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I Tested And Ranked The Best Electric Scooter For Kids In 2024

I ranked the best kids' electric scooters of the year. These feets-on reviews will help you pick the best option for your kid to zip around on.

best electric scooter

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Razor - Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Top-rated: 16,393 ratings

best electric scooter


Highlight: Rear-wheel drive delivers better balance control and traction.

Helpful review: "This is the first electric scooter bought for my 8-year-old kid. She was so excited to try out and bought this as a surprise gift. There was almost no Juice in the battery when I got the package.
The installation was super easy and came with all the accessories and the manual.
If you're a first-time user like my kid, the scooter wouldn't start until you accelerate it 3+MPH. Which means, the kids need to manually kick off the scooter like a regular manual scooter and then press the accelerate green button. This is the only way your scooter would start the motor.
We've tried going uphill and downhill and this scooter worked great and met the expectations. It goes about 8-10MPH max speed and from the first-time recharge, the scooter ran about 5-6 miles of range only.
1. Great Price and good beginner scooter
2. Right size if you're a kid is not too tall.
3. Good speed range
1. Need to keep your fingers all the time for acceleration. Over the days of use, it could be painful for the kids.
2. Lot of loud noise (watch the video)
3. Looks like my scooter is defective as the second charge lasted only a couple of miles and no more juice left.
This is a great beginner scooter for kids. However, if your kid is already used to manual scooter you could easily get a medium size scooter which is height adjustable and upgrade to something like the E100/E300 which seems much better for kids with low quiet noise and higher speeds.
After doing A LOT of research, I finally chose this model for my kids. I bought THREE of them from the same seller. They came via Fex Ex in one HUGE box. (All 3 individual boxes were inside one large box). They all work. We don't use them a whole lot, but we've taken them to the park 3 or 4 times, on a 3 day camping trip where the boys used them every day, and we just got back from a 6 night camping trip where I'd say they rode them 3 out of the 6 days. They are very easy to charge, the charger cables are nice and long. Make sure you follow all instructions especially regarding the first charge. Charge OVERNIGHT before using it. It has something to do with maximizing the battery life. I did it and I didn't want to take any chances. The fender on the front of one of them is starting to rattle a bit, but I bought the extended warranty, so it's time to check into my options. Other than that, they are excellent fast scooters for my 13, 11, and 8 year old boys.
For the price this is a good scooter for kids. We got the adult electric scooter that is another brand. This children’s model is very nice for the price. We purchased this as a Christmas present. And the battery lasts and lasts. Never had the battery die on the kids yet while they’ve been writing on it. They wrote it all around the neighborhood. We got the adult electric scooter that is another brand. This children’s model is very nice for the price. We purchased this as a Christmas present. If the battery lasts and lasts. Never had the battery die on the kids yet while they’ve been riding on it. They ride it all around the neighborhood." — Kirk Gordon

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2. LINGTENG - Kick-Start Boost Kids Scooter

Top-rated: 786 ratings

best electric scooter


Highlight: Ideal for ages 6-10.

Helpful review: "Holy cow, was I surprised! I opened the box to find that it was packaged very securely, but what I was pleasantly surprised with was that there were only 3 parts to this scooter. I could have easily put this together without looking at the instructions, but I followed them anyway just to make sure I wouldn't miss anything important. Even after reading the instructions, I was surprised to see it all come together in 5 minutes. Here's the best thing: It comes with a small Allen wrench that you only need in 3 spots, and it's complete. NO OTHER TOOLS NEEDED.
Also, the quality of this is much better than I expected. It feels very solid. I was going to surprise my 5 yr. old grandson on his next visit but after reading the age requirements of 6-10, I had to put it away for another year! I would like to ride it myself but the maximum weight limit is 110 pounds, so I will have to wait a while before I can comment on exactly how it rides. My wife is smaller and just under the weight limit, perhaps I can get her to side it?
Anyway, I quickly hopped on it just to see if it was simple to operate. It seems to be very sturdy and the power turned on very smoothly. I also noticed the highly visible bright colorful lights on both sides of the deck, which makes it a lot safer when a child is on the street with this scooter. As a driver, you can't miss it.
- Non slippery platform with enough space to keep both feet.
- The max speed this scooter reaches is 6mph.
- On a full charge it works for 60-70 min for us.
- The motor sound is also very quiet.
- You can change the electric gear with your feet as it is on the platform.
- The scooter rides very smoothly on driveways or path walks or park roads.
Highly recommend it! It's definitely made for children and zips around safely. By the way, when one of the adults takes a turn, our weight slows it down. So if you want one for a bigger child, this might be too slow for them.
This was extremely easy to put together. Bottom is a little heavy, I'm assuming because of the motor and battery, but it's easy to put together. It comes with one button. Turns it on and also changes the speeds when pressed twice in a row. It is also activated by just rolling on the scooter like a push to start type of feature. Imo, fresh off the bat, it went a little fast but I did it in the house around my couch which was a terrible idea so make sure you're doing it outside or in an open space. The lights come on regardless. I don't think there's an off feature for that. Handlebar height is adjustable just like a regular scooter and it does come with a standard foot break. We like it. Looks good. Works well.
With Thanksgiving/Christmas approaching fast, I was looking for a gift that would truly wow a child, and I couldn't have found a better choice than the LINGTENG Electric Scooter! This fantastic little scooter has exceeded my expectations and my son has not let it go since the time it was delivered. My son had become an expert in the push scooter and was ready to graduate to an electric one. It has a maximum speed of just 6 mph, making it the ideal choice for someone like him who is zipping around the neighborhood now. Love the non-slip deck, durable TPE handgrip and rear brakes. I was a bit skeptical about the battery life, but I have been proved wrong ! It's truly impressive how long this scooter can run on a single charge. The stand is definitely a cool added feature preventing kids from dropping it on the sidewalks which reduces the life of a scooter!" — D. Rosen

