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I Tested And Ranked The Best Soft Scoped Rifle Cases In 2023

I tested the best scoped rifle cases on Amazon and the cheap ones actually exceeded my expectations. They are soft and light, and they get the job done. Period!

best soft scoped rifle cases

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Savior Equipment - Tactical Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 10,238 ratings | 373 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols; has additional pocket compartments.

Helpful review: "Haven't found anything to dislike. What I do like is attention to detail. It gains a few points over my previous favorite Drago Tactical. In fact they look almost exactly the same. However, the Savior Tactical double has a padded rifle separator between the two sides that is slightly thicker than the Drago's and goes all the way to the top of the case the Drago goes about 2/3rd up. I have beat my Drago to death and it is still looking and working great. Gave the Savior case a workout- drag through the dirt (not by choice) and using it for a makeshift prone firing mat (on purpose) because I forgot mine. Packed two scoped AR15's (one in 6.5 Grendel and the other in .300 Blk) and they packed perfectly. They packed on my back nicely and really hit my shoulders well (I am 6'2" and 185lbs) and balanced perfectly with no shifting when making movement changes (bending and picking things up and taking a sharp turn on a trail). They are 1.75 lbs lighter than a similar older Eberlestock double rifle case (and those are my gold std) and similar in construction (except the Eber had a thinner separating pad internally). This pack will be my gift for Christmas to my son's. Did i say they resist abrasions very nicely- well they do!" — Tim Lewis
Trending review: "It does what it's supposed to! I got the 51" bag for some larger rifles, and it fits both at the same time. It's bulky and heavy with both in there, but that's to be expected. The most important feature is the dense (but relatively thin) padding that is all around the outside and the full length panel between the guns. After that, the big cargo pockets fit a lot of stuff, including an 80mm spotting scope and tripod, and a picatinny mount heavy duty bipod. I can't imagine using the detachable backpack straps, but they're there. Overall, the construction seems sturdy and the design is sensible." — Phil Clark
Reassuring review: "After extensive research and a few hundred reviews read for various rifle transport bags I decided to purchase this Savior model. I've only had it a short time so obviously I can't speak as to it's long term durability. That said I can say that it appears to be a solid bag well thought out and professionally assembled. There is a surprising amount of storage space. 2 rifles, 2-3 handguns, magazines, ammo and accessories will all easily stow. I would think your arm would give out trying to carry it all before this bag would fail. My one negative critique would be that the backpack style straps are not easily removable. Since I don't plan to wear it as a backpack I'd prefer to be able to remove both straps as they can tend to catch on things during transport. However I'd rather not cut them off in case I ever do wish to use them. All in all that is a minor thing and i am very happy with this product. A side note; I had this bag with me yesterday at my local Fleet Farm taking advantage of their complimentary scope mount/bore sighting and received several compliments on the bag." — Felix T. Kat

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2. Smith & Wesson M&P - Padded Rifle Case

Top-rated: 4,064 ratings | 48 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: A full length, oversized double zipper on the main compartment allows for quick and easy rifle access.

Helpful review: "I bought three S&W M&P 15 Sport II AR-15 5.56 rifles this past month. This bag has more than enough room, plus padding to protect optics. I use large optics, and I carry many magazines inside. Everything fits comfortably: the rifle with red dot/scope combo, or full length scope. Yes, each of my 3 new S&W M&P AR-15s deserved a new bag, and this one was perfect for the money. I don't want to rate what I can't honestly rate by experience, but so far I gotta say these bags seem more like they'll last long. The added velcro strap over the inner strap is also great, as I'm a guitarist and guitars are much heavier. These bags really do the job holding the hand grip together well. One happy buyer here! Now gotta make up my mind on new optics." — Josiah Cole
Trending review: "Fits perfectly collapsed my S&W M&P 15 22 with scope & M-loc tactical light. Seems well made & is in perfect condition. 25 round magazines fit nicely. Says causes cancer & birth defects as an added bonus. A Great value for the money & would recommend. Large box, they do not fold it. Item is made in China which offends my rifle, it told me..." — David Deleon
Reassuring review: "This is a great carry case!! There are three large pouches on the outside designed for 30 round magazines. There is a small zippered accessory pocket on the side where I keep spare batteries and a laser bore sighter. There is also a large zippered accessary pocket on the side that's big enough to store a fourth 30 round magazine and other small items. The small size case fits the Smith and Wesson M&P 15 like a glove. There's just enough room for one optic on the top though. I purchased a combo set with a riflescope and red dot optic. I was only able to fit the riflescope; it didn't fit in the case with the red dot optic on top too. But no big deal, who needs both a scope and a red dot optic on their rifle? This case is great for storage or traveling. If you're looking for something that will allow you to get your rifle out in a hurry, you might want to purchase a scabbard (which I'm thinking about getting). Otherwise, this is a well made product and I'm very pleased with this purchase!!" — Cooper Aguilar

