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I Tested And Ranked The Best Rifle Bipods For The Money In 2023

Looking for the best rifle bipod for shooting and hunting? I've gone through thousands of reviews and picked out the best affordable options you can find on Amazon right now.

best rifle bipods for the money

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Magpul - Bipod for Hunting and Shooting

Top-rated: 10,148 ratings | 319 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments.

Helpful review: "Before I begin, I’d like to preface with the fact that I am not a precision/long range shooter. My only experience with bipods in the past have been during my time in the military, primarily as an m249 gunner. That is to say that I’ve only used factory bipods on machine guns. That isn’t exactly a comparable use case for most, but it's still the basis of my idea of what a bipod is. This Magpul is honestly the most intuitive and comfortable bipod I’ve ever used. Setup/installation is a piece of cake as far as MLOK accessories go. Unlike the bipods I’ve used in the past, there's essentially no risk of biting your hands on any of the moving parts. One handed adjustment is a breeze. Bipods I’ve used previously felt very flimsy! This one is perfect for leaning into seeing, as the feet aren’t bare metal but rather rubber pads. You can also buy different feet if you so desire, though. I haven’t. Perhaps for the precision shooter with more money to blow there are better options, but if you’re just a guy like me who wants something simple and relatively cheap that’ll work for hunting, this is what you want." — JR Rave
Trending review: "This is an exceptional bipod for AR-15s and other rifles under 10 pounds. First and foremost, it's extremely lightweight, possibly the lightest on the market considering the features it brings to the table and its impressive list of capabilities. I dare you to find another bipod in this price range that is this light and has the ability to cant and pivot the weapon. It has considerable flex, and it's meant to be "weighted" prior to pulling the trigger by pushing or pulling the gun. The knurled knob is so excellent, it makes on the fly adjustments easier than getting your dog to eat of bite of steak. When stowed it can be cranked down, preventing the pod from moving around. It's not as stable as a Harris with spring loaded legs, but for the money, sacrifices must be made. The legs adjust super fast with push button retraction and will not fold up when loaded. Not being spring tension legs, you also do not have to worry about unexpected folding and the bloody hands that go along with it. Magpul always comes correct with new products and this is no exception. Just realize the limitations of this pod." — Chris Clark

Get it from Amazon now: $109.95 & FREE Returns


2. Harris Engineering - S-BRM Hinged-Base BiPod

Top-rated: 978 ratings | 190 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Most useful for shooting off the bench.

Helpful review: "I decided to take the plunge and I'm glad I did. It's a very real, authentic, genuine American-made Harris Bipod. Bear in mind, my frame of reference is only for very cheap bipods. I did some googling before settling on this one, and let me tell you, the features listed are no joke and really add to the quality of the bipod. It came in a clear plastic bag with paperwork from Harris. It's marked on the bottom with their name and the USA-made stamp. Just open the package and it's ready to go. Super easy to install and holds on tight. It's sturdy as hell. Feels very solid while being quite light, which is good for me as I have a heavy rifle. I sent about 20 rounds of 7mm Rem Mag down range and it couldn't be tightened beyond what I'd done when I installed it. No shifting. No legs wiggling or falling or closing while shooting. The swivel makes a massive difference in ability to shift to different targets. My rifle is quite heavy (12 pounds) and it WILL shift and move with a little pressure. However, if you hand-tighten the nut, it's not going to just flop around. It's easy to keep it still and level. The notched and spring-loaded legs are a huge improvement over others I've used. Easy and simple to manipulate with one hand whether you're raising or lowering them. Notches make it easy to get it locked into place. I got the 6-9, which for me was plenty of height for prone/bench shooting. There's a reason so many people recommend Harris bipods. Yeah, you can get a bipod for $20-$30 dollars and it will probably be ok, but it's no comparison when you get a quality one." — Chris Burns
Trending review: "I love this bipod! It went on my Colt 901-16S (.308). Was on the fence for a long time over the 6-9 or 9-11. Super glad I went with the 6-9 because with the picatinny rail adapter (American Defense) the 9-11 would have been far too high when shooting prone. Like many people have said, I too had a hard time getting enough torque on the swivel lock to keep the rifle from canting, but I attribute that to the higher CG from the bipod rail adapter and the scope riser. I bought an Alpha-Bravo short angled swivel lock, made out of zinc, from Midway ($15). If I had this bipod on a bolt action I think it would be fine; I might try on my 7mag to see. Anyway, the height of this 6-9 is more than enough to clear my 20 round magazines by ~1", but my 25 round magazines are a little too tall to keep from clearing the ground. Overall this is an amazing American-made bipod at a very reasonable price!" — Smith Aaronson

