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I Tested The Best Lightweight Luggage In 2024: Coolife Vs. Samsonite

I tested Coolife and Samsonite luggage sets and can conclude that both are equally lightweight and durable. But Samsonite's 10-year warranty beats Coolife's 2-year guarantee. Read this hands-on review.

best lightweight luggage

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Samsonite - Omni PC Luggage Set

best lightweight luggage


Highlight: 10-year warranty.

Helpful review: "My last carry on suitcase served me well for over 12 years, accompanying me on countless trips, usually over-stuffed, through winter weather, through slush and rain, dragged across the cobble-stone streets of Berlin. In the last couple years, it began to show it's age, but it wasn't until the handle finally ripped off and the inner lining tore a small hole that I decided it was finally time to move on.
My initial inclination was to buy something cheap. I don't need fancy luggage, I got student loans to pay. So I was poking around and looking at options in the $30-$40 market, and there were some that looked ok. But then I would dig into the reviews and read about them breaking on the first trip, or having stuck wheels or finicky handles. Not feeling satisfied I put off the purchase for a while.
I then went to a store and looked at some of these models in person, and I was startled by how flimsy they felt. They were not built to handle the abuse of transatlantic air-travel. Feeling ambivalent, I put off the decision yet again.
Fast forward to Tuesday of this week, no suitcase purchased, my flight is Friday morning. I pull my old trusty carry-on out of storage and seriously debate taking it on one last journey, just one more time... But the suitcase obviously doesn't want to be taken. So I come back to Amazon and search again until I find this suitcase. It's not cheap, but it's not super expensive either, and it has a great color and good reviews. I'm still undecided, but the clock is ticking and I finally bite the bullet.
Suitcase arrived just in time for my flight :-) My roommate carried the box upstairs for me this afternoon, and when I thanked her she commented on how light it was.
As soon as I open it I am relieved. This is a strong and sturdy suitcase, and it looks smart. The handle is long, slides out easily, and doesn't rattle around like those other flimsier models. Wheels are seemingly good quality. The body looks quite durable and scratch resistant, the zipper is also good quality, and there's even a lock. It holds a lot of stuff for how small it is, and it is expandable (which is helpful for people who sometimes overpack, haha).
Suitcase held up perfectly for 4 four flights over the holidays, on two of which it actually had to be checked because the flight was very full. Not a single scratch or dent, no signs of wear, and it was easy to travel with. It rolled smoothly and easily, and I really appreciate the exceptionally sturdy handle. I highly recommend this luggage set." — Julie Dunn

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2. COOLIFE - 3-Piece Luggage Set

best lightweight luggage


Highlight: Multidirectional smooth and silent 360° spinner wheels.

Helpful review: "We bought this luggage for our recent trip to Las Vegas since our 20+ year old luggage was getting hard to zip without the pull tabs on the zipper. The 3 pieces showed up in 1 box, nestled inside of each other and was pretty light considering the box held 3 pieces.
For our trip, we used the large and medium sizes. My husband and I were staying for about 10 days in Vegas, and I always pack more than I need. The majority of our clothing fit in the larger case and when it was weighed at the airport, it was about 60 lbs. Luckily, we were flying first class or it would have cost us extra. I don't remember the weight of the smaller one, but it was much lighter.
On the flight out, with no layovers, the luggage came off the plane with no problems. The TSA locks were built in, so no need to fumble with keys. It was also easy to change the code on the luggage.
While in Vegas, I shopped a bit. As we were packing to leave, hubby didn't think it would all fit. In the past, we had bought additional luggage to bring purchases home! Now, I did sit on the case while I zipped it closed. Hubby swore that the case would not make it home without busting, it was that full! At the airport, both cases were flagged as heavy, but both were under the 70 lb limits.
On the flight home, we had to change planes, so luggage was thrown around between planes. When we finally made it home and were waiting for the luggage, we were wondering if all of our stuff would come off the plane in a bin and the luggage opened.
However, when it came down the conveyor belt, it was still in one piece, a little bit scuffed, but unopened. The luggage held up wonderfully! No issues with the zipper bursting or any crack of any kind on the cases. We're very happy with how these held up for the trip. They maneuvered easily through the airports, with swivel wheels on all pieces. Highly recommend for the price!" — Donna S. Caudill

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