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3. Tacticon - Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 3,687 ratings | 73 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Combat veteran owned company.

Helpful review: "This bag was perfect for my boyfriend! He has a couple of rifles and hand guns that we like to take all together when we shoot. This bag holds everything very well, especially his 36 inch rifle with the scope. The option to carry the bag as a backpack is especially perfect considering we have to hike down an extremely steep hill in the woods to get to our homemade shooting range. All of the pockets are great too! "There's so many pockets, I don't know if I have enough stuff to put in them." He quoted as he arranged his targets, earplugs, ammo and other accessories. Lol We haven't actually taken it out to the range yet to test the durability but it definitely seems high quality! Overall very happy with this purchase." — Mary Ballard
Trending review: "I had searched for several bags similar to this one and found that while it was a little more expensive, it offered a zippered flap to secure the backpack straps to prevent tangling on things and I was willing to pay for that option. I did request that the small little loop that secures the backpack strap compartment flap to access the backpack straps (see their images, it's there) be removed so that the protective zippered flap could be some way rolled up and secured at the bottom end for better storage. Also, the outer long pocket, when opened, has a very flimsy (no different than others I have seen) mesh liner. I suggest product development include using the same 600D material throughout the pockets and possibly even line them and reinforce a double stitching for improved wear and tear. I will say this and it applies to all cases, 2 inches IS NOT ENOUGH space when measuring your firearm. The quoted bag, 42" x 12" is LENGTH so a 20" barreled bolt rifle does not fit well with stock shoulder spacers. I would love to see a 46"x12 or even 46"x14" bag to truly accommodate the overall length of a non carbine rifle with a large fixed scope. PLEASE OFFER ANOTHER SIZE! This bag definitely won't work for a 26" barrelled 6.5 Creedmor or any other really long barrelled rifle. I have it for a Begara B-14 HMR .308 cal (20" barrel) with all spacers and it is crammed in the bag diagonally with very little extra space for a fixed mounted scope. I really do like the zip out removable padding for a shooters mat, a little thin but it will work for relatively flat terrain. Perhaps they could increase the padding SLIGHTLY and use 1000D fabric for increased durability for those times when a shooter's mat are needed? Also, YKK zippers would be nice. Again it's all a price point issue I'm sure and it is well made. Best of all, it's MADE in the USA and I did my part to support a "mom and pop" shop." — Steve Rauschenberg
Reassuring review: "This is an excellent double soft rifle case. The pockets are exactly what I need and the fit for everything if perfect. I also really liked the back-pack carrying option. I didn’t know I needed it and now I don’t know what I did with out it. The pad was also a surprisingly effective added bonus. One small irritating thing is that the zipper pulls come right out of the zipper. I guess that’s great if you want to change the zipper pulls, but I didn’t. While irritating, it is easily fixed with a pliers by closing the opening completely. BOTTOM LINE: YOU NEED THIS CASE if you’re in the market for soft rifle cases. The price is comparable to, or less than, other large cases that fit a scope. I plan on buying a second case in the smaller size because I’m that impressed." — Dwayne Schlund

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4. DULCE DOM - Double-Rifle Soft Bag

Top-rated: 4,033 ratings | 48 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: No questions asked, lifetime guaranty.