Get it from Amazon now: $145.67 & FREE Returns


3. CVLIFE - Shooting Bipod with a Picatinny Adapter

Top-rated: 30,169 ratings | 804 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: High quality rubber on the bottom of the leg makes the bipods shockproof and antiskid.

Helpful review: "This is a one-step-above a bare-bones bipod. You can see dozens of similar models. They are knock-offs of the Harris bipod but cost 70-80% less. Corners are cut to get to that price. I put in on a .22 rimfire rifle and it worked FANTASTIC. I then moved it to an M&P15 AR-15 and it worked as well, only it was a bit of a hassle getting an acceptable adapter to hook it up to the hand guard. Not CVLife's fault. It comes with picatinny rail adapter but I haven't tested that. What's wrong with it? It's cheap. I mean it's not built robustly and I would expect you'd have trouble on rifles with a bigger recoil than an AR-15 in .223. The screw that holds the bipod in place doesn't look like it would hold tight, but it hasn't worked loose at all when I shot with my .22 rimfire. Installation might confuse you. Just watch a YouTube video and you'll say: "OH, OF COURSE, THAT'S SIMPLE!" And it is simple, once you've seen it done. That would be for installation on a standard swivel attachment. If you're installing on an AR-15 with the round Colt style hard guard, you'll need an adapter. Trust Me. Spend a few bucks extra and get the Harris adapter. It costs twice as much as the junk adapters you see online, but it doesn't fall apart from something as simple as folding the legs of the bipod. The reason I say this is one-step-above bare-bones is that you can adjust the length of the legs. Very handy. You'll need a lot of extension to keep the banana magazines of the AR-15 from bumping the ground. If you haven't used a bipod before, be prepared for a shocking increase in accuracy. Not as good as sandbags but a lot handier." — Arthur Kimes
Trending review: "It's almost a clone of a higher-end product that costs over $100. For the price and features, this product can't be beat. I'm using this on a heavy barrel Voquartsen 22 LR (Ruger 10/22) with a heavy stainless steel barrel. What's great? This is easy to attach and comes with a rail adapter. I recommend mounting directly to your sling mount or buying an MLok sling mount to reduce the height. It's sturdy without being too heavy. I had no problem mounting it. I highly recommend YouTube for tips on how to make it more secure. I made a small drill indentation where the tension screw contacts the base plate, added a drop of blue Loktite, and added the zip tie as recommended. The legs snap firmly into place. The biggest advantage is how the legs deploy. You can pull them out and they lock into one of the cut out leg rings. No more messing with spring legs and a tension screw to try to get the legs even. To retract, just push the button and push in. Note, I also recommend mounting the legs facing forward when collapsed. This lets you lean into the bipod when shooting without collapsing the legs. Why this isn't a $100 bipod? Well, this does not have a front swivel for fine adjustments. If you are doing any precision shooting, you are going to want to buy the UTG or a premium bipod. That being said, I'm shooting a 22 LR at 200 yards with this bipod and getting sub 2" groups. I would not recommend putting this on a lightweight rifle. There are some basic, ultralight bipods that are better for that usage. This is much better for tactical or target rifles. Also, I don't know if I'd want the added weight on a hunting rifle since I shoot offhand almost exclusively." — Tony DiMancari

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99 & FREE Returns


4. Atlas - Standard Two Screw 1913 Rail Clamp

Top-rated: 682 ratings | 65 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via a low profile two screw clamp assembly.