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3. Gotrax - GXL V2 Electric Scooter

Top-rated: 8,918 ratings

best electric scooter


Highlight: Rubberized grips and 8.5" tires for comfortable long rides.

Helpful review: "I haven't spent much time riding this scooter yet but I am enjoying every minute of it so far. I've ridden Bird/Lime rental scooters before so I have something to compare from as far as performance goes.
Overall, the main advantages with the rental scooters are slightly better power and range, but at the cost of being heavier, not to mention that you never really know what condition the scooter will be in before riding; the battery level, brakes, other adjustments may be less than ideal since these things are getting a lot of use and bearing the elements outside. I can see why people like these because it is a low commitment option compared to having your own scooter (although over time it's obviously cheaper to have you own).
Personally, I much prefer having my own, where I can maintain it myself and always know it's ready to go when I am. That being said, just like any machine (even bicycles) there is some self maintenance that is unavoidable.
On my last ride I went about 5 miles through a hilly college campus with lots of elevation change, starting from a full charge. The scooter performed well with good acceleration and only struggled on the steeper hills (not sure what angle the hill was, but it's difficult to walk up these hills for a long period of time). The brakes worked great as well and I always felt like I was in control (see suggestions below). When I returned I still had 3 out of 4 bars, even though I suspect that it may be approaching 2 bars (see cons below). The handling was nimble enough to move around other pedestrians with ease, and yet still sturdy at higher speeds. I did not get a reliable top speed measurement since I wasn't able to find a stretch of flat road that was long enough, but even so, I reached about 16 mph easily without full throttle. (rider weight, hill angle, and battery level will be the main deciding factors for top speed)
- Great performance/quality for the price
- Sturdy construction, without being too heavy
- Simple/ergonomic design
- Battery gauge could have more bars to help show battery level more accurately. *It will also dip down temporarily while going up steep hills and then back up once you get to level ground. This is normal! Every battery powered device will do this when there is a high demand for electricity. You are fighting gravity going up hills which takes a lot of power depending on your weight.
- Throttle is very sensitive, which makes it hard to engage the cruise control. To enable cruise control, hold a steady (very steady) speed for a few seconds and then you will be able to remove your hand from the throttle while it maintains that speed. To disengage, bump the throttle and it will immediately turn off. (I did not know about this feature before I got this scooter but it is very nice to have)
This scooter comes with a "safety pin" which screws into the scooter (near the red latch which folds up the scooter). I would definitely use this pin, especially if you are going on a long and/or bumpy ride. It's not technically necessary, but it gives me peace of mind knowing there's an extra solid piece of steel keeping the scooter from folding up when I don't want it to. The only problem is that it's annoying to have to do it frequently. The next design should have a quick-release safety pin.
The first thing I did when I realized that the magnetic brake and disk brake were controlled by the same brake handle was add another brake handle on the other side next to the throttle, so that I could control them separately. I just used a standard bicycle brake handle and it worked like a charm. They probably went with a simpler design like this to make it more ergonomic/easier for the rider, but I like having the option to use either brake independently or together. As a side note, the magnetic brake works great overall and provides good stopping power, but works less and less as you slow down. This is why I typically only use the disk brake at lower speeds and when I need to come to a complete stop.
*Only do this if you are comfortable/competent with making such modifications and know that your safety is your own responsibility (not mine).
One thing that annoyed me was the implication that there was a gearing system included with this scooter and that "gear" 1 would climb hills better while "gear" 2 would be better for top speed. I COULD BE WRONG, but I'm pretty sure(99.99%) that this is B.S. and the 1 and 2 refer to an electronic power limiter. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great feature to be able to bump it down to 1 for someone who is learning and/or a young rider, but let's call it what it is and not be misleading. I do not plan on opening it up to confirm this, but I have tried going into "gear" 1 to go up hills better and have noticed that "gear" 2 is better for both hill climbing and top speed.
There is a weird resonance vibration that happens at one very specific speed/throttle. It doesn't really bother me, but it is strange to go from almost completely silent to a louder vibrating sound. I think this might just be a thing that happens with variable electric motors, since this also happens with my electric bicycle. I will update again if anything else develops.
I'm still commuting daily on this scooter and enjoying every ride. My tire pressure was getting low so I had to pump them both up. The back one is easy, but the front one is quite difficult to get just right. The tire valve adapter that comes with the scooter works fine, but it is hard to remove it fast enough to not let air out of the tire. I had to practice several times to try and do it as fast as I could and eventually got it. What I would recommend: pump it up above 50 psi ( I did around 60) and then remove the adapter as quickly as you can. It will let some air out and hopefully stop around 50 psi. I gave the back tire a squeeze with my hands after setting it to 50 psi and then compared it to the front to make sure it was close enough.
This scooter definitely rides differently depending on tire pressure. I can go faster with normal pressure, but also feel more bumps. Lower pressure will give you a smoother ride, but limit your speed (and range). I would check this at least every two weeks, but just know that if you release air for more than a second then you will likely already be too low and need to pump it back up. I can fill up the whole tire in about 5 or so pumps." — David Wright

