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I Tested And Ranked The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Kids In 2024

If you're looking for an electric dirt bike for kids, it‘s important to get one you can rely on. These affordable options are the real deal, and they come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

best electric dirt bikes for kids

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Razor MX650 - Off-Road Motocross Bike

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Powerful electric motor makes this compact motocross one of the best on the market.

Helpful review: After twenty years of riding bikes, I can officially say that I’ve tried out pretty much every bike on the market. Not only have I tried out trails through forests and hit the pavement at race tracks, I’ve taught myself everything about these bikes, from how to build them from the frame to how to service them. In other words, I know bikes.
After reading all the reviews, some partially negative, I’ll come out and say it clearly, of course this isn’t going to compare to dirt bikes worth thousands of dollars. This baby is a quarter of the price, so adjust your expectations accordingly, but don’t lose hope entirely. So far, this electric bike is one of my favorites, and for a lot of reasons. With an electric bike, the maintenance is so much easier. You don’t have to change the oil, the brakes are so much simpler (think an actual bicycle) and there’s no carburetor. Seriously, this really can’t be more simple. A lot of used bikes cost this price, and this one is brand new, so keep that into consideration, too.
I bought this for my eight year old daughter, despite the warnings that say this can’t be used for kids younger than teenagers. It’s really not that complicated, and I stand by the fact that it’s not meant for just teenagers. Think about it. This is safer than a fifteen-year-old driving an actual vehicle.
While I bought this for my kid, I admit, I love this thing maybe just as much, if not as much, as her. And I ride it just as often. I’ve tested it on the same paths I bring my actual dirt bike and seriously have zero issues.
It is important to note that the gear for this bike is designed for flat ground, so when you try to take it up a hill, it loses most of the power. However, that might just be because I weigh more than my daughter. When she goes uphill it loses a little bit of power, but not nearly as much as when I do it. Fortunately, I know how to fix this so I can ride uphill (new rear sprocket for those wondering).
I’ve read some reviews that the power sucks, but that hasn’t been my experience. My daughter can ride it for hours, and even with my weight, it still goes over an hour. Overall, it gets the job done, and is super rugged and has a durable exterior that has to withstand both me and my daughter falling off. One hundred percent, this thing is worth it. — Fran H. Thompson

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


2. EVERCROSS EV12M - 3-Speed Modes Dirt Bike

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: With an age range of 3-12, it’s a suitable fit for the younger kids.

Helpful review: I’m so happy I went ahead with this purchase for my nephew. From the outset, it has a sleek design, and just looks great in general. The speed maxes out at fifteen miles an hour, which honestly is not bad at all, and means I don’t have to worry about him going too fast.
As an electric motocross bike, it’s rechargeable, which is so much easier to use. The battery lasts just under ten miles, averaging aout 8 or 9, depending how long you charged it for. If you’re concerned about safety, I’d suggest going all out with a helmet, pads, and starting slow. Also pro-tip: Charge at night since it takes a while to recharge.
Powerful motor that has no issues riding up steeper hills and lasting for longer rides
Battery lasts long enough to ensure a return trip home (just make sure to measure the distance in advance)
Super effortless to put together, took less than an hour. Overall, it’s low maintenance compared to a gas powered bike, so it’s also a lot cheaper to keep in good condition
My nephew loves this thing so much, and has learned a big lesson about responsibility (especially after the first night when he forgot to charge and it was going to take a longer ride to show it off to his friends. He never forgets to charge it now.) He also had to learn about safety in order for me to let him use it at full speed. He takes it really seriously, which I love, and I’m glad to have an opportunity to show him the importance of responsibility.
Delivery was a lot faster than I expected, which was awesome. Took less than half an hour to set up, and yeah, while it’s meant for kids, I definitely use it. Why wouldn’t I? My wife says I’m still a kid at heart, so may as well make the best of that compliment. I love riding through the hood in style now. Super easy to charge, too. I don’t like it going down below fifty percent battery, but it doesn’t take long to charge. This is a great beginner friendly electric motorbike, and I highly recommend it for the kiddos (and the adults who haven’t grown up!). — Michael Platon

Get it from Amazon now: $499.99 & FREE Returns


3. Razor MX400 - 140-Pound Capacity Dirt Rocket

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Electric motorbike is styled and built just like a real dirt bike.