Helpful review: "I've been serving in the military for the past 12 years and my first 10 was as an infantryman. I've used many different bipod legs over those 10 years: Harris, UTG, and whatever that was issued to me in at RFI. However, from my experience, Atlas makes the best bipod legs I've ever had the pleasure of using. I bought this bipods to go with my new LWRC IC-A5. The first thing I noticed was how solid it felt once I attached it to my rifle. This bipod allows you to cant and pan while aiming. As of right now ,it is still pretty tight, but I think once I break them in, this feature will be very helpful to track and lead moving targets. They do not have a spring loaded function like the Harris bipod legs. However, they have multiple settings that you can set them at. And also, the height is adjustable, which is nice. All in all, I say these bipods are worth spending my hard earned money on. I wish they were a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for, don't you?" — Chris Hudson
Trending review: "This bipod is without question the best on the market. Now, before the Harris fan boys bust out the pitch forks and light their torches, let me explain. Both brands of bipods have their advantages, but where the Atlas wins over the Harris is durability and stability. The Atlas mounts directly to a 1913/picatinny rail or a special mount for bolt rifles. This results in significantly less wobble, and there isn't the constant re-tightening that Harris bipods require (they mount to the front sling attachment point, or an adapter providing one). That means the Atlas is less apt to wobble around and make noise while on patrol. The Atlas is also of much more durable construction, which does make it heavier. The place where Harris bipods beat out the Atlas is deployment speed. They are faster to deploy from folded, and faster to extend. But where the Atlas makes up for this is in versatility. Harris bipod legs are spring loaded, so when you press the release they shoot out to maximum extension immediately, unless you positively control the leg and manually adjust, which is what you have to do with an Atlas. The Harris, however, only has two leg orientations: collapsed or open. The Atlas has 5 possible positions for each leg independently, allowing to better mount on uneven surfaces or even a surface with strange gaps or spacing. The Atlas ability to cant is also more adjustable and tighter than a Harris, which relies on simply loosening the mounting screw to allow the rifle to freely cant. Simply put, the Atlas will allow you to shoot from a much wider variety of surfaces very reliably. If you can afford this bipod and want something reliable on patrol and great on the bench, this bipod is for you." — Rick Masters

Get it from Amazon now: $218.99 & FREE Returns


5. Caldwell - XLA Pivot Bipod

Top-rated: 2,847 ratings | 105 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Ideal for a variety of positions, including prone on uneven ground or shooting from a stable table at the range.

Helpful review: "I'm not new to shooting, but this is my first bipod. I read articles about bipods and wondered if I really had to spend $100+ to get something of good quality. I'm happy to say that this Caldwell is excellent. It does exactly what I need it to do. It's a sturdy apparatus, and the push-button spring-loaded legs are impressive for this price range. I don't see why I would spend more. I can't imagine another product being that much better. This does the job, and it even allows you to pivot the gun without completely resetting the stand. One helpful note, I wasn't sure which size to get, but I'm glad I went with the 9-13". Though the measurements refer to the height of the bipod itself, that's not how high the GUN will be from the surface you're shooting from. When you swing the legs down, the bipod loses height because they're diagonal instead of vertical. My rifle actually measures 8 to 12 inches from the shooting surface to the bottom of the gun. If you're measuring to the barrel itself, it's truly 9 to 13 inches. Keep that in mind. I'm glad I didn't go any smaller or I'd only be able to use it laying prone, and even then I'd have to keep my chin to the ground. I can use the 9-13 for anything from laying prone (propped on my elbows) to shooting from a bench rest." — Justin Taylor
Trending review: "I really like this bipod (13-23"). I received it 2 days after I ordered it, mounted it on my savage bolt action 22-250, and reattached my sling. It’s very sturdy and quiet. I have always liked Caldwell products I have purchased in the past, like their Shooting Rest (for sighting-in rifles) and the Deadshot Fieldpod (for ground blind hunting). The Primos Trigger Stick Bipod is awesome too, but it’s another item to carry to the stands. So I figured I give the XLA Bipod a try. Of course, the Harris bipod is the best out there, but it’s $$$ and 1.3 lbs. I don’t need that right now. Champion bipods are good too, but I don’t like the spring return noise and the spring rattles inside the legs (1.4 lbs.). The Caldwell XLA is right for me because it's lightweight and quieter (no spring return). I included the weight because a few ounces add up when you’re walking/hunting all day. I got to test it in field yesterday coyote hunting. I parked at the end of the road and walked 1.5 mi. to the stand. 90 seconds into the call, a coyote ran to my decoy 50 yards from me. I noticed the bipod wasn’t high enough to shoot. But I still managed to take down the deer killer. I’m ordering the 13.5-27" bipod after I’m done with this review. I’m passing this one down to my 14 year old daughter for her rifle. It'll be perfect for her!" — Leslie Chow