Helpful review: "I have searched everywhere locally for a rifle case that fits my AR correctly. I've bought at least 3 different soft and hard cases that claimed they could fit a scoped rifle and none of them could without scratching my LVPO. This case was the solution to my problems. I got the 36” version and it was the perfect size for my ARs. One rifle is slightly shorter than the other, but one click of adjustment on the buttstock and they were both in snug. The case has enough vertical room for both of my rifles optics, and to even leave my grip pod on the other rifle. The Velcro straps provide additional support and hold them in nicely while the padding between them stops them from bashing into each other. When i picked it up i didn’t feel any shift or movement inside the case. On the outside there are also additional pockets with a lot of extra space. You could easily put a pistol on the outside and still have room for many extra magazines and accessories. For how great this product is, I would have expected it to be much more expensive. I love mine and I'll be telling all my friends who are looking for a new case to check these out!" — Andrew Burns
Trending review: "I asked for this for my birthday and was so impressed with it I ordered a second. I use these bags for my PCP air guns, I can fit 4 pistols in one bag with tons of room to spare. The second bag holds 2 more pistols and my bull pup. If I take the LDC off my carbine rifle I can fit that in the bag instead of the pistols. The bag is very durable. The fabric is thick and well padded. Velcro straps are wide and hold tight. Measurements on the bag are spot on. Zippers are heavy duty and slid very easy. All the straps and buckles are also just solid. Here is a list of the pistol bag contents: 4 air pistols (longest is 24 inches) all with scopes. 15 tins of pellets, a Altiods case with magazines and one with small Allen keys and other assorted tools. The fill probes for the guns, and a small cleaning kit. a set of shooting sticks, and a couple home made shooting bag rests. A couple sets of metal silhouette targets and a few assorted rags, and gloves. I still have room for at least another dozen tins of pellets, but the bag weighs a ton at this point and I never shoot more than a tin at any one time. Bag has backpack straps that are stored in a zippered pouch. The straps are attached in the pouch, and that is really the only thing I did not like was that the straps can't be detached from the pouch (like you really need more space in this lol). I love this bag and have nothing but positive secure feelings when I use it!" — Randy Wallis
Reassuring review: "This is a very nice case. It appears to be of good quality and good sewing. I received it today ,luckily!! (I will get to the problem in a moment) I used it today. I packed 2 of my largest and heaviest varmint rifles in it. One rifle weighs 16.4 lbs and the other around 8lbs. The case and handles survived this load with no problem. Both of these long heavy scoped rifles fit just fine. I am happy I spotted this case when surfing through the Amazon website looking for something I could use in order to get free shipping. Now back to Luckily!! The reason I said this is because the package was dropped off by USPS at the entry to our driveway some 220 feet from the house and only 30 feet from the highway. I am surprised that a curious passer-by didn't stop and take the package. It's a good thing the wife spotted it when doing her daily speed walk. The case was delivered earlier than expected. I liked this Rifle Case enough that I placed an order for another just like the first one." — Christian Arlington

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5. HUNTSEN - Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 3,906 ratings | 44 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Interior removable divider enables the carrying of one or two rifles with adjustable shoulder strap to secure your guns in place.

Helpful review: "Purchased the 42" for husband's 40" rifle. While there are reviews complaining about the dimensions, please mind that these are the dimensions of the bag itself, not necessarily what it can hold. Bag fits a 40" perfectly without stretching the case (about 1/2 inch clearance to the zipper for those that are curious), making it easy to pack and unpack. Rifle stays snug within both Velcro straps. Am very pleased with the thickness of the foam divider and padding throughout the case. Strap was very easy to secure to the outside of the bag and metal fasteners appear to be sturdy. Outside pockets (3 Velcro and 1 additional side zipper). If your rifle has a mounted scope, it may be easier to store the scope unmounted from the firearm. The measurements specified on this site are true to the product I received. If you are doubtful what will fit, use a flexible measuring tape, like those for sewing) around your rifle before placing an order." — Caterina H.
Trending review: "Just opened it today. Fits my mid length with scope and a 40 inch at the same time very well(slightly snug, but not overly). If I were to want two 40 inchers with scopes, I'm certain things would be more tight than I would like. I liked the idea of the more rectangular options that included small arms storage and additional storage as well, but at twice the price, it didn't make sense for me. Fabric and zippers appear sturdy. My use case is currently for storage and transport. I'm not currently frequenting the range, so mostly for storage and occasional travel. If I start to see any fraying or other issues I will update my review promptly. Side note: I tried to find a reasonably priced "made in US" option. Even the ones that had "USA" in the name were not made in the USA. Don't be fooled by English sounding brands or having "USA" in the product name. In fact, if they have USA in the title and aren't made in the US, I would strongly advise against supporting that kind of deceit." — Harry Gray
Reassuring review: "I was looking for a bag to comfortably carry a single lever action rifle without a scope to and from the rifle range. This fits that bill perfectly. The rifle is 37" long, and the small bag is just perfect. I couldn't rate this for durability because I haven't had it that long. It looks and feels well made. Zippers are usually the first things to go on these inexpensive bags, but so far the zippers are working fine and show no sign of breaking or tearing. This probably won't stand a lot of rugged use, but that wasn't why I bought it, so that's not a problem. It fits the rifle, it fits the trunk of my SUV, and it does exactly what I want it to. I'm happy!" — Wayne P.

