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  • Christie Bolster

I Ranked The Best Countertop Ice Makers For The Money In 2023

I've tested and ranked the 10 best budget ice makers from brands like Igloo, NewAir, Frigidaire and Opal. Read these hands-on reviews and compare prices.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. AGLUCKY - Best for Small Spaces

Top-rated: 18,740 ratings | 236 answered questions

AGLUCKY Portable Ice Maker Machine

Highlight: Produces 9 ice cubes within only 6-8 minutes, and up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day.

Helpful review: "This machine is so easy to use, and has been a blessing! Our fridge is not on a wet wall (so no water hookup for the ice maker 😕), and I was exhausted trying to keep up with my family’s demand for ice cubes. Along came this sexy ice maker and everything changed for the better! The output is great, I dump the tray of completed ice cubes into my freezer ice bucket and keep my family stocked on ice cubes without having to go out and buy bags of ice what feels like every day. Great value for the money so far!" — JB-C
Trending review: "We LOVE this machine but it is a process if you are using it to fully stock your freezer. It is definitely quieter and more compact than I expected. Easily fits in a cabinet or on the counter. The machine doesn't keep the ice cold so you do have to transfer it to your freezer ice bucket. We have it timed out that on the large setting the basket is half full after 25 minutes and full (but a little melty) after 50 minutes. So we essentially just set a timer and empty it periodically. It takes about 4-5 hours to fill up our ice bucket from empty, which sounds like a long time but that's about how long it takes a normal ice tray to freeze solid. If you don't want to do a whole mass production this is still great to run for an hour just to scoop into drinks. If you forget about it (which is honestly really easy to do because it's so quiet) all that happens is that it won't make more ice if the basket is full and then the ice will just melt right back into the water and turn back into ice, so there really isn't a penalty for leaving it on barring the electricity usage. I'm obsessed with crunchy pellet ice so overall this is a great bargain option!" — Alexander
Reassuring review: "The ice maker in our refrigerator is constantly going on strike, so after reading a gazillion reviews I decided to give this one a try and I'm glad I did. It makes ice fast (we had the first little bullets of ice within 9 minutes) and the bucket fills up very quickly. We consume a lot of ice and it keeps up with our demands with no problem. Its a bit noisy but not so much that it was a problem for us and it is so nice to have a fallback for when the fridge icemaker decides it has had enough for awhile. Its is ideal for 2 people but would be great for 4 people who consume a lot of ice. Unless you need ice for very large numbers of people this is a great little addition to the household." — Claire

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2. Frigidaire - Best for Portability

Top-rated: 12,719 ratings | 219 answered questions

Frigidaire EFIC189 Silver Compact Ice Maker

Highlight: Large see-through window allows for process monitoring and ice level checking.

Helpful review: "We are always running out of ice and this has solved the problem. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago. This ice maker is excellent and will delivery the 26 lbs. of ice per day. What a lot of people don't understand about countertop ice makers is that when the ice is made it is about 27 degrees and the ice maker is not a storage freezer. Think of it like the ice that was just made will sit in the ice maker which is like keeping ice in a cooler. It won't get colder it will just slowly melt and then gets turned back into ice again.
Keep in mind when you pull ice out of your kitchen freezer that has been in there for several hours it is around 0 degrees vs. the 27 degrees right out of the countertop ice maker. So, ice from your freezer is going to last a lot longer in a drink than ice out of this countertop ice maker. So, that may not be ideal for some if you are having a drink outside on a hot day and not using an insulated cup. For best results take the ice out of the countertop ice maker and put it in a gallon ziplock bag and place it in the freezer for a little while so it will get down to the 0 degrees. That is not necessary though. The ice that comes right out of the machine is plenty cold enough for drinking beverages indoors. If you want to use the ice outdoors just place the ice in an insulated cup.
Pros: Very quality built machine. Very easy to use. It uses lights to notify you of the status rather than annoying beeps. It really does make 26 lbs. of ice in an hour. First ice in about 8 minutes. Full basket of ice in about an hour. Pauses itself when ice basket is full and will resume ice production automatically as soon as some ice is removed. Light comes on when water needs to be added (keep in mind you still have a full basket of ice when this triggers). Melts very slowly and if you leave it on over night it only comes on once or twice to replace the ice that melted. Quite operation. It doesn't take up a lot of countertop space so we are able to leave it out and it matches our stainless steel fridge. It comes with a nice ice scoop which is great for parties. This ice maker keeps dropping ice every 8 minutes. The cord is very long so it doesn't have to be right up against the outlet.
Cons: The only con I have about the machine is trying to drain the water remaining when you are done using it. There is a drain plug underneath it that is a little tricky to use because you can't see underneath the machine and you can't just turn the machine upside down to drain it per their instructions. That will harm the machine. What I found to be a great solution is instead of using the drain plug I use a microfiber towel to soak up all the water left in the machine. That only takes a quick second and you don't have to move the ice maker over the sink to drain it. I then leave the lid open to make sure it dries out. So it really isn't a con if you use the microfiber towel. It is so easy this way which means I never mind using the machine even to make a small amount of ice." — Rick

