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I Tested And Ranked The Best Magazine Speed Loaders In 2023

Whether you're shooting a 9mm pistol or a revolver, you need a speedloader you can rely on. These affordable options are the real deal. Reviewers are absolutely raving about them.

best magazine speed loaders

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. MakerShot - Magazine Speed Loader

Top-rated: 40,402 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Over 200 different magazine compatibilities.

Helpful review: "I have a Taurus G2C and bought two speed loaders. The speed mag loader works very well. You first push it down, then you put the bullet partially in. While holding the bullet down you let the speed mag come up up a little and then slide the bullet all the way into position in the mag. Repeat till the mag is full. It is very easy to figure out. It takes only a basic amount of coordination to figure out and get used to. It is much easier on the fingers then loading the mag without it. The very uncoordinated (or very impatient) might not figure out this basic loader, but they are likely not coordinated enough to handle a gun anyway." — Keith L.
Trending review: "Purchased my new Sig P320x compact.. quickly realized that with my hands I could only get 4 rounds in the new mags. This is a hard plastic loader that fits over the mag and allows you to force the rounds into the clip deep enough to seat a new round on top. Once you get it seated you release the pressure and then with your thumb push the round horizontal till it seats into the back of the clip. Rinse and repeat. It's not a speed load, but it will allow you to get 15 rounds into the clip without destroying your thumb." — Travis Prous
Reassuring review: "Works as intended. Needed this for my extended mag. The pressure the spring produced always made it really difficult to load to capacity. Using this makes it easier and faster to load those last rounds. I would recommend this if you have trouble loading your mags or if you have to load several mags at a time like a range day." — Eric Starks
Most-discussed review: "For all who might be considering a Sig P365 of any kind, the Mags have an extremely strong and stiff spring. The spring will eventually get better, but for the range, this speed loader is key. This will make loading and reloading at the range a breeze and a joy." — Steve Magris
Favorite review: "My Beretta 92X is brand new and I couldn't fully load the clip now matter how hard I tried and hurt my fingers. This thing is essential, I can't see how you can load it all the way w/o it. Good value too." — Pookapotamus
Updated review: "Works awesome for my 9mm clip. Thumbs were so jane-blasted sore and bruised from trying to load the last 2-3 bullets. Had it loaded in no time after I got this." — Apache Dreamer

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2. ETS - Universal Speed Loader

Top-rated: 11,383 ratings | 474 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Will load your .45 caliber mages in under 10 seconds.

Helpful review: "I've never owned a speedloader before, but my carpal tunnel and arthritis had me in so much pain at the range that I would leave before my time was up. I read/watched reviews on a number of loaders before settling on this one. Each seemed to have it's own set of issues and learning curve. But to my surprise, I mastered this product on the first try! Worked exactly as advertised and without killing my hands! Would recommend to anyone who is having trouble loading mags or just wants to maximize time on the range!" — Michael Churchman
Trending review: "Make sure you apply some lubricant to the surfaces that touch the cartridge, it makes all the difference. A lot of people were envious of me when I reloaded my magazines. They were thumbing them one at a time and I filled at least 5 magazines before they filled 1 of theirs. Used on 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP." — H. Butterfield
Reassuring review: "These are so cool and helpful I don't know why everyone doesn't have one. You can fill a clip/mag straight from ammo box to use in 5 seconds. No more one-at-a-time refills at the range I bought one for each caliber. This is a huge time and finger saver. The manufacturer should have 5 second YouTube videos showing how unbelievably fast this goes from box to gun! Everyone who has seen me use this is blown away and orders immediately. Amazon is the cheapest most reliable and easiest source to get these." — O.D.
Most-discussed review: "I just received this loader and I have to admit I was sceptical. I reload and use the MTM ammo boxes. My concern was if the loader would be able to slide onto a row in a MTM amo box because the rounds are not held as tight as a factory box of ammo. To my delight there was no issue at all. The loader slide right on and in about 3-4 seconds I had 10 rounds loaded in my mag. I am impressed with the design and ease of use. I have used this so far on my HK and Glock Mags with no issues. I hope this was helpful. Probably the best $30 I have sent on shooting in a long time." — HappyCouple
Favorite review: "I had never used a mag loader before this one. The instructions are very clear and is so easy to use. One small “warning”: you will get a finger pinch if you don’t wear gloves or go way to fast. Very well built and great value for the money." — Walter C. Waller
Updated review: "Absolute best mag loader ever, I cant ever go back to any other loader. I can reload 10 rounds in 6 seconds and dump mags all day long. Just make sure your mag is aligned and no more than 10 rounds at a time. You should have no problems. Worked on my XD45 and glock 21. I've reloaded atleast 1,000 rounds in the last year." — Otto

