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I Tested And Ranked The Best Pistol Lights On Amazon In 2024

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that a dependable pistol light can help you identify targets in the dark, and make all the difference in life-or-death situations. Read these hands-on reviews.

best pistol lights

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Streamlight TLR-1 HL - 1000-Lumen Weapon Light

Top-rated: 21,556 ratings

best pistol lights


Highlight: 283 meter beam; runs 1.5 hours.

Helpful review: "This unit comes with the Glock Spacer pre-installed. It was the perfect fit for my M&P9 M2.0 5-inch in FDE. I wanted the activation tabs to be on either side of the trigger guard without poking out, and the fit was outstanding!
The activation tabs are 1/32 of an inch from being even with the inside of the trigger guard. They are easy to access with either hand and easy on the trigger finger. The end of the light is 1/16 of an inch from being aligned with the end of the 5" barrel and exactly aligned with the end of the slide. There are 5 other spacer inserts available for those who want it mounted closer or farther away. For me, the Glock option was perfect.
There's one in "FDE" color, but it's more of a dirty gold than FDE. However, the color match is closer than the M&P slide compared to its grip. BUT the color is not as important as the fit and function. So just keep this in mind when you're considering black (always in stock) or the FDE.
Despite the opinion of others, this item is easy to activate and difficult to accidentally actuate. If you're a person who juts their support-hand thumb forward and along the pistol's slide, then I imagine any weapon that’s mounted light would have trouble with inadvertent activation. But I am not one of those people, so I don’t need to worry about this.
Personally, my left thumb rides on top of my right one. This provides extra support and keeps my fingers out of the way.. The hot spot and spill on this light are better than my Elzetta Bravo. The spill can illuminate all of a 15ft wall from 10ft away with a 48-60" hot spot in the center.
I have programmed the strobe feature on mine (10 clicks downward on left side) because the momentary “on” function is what I would mainly use in a self-defense scenario, and I don't want to accidentally use the strobe. This is definitely a 5-star item at a great price." — Bill Green

Get it from Amazon now: $148.99 & FREE Returns


2. OLIGHT PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie - 600-Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Top-rated: 8,830 ratings

best pistol lights


Highlight: Charge by connecting the light directly with the included magnetic USB cable.

Helpful review: "I'm impressed! With my firearms, I usually have upper end EDCs and platform lights. The whole purpose behind having an EDC is safety, so you shouldn't skimp on safety or quality. Especially when it comes to your loved ones' lives. Living in Alaska, humans are on the menu. 1/2 of the year is dark, so having a good light on your EDC is a must. I have purchased Streamlights, Torch, Surfire and none of those are as impressive as this little Olight. I've put it through the tests, dealing with Alaska's extremes. Now, it's my go-to light and my go-to gift for friends and family.
- Its Cost: I can get 3-4 Olights for the price of one Surefire or Streamlight.
- It puts out as much light as my Surfire and Streamlights, which have comparable lumens.
- A lot of people will tell you to get the most powerful light you can, but in the snow and indoor setting you do not want a zillion lumens. You will be blinded by the light shining back at you from the white terrain. It’s best to keep an all-purpose platform light under 700 lumen or you’ll risk blinding yourself!
- It’s Tough: This little guy can take a beating!
- There’s no negative impacts from water in my experience.
- Its Size: 1/2 the size of my Surfire/Streamlights.
- Its Weight: Surefire/Streamlights can’t even compare to this compact Olight.
- Less batteries to haul around and keep on hand.
- Easy/quick install.
- Rechargeable!
- Convenient charger and it doesn't overcharge.
- Charger light is easy to spot, but it doesn't blind you in the darkness either.
- Great holster selection! Alaska doesn’t have many choices, so it’s appreciated.
- It doesn't protrude past the barrel like other brands, which makes it much easier to conceal my weapon.
- Most important–The batteries can withstand the harsh Alaskan cold!
- No strobe function.
- Switch fingers could be a little longer." — R. L. Crowder

Get it from Amazon now: $89.95 & FREE Returns


3. Fenix GL19R - 1200 Lumen Rail Mount Flashlight

Top-rated: 20 ratings

best pistol lights


Highlight: 229-yard beam with two brightness levels and strobe modes.

