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The Best Rifle Bipods Are Actually Cheap (And Very Durable)

Looking for the best rifle bipod for shooting and hunting? I've gone through thousands of reviews and picked out the best affordable options you can find on Amazon right now.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. CVLIFE - Shooting Bipod with a Picatinny Adapter

Top-rated: 29,151 ratings | 804 answered questions

CVLIFE - Shooting Bipod with a Picatinny Adapter

Highlight: High quality rubber on the bottom of the leg makes the bipods shockproof and antiskid.

Helpful review: "This is a one-step-above barebones bipod. You can see dozens of similar models. They are knock-offs of the Harris bipod but cost 70-80% less. Corners are cut to get to that price. Is it junk? It depends on what you use it for. I put in on a .22 rimfire rifle and it works FANTASTIC. I moved it to an M&P 15 AR15 and it works - but it was a bit of a hassle getting an acceptable adapter to hook it up to the hand guard. Not CVLife's fault. It comes with picatinny rail adapter but I haven't tested that. What's wrong with it? It's cheap. I mean it's not built robustly and I would expect you'd have trouble on rifles with a bigger recoil than an AR15 in .223. The screw that holds the bipod in place doesn't look like it would hold tight but it hasn't worked loose at all when I shoot with my .22 rimfire. I haven't used it as much on the AR15 but I test the tightness every magazine and it has stayed tight so far. Once I get another bipod I'll be able to leave this one on the AR15 for keeps and I'll put a dab of lock-tite on it to make sure it doesn't work loose. Yes, I like this well enough that I'm buying another one from CVLife. Installation might confuse you - watch a youtube video and you'll say "OH, OF COURSE - THAT'S SIMPLE" and it is simple, once you've seen it done. That would be for installation on a standard swivel attachment. If you're installing on an AR15 with the round Colt style hard guard you'll need an adapter. Trust Me. Spend a few bucks extra and get the Harris adapter (#5). It costs twice as much as the junk adapters you see online but it doesn't fall apart from something as simple as folding the legs of the bipod. The reason I say this is one-step-above-barebones is that you can adjust the length of the legs. Very handy, you'll need a lot of extension to keep the banana magazines of the AR15 from bumping the ground. If you haven't used a bipod before be prepared for a shocking increase in accuracy. Not as good as sandbags but a lot handier." — Arthur Kimes
Trending review: "After watching a YouTube review video by "Twang and Bang", I decided to get this. It's almost a clone of a higher end product that costs over $100. For the price and features, this product can't be beat. I'm using this on a heavy barrel Voquartsen 22 LR (Ruger 10/22) with a heavy stainless steel barrel. What's great? This is easy to attach and comes with a rail adapter. I recommend mounting direct to your sling mount or buying a MLok sling mount to reduce the height. It's sturdy without being too heavy. I had no problem mounting this. I highly recommend watching the Twang and Bang video for some tips on making it more secure. I made a small drill indentation where the tension screw contacts the base plate, added a drop of blue Loktite, and added the zip tie as he recommended. The legs snap firmly into place. The biggest advantage is how the legs deploy. You can pull them out and they lock into one of the cut out leg rings. No more messing with spring legs and a tension screw trying to get the legs even. To retract, just push the button and push in. Note, I also recommend mounting the legs facing forward when collapsed. This lets you lean into the bipod when shooting without collapsing the legs. Why this isn't a $100 bipod: This does not have a front swivel for fine adjustments. If you are doing any precision shooting, you are going to want to buy the UTG or a premium bipod. Even the model this clones doesn't have the fine adjustment to level out your rifle. That being said, I'm shooting a 22 LR at 200 yards with this bipod and getting sub 2" groups. I would not recommend putting this on a lightweight rifle. There are some basic, ultralight bipods that are better for that usage. This is much better for tactical or target rifles. Also, I don't know if I'd want the added weight on a hunting rifle since I shoot offhand almost exclusively. If I was bench hunting or maybe out west, then this would be a good option. The legs are long enough for my, but check to see what you need for your shooting bench. I use additional sand bags as a base if I need to get up to shoulder height. Overall, I couldn't be happier. This was a significant step up from other bipods I've used, and is actually cheaper. I'm now considering ordering more for other rifles." — Tony DiMancari

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2. Magpul - Bipod for Hunting and Shooting

Top-rated: 9,535 ratings | 309 answered questions

Magpul - Bipod for Hunting and Shooting

Highlight: Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments.