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6. NcSTAR - Deluxe Rifle Case with External Magazine Pockets

Top-rated: 3,008 ratings | 63 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Great Value for the price!

Helpful review: "The 36 inch gun case fits my PSA pistol with 10.5" barrel perfectly. My pistol is about 32 inches in length with a fully extended brace, so anything smaller I would have been concerned. The other benefit of this case is that it accommodates my Streamlight at the end of my fore-end. I was concerned that due to the extra girth towards the end of the barrel of my pistol, it would conflict with the zipper function from the case. It doesn't. The gun is secured relatively loosely, yet it's snug enough that I don't have to worry about it flopping around inside the case when transporting. The five pouches on the front are MASSIVE. I truly mean massive. I wouldn't be surprised if they could fit full-sized AKM magazines. The durability it pretty good for the money. There is no double stitching and the zippers seem durable enough. It's better than a nylon bag. There is also a nifty name-tag/ID holder sewn in too and plenty of carry options. I just need it to wrap my gun up when taking her to the range. The staff there get really butthurt when you just walk in without your toys covered up. I'd highly recommend the VISM bag if you are looking for a cheap carrying option. Some gun bags range around 40 to 80 dollars and they have similar build quality. You could by two or three of these suckers for as much as people charge for one bag. That's a bargain. For long-term use? Who really cares? 5-6 years later when the shoulder strap falls off you could just get another one for twenty bucks. Heck, you probably have a spare already. A++ bag. Just be sure to measure your gun to make sure it'll fit the length of the bag. Big scopes, foregrips, flashlights--it seems like this puppy fits them all." — Jacob Adams
Trending review: "This is a great case for an SKS with a Tapco Intrafuse stock with a Bushnnell Trophy Red Dot Scope over the hand guard. 20 round magazine will fit comfortably in the case, which provides not only more than enough room, but also protection for your SKS. It will, however, not accommodate a vertical grip with a bi pod built in as it make it too tall and will not fit in the case. But if its removable you may store it in one of the 5 magazine slot pockets on the side with the protective flap with velcro. I have one of these for my Romanian WASR10 with a Vltor stock tube and Magpul CTR Stock, AND one for full length Mosin-Nagant Rifle with scope which is the full 53 inch x 13 case version. For the price and convenience, it's worth it as this is my 3rd case from VISM and I'm a very satisfied repeat business customer." — Miles Travis
Reassuring review: "This is a great AR soft case. I use it for my S&W M&P15-22 which has a large riser and scope as well as bipod and offset iron sights. With the stock fully shortened, it fits in the 36" case perfectly. I wish it had a larger pocket for things other than a magazine, but fortunately the magazine pouches also hold lasers, red dot sights, tools, small handguns like my Walther PPS M2, and boxes of ammo quite nicely, if not a bit snug. However, you want things to be snug so they don't clank around, and this case keeps things secure. The stitching is strong, the material is sturdy, and the zippers are good. My only real gripe is the way it was shipped; the case was folded, so the foam actually came apart at the fold seam and is less "poofy" along it. However, if you need it fast, Amazon is a great place to get it." — M. Saunders

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7. Allen Company - Ruger 10/22 Scoped Rifle Case

Top-rated: 2,576 ratings | 43 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Fits Ruger 10/22 scoped rifles up to 40" long.

