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I Tested And Ranked The Best Dry-Fire Training Systems In 2023

If you’re eager to practice your shooting technique but not ready to use live ammunition, here are the best dry-fire training systems along with my hands-on reviews.

best dry fire training systems

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Top-rated: 1,116 ratings | 190 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Upgraded app analyzes performance, provides coaching tips, and tracks progress over time.

Helpful review: "I am an experienced shooter, and have been using the Mantis X10 for about four months, so I think it’s time to write a complete review.
In an unfriendly ammo market that doesn’t look like it will improve anytime soon, dry fire is THE solution for firearms training. Whatever else is good or bad about Mantis, it fulfills this function. You will get FAR more useful practice out of the $250 you may spend on it than you ever could out of an equivalent amount of live fire, which at this writing is maybe 200-300 rounds. Mine has paid for itself many times over, and I’ve made noticeable improvement in accuracy and holster draw so far. However, don’t expect it to be able to do things beyond its core function perfectly or without issues.
If you own a modern defensive pistol with a rail on the frame, congratulations, this product was made exactly for you. Bonus points if it’s double action and you don’t have to rack the slide to reset the trigger. You will need the stick-on rail segment for the bottom of the magazine if you practice holster draw.
If you want to practice with an older or different kind of handgun though, attaching the sensor could be tough. Subcompacts will be a problem. Revolvers will be a problem, especially small ones. Anything that requires a snap cap to dry fire safely may be inconvenient. I haven't tried it on a long gun yet, but I assume as long as there's a rail to mount it on, or a spot to stick the auxiliary rail, I can make it work.
The Mantis sensor/app package is great at picking up and analyzing dry fire, and thereby helping you improve your grip, trigger squeeze, and indirectly, sight alignment. Additionally, the holster draw analysis feature of the X10 is superb and worth the premium over the more basic models. The scoring system is straightforward and turns it into a game, and the challenge programs take it a step further, encouraging more practice. The technique corrections are useful for novice and intermediate shooters.
But be aware that Mantis isn’t a substitute for an instructor. nor for live fire. Interpreting your scores, especially individual shots, requires some thought. Once I figured out how the scoring algorithm works, I realized that too much quick movement will confuse it, as for example if you try to measure accuracy dry firing from the draw. Its biggest weakness is measuring accuracy with live fire. I found that what the Mantis thinks is a good shot, and what is in fact a good shot including recoil, won’t correlate well, to the point that it is not helpful at the range as more than a shot timer.
Finally, Mantis customer service is good, and their development team is responsive to comments and constantly working to make the app better. One additional thing I’d really like to see is the ability to download the app directly, in the event Google and Apple decide it, or a given user, is no longer politically correct.
I have been shooting for 20 years and been instructing Soldiers for almost 14 years. Other than standing there watching the Soldier or giving down range feedback on round placement, there has never been a good assessment of marksmanship. This app and device allows you to dry fire or live fire while having immediate feedback on your own.
With the ever rising price of ammunition, this tool is a great alternative to the dollar a round marksmanship day doing live fire and not being able to see yourself. Accurate and honest assessment along with the in app competition via following others makes this software design second to none. I have found the device itself to be made of quality material.
I am not a fan of the rail attachment only being able to lock into an existing rail or the sticky on feature. I would like to see the ability to add to a rail like the P365xl instead of sticky on or the additional purchase. Still a great product.
I watched my daughter shooting and I can say all the issues I saw with her form, aiming, and follow through were all captured by the app. I would highly recommend this product and already have all my friends and Soldiers. Great app. Great device. Great work." — J.T.T.

Get it from Amazon now: $249.99 & FREE Returns


2. Mantis Laser Academy - Standard Training Kit

Top-rated: 1,216 ratings | 171 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Kit includes: laser training cartridge, adjustable tripods, 24 heavy duty smart targets, target stand holders, and portable carrying case.

