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I Tested And Ranked The Best PCP Hand Pump On Amazon In 2024

Discover the top PCP hand pump options to refill your air rifle. I tested the best of the year to help you stay on target. Here are hands-on reviews.

best pcp hand pump

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. FOUR UNCLES - High Pressure 4500PSI 3-Stage Pump

best pcp hand pump


Highlight: Stainless steel construction and 8mm copper female quick connector allow over 10,000 uses.

Helpful review: "I bought this pump for an Air Venturi Avenger (4350 psi). I wanted to try a hand pump before dropping the money for an air compressor. I chose the FOUR UNCLES pump based on a combination of price and reviews. I should add I’m brand new to the PCP air rifle world...
The pump arrived in a timely manner and in good shape. It was understandably heavier than the bicycle pumps I remember from my youth and appeared to be well made. The instructions were easy enough to understand and it came with a wrench and a lot of spare parts. The pump featured a standard(?) size female quick disconnect coupler for attaching to air rifles. It looked like a coupler you’d find on an air compressor, only smaller. It attached easily to the male coupler on the Avenger air cylinder.
Although rated at 4,500 psi/310 bar, the gauge on the pump goes to 6,000 psi. But that number’s just a pipe dream unless you’re Mariusz Pudzianowski. I weigh 200 lbs., and when I got to just above 3,800 psi my feet were coming off the ground. I think I tapped out at 3,850psi. Fortunately, there are lower power tunes for the Avenger available to play around with, so I don’t have to bust a gut trying to max out the cylinder. See articles at HardAirMagazine. I’ve only used the pump a couple of times and I have nothing to compare it with, but so far I’m satisfied with its performance. It puts air in my Avenger and gives me a workout in the process!
This is the second hand pump I have ordered. The better of the two for sure. You need to know though that these are off-the-chart difficult. My Umarex Gauntlet 2 .25 caliber rifle reportedly airs up to 4,500 psi. This hand pump will get most people up to about 2,500-3,250 psi. Once you get to that psi, if you aren’t a solid 200lbs and in great shape you aren’t getting any further. Now for me that’s fine for my application. I can still get 30ish shots. Let me add more clarity though to how hard it is to push one of these down…
My 16 yr who weighs 160lbs can push down so hard his feet come off the ground and it wont go down. And my guess is to get to 3,000 psi you are likely talking about 400+ pumps!! If you are in great shape you will make about 50-75 pumps and then be sweating, swearing, and winded. You will sit down for 3-5 minutes and then start again.
At the end of the day this is not a critical review of this hand pump. This is typical from what I can tell of a hand pump at least of a $60 hand pump. Also, be prepared to take apart and clean the valves every few rifle fills. The valve gets gummed up and needs to be cleaned. It’s easy. Just read the Chi-nglish manual a few times.
Seriously if I could give 10 stars I would. First of all the product works exactly as stated. I have a Benjamin Armada PCP rifle that I ordered at the same time as this pump. I was a bit hesitant as some have said pumping up a PCP rifle can be a chore, I can state with certainty it is not, at least not with this pump. I was able to charge that rifle from 0psi to 3000psi in about 30 minutes. I followed the instructions about first pumping with no connection at least 20 times to "run it in''. I then did the pressure test and it held pressure as intended. I then pumped up the rifle by using 20 full, deliberate and slow motions, let the pump cool for 2 minutes, and repeat. I had no problem getting that rifle to 3000psi from empty. I had one issue with the plug on the gage of the pump, I reached out to customer service and they fixed the issue to my complete satisfaction. I would not hesitate at all to purchase this pump. I am really pleased with the unit, and their customer support is outstanding." — Adam Williams

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


2. Hiram - High Pressure 40MPA 4500PSI 3-Stage Pump

best pcp hand pump


Highlight: Leak-free performance.