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


3. HKS - 36-A Speedloader

Top-rated: 9,071 ratings | 290 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: No cartridge jiggle.

Helpful review: "When I first ordered this Speedloader for my S & W .38 Spl +p Body Guard revolver I didn't read the directions and as a consequence could not get the speedloader to work correctly. I contacted the Smith & Wesson company to find out which speedloader would fit my new J Frame revolver. They responded that the HKS 36-A would work with my .38 spl ammo and load into my revolver correctly. It was not the speedloader that was the problem---it was that I was not using it correctly. IMPORTANT: Read the directions on the pkg. for how to load your revolver with this HKS 36-A speedloader. Directions:
1. Hold speedloader bottom end up.
2. Turn knob toward you (you will feel a slight click) which pulls the metal points down and they will no longer show inside the five bore holes of the speedloader (if the tiny points are up you will see them disappear when you twist the knob toward you).
3. Load your ammunition face up into the speedloader (the cartridges will be loose and wobble about within the bore holes when you put them in).
4. Holding the speedloader with the bullets still facing up, turn the knob clockwise until the cartridges lock into place within the speedloader-----when done properly you can turn the speedloader upside down and the ammo will not fall out .
5. Open the cylinder of your revolver and holding it open with your supporting hand, empty spent casings from the cylinder.
6. With your shooting hand, hold the loaded speedloader over the five openings of the cylinder, push in and then turn knob again on the speedloader to release the ammo into the cylinder holes.
6. Push the cylinder back into the gun until it clicks and it is now loaded without you having to load each round individually into the cylinder.
I hope this info is helpful to you in using the speedloader for the first time. It took me a couple of times practicing in order to do it correctly and smoothly, but once you know what you are doing, it's easy to do. I am embarrassed that I returned the speedloader back to for a refund thinking it did not work with my S & W J Frame revolver---it does." — VickyNC
Trending review: "Needed speed loaders for my Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 Special Crimson Trace and these are a good fit. The loader is very easy and straight forward to use and there are no issues in terms of rounds coming loose while handling or making any noise when the rounds are properly locked into the speedloader. In terms of fit for my particular gun, this seemed to fit but had a slight space. This is my first speed loader and I am not sure if this is common or not. After practicing a few times with these and my gun, the space seems to be fine and they work very well. The material feels sturdy and there does not seem much that could go wrong with these. I would recommend to anyone with a Bodyguard 38 Special at least. Oh and being made in USA is a nice touch!" — Randy D.
Reassuring review: "This works great in the 5 shot S&W j-frames. You will find most standard fmj, jhp, and round nose projectiles work best. Really any bullet which protrudes beyond the casing neck with relatively smooth contours will drop into the firearm with minimal issue. I heard someone once curse these as useless and the reason why became apparent to me when I realized this individual was trying to get these to work with wadcutter ammo and lacked the fine motor skills to preform revolver reloads. There is a bit of a trick to making this type of loader work; especially under stress and duress. You will find they work better with certain kinds of bullets and ultimately practice will make your mastery of this products implementation and use perfect." — Matt Cooper