Helpful review: "I held on to the review until I used this several times. Note - I have not and likely won't use the live-fire features as I only shoot at ranges anyway, so the paper tells the story I need there.
As for dry-fire training at home, it's pretty good. We train as a family to use the app as a game style competition to practice with our everyday firearms. All of us experience about a 20% rate of misfire...the app counts shots that aren't actually taken. We've had it happen standing still, as well as in motion, double counts from draw, etc. etc. Heck, It's very common for the app to record shots while I'm holstered, waiting for the start tone.
It's also worth mentioning that there is no cartridge ejection, so the firearm needs to be "racked" or reset after each shot.
1) there's no recoil from the firearm, so anyone in the family can use it comfortably and safely (once the weapon has been confirmed cleared, safe and loaded with the laser cartridge of course).
2) trigger familiarity without recoil anticipation.
3) easy to understand, set up and use.
4) saves time getting to and from the range on a more frequent schedule.
5) saves money as there's less need to acquire "range ammo."
1) There's no recoil from the firearm, therefore no way to practice repeat fire for target re-acquisition.
2) No cartridge eject, so the weapon needs to be manually placed back into battery after each trigger pull. *Full disclosure, I haven't found any other dry fire systems that offer this capability either, nor am I even a little confident that it is technologically possible.
3) It's not uncommon to experience dry-misfires. Out of the 3 of us that have used it in multiple sessions, I don't recall a 10 shot practice session that did not record at least 1 misfire. 2/10 seems average, but 3 misfires out of 10 attempts is not uncommon either.
Overall, it's worth the price as it unlocks the premium features that really make the app worthwhile (without the premium features this review would be far more negative), makes for a fun family "game" while improving shot technique and accuracy, and saves time and money as regular range sessions can be reduced in frequency.
Man, wish I had bought this system long ago. I'm in Rapid City and it is nice to be able to shoot in my home whenever I want. The closest range to me costs $35 an hour which I believe is too expensive and the National Forest where I typically shoot is cold this time of year. Very realistic shooting practice as far as sight picture and shot placement goes. There are about twenty different drills which are great for training. I even practice with my glasses off for an extra challenge.
In the Miami FBI shooting one of the agents lost his glasses in the gun battle and it had a negative effect on his performance. I am working hard on that one so if I ever have to shoot without my spectacles I will be just as accurate as if I was wearing them.
Setup is a breeze. I had trouble redeeming my code to unlock all of the training modules. I bought the kit which comes with the larger targets and the 4 foot high phone tripod. The smaller targets and small tripod also come with the higher priced kit. The lower priced kit would be fine if you want to save $50. You can't go wrong with the smaller system, believe me.
Anyway, I am not very bright and could not figure out how to redeem my code so I called the telephone number included in the kit. I was prepared for a long button pushing ordeal before I might possibly talk to a human. To my surprise a representative of Mantis picked up immediately. It was as if I was calling across town to a friend. He set me straight and the entire call couldn't have lasted longer than 90 seconds. Amazing service man.
My EDC is a Springfield XD Mod 2 chambered in .45 ACP. I have shot around 500 rounds already using the various drills. I especially like the "reload" drill where you have to eject a magazine, reload, and then shoot. The hits are scored and timed. I'm never going to get in a gun battle, I know this, but it's good to know if I actually did I would be able to reload and be back on target as fast as a Special Forces Operator.
Well, you know what I mean.
If you're on the fence I'm telling you now to jump off and get this system. I've been spending so much time in the garage shooting my wife forgets I'm home and sneaks her boyfriend over. He's a good guy.
So, let me finish by saying that I intend to buy one for my cheap CCW friend who thinks it’s a toy. Nope, it’s not a toy! Actually it’s a very effective tool for target picture, draw and presentation, trigger control and handling and more. You will learn to tame recoil flip at the range and save a bunch of ammo with this. I am blown away with this Mantis product. I could say much more, but that is enough. You won’t be disappointed. Get one before they raise the price to $250." — Bob Wertz

Get it from Amazon now: $159.99 & FREE Returns


3. Strikeman 9mm - Dry-Fire Laser Training System

Top-rated: 77 ratings | 10 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Suits even indoor practice, as the laser cartridge performs like a blank and makes no sound when you fire.