Helpful review: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a great piece of kit to discuss today, the Fenix GL19R. Most folks will not know what that is by the numbers, so I will tell you it is a weapons-mounted light. I also have the remote switch for the Fenix AER-06s.
My name is Gary R. Anderson, and my primary focus is being a gunsmith and manufacturer (FFL 07). I enjoy reviewing tools and gear so everyone can know the products. This light is a beast. Made from aluminum and sealed watertight. The lens opens to access the battery and is sealed with tight and perfect threads. Just in case that is not enough, they have installed an O-ring that seats very snugly when the light bezel is screwed all the way down.
The Fenix GL19R has a battery that can be swapped out quickly in the field if needed. Still, it also has a built-in charger to recharge the proper battery when installed. The charger is a widely available USB-C port; I used my phone charger to make sure it was actually that simple and universal, and sure enough, it was compatible.
One funny thing, when it happened, the thing about the battery is that you have to unscrew the lens and remove a little round piece of paper so the battery will connect and the light turns on. I spent more than one hour, less than 8, charging and trying to make the dang thing work, and I was worried that I was sent a dud. Then, the simple solution light bulb went off in my head, and I checked for the battery interface. I am so used to the pull strip that I did not think a watertight light would be able to use the same thing as my grandson's bubble blower gun to keep the battery from contact.
The Fenix GL19R is a quick attach unit that works flawlessly. I put it on my shotgun; it was easy, simple, and fantastic. I attached it to my heavily modified SKS rifle, the same result as the shotgun. When I placed it on the frame of my 1911, the "clamping" component was a little loose. The fix for the clamp was to tighten the screw to snug up the quick attach, and it works like it was born there.
The Fenix GL19R and the remote switch AER-06s did not budge or get loose under recoil from the 12 gauge or the 7.62x39 rounds. The on/off switch is on the back of the light, with a momentary on, solid on, and long press and release strobe effect. The remote switch has a six-inch wire to operate the light, with the same features. The AER-06s plugs into the USB-C charging port to operate the light and is secured in place with a tiny set screw. The AER-06s set screw can be turned tight with your fingertips on the knurled head, but a good snuggling with a dime or a small slot screwdriver will make sure it stays in place.
The on/off switches are in the perfect position to operate with the forward thumb or the extended trigger finger on either side of the light. One thing about this light is that it is somewhat big for a pistol, which is no problem for a long gun. Still, you will need a custom holster to use it with a sidearm, and it will be too large for a CCW rig, in my opinion.
So, to sum it all up, would I recommend this light – hell, yes, I would. I will order one with a rail on it for nearly everything." — Gary Anderson

Get it from Amazon now: $100.45 & FREE Returns


4. Streamlight TLR-7A Flex - 500-Lumen Low-Profile Tactical Light

Top-rated: 5,917 ratings 

best pistol lights


Highlight: Ultra lightweight and compact.

Helpful review: "I’m giving it 5 stars because it isn’t unreasonably priced compared to other options. I’m certainly satisfied with what I got for this price, though I’m left thinking there were other cheaper options that would have worked just as well. I’m using it on a Glock G45 and can report that the fit, finish, functionality and design are all great.
I’m not impressed with the amount of light it produces. However, it doesn’t miss the mark on effectively lighting up the area out front in pistol range to be fully effective. I was hoping for artificial daylight and it certainly doesn’t do that. That being said, however, I’m not sure why it doesn’t.
My first impression was that this doesn’t light out front as much as I was expecting, so I turned it into my face to see how dim it must look. That was one big mistake. It's absolutely blinding when you look directly into it, like looking at a welder. It scores high there, since only part of its purpose is to light your target. The other aspect is blinding your target to give you an edge.
The instructions seemed to overcomplicate the actual simplicity. I’m one of those rare people who actually reads instructions cover to cover before starting to use a product. These instructions were making my head spin, as I was trying to figure out what they were talking about. Assembly and mounting in reality were far easier than how the instructions made them seem. I was worried the little tiny 'c clip' in my big fingers would be lost. Fortunately they provided an extra one, but I didn’t need it. I managed to get it on without losing it by shear luck.
I’m impressed enough to be completely satisfied with it. However, if I ever needed to replace it, I’d explore other options. I'd do that not because there’s something bad about it, but just out of sheer wonder if something better is available, such as the artificial daylight I was hoping for." — William Windsor 

Get it from Amazon now: $132.99 & FREE Returns


5. Streamlight TLR-1 - 300-Lumen Weapon Light

Top-rated: 4,076 ratings 

best pistol lights


Highlight: Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination.