Get it from Amazon now: $47.99 & FREE Returns


6. UTG - Recon Flex M-LOK(R) Bipod

Top-rated: 2,735 ratings | 86 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction.

Updated review: "This Bi-pod went on a Anderson Manufacturing forward M-LOK rail. First the bad. It's made in China. I didn't know that, my bad, because I wouldn't have bought it. That being said, it is well made, and its design is well thought out by UTG. I like the five positions and height adjustments. It makes for a versatile Bi-pod. It does not swivel, it does not cant. This I DID know ahead of time. The legs can be shortened/lengthened according to the terrain which is good enough for me. Bi-pods should be able to swing the legs completely forward or backward out of the way. This one does, which I find very convenient. The locking nobs work very well without having to twist and spin spin spin to lock them down... very quick. Fit and finish is great and the M-LOK system is perfect. It takes its usual few minutes to attach or detach. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that the Bi-pod fits attached to my rifle in my AR-15 case. It does not have to be removed. It may not fit into an ordinary rifle case. So, all in all, I'm happy with the Bi-pod and wish it was made here in the states.
Still using this bi-pod. It's held up well. Most of the negative comments I read are user issues, like stripping screws and breaking Allen wrenches. Those are always user mistakes. One reviewer said the Bi-pod needs to be mounted all the way forward on the m-lok. Not true. It can be mounted anywhere on the m-lok EXCEPT all the way forward. Doing that will result in the compensator spitting flame at the rubber feet on the bi-pod, so that's an installation error as well. The height of the item in my view is perfect. The adjustments available, and the fact that it will lock at 45 degrees forward very quickly instead of 90 degrees or including 90 degrees, make this Bi-pod very versatile. In battle situations, across a field or building to building, you'd want something quick-acting, with multiple heights and multiple position. This bi-pod provides exactly that." — Matt Dunn

Get it from Amazon now: $54.97 & FREE Returns


7. Xaegistac - Rifle Bipod (5.7-8 inch) with MLOK Hand-Guard

Top-rated: 1,758 ratings | 30 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Ideal for both bench and prone shooting.

Helpful review: "Cut to the chase: the XAegis M-LOK Bipod is a pretty good bench shooting bipod. It has 5-section horizontal pivot to angle the legs forward or behind the attachment point, or fold it flush with your handguard, getting it completely out of the way. It also has quick-adjust 5-section pull out for each leg, independently adjusted, so if your shooting position platform is lopsided, this accommodates that. That being said, it does not have fine adjustment if you want it to be perfectly leveled on uneven surfaces. If that's the case, you can always fold and flush the bipod and use a shooting bag/hand. I installed it on an AR-15, and fired off about 200 rounds of 55 grain 223. The bipod did its job very well. It's light weight enough to not feel any hinderance, and stable enough to not wiggle around when you are holding still for the shot. For the price, this is an excellent bipod for range sessions. It's probably not meant for fast no-drag operators operating quickly against multiple targets with ever-changing and uneven surfaces. However, if your goal is bench and range shooting, this bipod gets the job done for a very reasonable price." — Henry Shoots
Trending review: "I bought this alongside a UTG bipod that was quite the same. I wanted to see the difference between the two in quality. The difference in price was only about 10 bucks, but this actually is a very good bipod! It's not quite as solid as the UTG, but I have it mounted on a 458 socom and the thing works beautifully. It seems a tiny bit more loose than the UTG, but it really is quite a bit tighter and more sturdy than a lot of other brands I have used. If you want a good bipod and don't want to spend a lot of money, I would highly recommend this one. I gave it four stars simply because the UTG is just slightly better. But it seriously doesn't suffer by comparison as far as function goes. If I have to find something to complain about to make this a fair review, I'd say I wish they would have put something to dampen or eliminate the "clicks" of the legs rotating or extending. That metal "click" feels loud when you're trying to be quiet." — Kim Burris