Helpful review: "I bought this for helping me train using my firearm as I’m a newer gun owner and am intimidated by going to the range. I want to feel more comfortable with my firearm before I go back and practice using actual rounds. This has given me the confidence to be able to aim much more consistently. When I first started using this, I was averaging 6.4 overall score. Within just a few hours, I improved to an overall score of 8.5. That’s a big deal for me. I want to be able to defend myself in the event of a home invasion and my accuracy is critical. So glad I found this. It’s truly a life saver." — Jason Brownsville
Trending review: "New user to this kind of system. I'm an experienced firearm owner but find it's getting harder as I age to pack up and head somewhere to practice when I want to, so I figured I'd give this a shot.. For draw and aim practice, I'd call it nearly a perfect system because it's so easy to pull it out at home and practice, without blowing through ammo or having to drive anywhere. So far, great experience with their support team being friendly and responsive. I'd recommend this to adept firearm users and beginners both." — Martin Clay
Reassuring review: "I saw this at a gun show near me last winter and forgot to go back and buy it. I saw an ad on Facebook and it reminded me I needed to get this. I’ve only used it twice so far but it’s been a great way to help me get used to my new Glock 17 I bought this spring. I have an outdoor range near me but it’s just been too hot this summer to get out there. I had no problems with the setup, I do wish that there were more targets to play around with, but it gets the job done. My wife even came over while I was practicing and asked if she could try it out. Turns out, she’s a good shot." — Kristy Tannager
Updated review: "This is a great dry fire system for the price. However there are 2 big downsides to consider: (1) the pro-version of the app is expensive at 10 bucks a month; (2) setting up the phone to look directly at the target is a bit of a pain in the butt. It has to be either off to the side or some other odd angle. This makes the pictures, which you can't zoom in on, look crooked when you are evaluating your shots. That said I use this a lot and my scores at the range have definitely gone up. If you have a red dot site on your Glock this is a perfect combo. Being able to see the laser strikes when you fire really gives you a good idea of how the red dot sight works. I'd give 5 stars if the app was better and they came up with some clever way for my phone to not have to be right in front of the target." — Reev Jax

Get it from Amazon now: $99.99 & FREE Returns


4. Mantis X3 - Realtime Performance System

Top-rated: 1,140 ratings | 201 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Designed for live fire AND dry fire on your gun.

Helpful review: "I was able to get one day out of the x3. It worked great and I totally fell in love with it. It gave me a better shot in just one day of use. Unfortunately on day 2 in the middle of shooting the unit lost Bluetooth connection and would not reconnect after several attempts. When I went to power the x3 off to restart it I was unable to get it to turn off. After reaching out to mantis they recommended that I let the battery to completely discharge then fully charge it and the issue would be fixed, which it did. It powered on then I tested to power it back off and it did. So I connected to my phone and started a new session.
After 4 shots the mantis x3 did the same thing again. Not connecting and will not power down. After once again reaching out to mantis I was told it was an ongoing issue with some of the units and they have not been able to find any reason or solution to remedy this issue. The rep that is handling my issue has been very helpful and very quick to respond and reply to my messages.
They are sending me a new unit to replace the one I have. So customer service with mantis is outstanding.
The unit was awesome when I was able to use it. And I highly recommend it for any level of shooter. Can't wait to get my replacement x3 in so I can continue training with it. At anywhere from .70-$1.50 per round it will definitely save you money and pay for itself after a few weeks of using it.
This is a great training aid. I have always incorporated dry fire training as part of my firearms training regimen. This Device enhances dry fire training adding tips, training suggestions, and records performance to monitor your progress. It also measures very small movements in your grip and trigger pull that you may not notice without it. So it's more objective feedback on how well your training is going.
There are some cons though. On some of my guns it confuses other movements for a trigger pull. For example if you have a thumb safety with a stiff detent, or a very light trigger pull. I have several guns to choose from and it works great with some and unusable with others. But what if you only own one gun? This could be a problem if your gun has one of these issues and there really isn't any way to know before you purchas. Overall, it's a good product and makes dry fire training more effective and more fun too." — Anthony Moses

Get it from Amazon now: $169.99 & FREE Returns


5. BOOLIT EYE - Dry Fire Training System

Top-rated: 233 ratings | 14 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Easily adjust the light setting dial to work in different light environment.