Most-discussed review: "First, let me say, I am a senior citizen and also a fairly new gun owner. I purchased my Ruger LCR 38SPL+P about 7 months ago and have been looking for some kind of speedloader for the practice range. I purchased the strip kind, and although it is handy for holding the ammo, I don't find it eases the loading procedure; in fact, I prefer loading it by hand. After looking and looking at this" HKS 36-A Speedloader of S&W 36.." and its reviews for all these months, I took a chance and added it to an order where I needed the $35 minimum for free shipping. I although many reviews said it wouldn't work well with my Ruger, I had seen a couple reviews that said it did worked well with Ruger. I love it! It works just great for my 5-shot Ruger LCR and it is very easy to drop in the shells. You cannot slide them in all the way, but they easily drop in all the way after putting them in partially. You release them from the loader, they drop in, and there is no hassle at all. I would recommend this to anyone out there with a revolver like mine who wants ease of loading 5 shells at once. I want the ease of loading; I'm not interested in speed reloading for competitions and maybe that's what others are looking for. For ease, though, I am very pleased with this. I am a little awkward doing it right now, but I just received it and I'm sure with practice it will be even smoother reloading. I am so happy I tried it and am going to order more next time I need to top off an order with Amazon, or else look at local stores for it if I can get the same or better price. The price at Amazon is always good." — Mary M.
Favorite review: "I first bought the Safariland Comp-7 loaders and thought they were very good, and they are. I tried one of the HKS and after some evaluation, I decided I like these even better, mainly because of how you load bullets into them. You need a hard surface to load the Comp-7. Just drop the rounds into the HKS and turn the knob. The bullets are secured, no rattle. I have read reviews that say you have to hold the cylinder still with one hand so it doesn't turn when you try to turn the knob with the other hand, but I can quite easily do it without holding the cylinder still. I also like the release method of rounds into the cylinder better. Instead of a release button so you have to press the speed loader against the cylinder, just get the rounds started and turn the knob. Gravity does the rest. Especially helpful if clearance of the hand grip is an issue. Not knocking Safariland at all, they make a very good product. I just liked this one better." — Steve
Updated review: "Back in the '80's I served in the US Marines and was deployed abroad for a couple years. My job was in security and we carried Smith and Wesson .357 magnums, I don't recall the model number, but I believe they were Model 19 or similar. We received extensive firearms training including the use of HKS Speedloaders. We carried two on our duty belts and practiced using them constantly. I found them to be extremely reliable and easy to use. There is a technique to using these quickly, whereby your dump the fired casings from the revolver with the left hand, while using the Speedloader to fill the cylinder with new rounds with your right. With practice this entire process takes less than a couple seconds with merely a glance at the pistol while reloading. In my experience HKS are extremely reliable (they're good enough for the Marines, after all), and the build quality is excellent. I own a couple now, which I use in my SW 340PD and others. If you own and carry a revolver, then you need a speedloader: HKS is the only choice. Highly Recommended." — DXN-Schuylerville