Helpful review: "This is a REAL GUN review (I have to say this as too many weapon accessory reviews are for air-soft toys and BB guns).
After a bunch of searching, everything from the cheaply-made plastic lights (that would fly off the gun down range after a few shots) to the expensive Surefire lights, I settled on this as the best option. I have a Beretta M9A1, and this light works and looks like it was made for my Beretta. The fit and finish are amazing. The light output (of the TLR-1s) is enough to temporarily blind anyone unfortunate enough to get it shined in their eyes.
The added strobe is quite disorienting to anyone on the other end of it (red spots in vision that last for about a minute if you look into the light).
I love the placement of the two-way toggle switch for left or right handed people plus, and the one with two-handed grip styles. It can be switched into the “on” position, and pushing the opposite direction will keep it on for as long as you hold the switch. It's good for those situations when you may not need the light the whole time. It’s set up in a way, even in a panic situation (a.k.a. loading your pants), that you can have the muscle memory to turn it on. It’s much better than the little rubber push button lights I have tried.
Using the light in dark/low light situations can even help with aiming, as the center of the light spot is right where I would be aiming for. So if the bright spot of the light is covering the center of the target at about 5-15 feet, there is a 95% chance I would hit it without using the sights.
The main reason I got this light was the fact that it is all aluminum–it is tested. And the way it clamps onto the gun is better than any "quick release" style rail light I have seen. I tightened it as well as possible because I really don't have a use for "quick release.” Though, it does come off easily if you need to. It came included with two fully-charged batteries and three different rail mount "Keys." So, it will fit your particular style without any "wriggle." My Beretta has a 1913 Picatinny Rail, and it locks onto it beautifully. I cannot attest to the weaver or Glock style rails, though it fits on my friend’s Composite SigPro 2022 without any problem.
Mounted on the Sig 2022, the light extends past the muzzle about an inch. So, it doesn't look as good as it does on the Beretta M9/92s, which fits perfectly with the muzzle.
Took it to the range and fired off close to 150 rounds of 124gr +p 9mm rounds. The light was on the whole time, and it never so much as flickered. I turned it off and put it away. The light worked great the next day, too.
Been using this light for nearly 2 years now, and it’s always on my gun. It’s gone through THOUSANDS of rounds, and it still looks and functions beautifully! It’s still blindingly bright, and it never fails to function. I have received many compliments, saying that the light looks like it was MADE specifically for the Beretta 92A1 series of pistols. If they ever make one with a green strobing laser under it, I will buy it in a split second!
If you have a full-sized handgun with an accessory rail, then this is the light to get! Especially on the Beretta 92A1, M9A1, and 96A1 pistols." — Axle Flores 

Get it from Amazon now: $247.75 & FREE Returns


6. OLIGHT Odin - 2000-Lumen Rechargeable Light with Remote Pressure Switch

Top-rated: 3,038 ratings 

best pistol lights


Highlight: Designed specifically for PICATINNY mounts.

Helpful review: "Awesome addition for my AR pistol. Super bright and has a nice short remote switch, so I don't have a lot of wire all over my handguard. I used Strike Industries bang bands to secure my switch wire. There is a quick release on the light mount that allows you to remove the light without removing the mount from your rail. The light does wiggle slightly in the mount, but it's not too bad. The charger is magnetic and just snaps to the button switch on the end of the light when the remote switch is removed. Removing the remote switch is fast and easy. It's also magnetic with a locking ring.
I like that I can charge the light without removing it from my pistol. The light vibrates like a cell phone when the battery gets low, giving me plenty of warning. Pretty cool light for the money. Highly recommend it so far. I will update if I have issues down the road.
1. The light itself has the T mount built-in and is not removable (connects the light to the pic rail mount). Doesn't take away from using it as a flashlight, just mentioning it. It's not a con for me because it will not replace my Warrior 3 for that function and it will always be this rifle's mounted light.
2. The tail light remote switch is their basic on/off 1 button remote. Not the one with the large "on" and small low on buttons
3. Like everyone says, it'll get hot when used for extended periods at high lumen so be careful. Olight owners have known about this for years
1. The pic mount is a HUGE upgrade over their original mount. Even though the light has a built-in T mount, I prefer this much more because removing the light is easy and doesn't require removing the entire mount system or need tools to remove the light. The rail mount is tightened down by allen and the light removal can be done by hand.
2. As with all Olights, the magnetic charging cable is an excellent idea. Disregard all the people that complain about a custom, proprietary cable that you have to keep track of. This is better in many ways to a conventional male-to-female cable. Although this model doesn't have GL, when it does and is sighted in, you want to limit moving the lights so they're not knocked off center
3. Well constructed, as with all Olights, without costing a fortune
4. Large battery capacity. Unknown how long it'll keep offline but this is similar to my Warrior and that keeps a 90% charge stored for longer than a year of standby
I have many lights (sort of a light fanatic) from cheap to really high end. Based on quality/price/purpose, you really can't go wrong with any of the Olights (I currently have 11 different models with 5 of them being the magnetic charge capable ones). They have become my go to for hand, pistol, rifle, and lamp. Being able to charge easily with bank or solar is a seriously great option and I keep both in my buyout. Aside from any defective ones you might receive (out of 14 purchases, 11 for me and 3 as gifts, I've not had one), you'll be happy with these.
They are made in China, not an issue for me (research where battery and chipset material comes from mostly), but the quality is not what people often relate products from that region as...they are really high quality items." — Adam Stewart 