Helpful review: "I bought the cartridge for my new 5.56 AR-15. I have the Mantis system and use it for my 9mm pistol. The Pink Rhino that Mantis sells is double the price and not available on Amazon so no reviews for the 223/5.56 product. So I got this cartridge as I didn't want to spend much money. I didn't know how practical it would be for an AR but love the system for 9mm handgun. Mantis does make a system for over $200 for the AR that is battery powered but you have to switch out parts and I just want to play a little bit at home and spend time on the range mostly.
I received the product. Keep in mind you have to put batteries in yourself but they are included. Also this product is nice because it flashes and goes off. I read reviews on some products that the laser stays on. This is not helpful for Mantis training.
The problem was I put it in the chamber and it got stuck. The charging lever jammed and got stuck. I had to learn how to mortar a gun to unstick the charging lever and use a cleaning rod to push the cartridge out. I sat it aside and contacted the company for advice. They quickly replied telling me to oil. I had tried that already but I figured I would try it again.
So I oiled the cartridge well. This is a new firearm so I also aggressively oiled the charging lever. I placed the cartridge in the chamber and pushed it in with my finger. I also gently closed the charging lever, not allowing it to slam closed. I was happy that it worked this time. For each shot you do have to pull the charging lever but it is still good for sighting and getting used to the weapon for the range. You still have to use a cleaning rod to push out the laser cartridge but this didn't take much force.
My carry is a Sig P365. My backup carry is the Taurus G3C. I’m thinking of switching because my Taurus ($250) amazingly is more reliable than the Sig (> $500). Also, this training system works better with the Taurus. Reason? The Taurus has double strike capability. Once you place the laser cartridge in the chamber, all you have to do is fire away as many times as you wish like a double action. With the Sig, you have to charge the gun each time before taking a shot. Remember this if you have a gun without double strike which very few do or is not external hammer-fired, which some do have. In the latter case, all you have to do is cock the gun each time before firing.
This system does considerably improve your aim, and it is well worth the money. It is accurate, and easy to use; but don’t drop the battery cap. It’s small and could be irretrievable. They provide two of them, which is nice.
However, there is no recoil. In real life, you have to get your gun back on target before you can fire the next round unless you are using a .22lr which has very little recoil. Also, the system is a good way to learn how to shoot accurately with both eyes open and not using the sights at all.
If you carry a firearm you should know how to safely and effectively use it. Nothing replaces quality instruction and routine live firing at a range to gain familiarity of the firearm. However, there are times when you simply don't have the time to go to the range to practice or pay premium prices for ammunition to shoot.
So, what can you do? Well, IF YOU HAVE A REVOLVER, buy a few snap caps, laser cartridges, and this target. In my opinion, this works best for me with a revolver because, unless you buy a modification kit, with a semi-auto pistol you must eject and then rechamber a round each time you press the trigger. It works, but I find a revolver to be better because you simply keep pulling the trigger to simulate 2,3,4 shots without moving off the target. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR REVOLVER IS EMPTY AND KEEP ANY LIVE AMMO IN ANOTHER ROOM before doing anything else to practice in this manner!
Depending on the revolver, You can load 5 (or 6+) rounds of laser cartridges or intersperse snap caps with laser rounds. Set up this target where you want a center mass shot to strike, then holster your revolver where you carry it. Step back to whatever distance you want, typically 3-15 feet, and rapidly draw the revolver and point at center mass (the bullseye of the target) and press the trigger.
Don't use your sights like you would when target shooting. Focus on the front sight and try keeping BOTH of your eyes open as much as you can. You'll eventually be able to point the firearm instinctively just like pointing a finger. That's the goal. If a laser round is struck, then the beam will hit the bullseye and you'll hear the audible alert. If it's a snap cap in the first round, then press the trigger again to activate a laser cartridge and you'll see where the round would have struck.
Keep in mind, this is not target practice-you simply want to build muscle memory and familiarity with your draw and grip, intuitive sighting, and trigger control to consistently place shots in the center mass area.
Only thing I did notice was that sometimes the laser would hit yet the device would not register the hit. Not a huge deal, especially considering the cost to more expensive options, but not something for true target practice, especially at greater distances. Otherwise, great training aid and highly recommended for no frills, close quarter practice." — Donald Adamov

Get it from Amazon now: $79.99 & FREE Returns


6. LaserLyte Steel TYME - Laser Trainer

Top-rated: 535 ratings | 43 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Glock 43 Size Pistol.