Helpful review: "PCP hand air pumps are NOT easy to use. Not anything against this specific pump but all high pressure hand pumps as a fact of physics. If you don't weigh at least 180 lbs, you likely can not fully compress this pump.
A 165 lb person can put all their weight on the handle and not fully compress it. That said, great value for the money and works as advertised assuming you have enough mASS to use it. Great workout if COVID is keeping you from the gym.
Used the pump to pump up a PCP gun about 30 times. Started airlocking where you couldn't fully lift or compress the handle. On teardown, I found that the 3rd stage piston was trashed and the internal port was completely clogged with oily, tar like residue and melted a o-ring. Photo shows rebuilt 3rd stage piston assembly.
I also found there was zero coolant between the 2nd and 3rd stage tubes which is necessary to conduct the heat away from the 3rd stage tube. No doubt, this caused the pump failure. This fluid did not leak out, it was shipped like this. I replaced the o'rings for the top and bottom of the 2nd stage tube and filled the void with antifreeze (greenish fluid in photo). Lubed lightly with silicone airgun lube and reassembled. Working as good or better than new. There were no instructions on teardown, so I improvised. This is how I tore it down.
Use extreme caution not to dent or scratch any pump tubes or brass fittings or you will destroy the pump. All fittings easily unscrew by hand once initial torque is broken free. I reassembled everything firmly hand tight. All pressure seals are o'ring or check valve dependent - not torque dependent.
1. Remove handle and cap from top of pump by turning handle CCW and holding 1st stage outer tube with off hand.
2. Push cross-pin out of 1st stage brass pump cap. There is a rubber check ball inside the brass cap above the pin. It will fall out when the pin is removed. Rubber ball should be clean and free of old oil and dirt/tar.
3. Pumps tube assemblies will unscrew from the pump base. Use a large adjustable wrench or channel lock pliers to loosen and unscrew tubes from base.
4. You can access the output check valve by unscrewing the brass plug on the bottom end of the pump tube with a large straight slot screwdriver. There is a conical spring under the plug, pay attention to orientation when you remove it!
5. Unscrew 1st stage tube nut from the bottom of the tube and remove the 1st stage tube. You may need the channel lock pliers to loosen it. This gives you access to the 2nd stage cap.
6. Hold the pump tubes upright for this step to prevent spilling coolant fluid (if the mfg put any in it) from the chamber under the cap. The 2nd stage cap has 2 holes on either side. Removal of this cap allows access to the fluid reservoir and also removal of the pump's 3rd stage rod and piston. You need to insert 2 punches in those holes, grasping the cap and punches turning CCW while holding brass nut on the bottom of the 2nd stage tube with channel lock pliers or wrench. Once the cap is loosened, it comes off easily. The punches give you necessary grip and leverage to loosen the cap without damaging the brass cap. Pliers may damage the cap which would scratch the inside of the 1st stage pump tube and destroy the pump. DON'T DEFORM THE 2ND STAGE PUMP TUBE CAP!
7. 3rd stage pump rod and piston will now lift out of the 3rd stage tube.
8. The 3rd stage piston, o'ring, brass washer, spring, and slotted cap are on the bottom end of the 3rd stage rod. They all need to be clean and tar/ debris free. Should be very lightly lubricated with silicone pellet gun oil.
The bottom end of the 3rd stage rod and the slotted cap are hollow with a side port under the piston. This hole and side port must be clear in order to relieve the negative pressure in the 3rd stage chamber when you lift the pump handle. If it's obstructed, you will not be able to fully lift the pump handle or likely not be able to fully compress it either. Mine was completely clogged with tarry oil and melted o'ring residue.
You should clean all residue and old oil from all o-rings and check valves, springs, and other components. Qtips and cotton cloth are recommended. Ensure there is no moisture anyplace other than in the coolant chamber between the 2nd and 3rd stage tubes. All o'rings and valves should be very lightly lubricated with silicone pellet gun lubrication fluid before reassembly. They give you several complete rebuild kits, so you shouldn't be at a loss for replacement parts. Good luck!" — Roy L. Travis

Get it from Amazon now: $59.98 & FREE Returns


3. VEVOR - High Pressure 4500PSI 3-Stage Pump

best pcp hand pump


Highlight: Made of high-quality stainless steel.