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4. Glock - Magazine Speed Loader for Glock Pistols

Top-rated: 3,943 ratings

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Compatible Glock Magazine Calibers: 9mm (9 x 19) / .40 / .357 / .380 Auto & .45 GAP.

Helpful review: "I picked up 3 new Glock magazines. 10 rounders because NJ is a 15 round state and 10 was the closest I could find. Plus I shoot in USPSA matches where I use 10 round magazines. Well, I loaded up the magazines and damn, getting the last 2 rounds in is pretty tough! Now, I do a lot with my hands and I do not in any way think I am soft, but after loading these a few times my fingers were hurting. When I do practice sessions I will easily go through about 300 rounds and I started dreading having to load these more than thirty times! And making my practice sessions shorter was not an option. So I picked up this mag speed loader. It loaded all 10 rounds very easily. I then left the magazines fully loaded for a couple of weeks and the springs loosened up a bit, but its still not nearly as easy as it is on my other S&W magazines. I will continue to use this speed loader on my Glock magazines. It really does make the process quick and effortless. And if that leaves me more time to practice, then this is a good thing." — Chris Jaronsky
Trending review: "I've been shooting Glocks since 2005, and have one of these loaders, plus a spare, for each of our four Glock pistols (9mm, 10mm & .45 ACP). These loaders are superlatively simple and foolproof. If you're having problems, you're thinking about it too much! These things are as simple as chopsticks to use. The "fin" inside the top of the loader merely presses the cartridge already inside the magazine down and out of the way, so that another can be slid into place above it--it's that simple! I smile to myself when I see people insisting on loading their Glock mags with their thumbs, as mine are typically reloaded and I'm shooting again, while they're still screwing around with cartridges and sore thumbs... Get with the program! Resistance is futile! We've loaded tens of thousands of rounds through these gizmos and have yet to see one fail. I honestly can't see how to improve upon these loaders!" — Ray B.
Reassuring review: "I was initially worried about the quality based on the price. I am glad my concerns were for nothing Since the purchase, I have used this to load two different manufacturers magazines (OEM Glock and Magpul) with two different kinds of rounds (both steel jacket and brass) in 9mm. I didn't have a single issue using this. Over the course of two different loading sessions and one trip to the range, I have loaded easily 500 rounds through this into my various mags so far, and it has worked flawless. I highly recommend this speed loaded for any Glock owner." — Josh Blanchard
Most-discussed review: "It is not as good as some of the loaders that cost 3 to 4 times more. If you are loading hundreds and hundreds of rounds into multiple mags, the high priced mags are the thing to buy. However, if you are like me and only intend to fire no more than 300 rounds at the range, this loader is more than adequate. It takes a little practice to become totally proficient with this loader. But, after loading a few mags you will master the technique. In addition, the low price will allow you to carry one in your range bag and have others that you place with individual weapons." — Gunner J.
Favorite review: "This is a speed loader for a Glock auto pistol,,, read somewhere it would work on my Smith & Wesson also. I could load the first few rounds with my fingers but not all 14 rounds of 40S&W. This little cheap thing works great! Place over the magazine and push downward, slide round into the magazine, raise the speed loader and push the round to the rear of the magazine. I'd rather spend my time shooting and this make time spent reloading MUCH quicker!!! Other magazine loaders can cost more but this one is fast enough for me!" — Daniel Roberts
Updated review: "I bought my first Glock second hand and did not receive this item with the gun. This is exactly the same reloader that comes with new Glocks as I found out when I bought another gun. It works great and really takes the pressure off your thumb during a long day at the range. The reloader does take a bit of practice to use quickly, but once you get it down you will wonder why you have been hand loading magazines for so long. I would recommend this product!" — Jason Ray Williams

Get it from Amazon now: $8.69 & FREE Returns


5. RAEIND - Universal Magazine Speedloader

Top-rated: 2,668 ratings | 238 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Fits a wide range of 9mm, 10mm, 32 auto, .22 TCM, .357 SIG, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 GAP, and .45 ACP.

Helpful review: "These are great. I'm an amputee with only one hand and I find it impossible to fully load my magazines. I can load only 7 rounds in each of my 12 round 9mm Para and my 10 & 20 round 40S&W magazines - I fill these all with ease with the REI loader. The REI loader provides the perfect platform to give me the dexterity I need to load a magazine quickly. Its form and fit are great." — Jay Lovell
Trending review: "I have problems with my hands since developing health issues and could not load my magazines unassisted. I had all but given up until I found this device. Now I can reload with little effort. No moving parts to break or bind, simple to use, and very durable. Well worth the price!" — Allan Shindel
Reassuring review: "Made of strong plastic. Functions well loading 40 S&W. Only concern is possibly the strength of the plastic part that presses down on the follower. It seems fine for occasional usage. Might want to find a quality grade higher if you need it for heavy usage." — Susana C. Martin
Most-discussed review: "Loads my Taurus PT111 G2 Millenium and M&P2.0 super fast. It's durable and 3D printed, which is cool and for the price its a no brainer. I've used the hand cranked loaders and I always seem to be a little more efficient with this because it's such a simple design and function. Saves the thumbs like crazy too. Without this the first few by hand feels like a chore." — R.J.
Favorite review: "Most high-capacity (10+) pistol magazines really resist taking the last several rounds and take it out on your thumb and fingertips. The RAE Universal pistol mag-loader helps level the playing field in my favor. Well-made (no rough edges), effective, and simple to use with a little practice. This is a worthwhile investment, if punishing your precious digits isn't your idea of good time." — Chad Sunder
Updated review: "This item functions flawlessly. Now that I am a little older, 68, loading my double stack mags were getting a little harder. this item works better than I had hopped. It saves a lot of pressure on my fingers. Highly recommend it!" — Larry E. McCoy

Get it from Amazon now: $13.98 & FREE Returns


6. RAEIND - Magazine Speedloader for Sig Sauer Handguns

Top-rated: 2,302 ratings | 41 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Specifically designed for Sig Sauer Handguns.