Helpful review: My six-year-old has been wanting to follow in his dad’s footsteps (he rides a Harley) so we decided to start him with a beginner bike, and this was a perfect starter option.
As an electric bike, maintenance and upkeep is so easy. You don’t have to pay for gas, don’t have to change the oil, no carbs or plugs to fix or maintain. Because there’s no real engine, there's no parts that will get super hot and burn my son’s legs. For a six-year-old it goes super fast, and you don’t really need more speed than this! Battery lasts a solid amount of time for a good run time.
I’m not a huge fan of the basic on and off switch that operates as a throttle. I don’t think it’s the greatest for beginners, however a controller and throttle bought after the fact could fix this issue, but this is really personal preference. Since it lacks a suspension, it’s super bumpy to ride off the pavement. I still feel like it’s a bit fast for a kid of my son’s age, and I think a sprocket change could add extra torque for hills, while also limiting the fastest speed. Again, I’m just being a little picky, since my husband rides motorcycles, but for a first electric bike, it really does what it’s needed, and what’s most important is that my son loves it!
I wanted my son to understand the importance of taking care of his own things, so bought this electric bike as a reward/teaching tool. Plus, I really wanted him to learn how to ride a motorbike! He’s about as adventurous as they come, so this was perfect for that purpose. There’s no clutch, but I like that both the throttle and brake are on the correct side as a gas powered motorcycle, making it an easy transition. I also like that as a safety feature, there’s a cut off that comes in when the throttle and brake and hit at the same time. Often, when a beginner rider panics, they usually react by hitting the brake and throttle at the same time, so this kill switch is a way to help them from hurting themselves. Overall, it’s really sturdy and has a great battery life. The speed is solid, and looks sleek. For the price, and how much my kid loves it, it’s awesome. It takes a bit of time to charge, but I just do it at night and that works. As a first bike, it’s everything I was looking for and more. I highly recommend this bike! — Joseph Travis

Get it from Amazon now: $399.99 & FREE Returns


4. Razor RSF650 - Electric Bike for Ages 16+

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Rechargeable 36V battery can be quickly changed when needed.

Helpful review: With four kids, I knew I needed a good quality bike to keep them entertained. And when I say I have a lot of bikes, take my word for it. We have bikes for the tracks, for the road, for the forest, and all different sizes, too! Now when it comes to my younger kids, this electric bike is the best possible one I’ve found so far.
It’s a few hundred bucks more than my 2-stroke 47cc, but trust me when I say that it’s worth it. When it’s delivered, it’s pretty much already assembled. You just have to connect the handlebars, and there you go!
The brake handles were already installed and set up nicely which was an added benefit. Really, it only took like ten minutes to open out of the box and set up. It has a weight range between 50 to 200 pounds. I mean not really, but that’s how much my son and I weigh respectively, and it still worked for both of us. It can be a little jerky for the lighter riders, but I don’t really see any other downside. It’s all positives, really.
Brakes are solid, wheels are smooth, suspension is great. Honestly, it’s a great tool to teach kids how to balance and steer if they ever want to eventually ride on a real motorcycle. Yeah, it’s small, but it’s still a machine, so make sure you wear a helmet! And pads, too!
Shipping was super fast by Amazon, and it even let me set up a time frame to make sure it was delivered even when I needed it to. The box was in perfect condition too! To put it together, you just had to slide in the handlebars which was easier than it sounds. Everything else was already put together. Razor really created a good looking bike and it performs so well. The bike rides faster for lighter kids, and can take a little bit of weight gaining speed for heavier folk like me. My son was able to drive it at full speed and had no issues with the suspension and shock, it worked smoothly and just as it should. He loves it, and for that reason, I’m giving it ten stars! — Sean Cavanaugh

Get it from Amazon now: $899.99 & FREE Returns


5. Hiboy DK1 - 300W Electric Motorcycle

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Awesome authentic design for an electric bike.