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4. Segway - Ninebot MAX KickScooter

Top-rated: 6,936 ratings

best electric scooter


Highlight: Weighs just 38.6 lbs. for easy maneuvering and one-click folding.

Helpful review: "These scooters are AWESOME! My girlfriend and I needed a reliable way to get around a 10 mile radius and these things DELIVER!
We weigh120 lbs, and 145 lbs depending on the time of day and we have gone 40 miles so far on them.
Initially we put them together and CONNECTED the wire that I read to do and everything went smooth. When she turned hers on everything was great, just a beep to connect the phone. Done.
Mine was a different story that I didn't think too much about. When I turned it on I got "Error code 14" and I didn't know what it was so I just flicked the throttle a little and it went away and I thought "hey, it's safe to check the throttle everytime you start, no big deal." I was WRONG.
We took them out around 3 p.m. after they fully charged and we started off in EVO for about an hour to get a feel for them. They are GREAT! The little torque in ECO put a smile on my face. If you want the 40 miles? This is THAT mode. But at 10mph max speed in this mode it'll take a long time to get where you are going. The other side is you will be SAFE. It is a GREAT speed to cruise at!
Then we found our way to a long stretch of decently FLAT ground and decided to turn up the heat to "D" which adds MUCH MORE torque and maxes out the top speed at 16. This REALLY put a smile on my face. We buzzed for about two miles then took a break to check the scooters for loose screws, any problems, fragments in tires, just trying to take care of them. Then my error code 14 came back again when we stopped.
I then thought "man, they want you to flick the throttle every time you stop? That's kinda over kill". So then I asked my girlfriend if she had that problem and she said she didn't so I thought it was strange...
We then continue our journey, once again not thinking about it and go about our day. We rode up and down neighborhoods, buzzed up and down streets, and just had a GREAT time. And after about 16 miles we went back home. And not another problem.
The NEXT day, we go out and we fire up sport mode feeling a little peppy, and this is where we almost lost a tooth grinning... the torque... alone... will make you smile. This thing is fantastic! I top out at a steady 19 mph, and run on flat ground at 20. This is better than advertised but also scary. Bumps really make you question if it's worth getting there quickly. But a flat straight line I say GO FOR IT. where the problems really started. We were about 6 miles away from home when the error 14 came back. And everytime I would leave off the accelerator, the 14 would happen and I would have to flick the throttle. The motor then started to cut out on me when I would hit the break and 14 would pop up CONSTANTLY letting me know that it really WAS AN ISSUE. We knew we needed to get home so we immediately ventured that way and boy it was a struggle. I went from LOVING the thing to wondering if I was going to make it or have to kick it home, which is NOT THE EASIEST as the motor works against itself slowing down.
After about 31,942 error code 14's home, we made it. Hers didn't act up once.
We allowed them to cool for a half an hour and charged them back up and tested them and the code was still there, but the MOTOR wasn't cutting out, so it must have been a heat problem? Which is weird because we weren't doing anything the scooter wasn't DESIGNED to do. So THAT makes me nervous.
But I contacted amazon and we received a NEW scooter, and I just put it together and we do NOT have the Error code 14 out of the box, and everything is fine. Should this deter you from buying one? No. Absolutely get one, if it's mechanical it is going to fail. I just think there might be a design flaw because I am not the only one with the
But my buddy came over last night who weighs 220 pounds and he kept up a 19mph speed average on flat ground. So if you're in that weight range or less, go for it. You will love it. Seriously.
I'd say Eco with no hills? 40 miles easy. No questions asked.
Mode D- 30-35 miles with slight hills
Mode S- 25 to 30 miles with some hills.
But a guaranTEED 30 without hills in anymode. But we weigh less so just do math. Haha
I was gonna take a star away, but amazon helped me get a new scooter QUICK, and the old scooter was DRIVEABLE just a pain at times. So we'll see what happens!
So we have had these scooters for a month now, and with it raining and with life changing, we have only put 400 miles on these guys. The next problem we had was my girlfriend's scooter kept beeping when we would take it out on a fresh charge. Thought something was wrong but we discovered it was TRYING TO CHARGE THE BATTERY so it was BEEPING to let us know it was full. We noticed it left after about 5 minutes of riding so the problem SOLVED! We got stranded in the rain TWICE. No problems. Very heavy rain. We found shelter but there was a 5 minute drive in it before the stop. They're great in the rain!
My scooter in the past few days has had this grinding sound in the front tire that comes and goes. I haven't quite figured it out.... We noticed that drivers are REALLY ignorant when it comes to sidewalks, crossings and right of way. We have had three VERY close calls, so just be careful! Because I weigh 20-30 pounds more than her, I usually come back from a trip with 10-15% less power than her. Absolutely acceptable considering I drive always in S mode, and basically gun it here and there for fun.
We rode 33 miles today and had 40 percent battery left. Idk HOW. But we checked the mileage on both of our phones, then used google maps to map out WHERE we went, and we shortcutted the MAP because it took a straight shot to the destinations and we cruise IN and OUT of neighborhoods to just look at house and find trash treasures and we calculated 35 MILES WITH GOOGLE MAPS. WITH 40...PERCENT...BATTERY LEFT. IDK. HOW. Just get them... they're so much fun. We crossed a bridge that was REALLY steep and it got me over it at 15mph." — Michael & Shannon

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5. Hiboy - S2/S2R Plus Electric Scooter

Top-rated: 2,924 ratings

best electric scooter


Highlight: You can use the App to effortlessly lock the scooter.