Helpful review: "I like that it's made in USA and looks to be a threeD print. The material seems to be a strong plastic that looks like it will last a while. Looking at it I wasn't sure that it would work to easily load a 12rd magazine which are all but impossible to do by hand, but reviews I read stated that it did. I bought a Glock 19 last year that came with a couple of speedloaders for the 15rd magazines that the Glock uses and they look much bigger. Today I was able to try out this RAEIND and it worked very well. I was able to load the 12rd p365 magazine very easily, and I'm sure that when I get more used to it that I'll be able to do it much more quickly too. This RAEIND product looks to be at least as good a quality as my Glock speedloaders so I'm sure that it will last indefinitely. I know that there are speedloaders that cost around 30 bucks but I can't see how they could work any better than this one and I'm very happy with my purchase." — M. Derricuttova
Trending review: "This is a necessity if you own a Sig 365. Loading the 12th round into the magazine was nearly impossible the old way. I would have to put the mag on a table and get my whole body weight pushing down on the last round to get it into the mag, usually grinding the rim into the round below. With the RAEIND speed loader I loaded 11 rounds while holding in my hand, and had to push just a bit to get the last one in, but it was EASY!!! It arrived on time, and is good quality. I was a bit surprised that it was just a 3D printed piece, but that doesn't bother me. Rather have someone in the US make it that way than have it molded in China. All around good product for sure." — Anthony Wright
Reassuring review: "There was a tiny bit of plastic hanging off where the plastic pushes the bullets down, but it was removed by hand in one second. Maybe I might sand down the outside to smooth it out, then again maybe I’ll leave it be. But it does it’s job well enough to be in my gun case from now on when I go to the range. If you’re reading this wondering if you should buy it, it fits perfectly on sig p365 mags for sure. If you’re reading this for feedback as the manufacturer, good job. I’ll recommend you guys to friends." — Kenny R.
Most-discussed review: "Not much to report here other than it works as designed. Though, I really didn't need it. The spring in the magazines is not as tough as I thought it would be. Note that this device is plastic. A good quality plastic, but not metal as I had thought (like the one that came with my 9mm). Not a bad investment for the price, especially if the spring in your mag is a little tough, or you don't have great thumb strength." — Chris Hayes
Favorite review: "This really saves my thumbs!! The magazine has a really stiff spring, so I am very happy with this purchase. At first I was trying to load just holding my magazine and loader. But it’s even easier if you have a hard surface like a table to load on." — Vikki C.
Updated review: "After a little practice the Speedloader makes loading the Sig P238 a breeze. Definitely a worthwhile purchase if you intend to do much shooting. Recently, took my license to carry range qualification and it made loading the 50 rounds so much easier." — J.T.

Get it from Amazon now: $13.98 & FREE Returns


7. HKS - DS-A Speedloader

Top-rated: 2,077 ratings | 61 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Loads cartridges into revolver instantly.