Helpful review: Talk about durable! Yeah, some of it is plastic, but the outside frame is straight metal and it feels great. Setup and assembly went super smooth, too. You just have to insert a few bolts and then you’re good to go. I really liked that there were three-speed modes so it couldn’t go too fast, and those who were less experienced could go slower. You’ll need it, too. The bike was a lot more powerful than I expected, seriously. When I was putting it together, I hit the throttle too hard and it left a mark on my floor, so just be careful with that!
I love how long the battery lasts, just over ninety minutes! It’s great for playtime, for adults and kids haha! The durability is just great, and it has no issues hitting those potholes or tree roots. I just wish I had a bike like this when I was a kid!
I can’t recommend this bike enough. It’s durable, sturdy, has one of the longest battery lifes (much longer than I expected) and has some really great safety features that really make me not have to worry about my little boy going crazy on this.
Also, it’s super sleek and nice to look at. It looks like a real motorcycle and is awesome at teaching kids how to balance and steer. Also the battery takes about five hours to charge, which really isn’t bad when you consider that other bikes can take an entire night to charge up. If it didn’t die, I’m pretty sure my kids would never get off it, so I actually really like that it’s electric. A gas powered one would get way too pricey with how much my kids like it.
The 300 W capacity and the design of it really make this stand out against cheaper models. Honestly, it’s one of the best bikes for the younger kids. Highly recommend it! — Cece Mendelbaum

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


6. HYPER GOGO EL7 - Electric Motorbike for Kids Age 3+

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Speeding alarm stops adrenaline fueled kids from going over ten miles per hour.

Helpful review: This electric motorbike exceeded my expectations! My two sons think I’m the coolest mom on the block now. They’re so in love with it and I love seeing how much fun they have! Just a few things to note: Yeah, it looks tiny at first, but my kids are both just under fifty inches tall and it fits them just fine!
I think they have about another seven or eight inches before they outgrow it but for now it fits perfectly! I love the speed settings so much. When they first started playing on it, we started with the slowest setting, which worked great on flat ground and short grass. The middle setting was better for them for climbing hills, and the fast speeding was for extra fun!
Battery life was super great too. In nearly forty five minutes at the lowest speed, we lost about one battery notch, although the faster you go, the faster you’ll lose battery so just keep that in mind! Assembly was super fast, but definitely watch the video to give you extra help.
The video goes with the manual, so just keep that in mind. There were some extra pieces that I still can’t figure out where they go, but I’d rather more than less! The directional tires are cool, but make sure you focus on the rotational arrow. The little gas tank thing comes off if you crash but it’s not a big deal.
Overall, my kids love this so very much, and I really couldn’t be happier. They’ve both started telling everyone else at school and now other parents are asking me about it, and I’ll definitely send them in this direction. I really can’t recommend this bike enough! — Steven Katz

Get it from Amazon now: $459.99 & FREE Returns


7. Best Choice Ride On - 6V-Powered Kids Motorcycle

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Looks super realistic with decals, headlights, and motorcycle sounds!