Helpful review: "Seems to be quality construction and its design looks good. The zipper pockets are a must and nice addition. I haven't yet dragged it through the mud or stood out in the rain for hours on end yet, so I can't attest to just how rugged and durable it really is. Unless I throw a piece or two of sandpaper in with my 10/22, the case is going to keep my rifle well protected from scratches, dust and dirt. It's not a hard case, so there's no stacking a bunch of crap on top of it and expecting the scope to remain undamaged. But when treated like a soft case as it is, I think this will keep my brand new (yes, I bought it last week) Ruger 10/22 with scope looking and operating well for years to come. Certainly better than storing and transporting it without any case at all! Side note: my brother has a hard case for his Marlin .22 rifle, and while it is realistically better protection, it's a bit too long to fit in certain places at times (i.e. trunk or cargo area of SUV, its not like it's going to be empty, and if all your rifles have hard cases.. you get the idea). Whereas a soft case offers protection with a bit of flexibility." — M. Morin
Trending review: "Just about everything this case has to offer is better than than the standard Ruger 10/22 case. For one, even though it has pockets, this case is actually slightly smaller and less bulky than the standard Ruger 10/22 case. But it's made to fit a 10/22 specifically. Your rifle will fit like a glove, scope and all... It has deep pockets to carry extra ammo, cleaning supplies, you name it. It has two loops to add a sling for shoulder carry. The bag is not bulky but definitely has space to accommodate a scope. I use a red dot reticle sight on a raised rail, and the case has room to spare (but not so much room that the gun is swimming in the case). And best of all - it's the same exact price as the standard Ruger 10/22 case, which is larger and has no pockets. My only gripe about this case is that there's only one zipper, so you can't add a pad lock." — Jerry Lucas
Reassuring review: "My 10/22 has lived in a fairly nice 'generic' (and pocket-less!) Allen case for years. When I saw this case I decided it was a MUST have. As many previous reviewers have stated, it is a well-made, well-padded case...but then, it's an Allen, so, no surprise there. (I have five other Allens) The price is great @ $19.99 for such a quality case. Even these fairly snug pockets are much better than having none at all. My 10/22 is just a standard model; no frills, late 1980's vintage with a 3-9x40 scope. The scope is 12-1/2" long and adds 2-1/2" to the overall height of the rifle. This case zips up nicely over the scope with very little (if any) room to spare, but, no strain on the 'amply stout' zipper. It's almost as if this case was made specifically for a scoped 10/22! Oh is! I'm totally satisfied...thrilled, in fact. It is Allen quality construction and nicely embroidered. Very sharp looking. I really wish they'd make this exact SAME case in a 42" with "MARLIN" embroidered on it, as opposed to the pocket-less one they have with 'MARLIN' silk-screened." — M. Fox

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8. BLACKHAWK - Tactical Carbine Case

Top-rated: 2,449 ratings | 109 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Heavy-duty tactical webbing on shoulder straps and contact points.

Helpful review: "Overall, this is a great case. I have a couple in different sizes. I bought the 42.5” for my AK and it fits perfectly. The 36” fits my AR15. The padding is thick enough in these to protect your rifles. I love the pockets and mag pouches. The only issue that I had was the zipper. When I tried to close it with one of my scoped ARs inside, the zipper broke in half. I was lucky and didn’t break the ring completely. I fixed the issue by adding a piece of paracord. I suggest the addition from the start to help you grab the zipper to close it. I’ll be buying the 42.5” for that scoped AR so I don’t have to fight the zipper when closing it. The price is right for what you get. This case is a lot better than some of the cheaper ones that are out there." — Brian Fields
Trending review: "Great high quality range bag with plenty of space for everything I need during a day at the range. The included zippered pistol case is a nice bonus as well. I looked at many different options before finally settling on this one, and I'm glad I did. Upon extensive use, the bag still shows no signs of wear. I have been very happy with it, and it's still the best bag of its type for the price. It's larger than the average range bag and the only options I have considered comparable have been much more expensive. I do wish that the shoulder strap had come with a pad to help protect your shoulder when you're weighed down by all the ammunition (Blackhawk included this in a scoped rifle case that I purchased). Otherwise, that is something that can be purchased separately if needed." — Christopher N.
Reassuring review: "Needed a bag for my Ruger 10/22 take down with scope, and this bag was large enough to hold the rifle and a set of head phones. The 4 outside ammo pockets can each hold a 25 round BX-25 magazine, but being a banana clip, it is a little tight. The front pocket holds my 300+ round box of 22LR but again is a little tight. There is no straps inside to hold the rifle but the padding is pretty good." — C. Long

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


9. VISM by NcStar - Tactical Rifle Scabbard

Top-rated: 2,034 ratings | 205 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting.