Helpful review: "I am a disabled Vet and needed something to get around Downtown Seattle and transit with. I'm kinda gimpy. So walking and carrying is tough for me. It
Assembly w/seat is very simple. The app download is very simple. Settings are very simple. I am 5'9 235 lbs. It goes 15 MPH on flats, and less on modest inclines >6-7% grade. You may get a 15% grade if you are >180 lbs. Otherwise it's > 9-12% grade, and if you are low on power (> 50%) you'll notice it degrades just slightly on speed and torque. 5-6 MPH is what I get on 13% grae @235 lbs.
The seat is the game changer! Buy a seat. You will enjoy your ride so much more and you'll want to ride more often.
Lights are bright and the scooter is super stable at speed.
Overall, it's a very nice scooter. It gets me to all the places I need to go within a 5 mile radius. The regen brake didn't do much it seemed. EDIT: I was WRONG. I am in a new area/address. It's nothing but hills. I can go 7 miles round trip in downtown Seattle. I have had it to 31 MPH. The regen brakes are relevant for sure at those speeds. I can tell because I get 3 charge bars w/o an issue. It's prolly 4-5 bars but at those speeds I am not looking down, I am way ahead with my eyes. At 20 mph I glance. 3 bars. DO NOT go faster than 20 unless you have nerves of steel, fast reflexes and years of riding experience. I did it once so you don't have to.
I had no surprise issues with the scooter being "used". The carton appeared compromised at the corner, the styrofoam corner bumper packing had been worn like it was drug on the ground. It was missing the manual. The manual is online. The scooter is like new. Everything was original packing except for the cord twist ties and the shipping box. I am super pleased with my purchase.
Range is greatly increased when you run 1/2 throttle. Set cruise control at 10 MPH and comfort mode to start. Finding Google map routes that are not steep hills is the best route. Be careful in the wet with street painted stripes and idiot bumps. It's a bit clunky to commute with at first. I am a pro now after 3 weeks. You must fold and carry it everywhere on buses.
It's great for running to the store for milk and bread! It's terrific for little trips! You'll get noticed for sure. Everyone loves the scooter. I let all the adults ride it around the lot, up and down the street. Everyone wants one and suddenly comes up with a shaky reason why they MUST own one. "It'll help me get more work done" w/o actually being able to state exactly what work it would help with.
The shock absorbers are really nice. If they are too stiff. Adjust them. You should be getting a nice cushioned rebound. Not bottoming out or too stiff/no flex at all. If it's properly adjusted, you will get a nice rebound when you sit down. Mine came adjusted too tight, but broke in nicely. I wear a backpack with 20 lbs. Total weight is 250-260 lbs. and I get a nice comfy smooth absorption and rebound.
The hook on the handlebars is perfect for a full bag of groceries if you are seated and your knees naturally keep the bag centered. It's very easy actually.
It is about as waterproof as you can get. Everything is sealed nicely. Seattle weather doesn't seem to bother it at all.