Get it from Amazon now: $159.95 & FREE Returns


7. OLIGHT Baldr Mini - 600-Lumen Green Beam and White LED Combo

Top-rated: 5,450 ratings 

best pistol lights


Highlight: Green beam is added for greater accuracy and more options to select between white light only, green beam only, or both combined.

Helpful review: "I have 8 Olight lights. Two weapon lights and 6 different flashlights. I have used the Valkyrie Mini 2 on my .45 since it came out. I love their Seekers, Warrior X Pros, and the small EDC S1R Baton II. ALL of the lights, including the Valkyrie weapon light, use the same MCC 1A charger.
HOWEVER, for some reason, Olight decided to use a charger with reverse magnetic polarity for the Baldr Mini. On the surface, it looks identical. Same color and size. But when you try to connect the MCC 1A charger to the Baldr Mini, it won't connect. It's like when you try to stick to magnets together the wrong way. It's VERY frustrating.
The charger for the Baldr Mini says MCC Special. Not sure what special means exactly other than how I would describe the person who came up with the idea to change what could be an excellent universal charging system for all of their lights. I mean, what the heck Olight? Anyway, I gave it 4 stars this time instead of 5 because of the change in the charger.
Now, if this is your first Olight light, then you won't notice the different charging cable because you won't have anything to compare it to. You will be getting an excellent weapon light with great features, brightness, and build quality. The laser is very bright and adjustable. The light gives off a nice even throw and range without an annoying hotspot.
For new Olight buyers, be aware that if you buy any of their other lights, and I'm sure you will because Olight is a great light manufacturer for the money, that the charging cable will be different from the Baldr Mini cable. You only get one, and I don't see it listed on their web site for purchase, so don't lose it. I mean physically. I definitely lost it when I found out that ALL of my other charging cables were different from this one, but I guess it is what it is.
I love this light. 600 lumens is my top choice for night work, so it has plenty of light for those who like bright light. It is about the width of the pistol and small enough to leave on all the time. There are holsters to fit common handguns, so you can leave it on as your daily carry. One of the best features is that the light clamps onto the Picatinny Rail directly. This means that you don't have to bring the light or your hand in front of the muzzle to attach or detach. This alone is huge since I always have one in the chamber. My one concern, which I have yet to test, is the nature of the activation switches (it might put the finger up against the back of the light). In “momentary mode,” the recoil may jam your finger. I will test this and update. If so, I would only use the full-on switch mode. The laser is bright green, which is great. I set it to be “out of sight” when aiming, but can be used as a deterrent in close quarters or in compromised shooting positions. The build quality, metal construction, switch feel, and claiming system are first class. Definitely looking to add more." — Alex Nichols 

Get it from Amazon now: $124.95 & FREE Returns


8. OLIGHT Baldr Pro - 1350-Lumen Tactical Light with Green Light and White LED

Top-rated: 4,196 ratings 

best pistol lights


Highlight: Green beam for accurate targeting day and night.