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3. CROWNFUL - Best for a Home Bar

Top-rated: 8,911 ratings | 122 answered questions

CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine

Highlight: This ice maker has a stylish and chic design. Its compact size makes it perfect to set up on your counters or tabletops. It is ideal to use indoors or outdoors for parties and events.

Helpful review: "Top 10 best purchases I've ever made! I bought this ice maker 2 years ago in July of 2020 and it's still going just as strong as the day I got it. We do not have an ice maker in our fridge and so we were constantly making trays of water and having to empty and fill the trays. This thing has changed our lives. No, it does not keep the ice cool, but we turn it on and anytime someone comes into the kitchen, they dump the bucket into a large ziploc gallon bag and put it in the freezer. So at all times we have about 3 gallon bags of ice ready to go. You just slam it on the counter a few times and empty into freezer bucket and bam. Ice for several days. Rinse and repeat. It couldn't be much easier. It does not require much maintenance other than the occasional wipe down. It is pretty noisy, but it's nothing crazy, just a constant quieter running sound and the louder dumping of the ice every so often. 10/10 would recommend." — T. Alexa Snyder
Trending review: "I had no idea this portable Ice Maker was so handy and affordable. The ice maker in my 7 year old Samsung french door refrigerator stopped making ice. I had a technician come to the house. He wanted five hundred dollars or so to repair it. I was told sometimes it needs this part or that part or someother part and he would not know which part or parts until he worked it. Hey I am not spending $500 on a 7 year year old refer. I went on to Amazon and there was this Crownful ICE MAKER for about $100. I'm so glad I purchased it. For those of you who may have the sane situation or would like ice in your office or workshop or wherever don't hesitate on this unit." — Everett Manfredi
Reassuring review: "I love this little ice maker! The ice maker in the main fridge/freezer broke many moons ago, and since I’ve been working from home (Office had an ice maker/water machine), the lack of ice in abundance had me sweating. The first time I opened it and set it up, I cleaned it with water and vinegar very well. I let it sit on the counter for approx 4.5 hours per the instructions (and a little bit more since I read horrific reviews of the machine suddenly not working). I made sure there’s nothing within 10-12 inches of the exhaust fan area. I did have to run the water/ice maker for a few batches until all the vinegar flavor got out. Once it did, there was edible ice! I scoop it into a freezer gallon ziplock bag and keep it in the freezer. The ice cubes do come out a little wet but it makes sense since it’s not a cooler or freezer, but literally just an ice maker. The ice isn’t meant to sit in the basket all day. It makes a set of maybe 6-9 pieces of ice (don’t remember) every approx 15 mins. I’ve learned I am able to leave it running for about 1.5-2 hours before I have to empty the entire basket into a gallon ziplock bag and place it in the freezer. If starting with bottled water filled to the max level, it’ll last about two whole baskets-full. Like others, I don’t recommend letting the water run out which will cause it to blink that water is empty, since too many times of that could cause the motor to overheat and burn out or whatever. Pro tip: when transferring ice to the ziplock bag, roll all of the air out, zip it closed, and spread the ice flat. Then you can either place it in the freezer flat or fold the bag in half depending on size and space in your freezer. This helps a bit to keep the ice from freezing in big lumps when storing away, or waiting to add in the next batch of ice. So far I’ve had this for a few months now and I can’t be without it, unless I get a new built-in ice maker in my next new fridge/freezer. I will note that yes, the return policy sucks since basically there is no return policy. That was the only thing that made me so cautious of buying this. I believe I bought extra insurance on it if that was an option... Amazon wants customers to take up issues with the manufacturer. I hope to never have to experience that *crosses fingers*." — Karin