It is an unbelievably necessary piece of equipment for me now. Uber and rental share scooters are spendy. My scooter has saved wear and tear on my knees and hips. I actually go out and do more things now because of money saved and the convenience. In Seattle I go faster than traffic often. I stay with traffic going downhill. DO NOT do that because it's really sketchy unless you really know what you are doing. The thing turns on a dime if you have good turning technique. It turns well for novices and up though even if you have poor technique.
You can under extreme circumstances "Bunny Hop" the scooter if you are about to bury the front tire and go head over tea kettle. The handle bars will not fail you.
I am getting an s2 Pro for Christmas.
I have had to use Hiboy customer service 3 times now. I can not say enough good things about the folks at Hiboy. The customer service is as good as I've ever had anywhere. Anywhere! It's been a real treat to work with them. Parts come from California in 2-3 days.
The scooter is easy to work on. Being disabled it means a lot to me. I am dirt poor and need to fix things if I can. I can work on this scooter and fix just about anything on it w/o any trouble. It's really satisfying to fix something yourself. This little scooter is incredibly empowering!
You are not going to find a better product for a better price with better customer service anywhere else. This scooter is worth every penny. The customer service is priceless.
Sadly, my little Hiboy S2 was stolen last week. I'm here to finish my review for "ol' Trusty". "Ol Trusty" continued to perform flawlessly for well over 1500 miles. The little 8" tire on the back STILL HAD TREAD! The front was slick for about 100 miles. (spinning tires accidently) Stick a foot out "motocross style" front axle high when starting to avert that. Just stick a leg out there. It's a "me" issue and not a scooter issue.
It has always been stored indoors. The battery was always immediately charged again at home full charge after riding ready for the next ride. The charger shuts off automatically/no overcharging is even possible.
Seattle weather is no match for the S2. It stays in the bike racks in the full weather and never fails. When the rain was really pounding? It did put a grocery bag over it just to make over abundance of care so I ain't walking home. Little shower caps or if you buy a seat that comes with a cover works well. My biometric lock never failed so get one (about 25 bucks).
A friend surprised me with a new S2. "It's my identity" one person said when I told them the sad story about the end of "Ol Trusty". It's become an indispensable mobility device that improved my quality of life to the point that after all this time. I actually HAVE A LIFE!...LMAO! My back and hip aren't killing me before I get to events. I can actually enjoy the time there fully. Like walking off of light rail 2/3 of a mile to Lumen Field as opposed to scooting past 1000's of people. Parking at the bike racks and walking 50 feet to the gate. Instead of walking 10 blocks to play pinball? I ride and can stay and play for a long time. It literally goes everywhere with me. I take transit and do not drive. It's an amazing piece of equipment that takes a beating and can go anywhere and everywhere.
One last great piece of news! The newest version has a larger front tire. It makes a big difference in overall performance and comfort. The seat has been greatly upgraded. Suitable for folks with a real life badonkadonk. I can attest!" — Adam Bercosky

Get it from Amazon now: $499.99 & FREE Returns


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