Helpful review: "Some reviews are a bit harsh on this training pistol, and, if you are a competition shooter or extremely experienced shooter, the practice pistol probably does not measure up to your standards. However, if you are a beginner/novice handgunner, or someone that wants to get better at handling a handgun, this is an excellent choice. I bought the smaller pistol to closely match the Glock 43x I own as a concealed carry weapon. Being new to concealed carry, I wanted a way to practice the skills needed, should an emergency situation arise. Dry firing your pistol can help, but I wanted a target I could see and get feedback from upon pulling the trigger. This tool does that well. Using this for practice has definitely improved my shooting skills. Am I an expert? No way. Not sure I would even qualify as good yet, but that is why I practice. It's also a lot of fun teaching new shooters (kids especially) how to handle and shoot a weapon safely. In fact, it hooked my 86 yr old Mother-in-Law so well, she bought one to play with at home. She doesn't even own a live firearm. Great pistol. I highly recommend it for others, like me, that want to improve their skills." — Teri Argus
Trending review: "After using this product nearly every day for several months I was disappointed to see that I did not improve range accuracy with my everyday carry weapon, a G43 which is nearly the same size as the LL. I think the grip difference is killing my draw stroke and hand placement. It's very very different. I would do drills at 20 yards, draw from concealed and shoot an a-zone hit in less than 2.5 seconds and after a few days of training with the LL, I could do this proficiently. At the range, with live fire and my G43, same holster, same distance and time, I was very disappointed in my accuracy and consistency. I don't think the LL training transfers to real situations like it should. Or maybe it's just me?" — D. Rauchester
Reassuring review: "I can't speak to the durability, but it seems very solid. I got the smaller one, and It has a very similar feel to my Walther P22. I don't stress out over whether it matches "my gun" exactly, because I am able to fire a variety of guns accurately, and that is important to me. I had to adjust the windage and elevation just a bit, and now it is pretty spot on. The targets are excellent, and I love the sound effect. I have been practicing with it at a relatively long distance, so I can't even really see exactly where on the target I hit, but I can see and hear that I hit the target. For self defense purposes, that means that I am within an inch or two of my intended target point. I also like the option of making the target silent so that it lights up without making the clang sound. I bought two extra targets and I'm glad I did as I can set up multi attacker scenarios and test my abilities." — K. Johnson
Updated review: "This is a fun practice tool that needs a couple tweaks to be perfect. First, the trigger pull is insanely long. Putting in something like a real glock trigger feel would help. Second, making it a bit bigger. Something with weight and size like a real handgun would be better. It feels a bit like a toy as it is. The upside is that this is a good price and quality product to get some practice in. The laser is adjustable and needs a bit of a tweak before you start shooting. This is a simple adjustment similar to windage adjustments on an RMR. The laser triggers for a quick blip when you pull the trigger and is followed by a flash on the target and a steel plinking sound. The targets can be muted if you don't like the sound. IT may just be me, but it does sound like the two targets have a slightly different plinking noise." — Ryan Dalling
Favorite review: "I like the gun, the target reaction to the laser is awesome. Great for practice. The only thing, the gun is small for my hand. I purchased this one because I want to teach both my daughter and my wife how to safely handle a firearm before introducing them to a real one. For them this gun is perfect but I’ll have to get a Glock 19 size since it is the one I have. But overall this is great for indoor training. I’ll recommend this to anyone who likes shooting practice, it saves you money on ammo, and, best of all, is safe to use. Just don’t use it as a toy, don’t do with this what you won’t do with your real gun." — Alex Zachry

Get it from Amazon now: $224.99 & FREE Returns


7. Accurize - Shooting Training System

Top-rated: 19 ratings | 14 answered questions

best dry fire training systems


Highlight: Works with 23 different targets (that cover everything from hunting to ISSF air targets) for the most realistic practice.

Helpful review: "I purchased this item in hopes that it would help my dry fire sessions at home be a bit more interesting. I never dreamed how much it would change my routine.. I've gone from sessions lasting a few minutes, to training sessions lasting hours. My wife and I like having friendly competitions. Not only is the product superb, but I had a few questions so I reached out to the manufacturer. Their customer service is just as great as the Accurize Shooting System. I strongly recommend this for anyone that wants to improve their shooting skills." — Jimmy Hoy
Trending review: "Bought this to help me dry fire my .22 LR (Biathlon). It is totally awesome. Once you "zero" the system it stays very accurate. I am now using it every day. It took a little bit to figure out the app but now that I have figured it out it is turning out to be even better than I expected. Would buy again in a heartbeat." — Nate Hanlan
Reassuring review: "Awesome product! Both the Accurize App and Accurize Shooting System work perfectly no problem at all. Very easy to set up! Excellent for practice for the different stages of qualification. I was very happily surprised by the value this system is bringing to a practice. The target that comes with the system is an excellent pistol training target." — Jerry Griffin
Updated review: "I have been impressed with the Accurize Target System. I bought this for biathlon dry fire training and this is a great system for practice. My only criticism (and it really isn't a big deal) is that the acoustic laser instructions are not very clear. I did have some initial difficulty getting it to fire with the rifle. Of note, you have to have a magazine inserted for the laser to register. A recommendation to Accurize - consider adding a second tripod screw in on the long side of the target frame. The Biathlon target can only be used if it is hung on a wall. The packaging is very nice and although it was mailed from Norway, it was received in about 5 days. I recommend it!" — Craig Caldwell
Favorite review: "For a long time I have been looking for a system that I could train on that had a simple user level and was accurate. I am a competition shooter and keen on the details. Accurize's system works well and gives me instant results. Calibration within seconds and no set up with camera. Good reports that give me the opportunity to look back on the results. Impressive! Thanks, Accurize." — Marie Gardner

Get it from Amazon now: $249.99 & FREE Returns

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