Helpful review: "When I first took this out to the range it was incredibly wobbly and loose even fully tightened down. I immediately regretted buying this. Then I went home and tightened down the middle knob with an adjustable wrench and THIS fixed it completely. Hand tightening the locking knob will NOT make this bipod secure- you absolutely need to crank it down with tools. Once you do that it's rock solid! Love this bipod and I highly recommend it!" — Sabrina Allen
Trending review: "Before I begin, I’d like to preface with the fact that I am not a precision/long range shooter. My only experiences with bipods in the past have been during my time in the military, primarily as an m249 gunner. That is to say I’ve only used factory bipods on machine guns and that isn’t exactly a comparable use case for most but it is still the basis of my idea of what a bipod is. This of course isn’t counting those KAC grip pods that might still be floating around since I would argue that the two are not even comparable. That being said. This is the most intuitive and comfortable bipod I’ve ever used. Setup/installation is a piece of cake as far as MLOK accessories go. Unlike the bipods I’ve used in the past, there is essentially no risk of biting your hands on any of the moving parts. One handed adjustment is a breeze. Bipods I’ve used previously felt very flimsy, this is perfect for leaning into seeing as the feet aren’t bare metal but rather rubber pads. You can also buy different feet if you so desire, though i haven’t yet. Perhaps for the precision shooter with more money to blow there are better options, but if you’re just a guy like me that wants something simple and relatively cheap that’ll work for hunting, this is what you want." — JR Rave
Reassuring review: "Magpul makes quality gear. It's a bit pricier than other offerings, but I'd rather spend a little more money on good gear that will last for the life of the rifle and doesn't need to be replaced every three years. Item was received in a double layer of bubble wrap, inside a sealed waterproof clear bag, in a padded shipping envelope. No damage to any of the shipping materials. Bipod was in new, pristine condition coming out of the box. Installation was very intuitive and simple, as is the design of this bipod. Sturdy and robust. My application uses the Picatinny rail, and the installation took about 60 seconds flat. So simple even that Geico caveman or my numbnut neighbor could have figured it out. I'll be purchasing another of these for a different rifle next week." — Erik M. Morris
Updated review: "This is an exceptional bipod for AR-15s and other rifles under 10 pounds. First and foremost it is extremely light weight. Possibly the lightest on the market with the features it brings to the table. The price is outstanding as well considering the impressive list of capabilities is has. I dare you to find another bipod in this price range that is this light with the ability to cant and pivot the weapon. It has a considerable of flex, and is meant to be "weighted" prior to pulling the trigger by pushing or pulling the gun. The knurled knob is excellent and makes on the fly adjustments easier than getting your dog to eat of bite of steak. When stowed it can be cranked down preventing the pod from moving around. It is not as stable as a Harris with spring loaded legs but to pull of a 11 oz pod with the same features as a Harris sacrifices must be made. The legs adjust super fast with push button retraction and will not fold up when loaded. Not being spring tension legs, you also do not have to worry about unexpected folding and the bloody hands that go along with it. Magpul always comes correct with new products and this is no exception. Just realize the limitations of this pod before buying. This is a light and fast style pod meant long patrols or long humps to that tree stand or final firing position. If you just shooting of the bench at the range there may be better options for you." — Chris Clark

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3. CVLIFE - Super Duty Tactical Bipod

Top-rated: 5,658 ratings | 97 answered questions

CVLIFE - Super Duty Tactical Bipod

Highlight: Applicable for sling swivel stud rifle.

Helpful review: "This is only the second bipod I've ever bought, so my comparison pool is a bit limited. That said, the basic features of this bipod are quite good. The installation is extremely easy, just a wheel that tightens two prongs that go over a swivel stud where a sling would mount. I'm not sure about the long-term use of this, as I was afraid that it was going to strip when I put it on. I'll have to keep an eye on that. Once mounted, it's very stable. The legs have good springs that keep them folded up, or folded down when in use. The leg are also spring-loaded, so you can just squeeze a button and they pop out to the full extended length. If you want them shorter, that requires both hands, which is no big deal. The metal on the legs feels a bit thin and possibly cheap, but again, I'll have to watch it over time to see how it stands up. Where this bipod shines is the price. I had a very well-known brand in the past that cost about 4 times as much. Don't get me wrong, the quality on that unit was top-notch, but for four times the price, I would expect it to part the clouds and make the rain stop. Anyway, overall, as a 'just getting started' bipod, you can't go wrong with this one. Even long-term use might show that this is a great bipod, not just a good one." — Jeffrey Thomas
Trending review: "Firearm must have a swivel nut under the front grip, this bipod has two pins that tighten to lock into the swivelnut hole. Expand and retract springs very solid. Leg extension very nice. Serves it's purpose well. If you have a Henry H004 and you get the swivel kit, the front swivel loop mounts onto the magazine tube and not the grip ring so this bipod will not seat properly. If you have the H004, you will need to machine drill the handgrip and grip ring in able to mount a swivelnut screw in that location (disclaimer, have a professional gunsmith do any modifications you choose. I am not liable for your actions should damage, injury, or death occur). There's a video on Youtube that shows you how to do that as well. Fits perfectly on Savage rifle models: Rascal FV-SR, Axis compact .223 and Mark II GY. After install, underside of bipod has a hole that allows connection of a sling swivel. Fits well with a 1" sling swivel. Various brands of sling swivels have different thickness of locking mechanism...most fit right through but one of mine I had to bore through slightly larger (about 1mm larger). Adding sling does not interfere with bipod operations based on our experiences." — The Random Commenter
Reassuring review: "This bipod is an incredible value for the money! I installed this on my Savage 110 Ultralite with no issues at all. The bipod attached to the sling stud and The sling connected to the attachment point securely and without issue. True is not the lightest bipod on the market, despite the legs being carbon fiber... but for 20 bucks you can't beat it. The CF legs are sturdy and yes, they're actually carbon fiber. The legs deploy easily and are held nicely in position under spring tension (either deployed or stowed). The extensions are spring loaded and extend easily with a push button. 6-9" height is perfect for shooting prone or seated at a bench. I prefer taking shots from a prone position while hunting and this is great for taking longer shots or simply dialing in your shot placement for clean, ethical shots. I haven't noticed any corrosion yet. Overall this bipod is fantastic for the price. Sure is made in China, not the top of technology but we're not talking about a $200 product here. I'll be going in a10 day elk hunt in a very wet environment soon and I'll report back my findings when I return." — Robert L. Kalb
Most-discussed review: "What an amazing product at a great price! I bought two of these in Carbon Fiber for sighting in rifles and to improve accuracy of target and small game shooting. Super easy to install, even though they are no instructions included at all. Adjustable height and so light weight that you don't even know it's there when folded up. When in use it's very stable and the soft rubber feet don't slide around, even on a smooth plastic table. Just buy one. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it." — D.P.
Updated review: "I bought this for a youth hunting rifle. I own several Harris bipods for my precision rifles but thought for the money this one was worth a shot on a smaller gun that doesn't see the extreme use my guns see. I'm pretty impressed with it. Functionally it's very similar to the Harris, design is also similar. It seems to be made from lighter materials so it may not be as rugged, but at about 20% of the cost it's a great value. Attached to the rifle sling swivel point in seconds, still allows a sling attachment point. Nice feature, it incorporates springs against the feet of the bipod to hold them under tension when fully retracted, which minimizes rattling while carrying. I'd buy it again for sure." — Steve Chambers
Favorite review: "I put this bipod on my .308 bolt action. Finally got out to the range with it yesterday. I will be honest, for the price I didn't really expect it to hold up on this rifle. I bought it with low expectations but was willing to give it a try because of the price. I am overly pleased with this product. 75 rounds down range. Sturdy, stayed tight the entire time. No adjustments needed. It is a very stable platform. This style of bipod is a 1 minute installation. Easily adjusts for height. Again pleasantly surprised, and I've got a 6.5mm bolt action that will be getting the exact same bipod on it." — Jason Miller