Helpful review: "If you carry a revolver, be it for work or self defense, then you know that while you may have a time tested and proven weapon, you have limited capacity, and that's why having access to quick reloads is absolutely vital. Speed loaders require a little bit of practice to get exactly right, but once you've put in a bit of range time with them, you'll be reloading faster than you could ever do manually. At the range, using these I can reload faster than my semi-auto shooting friend. These speed loaders are themselves easy to load. Just twist the knob to the open position, drop six rounds in, and twist it back closed. The springs hold the rounds securely until you're ready to drop them into the cylinder. To load the gun, just open the cylinder, hold the cylinder securely with your left hand, use your right hand to drop the speed loader into place, give a quick twist to release the rounds, drop the speed loader, close the cylinder, and you're back in action. This particular speed loader is for .38 special, and .357 magnum, and while designated for the Colt detective special, I've found does just fine for reloading most any 6 shot revolver in the same caliber. I don't carry the Detective Special anymore, but I still use this speed loader for the gun that replaced it. Be it on the range, in self defense, or on the job for those of us in the security industry, if you prefer the simple reliability of revolvers, you need speed loaders. To a revolver shooter not having a speed loader is like a semi-auto shooter not having a spare magazine." — V. Davis
Trending review: "You know there was a lot of info out there about this speed loader, HOWEVER - I was very confused and worried that it would not work on my new Colt King Cobra Target (4.25" Barrel, POST-2019 version). However, I am posting this to try and save people the wasted time I spent trying to make sure would work. These work AWESOME with my new Colt King Cobra Target .357 Magnum - 4.25" barrel. It's new, so it's considered a post-2019 model." — Parker Hodges
Reassuring review: "Even with the larger black grips installed I could still use this speedloader in my Rock Island M206 .38. With the wood grips installed you can load them directly in, but with the fatter black grips they drop in at a very slight angle. It still works perfectly fine. It's a speedloader and the rounds drop in quickly with no fuss, so it's a win. After testing the first one I immediately ordered a second one." — Tommy Clay
Most-discussed review: "I've been using these revolver speed-loaders by HKS for almost 30 years. Anyone with a revolver should consider at least a couple of these speed loaders for their revolvers. They are fool-proof and reliable, an excellent way to provide a fast reload in a tactical situation (I keep two of these on my belt at all times when I carry a revolver as my primary weapon). Even when at the range, it's handy to have at least a couple of cylinder's worth of ammo at the ready to keep you firing on target without distraction for several more rounds than by slow-loading 5to6 rounds by hand every couple minutes. I love my revolvers, and this is one way to keep multiple shot capability at it's most without compromise speed and efficiency. A great way to keep maximum shooting efficacy when not using a semi-auto pistol with higher magazine capacity. And most importantly HKS builds a quality, solid, reliable product guaranteed to last and reliable serve it's purpose for a lifetime. Quite literally, I trust this with my life. Finally, the price on Amazon beats all the gun stores I frequent, and all competitor prices online as well." — Ted Kari
Favorite review: "Got 2 of these a few months ago, they've been great with my 856 snubby. Easy to load and use, and so far durable. I find they're best if I hold the empty gun in my non-dominant (left) hand and use my dominant hand to work the loader, as sometimes I can't cleanly twist the knob using my left hand. So it's swing out cylinder, dump empty cases and in the same motion transfer the gun to left, then carry out reload, toss the loader and take the gun back into dominant hand. Supremely fun to drop a full cylinder into the gun, even the tactile experience is enjoyable. I have moon clips for my other revolver, and they are faster by a few hairs, but lose the "cool" sensation releasing the rounds into the chamber and tossing the speedloader." — Zachary S.
Updated review: "Bought this for my Rock Island Armory .38 m206 revolver. I had one for it already but this one holds the rounds more snugly so they don't jiggle around as much. Works easily w/ the wood grips and still works w/ the plastic grips but you have to kind of angle it in and just drop the rounds. Might sand some of the grip down where it rubs." — Eric Gunz

Get it from Amazon now: $15.20 & FREE Returns


8. Ludex - Magazine Speed Loader for Glock 9mm and .40 S&W

Top-rated: 1,690 ratings | 81 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Saves your thumbs and loads a whole mag with ease.