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4. VIVOHOME - Best for the Outdoors

Top-rated: 7,480 ratings | 140 answered questions

VIVOHOME Electric Countertop Ice Cube Maker

Highlight: Compact design performs well on any occasion; perfect for RVs, boats, kitchens, tea shops, KTVs, offices, bars, restaurants, parties, gatherings, holidays, etc...

Helpful review: "This is a neat little unit that's quiet, fast, and compact. I'm the only one who uses it, but I'm never without ice now (and I use a lot of it). The reason I'm never without ice is because of the rapid rate at which it produces ice cubes, not because of the amount of finished cubes it stores. The unit fills - and therefore stops making - cubes after it fills with about 75 small-sized cubes, which should be fine for a family of four. The reason I say this is because the advert states some huge amount is produced in 24-hours, but that's only if you continuously empty the bin. If you're planning a huge party in the middle of summer, you'd probably be better off just buying bags of ice. Setup is idiot-proof - plug in, fill with water, and wait about ten minutes before your first cubes start to fall. The unit makes two different sizes of cubes - Small and Large. The small cubes are about the size of my thumb tip and the large cubes are about 50% larger. The cubes are formed by a rod that freezes water around them, so all cubes have a hole in the middle. This can be either good or bad; the hole increases surface area, so the ice melts, and the drink chills, faster.I guess the only complaint I have is that because of its compact size, it's difficult to get the supplied scoop and your hand together into the bin to remove them. I'm thinking of removing the handle from the scoop... or just using my fingers. Altogether I'm very pleased with this product." — Kevin
Trending review: "The manual does not provide instructions on how to activate the cleaning cycle, however, it is very easy. With the appliance in stand-by mode, press and hold the power button (3-5 seconds) until the device turns on. Release the button and the ice maker is now in cleaning mode. It will circulate the water, but the compressor will not come on and no ice is made during the cleaning cycle. The cleaning mode will continue to run until the device is manually turned off. I use a water/distilled, white vinegar solution for cleaning and then, after draining the vinegar solution, run the cleaning cycle again with plain, filtered water from my countertop water filter and I recommend always using filtered water. It takes about 6 - 6.5 minutes to make a badge of ice." — Manny
Reassuring review: "This product could not be easier to use! Just pour in some good clean water turn it on and within just a few minutes you’ll start to see the little bullets of ice drop right into the basket! They are consistently delicious cold and ready to use. This is a very easy product to use with little to no learning curve at all. When they drop into the bucket you do need to put them right into the freezer so they don’t melt. This does not keep them frozen inside the basket. It is not a very loud product during the icemaking cycle and does not take up a ton of room on top of your cabinet. It’s about the size of a bread maker. Try it today I think you’ll love it. We do!! It’s a great supplement to your current icemaker or this one could replace it all together." — Debbie Sue Taylor

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5. Euhomy - Best for Tech Dummies

Top-rated: 12,669 ratings | 262 answered questions

Euhomy Compact Ice Maker Machine

Highlight: User-friendly, so you don't need to install it. The silver stainless steel surface is not only very beautiful but also very easy to clean. You can place this portable ice maker anywhere. It's perfect for any countertop.