Helpful review: "Wow. I can't say enough about this. I have a MOLLE backpack, fits perfect on the side. This will hold an AR WITH SCOPE OR RED DOT.. easy to take along my 7.5" AR backwoods camping in Maine now.. I got a 3 Mag MOLLE pouch to hook on this scabbard. The quality exceeded my expectations, no loose stitches or anything. I'm surprised you can still get something this nice for so cheap these days! I'm not going to be "quick drawing" any rifle out of this, just transporting up through the woods. It will secure your rifle nicely as its fairly adjustable, and if you leave an AR mag in, or have a pistol grip on your shotgun, it'll buckle in tight. For the money, you can't go wrong. Great for you doomsday preppers too... lol... I'm actually ordering another one tomorrow in tan." — Kyle Horne
Trending review: "Upon receiving the NcStar scabbard I inspected the item closely and found the quality to be excellent. A mini 14 with a 16 inch barrel, scope and tactical stock fit perfectly. I read some negative reviews for this item and do not understand where they were coming from since I'm completely happy with my purchase and the price was great for a quality product. I am impressed enough to buy three more and replace my other full tactical cases." — Mick Coutts
Reassuring review: "I keep a handgrip and light on my AR and to my surprise they do not interfere with this at all. Now a Scope will, but my Red Dot seems to fit fine. I especially like how easily it comes out, and that even fits the magazine with no problem whatsoever." — Nathan Wylie

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


10. Feastoria - Double Rifle Case

Top-rated: 1,634 ratings | 25 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Enough storage for your war simulation games, training equipment and other outdoor activities.

Helpful review: "I've tried a number of different solutions for carrying my rifle to and from the range. First I tried a more traditional soft-case, which was okay, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I tried a hard-case, and I found that put too much weight on one arm and just wasn't convenient/comfortable. I still have that, because it'll be perfect if/when I travel. I also tried a backpack that's designed to hold a rifle in an extendable section - but it was really awkward getting the gun in and out. Might have been easier with a shorter gun, but I'm currently using a DMR with a longer than normal barrel for an AR and the backpack could hold it, but not well. And... it was really awkward to get it in and out of the bag. Then I got this thing and tried it, and it seems to be the best of all options. It's easy to get the gun in and out, without having to pull the stock in or anything like that, and it has a handle that's convenient for short carries and backpack-style straps if I need to carry it further. I put a MOLLE magazine pouch on it as well. This thing is perfect for my needs and I'm very impressed." — Garry Fisher
Trending review: "Bought this product for storing and carrying my M-4 and Ruger 9m along with ammunition. Proved to be a perfect for my use. Has plenty of storage compartments inside and out as well as exterior magazine compartments. Additionally, it has straps on the backside for carrying around like a backpack. There is room for two handguns and two rifles. Folds and straps can help secure the rifles from sliding around and the handguns fit into independent compartments that Velcro shut. Even has the ability to add two small molle pouches next to the built-in external magazine pouches. All-in-all, a great quality case for the money. While not quite the 1000D waterproof nylon I wanted, it came very close at 900D." — Erik R. Bowe
Reassuring review: "Amazing bag. I was hesitant at first, but after getting this bag I am extremely satisfied with it. There is tons of room for storage and accessories. Each of the two front mag pouches hold 4 30 round magazines. The middle pouch can hold 4 more if needed. I use it for pistol mags. The first large pocket has space for two handguns. I have a full size and a sub compact in separate Velcro pockets. Also more pockets for storage. I use it for an AR and a 18.5” shotgun and both fit with plenty of room. The backpack straps are nice but honestly I just carry it by the handles. On the front are a few Mille straps to hook other things or even add an additional pouch or two. The divider between the guns in the main area is padded to help avoid guns hitting each other while stored away. This is my go to range bag for taking rifles. Don’t hesitate to get this bag if you are thinking about it!" — Derek Novotny

Get it from Amazon now: $75.99 & FREE Returns


11. WolfWarriorX - Tactical Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 1,752 ratings | 48 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Constructed of high quality water/dust resistant material; perfect for both hunting and the shooting range.