Helpful review: "I don't write many reviews, but I decided to on this one. Just got it today, and love it. I've got a couple 33 round Glock mags for my AR9 rifles, and they are a pain to load!! I saw this last night, ordered it, and it arrived on my porch about 4 o'clock this morning. Unfortunately I was already at work, so I had to wait all day to try it out. But man, this thing works, and works great. I can fill up those 33 round mags very quickly! And it even works for my Taurus GX4 mags! Probably won't use it for those mags very often. It looks like they may be leaving a mark on the inside of the loader on the plastic. I didn't look to see if that was there before I started loading. But anyways, I love it. Almost ordered a loader from UpLULA, but sure glad I tried this. Will definitely buy another one to have as a spare. And probably get one for my dad as well. It's getting very hard for him to load nowadays." — John Cleveland
Trending review: "It does exactly what it says, allows you to load approximately 1 round per second into a compatible magazine without having to ruin your thumb or fingers, all you need to do is press down and your round is loaded. I used this on my Glock 19 Magpul brand 15 round polymer magazines and they fit perfectly and it worked like a charm. As an experiment, I also used it on my Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III magazines (metal, double-stack, 9mm) and it also worked! I wish they made these for single-stack .45 ACP magazines, I'd buy one in a heartbeat!" — Christopher Sibert
Reassuring review: "I purchased this speed loader a couple months ago and I really like it. I have used it with Glock mags, which is what it is made for. I also have used it with my Springfield Armory 9mm mags. It does work for those but not great. It really shines though when loading the Glock magazines. I was very impressed with how easy and effortlessly you can load the magazine. It is very simple to use and just works. I had previously used a more complex speed loader that was universal but it was a challenge to use and didn't work well. All you do with this one is just put the round in the bottom of the loader and push the top of the magazine down into it. That simple." — T. Griffin
Most-discussed review: "This thing is magic! Ok not really, but its an amazing idea that really surprised me. I was skeptical of its effectiveness, but its really as simple as it looks. A small ramp feeds the rounds into the mag from the front, so it doesn't seem like it will cause any harm to your mags. 10/10 will be buying more as gifts, so long as they hold up over time. Will update with any issues!" — Kevin Russell
Favorite review: "I have a couple of other speed loaders, but they are essentially just thumb-replacements. They just save the thumb, rather than really speeding things up This one is different, and way better in my view. You simply put the magazine in the slot, dop a round in the hole, and press down. to load I'm pretty sure I can reload at better than 1 round / second. The only downside is that it's a good bit larger than the standard speed loaders, which are just a small amount larger than the magazine itself. However, given the easy of loading, it's definitely worth the extra size for me." — Eddie Crow
Updated review: "I'm always skeptical of magazine loaders until I try them. There is one design that I believe is the best of the best, but the price reflects that. This magazine loader is affordable and works well for the intended magazines. That is probably its biggest drawback, it is only advertised as being compatible with the big G mags. My loader worked well with both OEM and PMag variants of G17 and G19 magazines. Thought I would try a few others and had success with 10 round G48 mags as well as Taurus G3 magazines. It did not fair well with Ruger P89 magazines but also isn't advertised to load them, so no fault of the manufacturer. Overall impressed with the speed and ease of use of this loader. I could see where someone with hand strength issues or dexterity problems like arthritis could really benefit from this loader. Highly recommend it at any price but it is a real deal at the sub $20 price point I picked it up at." — Justin D. Skeens

Get it from Amazon now: $19.99 & FREE Returns


9. SPEED BEEZ® - Lever Loader for Sig Sauer P365

Top-rated: 980 ratings | 46 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Works with Sig P365, P365XL, P365X and P365 SAS.

