own. Highly recommend!!!" — Jamie Sunderland
Favorite review: "Super easy to put together. My 2-year old fits this perfectly. It took him a day to master his driving skills. Now he’s a motorcycle maniac blaring the radio and changing stations on the go. He loves this thing!" — Casey Vala
Updated review: "We don't like the music, but my grandson does. He really can't ride it yet, but he's getting the hang of it. He's 15 months old. He goes right for the music pushing the buttons and there is no way to turn it off. We have to put it where he can't reach it so that it will finally stop playing. Other than that it is perfect. Long battery life. The battery was already charged." — Tracy Bacote

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6. Lil' Rider Motorcycle - Electric Ride-On for Kids

Top-rated: 2,173 ratings | 80 answered questions

best electric dirt bike for kids


Highlight: Has both forward and reverse functions.

Helpful review: "I purchased this version almost a year ago for my 2 year old daughter. I was just looking at the blue version for my son who will be 2 in a few months. I saw a bunch of negative reviews for this item and that is what's prompted me to write one myself. People may have received a faulty product when they purchased this, but I did not. I can only tell you how well it has worked for my daughter. Assembly was easy & the parts were all there. I plugged it in, and it charged in a couple hours. Keep in mind that once it's fully charged it last at least 8 hours. My daughter absolutely loves it & is riding it around the house as I write this. This product gets 2 thumbs up from me." — Ahron Burd
Trending review: "My daughter loves this! I read some of the negative reviews and I was sort of skeptical about buying this. But I went ahead and got it anyway, and I assembled it all by myself. It was super easy! I’ve never assembled anything in my life! So I was surprised on how easy this was. I did find the video link that’s posted in the manual. Was very helpful. Would definably recommend it for your little one." — Elizabeth Zaccardo
Reassuring review: "My husband and I get along very well. When it comes to assembling things, however, I'm pretty sure it's grounds for divorce. This motorcycle was an absolute nightmare to assemble, and the stickers are not good quality. So if you accidentally placed them just slightly off and want to fix that... too bad... so sad. That will rip the entire sticker in half and leave a really messy disgusting fuzzy adhesive left over. It looks quite ugly. However, my almost 2-year-old really likes to push the beeping button and tries to make it go. It's a little bit big for her but she'll grow into it. She has fallen off of it once, and it was like dumping a real motorcycle on its side. Mouth full of blood, the works. But she's pretty tough and got right back on it. It doesn't go too fast, which is nice. Just be prepared and bring lots of alcohol for assembly day." — Pettie L. Robinson
Most-discussed review: "This is the third purchase. My 3 year old grandson wore a battery out on the first. We decided to replace the bike instead of the $26 battery (because older kids visiting have abused the first bike and it was just a matter of time anyway). This time, a 16-month old kid brother became his road dog. I was delighted to see the two of them having fun together, and even enjoying giving each other rides. I would definitely buy it again, and I highly recommend as a gift." — Chrissie Larson
Favorite review: "We bought this for my grandson for his birthday. He just turned two. A good size for him. Easy to put together and seems sturdy enough. Charges easily. Not sure how long the charge really lasts though, as he did not ride it very long. He had more fun with the lights and the horn. Not a bad purchase for the money." — Sherry Gricar

Get it from Amazon now: $84.99 & FREE Returns

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