Helpful review: This was so amazing and it shipped really fast. Customer service was fast, and delivered it when I needed it in time. My three year old is average size for his age and he loves this thing. I think he will even have a few extra years on it, too. It has real, working lights, a siren (which can annoy parents, but it's worth it!), and even a radio! Yeah, he plays the same song on repeat, but his smile supersedes that. It’s durable, and has a speed that matches how fast I walk. Really happy I went with this bike.
I bought another for a cousin who also has a three year old. She says she put training wheels on it so that her son would have more balance, and it worked perfectly. She says she wishes it had a reverse button, but that’s okay! She reckons it will be good for her son for another two years. The one we got her was missing a bolt but still worked just fine!
My son’s finger hurt from pressing the button after about an hour, but he may have been hitting it too hard. It really looks like an actual motorcycle and arrived in great shape. Five stars!
This was a birthday present for my five year old and he just loved it so much. I was nervous it wouldn’t fit him, but honestly he sat perfectly on this bike. Even my nine year old daughter can ride it, which is awesome, because now I know what to get her for her Christmas. It wasn’t even hard to assemble. I’m an average sized woman who works out maybe three days a week and I put it together in under an hour.
My grandson was so happy when I gave him this bike. Now all he wants to do is ride it, even in the snow! We’ve compromised with letting him ride it around inside until the snow melts, but it works great even inside. It’s a perfect size for a five and six year old, but not sure it would fit a kid much bigger than that.
It goes slow enough that I don’t have to run after him, but fast enough that he still has fun. I do think we're pushing the limit for the age range, but it honestly works great. It was also in his favorite color. What a great value, for real! — Deirdre M. Ellis

Get it from Amazon now: $129.99 & FREE Returns


8. Razor MX350 - Electric Motocross Bike

best electric dirt bike for kids

Highlight: Battery system is rechargeable and durable.

Helpful review: My four years was too short to reach the ground on the bike I used when I was his age, so I decided to go all out with getting him his own bike. Honestly, it’s super durable and stable. My son already knew how to brake and use the throttle on my bike, while I dealt with the balance and steering, so he picked this baby up really easily.
The powerful motor is great through uneven terrain, hills, and even wooden trails and dirt paths. Just be mindful of super steep hills, it won’t work as well. There’s no real suspension, but there’s a rear brake which definitely helps.
The battery is one of the best features. It lasts over an hour non-stop moving. And with a top speed at 15 miles per hour, you really can’t beat that!
The brake is better suited for an adult, so it might be better suited for older children, as my four year old has to remove his hand to actually grab the lever. Once he manages to grab it, though, he has no problem holding onto it. You can adjust part of it so it moves a little closer, and I recommend that for the kids with smaller hands. The rear wheel can lock on pavement too so that’s cool. It’s great for beginners, but you’ll need something a little more upgraded if you want to do technical riding. Specifically, if you lightly touch the brake lever, the motor will shut off completely like a kill switch, and I think this is good for newbies.
Foot pegs are wider and fold in which is cool. No suspension, so it does get a little banged up if it falls, but that’s not terrible. My son is still taking it easy so avoids bumpier areas. I like that the chain is covered so it can’t rip his clothes when he rides.
It’s about fifty pounds and light enough that when he does inevitably fall it doesn’t crush him. The tires have a pretty good grip, too, and I love that he can reach the ground when he sits on the seat, since it’s low, as that was the main reason I bought it for him.
Charging takes a few hours, so I recommend plugging it in overnight when the kids are sleeping.
Affordable, lightweight, power that is ideal for younger kids, perfect seat height for shorter kids, good battery light, foldable foot pegs, durable build, very quiet
Lacking suspension, brake perch is better suited for adults, low power for steeper hills, recharging can take a while, swapping battering requires tools.
This is a great beginner bike if you’re not entirely sure how passionate your kids will be. I recommend it as a good starter before you drop thousands on what some of these projects can cost. It’s a great value for the cost, and honestly I can see the whole neighborhood enjoying it. And the good news is that, by the time your kid outgrows it, you’ll know if his passion is real enough to spend the big bucks on a better quality, long lasting bike meant for more advanced riders. Great for the price point and younger kids. Definitely recommend! — Matt Fromovitz

Get it from Amazon now: $399.99 & FREE Returns


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