Helpful review: "WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! SO glad I decided to spend the extra $ over cheaper magazine loaders with mediocre ratings. I picked up a Sig P365XL Tac Pac which came with 1-12rnd and 2-15rnd magazines. This is not my first pistol & I've had my P229, well, forever(It's a German manufacture to give a clue). I'm very familiar with loading double stack mags. Trying to load even the first few rounds just using my thumb was surprisingly difficult with all three mags. Even with the small thumb assist that only goes over the top of the mag to give more thumb purchase the first few rounds were still difficult to get firmly seated all the way through to full. Full lever up and seat magazine like you would loading your pistol. The magazine locks in so there's no need to balance the magazine on any surface for leverage. You pull the lever down all the way, drop the round in the opening and lift the lever to seat the round in the magazine. Pull the lever down again to fully seat the round and set the opening to load the next round, etc. Absolutely no strength or effort required. When the magazine is full, hit the mag release button just like on your pistol to drop the fully loaded magazine ready to go. You can load a 15rnd magazine as fast as you can feed rounds into the loader.
I rarely leave reviews despite my expansive shopping habit. This unit actually exceeded my expectations completely. There are no instructions included, but it's pretty easy to figure out. However, I'm so impressed with this item I may even make a quick demo video to share how easy it is. I can't recommend it enough. If you have a Sig P365 in any 9mm config (or another pistol they have a magazine loader for) GET THIS. It's worth EVERY PENNY and if you actually practice with your pistol even a fraction as much as you should this thing will definitely let you enjoy the experience even more. THANKS to the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of this excellent tool." — J. Cole
Trending review: "This SPEED BEEZ is a real thumb saver. P365 magazines are notoriously difficult to load, and a weapon you can't load is nothing more than a rock to throw at an assailant. This speed loader is essential for any P365 owner who wants to save their thumbs from hours of pain after loading just one magazine. I wish Sig Saur's magazines were more user friendly, but until they are-- you really need a SPEED BEEZ. I really love my purchase." — Thomas C. Daniels
Reassuring review: "I purchased a Sig P365 and picked up a couple of 12 round mags. Particularly when new, the mag spring is tight as a duck's butt, I could NOT get the twelfth round in until this loader. It's easy to use AND made in USA! (Go figure). After purchasing other mag loaders which were supposed to make loading a Sig P365 easier, this is the ONLY loader that lived up to its description. It costs a little more than others but it's the little extra price you pay for quality. It only costs a little more to get the best." — E. Wood
Most-discussed review: "This works well and is pretty easy to use. Insert a magazine into the bottom until it clicks into place, just like putting a mag into the gun. Squeezing the rings together makes room for a new cartridge which is put into the loading port in the front, and pulling the rings apart pushes the cartridge into the magazine. Easy peasy. I find that it works best if I hold the magazine horizontal with the mag base against my chest or stomach, and the loading port on the top surface so that you just drop rounds into it. So much easier to use than the simplistic loaders that you have to push down on the cartridge stack, then insert the base of a cartridge, then pull the loader up out of the way so that you can then push the partially loaded round the rest of the way in. This loader does all of that monkey motion for you. A little pricey but worth it, especially since Sig P365 magazines seem to be particularly difficult to load." — Tom K.
Favorite review: "The Sig P365 is the number one selling personal protection handgun. However, loading the magazines is a chore. I have a lot of experience with firearms for over 50 years from 22 cal. up to and including 50 cal. I have never had magazines that had such stiff springs. The Speed Beez loader makes loading fast and easy. I would especially recommend it for women and seniors. Save your fingers." — Art T.
Updated review: "Anyone with a P365 knows the difficulty in.. gettin'.. those... rounds.. in there. whew.. because the spring is a near-insurmountable challenge past the first few. This little miracle loader does exactly what it says. You can load a full clip in approx 30 seconds with almost no effort at all, and they're solidly seated. Works best if you load the 1st one, just helps the device line up the rest. I hope the plastic parts hold up. A metal version would likely double the price, so time will tell if this will be ok with regular use." — Ray Y.

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10. Hilljak - Competition Speed Loader

Top-rated: 848 ratings | 8 answered questions

best magazine speed loaders


Highlight: Design to fit Taurus G2C, PT-111, TH-9; Ruger P89 P95; Beretta 92, M9; CZ 75, 85, SP-01, P-10; Walther PPS 40; SCCY CPX-1, CPX-2, DVG-1; KELTEC P-11; Jimenez JA 9 - 9MM Double-Stack magazines.

Helpful review: "Brand new mags with about 50 rounds through each before getting this Hilljak, but after about 30 rounds the top came off. I put it back together and just cycled through around 100 rounds. I contacted Hilljak, and the owner (Joe) got back to me the next day and not only offered me an apology, he shipped me a replacement plus 2 more loaders for free! I highly recommend this product." — Kell G.
Trending review: "To my surprise and pleasure this loader works as it should. I have nerve damage in my fingers and need a loader. This one works as needed and is easy to use if you simply understand the mechanics and use it properly. I am happy my gamble paid off." — Mary Barnes
Reassuring review: "They sent me my first one which broke upon use, clearly defective. I reached out to their customer service team and they, without any question or hesitation, sent me THREE new loaders. Above and beyond expectations, and made in America, baby! Support small businesses!" — Casey Chapman
Most-discussed review: "Works well and it is quicker, less painful, and way less frustrating to load my 9mm magazines. However, I had to go it alone on directions, simple enough if you logically look at it and maybe watch a YouTube video or see it demonstrated in another way." — Ross
Favorite review: "Great product. This is really a great loader. It saves the thumbs (and time) while loading. Would recommend it to everyone." — Jeff Schrader
Updated review: "I wasn't happy at first with it. Then I figured out I wasn't using it correctly. Once I did figure it out, I became very happy with it." — Lee Taylor

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