Helpful review: "The unit feels high quality. I purchased a black unit and a tan unit to accommodate multiple gun finishes. I've been using the black light on a Glock G44 22LR, and the light and laser work perfectly.
My only complaint is that the light bezel sticks out past the muzzle of the pistol about 1 inch. After firing about 75 .22 rounds with the light attached, the muzzle blast had scoured off the very top of the light's black finish, directly below the muzzle. It took the finish down to its bare aluminum. I took the adhesive-backed aluminum tape and put it over the area, as well as on the pristine tan light to prevent damage. Anyone purchasing these lights should do the same if the end of the light sticks out past the muzzle. I've fired another 200 rounds with the tape in place, and it is looking heat blasted. So, I can't blame the light's black finish for failing to withstand the muzzle blast.
I've shot about 300 rounds through my Glock 19 with this attached. I’ve taken it on and off the gun for cleaning. It stays in place and has stayed zeroed-in even after removing it. The light on the low setting is blinding, and has a really good run time on the batteries. It is easy to install and remove with just the lever, and the controls are easy to access when on the pistol. I haven't had any issues with dimming or flickering when the gun is being fired, and the laser is visible in a highly lit gun range. I haven't tried it at an outdoor range, but I would assume it would be easily visible. Highly recommend this light.
I saw this in a video being utilized on a semi-auto airgun. Did some research and found this. Am very pleased with the product overall. The green laser is very visible when used in conjunction with the super bright spot light. It has an intense strobe light function. Great price for such an amazing product. Green laser light was easily visible during the daylight hours (up to about 60 feet). At night, the laser was visible up to about 1/2 mile (for my eyes–70 yrs young). I would highly recommend this product to those utilizing airguns, or for those who prefer to mount on a pistol. Laser holds its zero even on my .357 mag." — Floyd Rivers 

Get it from Amazon now: $149.95 & FREE Returns


9. Feyachi FL11-MB - 1200-Lumen LED Weapon Light

best pistol lights


Highlight: 4-hour, 200-meter beam.

Helpful review: "Full disclosure, I purchased this light from Amazon and was reimbursed by the manufacturer for this review.
When I received this light, I was impressed with the packaging. Every piece was held in its own foam-fitted slot. This light comes with two batteries (one is a spare), a charger, an offset multi-configuration M-LOK mount, flashlight body sleeves for the mount, an on/off switch tailcap, an on/off/momentary remote tailcap, Allen wrenches, and extra M-LOK screws. The additional screws were a surprise because most of the time you get exactly what you need, and it’s easy to lose those little screws. There are videos on the listing that show the unpacking if you’re interested.
So far, my only complaint is that the remote switch has no way to attach to the rifle.
I mounted the light to my .40 S&W Pistol Caliber Carbine, and with a little bit of two-sided foam tape, I mounted the switch. I was surprised at the brightness of this light. On my 100-yard range, I could clearly see the tree line beyond the backstop. I decided to put the light to the test. I charged up the batteries and headed out to the range.
With the light mounted (with the muzzle for maximum shock), I burned through 100 rounds without even a flicker from the light. The mount was still rock-solid, and the light was still seated securely. Another 100 rounds over the next half hour ended without complaint. After about two hours of constant illumination, the light started to dim. I could still see the tree line but not as clearly as before. I returned to the house and left it on while I cleaned my rifle. After about three hours, the battery was almost done. I changed it out with a fresh battery and left it on to see how long it would take to die (about 3 hours).
As far as durability, this light seems to be made pretty well. I don't have an M-LOK on a larger caliber rifle, but I am sure it will stand up to anything most people would mount it on.
I would say the only two complaints I have are the lack of mounting tape on the remote switch and the battery life. However, they do provide two batteries, so a solid 5-6 hours is not bad at all. Make no mistake, this is no Streamlight or Pelican, but for the price, you definitely can't go wrong. The average user should be happy with this choice. I have not tested how the batteries hold their charge over time, but you can always keep one on the charger and the other in for your home-defense needs." — Cory Hadaway 

Get it from Amazon now: $42.99 & FREE Returns


10. DefendTek DT-M1C - 300-Lumen Mounted LED Light for Weapons

Top-rated: 8,681 ratings

best pistol lights


Highlight: Has a rail-mounted light-casing to help keep out dust and water.