Get it from Amazon now: $37.99 & FREE Returns


8. AVAWO - Adjustable Hunting Bipod

Top-rated: 3,545 ratings | 180 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Compact and lightweight.

Helpful review: "I really wasn't expecting much at this price but boy was I surprised. Super stable, well-built, and easy to install. Can attach a rifle sling to the ring on the underside if needed, since the bipod itself attaches to the front swivel mount. Works well at the range to sight in scope. Wish I'd had it before I spent 3X the cost on shooting bags/rest that I no longer use. Purchased it for my .22 and buying a second for my .243 deer rifle. Definitely recommended." — Kevin Woodward
Trending review: "I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by the price, especially given the prices for similar items on Amazon. But this is great. I'm glad I didn't spend more. At this price if it breaks in a few months or a year, I'll just get another one. I bought this for a Mauser M18 30-06. I wanted one that would mount on the existing swivel stud. It mounted OK and fits snuggly to the gun. I took the swivel I removed from the gun and mounted it to the bipod. The leg extension release works easily and you can adjust the height in increments of 1/2" up to its maximum length. If you want to mount this on Picatinny Weaver Rails or M-Lok hand-guard, then you will need to buy and adapter for those systems" — Larry Brooks
Reassuring review: "This Bi-Pod is very sturdy and fits very nice on my Savage Axis 30.06. I wanted to run a couple of boxes of ammo before posting a review, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised of how well-built and how sturdy while leaning into the bipod is. I just purchased a second for my .308. It's cheaper then an 18 pack of beer. Like I said, great value for the money." — Kipp Lechter
Most-discussed review: "I love this bipod. At first I was skeptical because it's the only one I could find that would fit on my new Remington 783 300 Win Mag, and for the price I figured it wouldn't last. Let me tell you, this bipod is rock solid and well-made. I run Harris and Caldwell on my Remington 700s and this one seems to be holding up just as well. The only draw back to me is the fact that it doesn't swivel. But it makes a perfect bench rest bipod. This is my second one." — 308sniper

Get it from Amazon now: $17.98 & FREE Returns


9. BESTSIGHT - Clamp on Bipod for Rifles

Top-rated: 2,816 ratings | 89 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Barrel diameter is 11-19 mm (0.41-0.75 inches).

Helpful review: "I bought this bipod to make my beautiful bride happy. I was setting the barrel of my suppressed 10/22 across her new porch rail at the new house on the ranch. As I’ve said, seems like the new house came with new rules, and this was no exception. I just needed a cheap little bipod to keep the barrel off the paint while sitting on the porch in the evening, taking some shots on the backstop down by the barn. This bipod was inexpensive, but I wouldn’t call it cheap. It’s well made and has very good adjustments that allow for quick and sturdy attachment to the rifle barrel when I want to use it. So, all in all, inexpensive fix to keep my beautiful bride happy and make accurate shots at targets on the backstop. It has worked very well for my needs." — James Palmer
Trending review: Took some extra rubber around the barrel mount to eliminate movement, but once I had that on and tightened down, I was good to go plinking on my 22lr. The mount held in place the entire day in the mountains. Bipod seems sturdy for my application, and the finish is nice." — Dave Saucier
Most-discussed review: "I got these to use on my 22 caliber rifles when I go out with my wife and daughter shooting. They fit the Ruger 1022 great, but do not fit very well on my tube for rifles. You need to remove it in order to reload. I used it on my Thompson center 6.5 Creedmoor and it was a perfect fit. So I would recommend it." — O.C. Vincent
Updated review: "This is awesome for the money and it adjusts to barrel rifle sizes. This would be great for plinking, hunting, target shooting, air rifle usage, 22 cal usage. This bipod is neat, guys! If you only have a barrel to mount from, then this is worth it. The design is metal and 96% travel-free between bracketing points. Please keep it oiled properly. Enjoy!" — Mike Hunt

Get it from Amazon now: $18.99 & FREE Returns


10. Vanguard - Scout B62 Bi-Pod With V Shaped Rotating Yoke

Top-rated: 1,860 ratings | 42 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Folded height: 22 1/4". Extended height: 62". Weight: 1.10 lbs.