Helpful review: "I Truly don’t have any complaints about this unit. it makes Ice fast and a perfect size. I only made the Large size cubes and they are perfect for me. It’s easy to use easy to clean: simply fill up to water line select cube size and within 5-7 minutes you have enough ice for a decent size glass. What else could you ask for or expect? When I purchased this machine I didn’t know what to expect... or if any tabletop ice maker was worth the money or effort. I went on YouTube and looked up this particular brand and watched a few videos. I chose this ice maker and have had nothing but praises concerning its functionality and performance. I stand by my purchase. If you understand that this unit will only make ice and not keep it frozen then grab you one. You won't regret it. I sure haven’t. Anyway, hope this helps someone. Good Luck!" — Zachary V.Smith
Trending review: "I love love love this ice maker. I was truly surprised by how fast it can fill up our ice bucket!! (we bought a bigger one to keep in the freezer). We timed it, and it fills our bin (14x8x4in) in abuot 5-6 hours. This probably lasts about a week or more before we need to fill up again, and we use ice every day! My only complaint is sometimes it doesn't work... the machine comes with a troubleshoot sheet for some common issues that occur, and we tried them, but this issue was weird ... - it seemed to only work at night.. So when tried making ice during the day it would say "add water", but it was filled to the max fill line. But we never seemed to have this issue at night... Very funky, but aside from that, it's amazing!" — Garry
Reassuring review: "Thanks to another reviewer, I saw that using distilled water makes crystal clear ice. I also learned that if you keep the machine running 24/7 you don’t need to keep the ice in a freezer. Even though the tray area is not temperature controlled, it is insulated and when the ice does start to melt it just makes new ice. We use the machine a ton! My husband was going through an ice obsession and we were buying 5 22 lb bags at a time and storing them in coolers till they melted. Our ice machine on our freezer is broken and we have no room for bags of ice! Plus, Waste of money and my poor back! Now we have ice without the ugly coolers all over my living room! So happy with this purchase!" — Marni M.

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6. Igloo - Best for Self-Cleaning

Top-rated: 1,540 ratings | 22 answered questions

Igloo Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine With Handle

Highlight: Convenient and compact in size, this ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice whenever or wherever you need it.

Helpful review: "This is a great countertop ice maker. It pumps out enough ice to fill a big cup in about 30 minutes. The ice is soft so don’t expect it to last as long as fridge ice and the side walls and top are not insulated so it’s best if used promptly after being dispensed. Pros: quick production, easy to clean with vinegar and water, soft ice cubes for crunching, recirculates water from melting ice that doesn’t get used (best to use filtered or bottled water). Cons: loud when running, doesn’t hold ice for very long if it’s in a warm environment. It’s a great value and performs well." — Pamela Dawson
Trending review: "I have owned two other brands of these counter top ice cube makers for 5 years and both had negatives... but this model does not have them. The self cleaning this machine has is really important. Without it, I had to wipe it down with a vinegar solution and the little screen that sits at the bottom of the water tank would get dirty and I had to use a brush. Then I had to pick up the heavy machine and try to pour out everything. A lot of trouble--but if I didn't clean it--the ice could get nasty. Now I can flush the unit with a bleach or vinegar solution (the booklet tells you the ration to use) as much as I want. The handle on the machine helps me lift it easily to put away or under the counter. Also, to drain it fully, you need to tilt these machines when emptying. If you don't tilt it, it will leave a pool of water inside to mold if you don't wipe it down for storage or down time. The handle helps tilting it for draining. The control buttons are located on a non-moving part of the machine. The last machine I had to throw away after 2 years because the on-off button malfunctioned. The machine worked, it just stopped responding whenever you pushed the on/off button. The on-off and all other buttons were in the top lid that was constantly being lifted and moved. I believe the malfunction was caused by being in a constantly moveable part. This Igloo machine has similar buttons but they are located in a stationary part of the machine--and not the lid. The ice is very high quality and comes out faster than in the other similar machines I had. Compared to the other ice machines I've had which are similar to this one--this one beats them all hands down. Very happy with it." — S. Bay
Reassuring review: "I have owned almost every brand of portable ice maker. This one is the best. It is much quieter than the leading competitors and has self cleaning feature. I like that the drain plug is in