Helpful review: "Bought this to put my 2 Tacticool Timmy Ticklers in. Easily fits my scoped AR and my AK with muzzle brake and fixed stock. The MC Black is well balanced and the padding is soft with a good quality foam. It's firm but has give. The pockets are roomy. I was able to fit 4 30RND Magpul Gen3's in on of my front pockets. The MOLLE webbing seems solid. I have 2 matching MC pouches attached with 2-300 rounds for each gun - and it's holding the weight. What drives me mad, if you're a YKK fanboy like me, is the zippers and buckles are like putting steelies on a Mercedes Benz. The plastic parts on this are back to school backpack grade and it's such an insult to the quality of the rest of the case. But they do hold up so far. It does have interlocking zippers for you to throw a lock on which is a nice feature. All in all, you won't find something better than Airsoft grade at this price. A similar case to this with better hardware is double (if not triple) the price." — Kai Tracy
Trending review: "Well made bag. Holds two rifles, and can hold individual bullets in the middle, as well as maybe 2 handguns. Outer pouches can hold 3 AR-15 magazines. or two AK mags. It has a carry handle, AND can be carried as a backpack. Also has molles on the sides for whatever you need to add :)" — Adrian Maese
Reassuring review: "Considering I've got an 8lb shotgun with two 5 round mags, and two 10 round mags loaded with 2.75 and 3 inch shells, this bag still has ability to add a 2nd shotgun or rifle and more mags. Of course, if I added the 2nd gun or other items the bag it could get quite heavy to carry. But the bag is durable enough to handle it all. There are so many compartments to put stuff in, and you can even put a couple hand guns in it with your 2 shotguns/rifles if you wanted to." — Chris Law

Get it from Amazon now: $65.99 & FREE Returns


12. Savior Equipment - Single Scoped Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 747 ratings | 81 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Additional large pouches with adjustable flap & fast pull tabs to fit your magazines and other accessories.

Helpful review: "I have nothing to complain about. It's not a good case for the money. It's simply a great case. Perfect fit for my bullpup, tight but not struggle to fit. Only the attached bipod makes a bit tight to fit in but not very hard. The high powered 44 scope isn't an issue. Plenty of storage for ammo, gadgets, wind meter, magazines, hearing protection or anything. Good looks, good comfort and protection at a good price. Matching my minimalist taste, nothing unnecessary and nothing missing. Both the shoulder strap and handle well designed and comfortable, durable fabric with sufficient padding and precise stitching. I would recommend to anyone as long as your rifle fits in." — Laszlo Horvath
Trending review: "Heavy duty material & high quality craftsmanship. Fits my Ruger AR-556 perfectly with the stock collapsed (& with a butt pad), and with a large scope mounted. I can't find anything to complain about other than the excessive number of magazine pouches (does anyone have more than two magazines?), but you can use them for storage of other stuff (and that actually seems to be standard with other manufacturers too). The velcro straps are longer than need be, but you could cut them to fit (or just fold one end back like I did)." — Andrew Spence
Reassuring review: "I love this rifle case! Plenty of storage for clips, Ammo and your cleaning kit. Nice Velcro adjustable straps on the inside to keep rifle in place. Plenty of room for your optic/scope mount. Material is very durable and the stitching is strong. Zipper works effortlessly and smoothly. Great value for your dollar!" — Jason DeSilva

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13. LUXHMOX - Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 256 ratings | 21 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Constructed of heavy-duty industrial 900D PVC nylon that has proved to hold up in extreme conditions.