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4. Caldwell - XLA Pivot Bipod

Top-rated: 2,847 ratings | 105 answered questions

Caldwell - XLA Pivot Bipod

Highlight: Ideal for a variety of positions, including prone on uneven ground or shooting from a stable table at the range.

Helpful review: "I'm not new to shooting, but this is my first bipod. I read articles about bipods and wondered if I really had to spend $100+ to get something of good quality. I'm happy to say that this Caldwell is excellent. It does exactly what I need it to do. It's a sturdy apparatus, and the push-button spring-loaded legs are impressive for this price range. I don't see why I would spend more; I can't imagine another product being that much better. This does the job, and it even allows you to pivot the gun without completely resetting the stand. One helpful note: I wasn't sure which size to get, but I'm glad I went with the 9-13". Though the measurements refer to the height of the bipod itself, that's not how high the GUN will be from the surface you're shooting from. When you swing the legs down, the bipod loses height because they're diagonal instead of vertical. My rifle actually measures 8 to 12 inches from the shooting surface to the bottom of the gun. If you're measuring to the barrel itself, it's truly 9 to 13 inches. Keep that in mind. I'm glad I didn't go any smaller or I'd only be able to use it laying prone, and even then I'd have to keep my chin to the ground. I can use the 9-13 for anything from laying prone (propped on my elbows) to shooting from a bench rest." — J.T.
Trending review: "I really like this bipod (13”-23”). I received it 2 days after I ordered it, mounted it on my savage bolt action 22-250 within seconds and reattached my sling. It’s very sturdy and quiet. I have always liked Caldwell products I have purchased in the past like their shooting rest for sighting in rifles and the Deadshot Fieldpod for ground blind hunting (great for youth too). The Primos Trigger Stick Bipod is awesome too but it’s another item to carry to the stands. So I figured I give the XLA Bipod a try. The reason why I went with this bipod was the price, the company, the reviews, the weight, portability and Les Johnson’s recommendation. Of course Harris bipods are the best out there hands down but it’s $$$ and 1.3 lbs. I don’t need that right now. Champion bipods are good too but I don’t like the spring return noise and the spring rattles inside the legs (1.4 lbs.). The XLA bipod is right…for me due to lighter weight and it’s quieter (no spring return). I included the weight because a few ounces add up when you’re walking/ hunting all day. I got to test it in field yesterday coyote hunting. I parked at the end of the road and walked 1.5 mi. to the stand. 90 seconds into the call a coyote ran to my decoy 50 yards from me. I noticed the bipod wasn’t high enough to shoot. But I still managed to take down the deer killer. I’m ordering the 13.5”-27” bipod after I’m done with this review. I’m passing this one down to my 14 year old daughter for her rifle. It'll be perfect for her. Another good product from Caldwell." — Leslie Chow
Reassuring review: "I ordered this to go on a Remington 700 that I had acquired and wanted to go with a more solid swivel mount over the barrel clamp style I have been using for all my rifles. (Universal was nice, b