Helpful review: "So, I’m a big time shooting stick fan and will not hunt without one. But, for the past three years I’ve had to buy new Primos trigger sticks because they would break (mostly the trigger extension release) every year. And also because they allowed me, at 6’4, to stand and shoot. As soon as the Vanguard Scout arrived, I was in awe with its stoutness and quality. Light, but very, very sturdy! Bonus, it also extends to fit my 6’4 shooting stance perfectly. The only thing that the Primos had on the Vanguard Scout was the extension release trigger (you have to manually release extensions on this). But, the Primos would break under any kind of weathering, pressure, or anything else that might cause a little strain. Which is exactly why I wanted the manual releases. Because with the trigger release... if it breaks... at maximum you’ll only be able to use it at the minimum height. The reason that I put so much effort in this review is because I didn’t want anybody else to go through my same issues and money unwell spent. Extremely sturdy, dependable, long extensions, and inexpensive. This Vanguard Scout is my only way to go!" — The Duck's
Trending review: "Little rubber foot came off about right away. It's the same problem a few other people had. It is so cheap I didn't expect much, but it is strong, light and easy to adjust. It's not perfect, but for what I paid for it's awesome. Would definitely recommend it! Also works well for fighting off an angry cow! I was attacked while out hunting and it worked like a champ at keeping her away. A couple hard walks to the head and just general jabbing, probably more painful for the cow because the little rubber feet came off. Never bent or anything!! Some of the guys said it was the best part of our hunt, watching the cow come after me." — Joe Baronne

Get it from Amazon now: $43.99 & FREE Returns


11. Feyachi - Tactical Rifle Bipod Kit with a Rail Mount Adapter and Barrel Clamp

Top-rated: 2,176 ratings | 41 answered questions

best rifle bipods for the money


Highlight: Comes with a rail mount adapter.

Helpful review: "After more than one failed attempt at finding a bipod that can hold my rifle. The last two cost more than I wanted to pay. This one may not be what everyone is looking for in a bipod, but you get what you pay for. To refer to these as extendable legs would be very misleading. They are more like level adjustments, because a half inch is hardly extending anything. That being said, these bipods are so simple! They come with everything you need to attach to a rifle, which only has the sling nut on the foregrip or even a barrel mount (if you're into that kind of stuff). Each leg has a spring loaded lever that is super easy to unlock, which locks again once the legs are swung down into position. That's it! No massive chuck of metal attached to absurdly-complicated springs and bolts. This is all really unnecessary weight added to something you wish to be as light as possible. Just click them down, sight in and enjoy a solid platform that is as reliable as everything else mounted on your rifle. Safe shooting and keep on sending it!" — James Cowdery
Trending review: "Really solid little bipod. Sturdy construction. The extra mounts are a great addition. Love the way it looks, none of that ugly exposed springs thing. Legs have a *tiny* bit of give back and forth, but not enough to matter, unless you're 300yrd+ sharpshooting, and if you are, you're probably not buying this anyway. I wish the legs were a *tiny* bit longer, but it's fine enough for bench shooting. Glad I made the purchase." — Alex Garner
Reassuring review: "I needed the Bipod off my Accuracy International Sniper rifle for a new Browning 6.5 Creedmoor. I bought this because of the low price, but I have to admit I like it more than the Harris bi-pod I have on my browning. The legs stay in place, and provide a excellent stable platform. Highly recommended for all types of shooting. If I had rails on my Browning, I'd be using another of these there." — David Blum

Get it from Amazon now: $19.99 & FREE Returns

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