Helpful review: "I am new to the realm of rifles and wanted to get something that was functional, economical but not cheap, and looked great. This was a fantastic choice. The quality of the material is top-notch. The pouches have very strong velcro and the spring-loaded and locking drawstrings are a plus. The additional loops on the shoulder straps add additional attachment options. I love the dual rifle capability of the bag. I have not weighed it completely down but I did have several loaded 30 round magazines. My pistol and magazines. Tools and my hearing and eye protection all loaded up and it was still comfortable to carry and wear. I have no complaints at all. This is a great range option." — Franklin Goodwin
Trending review: "I am a very detailed person and I search for the best value, the best durability, the one that has the most of what it has to offer. This one, out of all the ones I ordered, was the winner! The rest went back to Amazon. This one is stitched better than others and is made of a thicker more sturdy material. It has more pockets than others, ones you can use for handguns also. It has a velcro padded divider which you can use as a mat. I took it to the range and it held my Keltec sub 2k plus 4 30 round mags, my Springfield Hellion plus 6 30 round mags and my Ruger precision rim fire with scope. Outer large zipper pocket was perfect for targets! Removed the backpack carrying straps and just used the carrying handle! This case is a must-have accessory for the range!" — Shepard Morris
Reassuring review: "Purchased the Double Rifle Carrier in OD Green and could not be more pleased with form and function. Multiple, well thought out, zipped enclosures inside and out. In addition, the three large exterior compartments offer ample room for all the extras I like to carry with me to the range, and they all fit in this one bag. The shell and divider are padded properly to protect your stuff. Each interior side of carrier bag has velcro fastening straps to securely hold the rifle. In addition to those basic requirements, the LUXHMOX team proves 4 cinch devices: 2 on top (at carry handle) and 2 at bottom (when carrying by hand carry handle) to properly tighten-up the bag for peace of mind. The backpack straps detach and can be kept with the bag unobtrusively. There's a large inner zip section, just in case needed. Materials and zippers are of high quality. I have several bags by other manufactures. The LUXHMOX in my opinion is superior, not just in quality, but also in design. Well worth the few extra dollars. The only concern I have is actually minimized by the design. I will explain. With other products I have had, the “stretchy” compression cords tend to deteriorate over time. With this product the stretchy cords are not fastened to the bag with sewing thread. They are looped through strap loops that are fastened to the bag. This means in ten years, if the cords deteriorate, they can be restrung with para-cord. With the other products I had, when the cords deteriorated, I had to cut them out and there was no way to re-install para-cord. I will likely be ordering the 42” model soon for my lever action rifles." — Hunter Morton

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14. Savior Equipment - Tactical SBR Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 247 ratings | 41 answered questions

best soft scoped rifle cases


Highlight: Molle panel in the interior for full customization; hideable backpack straps for convenience.

Helpful review: "I own several discreet style bags to carry SBR and takedown style carbines, and this one simply blew me away the moment I unboxed it. If a rifle bag was capable of giving someone a woody, this is the one is it!
The shoulder straps are equal to some mountain and long range packs (almost as comfortable as my Gregory Denali). In a word fit me perfectly and very comfortable (actually better than Savior's full size rifle pack). The only change I would make is to use the same chest strap as on the full size backpack rifle cases. The one on the Equipment Specialist works fine, but it is a bit narrow.
Someone went above and beyond for stowage and functionality. The separator panel is even better than the one on their full size double case which is superior to all my other cases. But what I really love is that the muzzle pocket is not only padded is detachable so that you can fit it to carbines of various lengths. The two 2-inch velcro straps are also detachable. And you can adjust your tensioning points, which I find handy as I use different style optics on each of my carbines. So no more one size fits nothing! The opposite side of the case is molle and velcro heaven - it can hold a limitless style of lower and stock combos with room for other items. Detatchable velcro straps will keep anything TIGHT.
But wait there is more. The bottom external pocket is something James Bond would love with two very nice sized mesh pockets and large and small molle straps. The top pocket is a nice touch with an elastic strap that I use for my phone and some other items that I need to stay put and be easy to reach. Also my wallet, my keys, and other pocket items have plenty of room.
But wait there's EVEN MORE. There's an additional pocket behind the bottom external pocket - it has a huge square of velcro pile that any item with the opposite "hooks" can attach to. I haven't done that yet but it has room for my maps, my Surface Pro, and some other gear including a GoPro solar panel and batteries.
To add to the dizzying array of cool and very desirable features are THREE (yes, THREE!!) padded reinforced carry handles at the top, middle, and bottom edges of the back of the pack, meaning you can grab just about any side and carry it briefcase style. AND, there's a velcro secured "sweat liner" sleeve that you could put anything flat you wanted into it, including a kevlar insert. I plan to put a hard flexible plastic liner to keep my sweat from leeching into the main compartment. This sleeve has air/drain openings at the bottom to facilitate decent airflow.
This is now my Numero Uno favorite carbine carry pack. I would sleep with this thing if the missus would allow it. And... I tried putting my UTAS 15 bullpup shotgun in this. The baby fits!!! Wooo Hooo!!!" — Tim Stirling

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