Helpful review: "Seems like a good value for the money. It looks like identical pumps are being sold on Amazon for $40-$50 more than this one. FYI... Internet seems to indicate to only use SILICONE LUBRICANT on hand pumps to protect seals & o-rings, this isn't obvious in the instructions (it says use oil).
Attach the handle with the included screws/Allen wrench, screw in the pump gauge (I did it to firm hand tightness, which brought it to about 5 degrees shy of lining up with the pump barrel), attach the hose, attach your tank, and start pumping. Remember to use the purge valve on the pump before you remove your tank.
Pump's directions are straight out of an ESL class, but mostly understandable if you have even a bit of experience with machines. Most important thing apparently is to lube the pump periodically (which makes sense). I think it meant after each 800 strokes, but silicone lubricant is cheap, so I plan to use it liberally.
Another commenter said to buy another set of o-rings with this pump b/c you'll wear them out, so I contacted the seller, but they said they don't sell o-ring sets. Not to worry, because they ship a spare set with it (along with a lot of extra bits that likely wear out).
It took less time than I thought to get to 1000PSI, which was good enough to see if everything initially worked. Pump got slightly warm in the process (evidently it's got an internal water jacket to dissipate heat, which you don't need to service). Will be testing it out soon to 3000PSI on a regular basis.
This is a Tremendous Value for Money! Performs As Expected, with ONE consideration: My Unit had EVERY (but One) threaded connection not fully tightened. My Gauge reads Pretty accurately. I made a 3-D Printed part to make the Handle Connection to the Pump Barrel more Stable and secure. Part incorporates a Filter to prevent any chance of the Main Cylinder from inhaling any Gunk. Would be happy to share the .STL file, if anybody is interested.
Unit came Very Lubricated, probably to prevent any chance of corrosion or damage to the many O-rings. Fourteen "Top-Offs" of My New NOTOS (circa 2000 PSI up to 3650 PSI), and the unit is still needing a wipe where Oil is weeping from the Main Barrel.
Spare parts seem very complete. My Multi-Wrench/Spanner came to me Slightly bent, but no worries. a Single KABLAM with a Dead Blow hammer on an anvil, and it was perfectly Straight.
"Manual", such as it is, is written in Garbled English, and it is a Torture to glean any Information. Better Translation is Much Needed. Further, You will need a Bright Light and a magnification Device of some sort. I used My USB Microscope.
Overall, it is still a Pretty Great Deal. As a Retired maintenance Engineer, I have no reservations about Value For Money, nor for longevity (With Proper Maintenance)
I've only had this pump 2 days and pumped my 2900 psi/20 mpa gun up from partial charge twice, but so far, it's great. Was easy enough to mount the handle and the gauge. I made sure all fasteners and fittings were tightened securely and lubed the barrel with 3 drops of pure silicone oil and added a couple drops into the air intake hole at the top before attaching the handle. Experienced no leakage, binding or scraping. Took 32 pumps to top off at 2900 psi from 1000 psi. The barrel was barely warm to the touch. For what I paid compared to "name brand" and if it holds up, I consider this pump a tremendous value. It comes with 2 sets of overhaul seals etc.. It also includes a stamped metal wrench for all sizes required, but I have "real" wrenches which I trust to hold without slipping. I'm sure it would be fine in a pinch. I'm only 155 lbs and glad I only have to pump up to 2900 psi. I think you would have to weigh 185 to get to 3500 psi." — David A. Narby

Get it from Amazon now: $56.99 & FREE Returns


4. BestEquip - High Pressure 4500PSI 3-Stage Pump

best pcp hand pump


Highlight: Easy-to-grasp handle ensures non-slip grip.