Helpful review: "I have to say, for the price, this light has done pretty well for me in the 3 weeks I've had it. I tried a few variants (Olight PL-2 Valkyrie, Olight, PL-1 II, Streamlight TLR-3, and Streamlight TLR-4). While I really liked the setup/profile/brightness of the Olight PL-2, I had functionality problems with it during use at the shooting range with my H&K VP40. The Olight would turn off during firing. It happened enough times that I couldn't trust its reliability should something go bump in the middle of the night. I needed something more reliable.
So, Olight is getting ready to deliver its latest weapon light, hopefully in September, called the "PLMINI" and I am excited to give it a try, as the YouTube videos have made it look awesome! However, I wanted something to get me through until the release.
Enter the DefendTek DT-M1. This light has a "bad-ass" look about it, and is very well-constructed. I was not expecting that at all, considering the price. To activate the light, simply push the button on the right of the light unit. Press it once to turn it on "constant.” Push the lever on the other side to turn it off. Quickly activate the light again to get the "strobe" effect. Easy peasy.
It holds tight on my VP40 Picatinny Rail (where the Olight PL-2 would not fit snug, which may be why the light would turn off when shooting the gun). It’s longer than the barrel. This may be a good thing, since the tactical end of the flashlight could put the hurt on someone should it ever come to a situation like that (thinking some "John Wick 2" type fighting there).
Not once, in about 400 rounds, has this light shut off or missed a beat. The lens does get dirty after a day of shooting, but that is to be expected, given its placement on the gun. A quick hit of Slip2000 Gun Cleaner, and she's all gussied up and back to being her purdy little self once more.
The one criticism I have (if it can really be that, since it's not the fault of DefendTek) is the holster options: there are none. For now, I am using just a basic OWB holster from a wonderful company called Soft-Armor Holsters (in case your keeping score at home, it's the "TB Series Hip Holster, #23"). It works for what I need while I’m at the gun range. The issue is when the gun/light go into that holster. It is a snug fit at the bottom, and the light switch does get activated easily. Again, a minor problem for my needs, but that may be worrisome for others.
All in all, I got much more than I expected. I have to give it 5 stars and a thumbs up! So, if you're looking for a low-cost light solution for your firearm, this one is built at a much higher quality than the price reflects. As of this review submission, I can see that this light is no longer available (glad I got mine when I did). If they restock, I highly recommend it." — Ricky Tavy 

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


11. Feyachi LF-58 - 200-Lumen Green Laser Weapon Light Combo

best pistol lights


Highlight: 3 different target acquisition modes.

Helpful review: "If you want options for your home defense but don’t want to break the bank to do it, then this budget friendly laser/flashlight just might do the trick.
I haven’t had it very long, so I can’t speak about durability yet. However, it seems sturdy. I was easily able to mount it to my handgun and operate it with little trouble. I have a standard size XD 9mm, and although it fits and works fine, it extends past the barrel. I think this was designed for a gun with a bit more room on the rail than mine.
With that said, I still find it very useful and an attractive package. It comes with 2 batteries–1 for the flashlight and 1 for the laser sight, which is nice because these work in tandem or independently from each other.
Once it is attached to the gun, there is a switch that sits close to the trigger guard. I don’t have large hands, but my index finger can reach it just fine. The switch can be clicked down and will lock into place to allow the light, laser, or both to turn on and stay on. The nicest part is a toggle with three settings on it.
- Laser only on (far right)
- Light only on (far left)
- Laser and light on simultaneously on (neutral)
Now, if you just want to flash the light/laser for a brief moment, then you can do that by gently pushing on the switch. Think of it like a turn signal in a car. Lightly pressing activates a momentary “on” and pushing all the way makes it stay on.
This was what I was really curious about when I received it. After using it, I am very comfortable with this operation. I do wish that it had a feature to strobe or flash, but you can achieve this by manipulating the switch manually.
The quality seems pretty good, and the light is pretty darn bright. It may not be on Surefire’s level, but its illumination is enough for me.. I used it in the mirror, and I could not see the gun or my face. It blots out almost everything. It’s pretty unpleasant to stare at when it's on and staring down on you.
It adds a bit of weight, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a deal breaker. I actually like the added weight to my setup. I can’t compare it to others, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me.
There is an icon on the front top portion of the light that says “hot.” I can assure you that they are not saying that the light gets hot to the touch. It is a LED. My only assumption is that they don’t know where this is being placed on a firearm, and they don’t know what type of gun it is. So, they are putting the icon there as a warning that the barrel could be hot if you’re trying to remove the light from your freshly-fired gun. All together, it’s a nice sight that does what it’s intended to do at a great price. I have not fired it, but I will test this out someday soon." — Stephan Bailey 

Get it from Amazon now: $55.99 & FREE Returns


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