Helpful review: "I had to install the gauge with some teflon tape and then the quick connector at the gun end was a little loose and leaked once it got up to 2000 psi. Once I tightened that the pump worked well. I charged my Marauder from 2100 psi to 2900 psi in a little over 4 minutes including a couple short breaks and with 85 pumps. It was a work out but very manageable for a 57 year old guy. I suppose it could be difficult if you don't have much weight to put to it. It is an excellent shoulder workout though. The outer tube was warm after but not hot and there was a little oil around the base where the outer tube bottoms out while pumping.
The bad part is the horribly translated instructions that are almost worthless. As a mechanic I can sort of make them out but they try to explain how to oil the pump for maintenance but it is very unclear. There are several YouTube videos that show how to set them up and service them though so a little research will explain better.
These pumps require a lot of work. They require significant downward pressure to pump and they pressurize in very small increments. To fill my pcp rifle you are talking 40 to 50 pumps which is like doing 40 or 50 deep knee bends. Seems like they could engineer a more efficient pump. Overall good quality pump with some nice design features like the flip down feet and quick attach hose. Mine had a leak at the quick connect fitting so I returned it to amazon and decided to purchase an electric compressor. Being over 6'2" I also found the pump to be a bit short for me. If it was taller it would move more air and would have been easier for me to use.
I have a Tippmann TMC with the air thru stock kit which takes a smaller 13/3000 tank. Once I worked everything out, it didn't take long to fill the tank to 3000psi. I first had the tank hooked up to the gun but when I tried to fill the tank the air was just blowing through. I then took the tank off and pumped some air in and reattached, worked fine to pump to 3000psi on the gun, not sure if that's normal as this is the first time using the marker/tank. Make sure you release the pressure valve on the pump before you try and detach the air hose from the tank. There are other sellers with this same pump on Amazon, but this was the only one I could find that had the correct connectors for paintball tanks in the box." — Eric Hanson

Get it from Amazon now: $44.76 & FREE Returns


5. GX PUMP - High Pressure 30MPA 4500PSI 3.5-Stage Pump

best pcp hand pump


Highlight: 18-month unlimited warranty.

Helpful review: "If you are new to pcp guns or want a backup to your compressor this is a new model to consider. I have spent many hours hunting for affordable filling. This is definitely nicer quality than the generic hand pump I have, which needs resealing much faster than I expected. The box was packed securely, so no damage during shipping should happen. Also the pump itself was vacuum packed in plastic, so it should avoid corrosion even if left in amazon warehouse for months. Also included are the spares for repairing when you eventually will need to reseal.
What is unique to me is the design and location of the oil/water filter. While it is true that many pumps have some form of filter, most are just cotton or foam rolled tubes. The better ones include real desiccant like molecular sieve zeolite. This is the only pump I have seen that has the filter towards the top of the pump tube. A unique look. It can be opened and the beads dried out to use over and over.
About the GX pump itself, they put a lot of detail into the finished product. The gauge is liquid filled with clear digits. It is rotated so that you can read it looking down while pumping. The microbore hose has an upward curved metal neck, so kinking the connection at the pump is not possible. By the way, the hose is about 20 inches. I appreciate that the hose includes a simple string to store and lock the pump in a closed position
The finish of the carbon, of the black paint/coating, of the plastic/rubber are all very clean. The handles feel solid and snug, definitely higher quality than the other one I own. Also, the GX logo is designed into the handles. The logo is in other locations too. GX has a first class looking design here.
The instruction brochure is in broken English, but rather good english. It is a very detailed, thorough manual.
So, it weighs 6.8 pounds. A little heavy, but it feels solid all over. It took 20 pumps/presses to top off my artemis pp800 pistol from 110Bar to 200Bar. For the Kalibr Cricket about 45 deep knee bends for 150Bar to 200Bar (much bigger than the pistol). It feels like it filled much faster with the GX. Definitely it takes more power on the down stroke. So the statement that it is 3.5 stage does make sense.
It is a brand new item, so time will tell. However, it sure looks to me like it can compete with the big boys.
I have owned cheaper pumps, and this isn't one of those. It is a better made, higher grade piece of equipment. I have actually used it to inflate a 1.5L pony bottle. Would not normally recommend that - it's quite a workout. You really should use this to fill the rifle directly. Suffice to say, you can reach 4,500 PSI quicker than one would think. Does take some significant down force. Probably in the 150-180 lb range.
The desiccant works, and does help reduce water vapor in the system. However, I can't understate the need to pause and rest the pump periodically, and even depressurize with the relief valve.. Understand that going to 4500 PSI is a 300:1 compression of ambient air. No matter how little water is in it, that kind of pressure forces the water out. All of these things are designed such that the water collects in a low chamber near the relief valve. Periodic opening is necessary to drive it out.
When pumping, it is necessary to be careful and not overheat. Especially as you reach the target pressure. There is a lot of energy going in! I like to rest it a few minutes every 100 strokes near the top. end of the fill." — Jonathan S Kasten

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


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